Best WordPress Lifetime Deals, Lifetime Licenses And Unlimited Usage [Updated for 2020]

I don't really talk about WordPress lifetime dealfor themes and plugins is simply because not all lifetime deals are worth the money. More importantly, there is no point for us to invest into a theme or plugin (for a decend amount of money) and get burned in the end.

But, apart from all the bad things that may happen, there are also some great WordPress lifetime license for themes and plugins that I would personally recommend.

These tools had become apart of my daily routine in crafting the best WordPress experience for my readers (that's you).

What you will find next are the lifetime license for themes and plugins that I recommend you to get it right now.

WordPress themes with lifetime licences

There are quite a few WordPress themes that come with lifetime license. These are great themes that I personally use for my personal business, marketing agency and my reseller hosting business.

Divi Theme

There is no better lifetime WordPress theme than Divi. Comes packing with all the tools you need to start your WordPress blog, Divi is very affordable even for complete beginners.

1,000+ premade elements

Never get struck in web development with Divi premade templates and website layouts.


Divi is mobile-optimized right out from the box, so you don't have to crack your brain for that!

Point and click

Intuitive and precise point to click helps you to build content layout visually and frontend.

Thrive Themes

Conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins is what make Thrive Themes an excellent choice for WordPress website owners.

Complete everything

Thrive Themes comes with website builder and plugins to build a compelte WP site.

No coding skills required

Change anything and everything with drag and drop builder. Yes, no coding skills required.


Build an email list faster or convert cold visitors into potential buyers easily.

Oxygen Builder

A lightweight WordPress theme builder that allows you to transform a boring layout into a clean, well-coded WordPress theme.

Gutenberg ready

With Oxygen, you can use Gutenberg and build the website that you love.

Clean and bloat free

Oxygen build is lightweight and loads fast on the Internet because it has zero bloat.

Coding skills are bonuses

Coding knowledge is always an additional when you are using Oxygen builder.

Astra Pro

One of the best WordPress theme that offers simplicity, ease of use and powerful builder all under one roof.

Gutenberg ready

Astra works well with Gutenberg and you can easily customize anything with Astra


Astra is lightweight and doesn't use jQuery. With minimal optimization, Astra loads fast.

Great community

Astra support team is rather supportive. They provide decent support when you need.

WordPress plugins with lifetime licences

Finally, WordPress plugins — I use WP plugins to speed up my website development projects on and some of these plugins below are the best in kind.

Seriously, you can't go wrong with them!

Thrive Architect

Conversion-focused WordPress page builder, minus the coding skills. Thrive Architect is my go-to WP plugin when it comes to creating blog posts.

Great pricing

Pay once and ever pay again is what makes Thrive Architect unique and best for beginners.


Thrive Architect is focused entirely on building great content for conversion.

Drag and drop

Pin point accuracy helps you craft blog posts without using any complicated codes.

Thrive Leads

If you are tired of paying lead generation tools on a yearly basis, Thrive Leads is a must-have lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Great pricing

Pay once and ever pay again is what makes Thrive Leads unique and best for beginners.


Thrive Leads is highly compatible with all major WordPress themes.

Drag and drop

Pin point accuracy helps you lead generation forms without using any complicated codes.


SEOPress is not entirely a lifetime license, but it offers one yearly payment for unlimited number of website usages (which is really awesome).


Reliable WP SEO plugin for unlimited domains usages with one simple pricing.


Migrate from any major SEO plugin to SEOPress in just a few clicks.

Easy to use

No SEO knowledge is required to manage SEOPress. It is easy to use and can be configured easily.

Fluent Forms

Looking for the best lifetime WP form builder? You can't go wrong with Fluent Forms (ever).


The only WP form builder that is on lifetime. Unlimited domains + lifetime is best for web dev!


Fluent Forms is compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins.

Easy to use

Conditional logic, payment gateway and webhook integrations are included!


Backup and restoration plugin that offers lifetime usage on unlimited domains (definitely a no-brainer).

Simple pricing

The lifetime license is very affordable and best for WordPress developers.


This plugin is compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins.

Easy to use

Easily perform backup and staging in just a few clicks with WPvivid LTD.

What Are the Most Profitable Currencies to Have in 2020?

Every New Year, currencies always compete for the top spot in trading and also in value. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has made central banks in several countries lower interest to reduce the chances of recession.

What does low interest mean? It means the currency loses its value. Investors are now in the run to get the best profitable currencies to trade with

Here is a top list of some of the best currencies to have in 2020:

US Dollar – USD

You can't mention a top currency without having a USD in mind. Being the strongest currency in 2019, chances are that it will maintain the most stable, most profitable currency to invest in. According to experts, the US is conducting its election this year. With both parties agreeing to have the most reliable money, it is the best moment for timing this currency.

