Social media is important to build traffic and SEO ranking

7 Most Influential Social Media Platforms For Bloggers

Since the previous Google algorithm update, social media isn’t just an option. Instead, social media had transformed into a necessity which will impact your website traffic and SEO ranking.

And this is no secret either. The right social media platforms will help you build authority and web traffic to your site.

I had written an article on why social engagement is more important than SEO and if you have yet to read it, I suggest you do it right now.

There are more than 30 social media sites that you can choose from nowadays and you don’t have the time to find the best ones.

I get it … totally.

That’s why I have compiled the top 7 platforms for social media that will not only increase your blog traffic, but as well as assist you in terms of building authority as a blogger.

Note: Thanks to Adam, I would like to emphasize that the criteria used to determine the standings is no other than the number of users it has. Yes, I am fully aware it is debatable but I believe this could be a good guideline for bloggers to determine which social media platform is the best for them. 

Before you start reading, here’s a quick video recap on this topic. I hope you liked it and please share it! *p/s Do accept my apologies for the ‘loss of words’ towards the end of the video.

The countdown for the top 7 social media platforms

Social media plays a huge role in terms of web traffic and link building strategy.
Focusing on the right social media platforms will increase the chances of gaining web traffic

There are probably so many social media sites that you can choose from but the trick here is to ensure that every involvement or social engagement done have a high chance of success. Some call it ‘Return Of Investment’ aka ROI.

You know, taking into consideration of the time spend and the traffic gained.

An important tip I would like to share is that each social media platform works in a very different way. Therefore, you need to have the proper game plan in order to really stand out from the crowd.

Here, I would highly recommend you to have a look at what Dave Kerpen wrote on Likeable Social Media which gained over 300 satisfied readers on Amazon itself.

The 7th most influential social media platform: Pinterest

Bloggers can increase blog traffic by using Pinterest
Alike Tumblr, Pinterest is extremely popular with its ‘pins’ and ‘boards’.

With over 70 millions users world wide, Pinterest has proved to be a great competitor to Tumblr especially in the photography world.

How to do build web traffic through Pinterest?

Alike Tumblr, Pinterest is a great social media tool for everyone if you uses it correctly.

Pinterest works in very similar ways when it comes to attracting readers.

Here’s a simple example: The hottest girl in the class will always get the most attention from boys. 

Does this makes any sense to you?

You have to remember that Pinterest is another social media tool that could deem very useful. Before you can actually earn some traffic and money from Pinterest, you got to practice the right techniques to display your ‘artworks’ like what Maddie Alexander said.

The 6th most influential social media platform: Tumblr

 Increase web traffic using Tumblr by sharing beautiful images
The right social media strategy need to be practised in order to gain traffic from Tumblr

Tumblr as we all know is a great social media platform in terms of photography and images.

It is doing extremely well especially by having more than 216.3 million visitors a month and 108.9 million blogs on the site.

If you want to generate enough web traffic from Tumblr, you need to change your social media game plan … completely (almost).

Tumblr is rich with images … and images only. You could do well in terms of text but the results wouldn’t be (at most times) that great.

If you are looking for a trick or the ultimate Tumblr guide, you definitely came to the right place.

Here’s the trick: There … isn’t … any trick!


Before you grab your 12-gauge shotgun and take an aim on me, spare me a moment to think. Tumblr is all about images and does that make sense that you need to focus on that (just) one thing?

And yes, you are most welcome.

Take a look at some of Tumblr’s popular blogs. You will see that they have great images and basically, that’s it!

So the social media lesson here is —> If you want to gain traffic from Tumblr, start focusing in marketing your images. Ensure that these images are on high resolution and there’s a link back to your website.

Again, remember that majority of the readers are looking for great images and NOT text. So, play the right social media game correctly and you will see a steady flow of traffic.

The 5th most influential social media platform: LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a good social media platform especially for corporate users
LinkedIn could be very social media tool if you are targeting corporate users

Until date, there are about 238 million active users and this makes LinkedIn, the top 5 social media site in the world.

I don’t use LinkedIn that much and I got to admit that.

Depending on your niche, investing time into building a social authority with this social media platform could be a complete waste of time.


LinkedIn is great if you are running a business but if you are just a blogger or anything else that doesn’t really relate to business and the corporate world, you will probably not get much return from this.

In order to benefit most out of LinkedIn, you got to know:

  • How your product could attract others?
  • What makes them (potential readers) to click on your link?

