Lesson 2: How To Plan The Perfect Blogging Strategy?

Plan the perfect blogging strategy

Blogging is all about using the right strategy and you already know that though the first lesson. If you have missed that out, it is all about The Art of Blogging for Beginners and I strongly suggest to dive into it as well (after reading this post). Lesson Two in Blogging University would be all … Read more

5 Simple Content Marketing Strategies To Double Your Traffic

Best content marketing strategies for 2014

Content marketing is all about putting your articles on the first page of Google search. Or at least, that’s one of the top three goals for many bloggers. I started a simple survey that comes in my newsletter. The goal was simple; Drop your request to me and I will blog it up for you. … Read more

4 Steps To Transform From A Newbie To A Professional Blogger

How to become a professional blogger

Some call it professional blogger while others call it problogger. Out of every 10 bloggers I meet, 9 wish to be one. The chances of success you are asking? I’ll give it a 5% chance of success. There are tons of blogs out there but are there so less bloggers who really achieve success in … Read more