The Dollar will increase in value and maybe overpriced due to the lackluster growth experienced by other countries in the world. Import tariffs also come into the picture with this higher pricing. While there might be depreciation and appreciation, the US dollar remains to be the most valuable currency to beat.

Pound Sterling – GBP

In 2019, most people thought the Pound Sterling would lose its value due to the Brexit issues. However, upon the election of Boris Johnson as the prime minister, the Pound has regained its strength, and it is still as profitable as ever. The Pound sterling has been keeping an exchange rate of 1.5 percent and 3 percent to the US dollar and the euro.

Its value is expected to rise due to trade talks. Experts are urging investors to trade now for maximum returns soon. However, the economy's growth will still determine its growth rate since there have been effects due to the global coronavirus pandemic. While other issues might make it lose its strength, economic growth and trade talks will make it shoot its value.

Euro – EUR

Issued by the European Central bank, this European Union's official currency is one of the most traded and most profitable currencies. The reason why it is the most traded currency is because of the economic growth of the region, the Eurozone, which has led to its increase.

Euro is the second reserve currency in the world, just after the US dollar, making it the most profitable currency to invest in 2020. Reasons for its growth include the political stability and growth of the region and also economic growth led by the Eurozone. Some of the factors that can slightly affect its growth include the GDP releases, EU elections, the country's election, the economic calendar, ECB meeting announcements, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Japanese Yen – JPY

Japanese Yen is the country's national currency and is one of the main currencies traded in the world. When it comes to its trading volume, the Japanese Yen accounts for around the US $554 billion on average. Japanese Yen boasts of being the third-largest currency in the reserve value, taking almost 4.9% of the world reserve.

This currency is distributed and gets issued in Japan by the Bank of Japan. What determines the strength of this currency? Its strength is determined by the Japanese manufacturing industry, which is the main economic activity. It is widely known for exporting cars, machinery, electronics, ships, and much more.

An increase in demand for its products always increases the value of this currency, making it the most profitable currency to venture in 2020. Its value will only depreciate if some circumstances are not followed, which is rare. Such include losses in the market and also its competition with the Chinese currency, Chinese Renminbi. Japanese is also the largest importer of oil. This activity also determines the value of its currency, especially when there are price fluctuations.

Australian Dollar – AUD

This is the Australian commonwealth official currency, making it one of the world's most recognized currencies. It is the 5th most prominent and most popular currency in the world, in which investors should not shy from trading.

This currency boasts around 1.8% of the world's reserves and gets issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia. It is in the 6th position when it comes to the world's total reserves. What makes this currency strong is the economy and also prices of its commodities. What are these commodities?

It is well known that Australia deals with a lot of trade commodities, including iron, copper, and coal. Any increase in demand for these commodities will primarily increase their value in the market. Other factors that affect this currency include the country's liabilities and its Reserve Bank. 

Canadian Dollar – CAD

Canadian Dollar holds position six as the most traded currencies in the world. The Bank of Canada regulates its release and distribution. What is its value? Canadian Dollar accounts for almost US$166 billion of the daily trading volume and has a global reserve value of 2.02 percent.

What makes it stable and profitable? Canada is a major exporter of goods and services, including gold, iron, and automobiles. Prices in export determine the value of this currency. The country imports a lot from the USA, making it its principal trading partner since the USA buys most of its exports. This trading activity improves its strength day by day, making it one of the best profitable currencies in 2020.

Swiss Franc – CHF

Swiss Franc – CHF is Switzerland's official currency and holds number seven as the world's most traded currencies. Its daily trading share is approximately US$164 and has a global reserve of around 0.18%, becoming the 8th reserved currency globally.

Its growth and profits are considerable because Switzerland gets regarded as the country with secrecy in banking and financial services. Its exports also ensure this currency remains stable all year round, and the Eurozone market mostly determines it. This trading means the partners determine this currency growth.

Other currencies which we cannot forget into this list include; Chinese Renmimbi, Hong Kong Dollar, New Zealand, among others. The list has provided the most popular and the most profitable currencies you can invest in the year 2020.

There are many reasons why a currency depreciates or appreciates. It is mostly affected by economic activities, pandemics, political stability, and imports and exports. Next time while investing, look for these trends, and make a sound decision.

Local Web Hosting vs International Web Hosting

Typically, I try to avoid controversial posts like this but I think it is important to answer those questions that had been lingering in your minds. In today's post, we will do a quick discussion on local web hosting vs international web hosting. Which is the better choice for you and your website business?

Uncovering the myths

Living in Malaysia is just like living in any parts in the world. There are local web hosting companies and at the same time, international (big names) web hosting companies that paste their ads everywhere on the Internet.