As you can see above, you can’t just do the usual ‘social media techniques’ that never fails with LinkedIn.

In order to ‘sell’ on LinkedIn, you need to think like a corporate user. Bear in mind that you are going to reach out to many corporate members.

That’s why you got to change the tone and the approach methods in order to gain promising results.

LinkedIn has quite an upper hand advantage especially when it comes to social media authority and traffic. Since the platform evolves around the corporate world, each social shares are taken seriously by others.

Does this ring any bells?

You are bound to get more authority and potential traffic if you are able to get social shares from large organizations. And you can probably find most of them ‘lurking’ away in LinkedIn.

Facing problems with managing multiple social media accounts? Try Socialoomph for free today!

The 4th most influential social media platform: Google+

Google+ is very famous when it comes to link building
Google+ brought social networking to a whole new level

Google+ is trailing closely behind Twitter with 343 million users and this makes everything more interesting.

Some people say Facebook and Twitter are for the masses while Google+ is for specific audience. Personally, I got to agree with that.

So, what makes Google+ so different from the rest?

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Google+ brings social media to the next level. There are Google+ communities where you can join and these are very specific community.

Let’s take this community for as an example:

Google Community offers a chance for targeted traffic in social media
Sharing related article or blog post in the right community will guarantee a good chance of traffic

Sharing a related blog post or article here could mean having over 900 of targeted traffic

You might be wondering right now that 900 plus active users isn’t going to make the cut right? Think again.

What you have here is 900 plus of active users who are (and possibly) very interested with the related topic you are going to share.

Does this makes any sense to you?

There you go; Google+ is a social media platform where you are able to target very specific audience for your blogs, business, niche and probably, anything else you can think of.

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The 3rd most influential social media platform: Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media tools for bloggers
Share information with thousands of readers with just 140 characters

This is my favorite social media platform … ever. For the record, Twitter is the third largest community for social networking with over 500 million users.

Sending out a highly optimized tweet could easily reach hundreds if not thousands. And, we have not even count on the total number of retweets and favorites.

Twitter is a great social media tool if you are looking for:

  • High possibility of huge traffic (quantity over quality)
  • Wide range of recipients
  • Word of mouth (thanks to retweets)

You see, Twitter is for the masses. The goal is to reach out (not send out) to as many readers as possible with the hopes of reaching the right audience.

Generally speaking, you can’t really specify who you are reaching out due to the above factors. This is definitely something you must consider if you are trying to make an epic appearance on Twitter.

For me, Twitter isn’t a very good source if you are looking for specific traffic (as I call) but with the right tune up and social media plan, you can turn that weakness into a huge marketing success.

Social media management techniques for Twitter are rather easy and straight forward. You got to:

  • Compose a tweet that is highly optimized
  • Within 140 characters only
  • Possibly with one #hashtag

Now tell me. Are you doing the above?

The 2nd most influential social media platform: Youtube

Youtube is the best media platform if you have lots of videos to share
A video goes viral on Youtube will drive thousands of traffic to your website

Let’s take a look at the stats. 1 billion users and over 4 billions views a day <– Oh wow! That’s epic!

I would be speechless if the stats aren’t able to say anything for themselves.

Honestly, I had just involved myself in this Youtube business recently. Until date. I had only filmed and published less than 5 videos which you can find the list of videos here.

Doesn’t seem like a world record to you right?

The biggest question is, “Can we classify Youtube as a social media platform?”. Probably yes and no but for me, my answer would be a definite yes (hint: watch the numbers).

People talk about how to get a Youtube video go viral or how to make a video that attracts. Truth is, there isn’t any logical way to achieve that since it depends solely on us (readers and viewers).

Now, how do you make Youtube works for you?

There’s a few ways I could think of which are:

  • Create a good quality video
  • Make sure the audio is clear
  • Provide annotation if possible
  • A killer title
  • Video descriptions with a link back to your site

I am very curious here. Are you using Youtube as a social media platform?

The MOST influential social media platform: Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social media sites in the world
Facebook is an excellent platform for both leisure and business matters

Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform with over 1.15 billions users world wide.

Oh Lord, I really hate Facebook! It all started out with by facing problems accessing my account etc and … okay I’ll stop it now. 🙂

Regardless how much I hate Facebook, it is still an extremely important social media tool for bloggers.

Look at the stats again, kid. Over 1 billion users and counting … yes there are 9 zeros at the back.

Do you see the potential that lies within it?

You should use Facebook if you want to build a strong authority in social media and with the number of users using Facebook, I don’t think I would need to explain it’s advantages.

Social media technique for Facebook is not that straightforward because:

  • You need to know who your target market (audience) is
  • What to promote and when to promote

If you think that Facebook marketing is all about composing a message, placing a link and press the submit button, you are absolutely wrong!

There isn’t any point sharing information to readers who aren’t interested with the topic. Therefore, make sure every shared information are craved exactly to and for the targeted audience.

Over to you

Out of these 7 social media platforms, which are your favorite(s) and are you using any of them?

Tell me what you think simply by replying using the comment form and could you please share it for me using the red button below?

63 thoughts on “7 Most Influential Social Media Platforms For Bloggers”

  1. Hey Reginald,

    Really good roundup here.

    What sort of criteria did you use to work out which platforms are more influential?

    Reason I ask is because sure Facebook has the biggest user base, but when you update your Facebook page, chances are you’ll reach about 10% of them unless you use sponsored posts.

    Also, Reddit can be quite good if you find the right sub-Reddit.

    On my gaming site we used to smash Reddit – with an engaging post and a link back to the site we could occasionally get 500 visits in a day. it was pretty much traffic on demand but it can be hit or miss, occasionally it could be nothing at all.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you for dropping by mate.

      And yes, thanks for asking the question. Thinking back, it does make it very skeptical or debatable right? 🙂 *added a quick note on the top too*. I measure them by the number of users the social media has as a guideline.

      One thing is if you want to hit the masses on Facebook, then you need to do some ads. Without ads, it gets a little challenging. That’s probably why I uses Twitter more 😉

      Reddit was nearly in the list but after some checking, they have the numbers but not enough to hit the spot. Anyway, my experience with Reddit is like yours. You could only get good traffic or exposure if you find the right ‘topic’ aka sub-Reddit. If not, chance is they hit the drain.

      Have a great Sunday and enjoy your day!

  2. Hey Reginald,

    I’m not surprised at the order in which they’re in. I think it’s still going to take awhile for Google or even Twitter for that matter to beat Facebook. Okay, I wish someone would do it quick because it’s not one of my most favorite sites although I’ve formed some great friendships there.

    Everyone has their preference I’m sure and some like one platform while the others like another. I think whichever one works best for you and you enjoy the most and of course, get great results, then I say go for it.

    It will be interesting to see how this changes over the next few years. We’ll have to keep a watchful eye.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Honestly, I didn’t have a good time at Facebook but the traffic I got was pretty decent I would say. Well, at times we got to ‘let go’ of what we really like and follow what most people are doing right? 😉

      I totally agree with the part where choosing the best one that suits you. For example, I don’t do well in Tumblr and Pinterest. But I know many bloggers are getting hell of a traffic from them.

      Changes is coming … but I really hope is for the great good (okay, drop the last sentence) 🙂

      Talk to you soon.

  3. Hi, Reginald,
    Indeed great post. I Use G+, Pinterest, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. I don’t use tumblr. I also use YouTube but little with.
    Pinterest is great tool what I feel when I use it. After, twitter and Facebook, I keep myself maximum active on Pinterest just because I love it.

    LinkedIn also good, we can keep contact with some professional through it. Thank You. for the sharing. 🙂

    Have a great week ahead. 🙂

    • Hi Kumar,

      Thanks for the comment. Though I uses all of those 7 (and probably a dozen more), I still ‘lurking’ around with Twitter most of the time. Yes, I admit that I don’t have that much time and thus, it is crazy job to keep up with so many of those!

      Watch LinkedIn closely. It is going to expand and it is going to expand FAST! Definitely a growing trend since I saw huge sites like CopyBlogger are already using them.

      Have a great week ahead mate!

  4. Excellent post Reginald. I have long been a believer in social media for marketing and networking. My tools of choice: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for my writing. Google+ for my photography. I have FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts connected. One post does it all and updates are shared automatically across platforms.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for dropping by and of course, for your kind words. I just got involved in Social Media industry recently and I am really enjoying myself. Not much about traffic but about meeting friends etc. But I can’t deny how much traffic it brought me though.