A quick guideline in comparing local web hosting companies to international ones are:

  • Loading speed
  • Server location
  • Level of support

Advantages using local web hosting companies

Web Hosting Malaysia

Web Hosting Malaysia

It varies from people to people, project to project but for me, I would go for local web hosting companies if I am on a tight budget and doesn't have much requirements.

For example, Malaysia is blessed with a large number of web hosting company such as Exabytes. It offers very affordable web hosting solutions — minus all the addons and crazy (time consuming) setup process.

More importantly, local web hosting companies charge you based on your local currency, not USD or Euros (which can save quite a bit in the exchange rate).

Local web hosting companies often tailor their web hosting services to the local community. This offers better bet if you are hosting your site for the locals and not to the International community.

Reginald Chan // Serial Entrepreneur

Advantages of using International web hosting companies

International Web Hosting

International Web Hosting

International web hosting companies are not bad to be honest. Sure, you are most likely to pay slightly more but they have bigger names and brand reputation to take care of. However, my experience with international web hosting companies been great all this while — especially with managed WordPress hosting such as Kinsta and WP Engine.

Apart from that, international web hosting solutions are best when you have website visitors from around the world (and not just from your country) as they have various datacenters that you can choose from.

Reginald Chan

Personally, I prefer going for International web hosting companies because they are extremely competitive and in most cases, offer better features (not pricing). These web hosting features would easily add perks especially to your offering if you are running a B2B or B2C service.

Choosing between local web hosting and international web hosting

I hope you find this article intriguting and useful. If you are looking for a reliable web hosting solution in Malaysia, Exabytes is an excellent choice to go. If you are looking for international web hosting, I can't help but to recommend WP Engine.

Why Promoting Your Business Online is Now More Important Than Ever

With the advancement of modern technology, businesses are changing the way they promote their products and services. Nowadays, more and more businesses are investing in digital marketing strategies to increase their online presence and remain competitive in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. In this digital age, your potential customers, as well as your direct and indirect competitors, are all online. If your business is not properly promoted online, now is the time to start investing in a well-planned digital marketing strategy. 

Almost every business, whether big or small, can reap numerous benefits from promoting their businesses online. There are countless ways that online marketing can benefit businesses, and this article will focus on some of those benefits, to provide you with greater insights. 

Here is why promoting your business online is now more important than ever.

Reach More Key Customers

Regardless of the location of your business, you can use different online platforms to reach potential customers around the world. Bringing marketing team experts on-board is really important in getting the help you need even when your business is an addiction center, as they would make it easier, less time-consuming, and more cost-effective to reach customers. As the Internet has become readily available to more people, the way customers shop or search for help has changed drastically. Customers are now browsing online for products and services that they need. If you are not promoting your business online, you will miss out on this enormous audience of over 4.2 billion internet users.

Save Resources on Traditional Marketing 

One of the many reasons why businesses are increasingly using online marketing activities is that online marketing is very affordable. It is not only small and medium-sized businesses that need to be mindful of their marketing budgets but large corporations too. Traditional marketing methods are very expensive compared to the cost of online marketing activities. For instance, email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing are far less costly than placing advertisements on television or distributing large billboards or print marketing materials. Additionally, as online marketing content can be updated more frequently and with better targeting, it can result in better return-on-investment (ROI) as well. Therefore, by strategically implementing a comprehensive online marketing plan, your business can save resources to allocate more funds into different marketing mixes that include both traditional and digital marketing activities. 

Increase Your Business’s Profile and Visibility

Nowadays, customers are more likely to research their options and investigate businesses before contacting or visiting any product or service provider. Therefore, if you gain better visibility online, you will have a better chance of customers considering you. For instance, if a customer performs an internet search for a service or product that you offer, proper online marketing activities will ensure that customers can see your business on the result pages. However, better visibility means more than just appearing on result pages. Your business should also implement different marketing activities on social media.

Target Customers More Effectively

With better targeting, you can focus your marketing efforts to customers that have the most potential. Personalized marketing content and targeted marketing efforts can foster more engagements from people, and thus increase sales. With online marketing tactics, you can create multiple personalized messages for different target groups rather than a general marketing message for everyone. Remember, customers tend to respond better to personalized messages with meaningful contact and positive experience. Therefore, online marketing efforts matter when it comes to turning leads into sales for any business. 

Stay Competitive

The reality is that the majority of your competitors will be promoting their businesses online, so to retain your competitive edge in this digital era, you must do the same. It is helpful to keep an eye on how your competitors are marketing themselves online and on the growing trends in the marketplace. For instance, consider what type of platforms your competitors are using, what type of content is popular, and how businesses in your industry normally engage online with customers and potential leads.  

Participate in the Online Conversation

As people are relying more and more on search engines, forums, and social media sites, it is clear that what they find online will ultimately influence their purchasing decisions. According to a study by Ironpaper, approximately 93 percent of people’s buying decisions are highly influenced by social media sites. Customers are now prone to look at reviews on Facebook and consider opinions on forums such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Without online promotion on these platforms, your business will struggle to stay relevant.  