      My choice? Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Youtube for now. Can’t manage too many at one time. I’ll go crazy 😉

  5. Hi Reginald
    This is really a great post , you said it all bro what more can i say because you mentioned all the wonderful and most used social media networks thanks dude i do hope on reading more of your awesome post soon

    • Hi Prince,

      Thank you for your kind words. Social media is very important nowadays so you got to really focus on it 🙂 But, don’t forget about SEO as well.

      You can also sign up for my newsletter to get the latest blog update. Talk to you soon mate!

    • Hi Gautams,

      You can use all if you have enough time. If not, choose a few and work from there. No point focusing ‘thinly’ on all since you can’t focus on them 😉 Make every engagement counts!

  6. Hey Reginald, very interesting round up here. Like most bloggers, I lean heavily on Twitter, FB, and G+. I do not leverage LinkedIn and Pinterest yet the way I should and to be honest, I had never thought about Tumblr and YouTube as social media site. Guess I should rethink my strategy, huh? Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    • Hi Tom,

      Just like you, I had never thought of using Tumblr or Youtube until I tested them out. Pretty good with a few traffic here and there. As time passes by (plus some effort), I believe we will be able to see the fruit of labor 🙂

      It all takes patience and time. Most importantly, traffic doesn’t grow overnight.

      Have a great day mate!

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Thanks for that. I can’t deny how important Facebook is even though I don’t leverage enough from it. However, I am thinking of moving some of my efforts over to Facebook in the coming months. It is too much NOT to use it 🙂

  7. Reginald- I can’t agree with you about the importance of social media. I haven’t found Facebook a real help when it comes to dealing with corporations. I sell promotional products that corporations put their logos on for branding. For my business the best group has been Linkedin and joining the different communities. The bloggers in the groups have been very supportive. I think the order of importance really depends on your niche of what you are doing with blogging. On Google+ all I am seeing that people are connecting with me. Not sure they are going to my site. The more people that visit your site, will boost your position in Google as Google sees the site as viable as long as it has good content.

    • Hi Arleen,

      Well said. Oh wow~ You are really doing good on LinkedIn heh? Good for you! LinkedIn is perfect when you are targeting corporate users.

      I see many people adding me on G+ as well. Most of the time, they are just trying to increase their followers. I uses a plugin on Chrome to remove inactive users. Have tons of them. Before this, I had over 5,000 followers. After removing, I am down to 2.3k or so. The best is joining communities which would be very beneficial to you.

      Good luck!

  8. Nice informative post Reginald. I never expected less from you and everytime you come with a good article. Thanks for your good work. This article should be saved by every beginner bloggers.
    That’s all Mate 🙂

    • Hi Sumanth,

      HAha thanks for your kind words. Hopefully I could share more. Too many things in my mind right now so … I really got to plan my ‘game plan’ again! Argh!

      Anyway, have a great week mate.

  9. Hi Reginald,

    Well, I must commend you for this insightful post; however, find below my observations and reservation:

    According to SearchMetrics ( their recent survey), Pinterest is the most vibrant social media at the moment and it drives the most traffic to a blog, eclipsing traffic from Youtube and Facebook ( sounds unbelievable).

    On a personal note, I am just okay with the use of twitter, Facebook and Big G+.


    Note: this is just an observation; you have disabled commentLuv?

    • Hi Dare,

      You are right about Pinterest. The crazy hype of social media –> Never know what’s going on tomorrow!

      However, the figures above are based on users and not much on engagements 🙂

      Twitter, Facebook and G+ are great tools but at times, we got to ‘move on’ a little with others to get the best of all worlds. At least we try right?

      Yes I had disable CommentLuv (partially) due to certain reasons. I am preparing an article on that which will be publishing soon. So stay tune 😉

  10. I have an account with every single one of these, but I don’t use all of them everyday. I use Twitter and Facebook daily with the help of Hootsuite. I guess you could say I use Tumblr daily because I have stuff scheduled for about a month in the future. I’m not too crazy about Tumblr though. Before I started using social media for my business, Tumblr was my least favorite, and it still is. I create an image for almost every blog post so that I can pin it onto Pinterest. Pinterest is my favorite social media platform for personal use. You could say I used to be addicted. 😉 Thanks for sharing this list Reginald.

    • Hi Keri,

      Thanks for dropping by. I like your strategy with Pinterest. Nice share on that. Creating an image for every post and pin it? Excellent idea.

      Tumblr … never a big fan of it even though I did try to get some traffic from it. It works but I seriously hate the layout. Haha!

      My favorite is always Twitter and I shall die by it 😉 Joking~

      Have a great day ahead Keri.

  11. I believe your list is very accurate. We have been getting a lot more traffic from Google+ but we still get the majority of our traffic from We have recently increased our use of Google+ and noticed an increase in traffic from the search engine; don’t know if there is a correlation. Anyway great article, with your permission I will share it on The Writers Social let me know?

    • Hi Thomas,

      Apologies as was not able to involve much at TWS recently. Hopefully able to spend more time soon at your site. As for the sharing article part, no problem on that as long the credit is given accordingly 🙂

      Thanks for your time commenting and talk to you soon.

      • I revisit old articles on my site once in a while and then give them a different title and put them back out on Twitter. Your article just got sent back out.

        It is funny to see how things change so fast, we are now using Google+ more than any other social site and most of our traffic comes from them. Thanks for sharing with us.

        • Hey mate,

          How are you? Thanks for the kind shout out and saw your tweets this morning.

          Oh yes, Google+ is slowly (is probably an understatement) moving up the chart and looking really bright in social media if you ask me.

          Talk to you real soon mate!

    • Hey Fazal,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes Youtube is always great for videos. Facebook is pretty close so … don’t under estimate it’s capability. If you like my writing, do sign up for my newsletter for some inside scoop on blogging tips.

      See you around mate.

  12. Hi Reginald,
    Can’t disagree anymore. There are many great social media platform we can use for many purposes. But to ensure the best we should focus on some that really work best for our goal

    • Hi Okto,

      How are you? Thanks for dropping by!

      I can’t agree more especially with the numbers of social media platform nowadays. The best way to leverage from social media is simple targeting a few and then focus everything into them. There’s no point trying to get involved in everything (unless you have the enough time).

      So, make each engagement meaningful and you should be doing just fine. But traffic, don’t build overtime. Got to be patience 😉

  13. Hi Reginald,
    These all are amazing & useful Influential social network ! Reginald I used to know all these social network but I never come to know the real Influential Social Media Platforms For Bloggers. I do say thanks for making aware about it ! you did share a great & valuable post.

    • Hello Mansi,

      Thanks for your kind words and most importantly, glad you find that useful. I believe good stuffs are meant to be shared and hey, do grab my free newsletter if you want some inside scoop for blogging 😉

      See you around Mansi!

  14. Hi Reginald,

    That is really a great post about the benefits of social media platforms, those are really the top platforms although their position in the list would change depending on the ranking factors but they we stay there. Reddit and StumbleUpon would be also one of the top social media platforms.

    • Hi Qasim,

      Thanks for that. Reddit and StumbleUpon are really good platforms when it comes to sharing. Their methods are actually much easier since it is more towards submit and share.

      As for the ranking factor, that will definitely change from time to time. If I guess correctly, Google+ will head to #2 and LinkedIn will go third.

      Let’s see how it goes in the next few months 😉

  15. Pinterest I can’t figure out…guess I’d better take a course. Guess I can go read at the link above…anything to help!

    I use Facebook the most, have some friends who guide me along. I Love the
    Groups…can learn so much there and Share!

    Thanks for a great guide..

    • Hi Cararta,

      Pinterest works like Tumblr. Basically, all you need to do is to create a few boards. Each boards much be unique. Images shared must be catchy as well. Remember that it is your images that does the talking for you.

      Facebook groups are great source of traffic but I did it the wrong way (earlier). Joined too many of these groups and I basically got my head occupied. Haha. At times, lesser is better!

    • Hi Saleem,

      Well it depends hows your tactic are. For me, it is all about sharing an image that is related to your topic. Imagine seeing an image and you have an idea what that topic is all about. That’s the way and I am using the same method with Pinterest as well.

      Hope this helps.

  16. The way you have presented your post is pretty attractive. But still there are some more social netwoking sites where you can focus like delicious, reddit stumbleupon etc.

    • Hi Sneha,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes you are right that there are many, many more social networking sites. However, the above are based on the numbers of users. Will come up with a new write up with others.

      Appreciate your kind feedback and hope to see you around.

      Take care!

  17. Hey Reginald,

    You are blogging too often mate 😀 lol… No, not at all! It’s just I’m not around much lately 😉

    Again, very detailed and informative post 🙂 Among the networks you mentioned, Tumblr and YouTube are not yet my alley. Well, Not using LinkedIn much either. However, I’m active on other networks.

    Surprisingly, even I’m not too active on Pinterest, it’s one of social network on top when I refers to traffic reports. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are drowning content too quickly. Even I’m not active on YouTube as a video creator, I’m spending lot of time watching videos. Gosh…. It’s indeed a goldmine and your videos never get lost.

    Actually, it’s nice to see you on a video mate 🙂 I’m too scared to be on one and too much distraction up here too. Probably, in future 😀

    You have a wonderful week ahead Reginald 🙂


    • Hi Mayura,

      Argh, you were away. I was wondering where’s Mayura since you were MIA from Twitter! I don’t pin and I am not really a good image type of guy. But, the traffic there is growing (not bad). Facebook and Twitter are tough. Too much info going around and like what you said, content goes into ‘hiding’ very soon if it isn’t shared fast enough.

      Am I blogging too much? Haha! I used to blog once a day. Now, I am more towards 2-3 posts a week, couple of videos and of course, relaxing (plus commenting on other blogs and some light reading).

      Oh yes, I found a new ‘love’; Youtube! I don’t watch much and I don’t like watching myself too. But, I love doing videos (which I just found out recently). Okay, that sounds REALLY odd but that’s true. Guess more texts and videos from me huh…

      Anyway, glad to see you back mate. Lately, i been too involved in social media that I nearly drown myself lol. And a new business plan came up which now, i got to devote 30% to that. Oh well, we live life once and hey, bring it on!

      Thanks for dropping by and talk to you soon mate.

      Have a great weekend too.

  18. yup right Reginald 🙂 These all are great social network those always help in various ways. I do like all these as well as use some of them like facebook, twitter, youtub, linkedin & G+

    • Hi Mansi,

      Thanks for your comments. These are very influential social media platforms but I am sure there are plenty more out there. All you need to do is to find those few who works well for you and focus on them.

      Hope this helps and see you around 🙂

  19. Reginald,

    I think it is interesting that YouTube is the 2nd most popular social network. I would not be surprised to see it over take Facebook in the future.

    Videos are becoming more and more popular and they are becoming more popular on blog posts. I love going to YouTube for tutorial as I learn far better by watching someone do something.

    As you say it is not a true social network but I think it will continue to become more like one.

    Very interesting and informative.

    Dee Ann Rice

    • Hi Dee Ann,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes in fact it is true! Shocking right? It struck my mine one day as my fiancee is on Youtube every night before bed. So I was like “Let me check how many people are using Youtube” and I was like, “WHAT??”

      At first it was crazy and it felt weird filming myself. After the first video, I was addicted to it! Now, I try to make my video more interesting and still lots to learn. However, I really appreciate it as I learn a lot from it. Very fun indeed.

      Have a great weekend lady 🙂

    • Hi Jocuri,

      Thanks for commenting and welcome aboard. Pinterest is gaining more momentum from time to time and it will go up the spot. In this article, I am judging these social media over the numbers of active users 🙂

      See you around Jocuri 😉

  20. Hi Chan!
    I don’t know how you manage to make a criteria for the social sites but it is annoying that linkedin is 2nd in the list. According to my experience, I get more than 100 visitors only from G+ (I have total 1200++ followers). Beside that I have more connections on linkedin but I never get a single visitor referred from tumblr and linkedin.
    By the way thanks for the detailed article. Much Appreciated. 🙂

    • Hi Osama,

      As discussed on previous comments, the scores are calculated with the estimated number of members. LinkedIn is a great place and it really depends on your niche. My niche is business blogging and I am getting moderate traffic from it. Google+ is another huge contributor for my blog. Each blog is different and most importantly, you join social media sites with the right niche. Wrong niche and you will see zero traffic from it.

      Hope this helps.


  21. Hi Reginald,

    Sorry for being so late to the party. Where was I? 😉

    Anyway, I think it depends on what business you’re in. Like you said, for just bloggers, Linkedin will not be the right place. People here are corporate-minded. But somehow, this is where I find most of my Meet Up groups belong to. They’re all in Linkedin. This where I find most of my potential clients and client leads.

    So what’s my favorite? So far my favorite is Google+ because this is where I found professional bloggers and small businesses owners. Also, great place to engage specially in a community. Google+ looks awesome on my tablet. I used Friends+Me to reshare all of my images to Tumblr, Linkedin, and Facebook.

    Since I don’t really engage on Tumblr coz their platform is hell too confusing, Friends+Me is perfect doing all these reshares automatically for me. And you’re right, Tumblr is mainly just for IMAGES. I heard one graphic designer who just post his “illustrations” here and it went viral to thousands shares and finally he got hired by a huge company. So you just never know.

    Pinterest are great also for sharing images, except I think they are better than Tumblr, IMO, because it’s less confusing. At least I know where to click when I want to comment on a photo. Tumblr gives me a headache, I still haven’t found where the heck is the window for commenting while Lisa sometimes will comment on my photo, I dunno how to answer her back coz I cannot find the dang button.

    I’m still learning YouTube. I’m just beginning to do more tutorial videos. Rob Cubbon (UK Designer) told me that I could actually be a good one @ giving online “courses” on Udemy. But, not quite ready to go that route yet. Well, what I really need is a lot of practice right? Do little 4-minute video tutorials on YouTube…

    And as far as Twitter is concerned, thus is my least favorite. Dunno why. I see people spamming here than engaging. I go to the main page and everyone is advertising their product right. I thinks that’s the only thing good for. I can’t talk limiting myself to only 140-words, it just cripples me!

    And last, but it least I’m the Facebook girl. Its the first social media I’ve learned and I’ve been there since it first started. My family and friends are all there than any other social media. BUT…I’m very unhappy about their recycled “fake likes” and the need to pay my fans just to see my posts. Forget it. I ain’t doing it. And so goodbye to Facebook for business. I’ll just stick around for families.

    Anyway, have a great week.


    • Hey Angela,

      Oh wow. Long list but yeah totally understand on that.

      Personally, I am now more towards Google+, Twitter, Facebook and some LinkedIn. Trying to be balanced but you know, I am just one man. I guess I am gonna try to devote my time like 30 minutes a day for social media.

      Had some serious work in mind so got off tracked a littl!

  22. Hi Reginald,
    What an informative post,
    In fact I use all these platform mentioned here
    to my surprise i could notice thru and analysis
    twitter is showing mark/level 4
    Surprise i mentioned is, I very seldom visit twitter
    instead i post my links and others links quiet often there
    to another surprise is that I spend more time at G+ and
    sad i got a mark of a big zero there and facebook got 3
    and all others showing zero, interestingly like twitter i very
    seldom visit facebook and as said above spend more on
    G+ I am still in a shock on these analyzis, Chan can you
    give some insight into it! Sorry I know you are a busy person,
    take your time.
    May you have a wonderful and profitable week ahead,
    Best Regards

    • Philip,

      Thanks for your comment. It really depends. Twitter is always the easiest to reshare. It is just human psychology.

      Let’s say you want to increase traffic for any social media platform, you need to know:
      1. What interest your readers
      2. What time they will be active

      There are some paid and free tools you can choose from for this.

      Once you have the information, sharing these would be much easier. For starters under 500 followers or fans, it is much tougher. This is where you can get influencers to help you reshare.

      At times, a simple message to like “Hey, I have included your post in my latest article. Do you mind to check it out and if you like, could you please share it around?”

      Trust me, that works 9/10 times!

      Does this answers your question? 🙂

      Take care and see you around!

  23. Hi Reginald
    It is wonderful to see the list in reverse order.
    If a blogger manages just he needs 15 minutes for each platform and total less than two hours to fully utilize these 7 tops social media platforms for promotion of his blog posts.
    But newbie bloggers simply share their own posts and run away from them or they click on so many likes without knowing which deserve like and which not.
    Organic SMO is must to get their full benefit otherwise people will treat you as spam.
    Thanks for sharing a very useful post with quite a new ranking of these 7 social media.

    • Hi Muba,

      Thanks for commenting. I used to advise people going for more platforms. Now, my advise would be focus on at most 3 platforms until you are 100% good with time management.

      The main goal is to boost traffic like hell and not just the mere 5% 🙂

      Hope this make sense!

  24. Hi Reginald,
    I have seen all platforms, I have just started writing blogs for my own but did not publish on any platform yet. Which one you would prefer me form the given to first publish my post?

    • Hi Aliya,

      I would say go for self-hosted WordPress. The reason is because it will help you to build your own brand and voice.

      Here’s what I recommend:
      – BlueHost (for web hosting and free domain name, get a .com one please) Affiliate link
      – 1-click WordPress CMS install
      – Create social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest) and posts regularly like once a day for 60 days
      – Check on your stats after 60 days and see which platform drives the most traffic to your website

      Hope this helps!

      *P.S. Tell me if you need further help.

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