Promoting your business online is not difficult, but it can yield countless benefits. It is important to implement online marketing into your long-term marketing plan to ensure that your business remains competitive, sustainable, and fully accessible to customers.

How Has the Internet Changed in the Last 20 Years?

The internet has revolutionized the way we operate businesses, how we consume information and music, and how we communicate. However, this was not the case two decades ago. The internet was created in 1989, and ever since, it has gone through a period of transition. 

This article will continue to explain in detail how the internet has changed in the last two decades to understand how everything came to be as it is now.

Social Network in the early 2000s

By 2001, Wikipedia was already emerging as a top online hub for information. It grew even more once Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911 came to the public domain.

However, one of the most notable improvements was experienced when Apple was able to lay a foundation for its steady growth, as we see today. iTunes came in to allow subscribers to download their favorite commercial jams legally and make 250,000 sales in just a day. This brought to a halt the reign of the Walkman and the disc. People were now able to download infinite songs, and they did not face the risk of scratching disks and skipping tracks anymore.

Skype was also invented as a way through which users could call each other for free on the network. However, there were more developments at hand, and soon, the platform was developed for messaging and videoconferencing. Beyond videoconferencing, this technology found use in the medical industry, allowing physicians to treat their patients from afar.

By 2003, Linkedin and MySpace were launched, giving rise to social media sites as we know them today. Later in 2004, one of the most revolutionary social media sites, Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg. Today, Facebook owns WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, making it a social media giant.

The Smartphone Revolution in the Mid-2000s

Before, internet users could access the internet through dial-up connections. However, this was a slow and excruciating process. For instance, a 6 MB picture could take up to 15 minutes to download. Today, it takes approximately 2 seconds. The smartphone revolution began with the development of YouTube and, subsequently, the blogging culture.

YouTube was developed in 2005 as a video-sharing website, thanks to the growing popularity of audio-sharing that provided a foundation. Google later purchased YouTube for an astounding $1.65 billion.

Twitter began as a microblogging site and allowed for an instant wider reach to an audience. As Facebook opened its doors to the public domain, the first iPhone was released, revolutionizing the internet as now, people could access it on the go.

People no longer had to be on the desktop to access the internet, and apple tapped into its growing market by launching an App Store that contained up to 500 applications.

Android was founded in 2003 and later bought by Google. Android soon had an app store after the launching of the iPhone, too, allowing users to download applications and perform different tasks.

Social Causes 

The internet has also been used for social good, especially in the 2010s. After the discovery of social media, it has been used as a tool for encouraging social change. From as early as 2011, there have been online protests organized through social media, including the Egyptian uprising and protests that helped oust Hosni Mubarak, the dictator president of Egypt. In the same light, online hashtags were used to highlight the plight of Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram so that they could return home.

It is also in the 2010s that there has been a rise in the vlogging/video blogging culture during this time, and these kinds of bloggers cover content from all niches, including cooking, fashion, beauty, travel, and much more. The result is a multi-billion dollar industry that is quickly changing how advertising works.

The Internet and Business

Businesses have recently embraced the power of the internet into their operations. Two essential functions that are now carried out over the internet include cloud storage and online marketing. Consumers tend to look for brands online and do not necessarily have to walk into a brick-and-mortar store to get what they need. Brand messages are delivered through mobile phones and browsers anytime and anywhere. Businesses have learned to exploit these platforms and are now sending commercial messages to get noticed. It is now common to see an advertisement just before reading a news story. The print industry as a medium for publication and dissemination of information has declined because of the presence of information online.

Businesses have also changed the way they collect and store information. Instead of stocking piles of paper in a warehouse, data is processed differently. Email marketing, social media, and cookies help businesses collect data that helps companies understand their customers. Data protection laws have come up, as a result, to help protect consumers and activities as well. Business processes such as data storage are now done on the cloud, which has helped businesses to operate more efficiently. 

There are companies out there that focus their attention on offering managed IT services customized to a business's needs. You can click here to have a detailed understanding of how companies can benefit from these services. Some of the services beneficial to companies resulting from the internet business revolution include enhanced cybersecurity, maintenance of IT systems, electronic recycling, and cloud services. These solutions ensure that a business can be operated from anywhere, and the data will be safe. This improved efficiency and convenience make companies more likely to buy these products.

There have been more tremendous changes in the last two decades. One of the notable advancements in the wake of the 21st century was the development of social media platforms. Today, the social media movement has become a force that cannot be stopped. Smartphones also came in and revolutionized how we accessed the internet, and now, people can connect only with the touch of a button. The internet has been a driver of social change and has impacted how businesses are conducted, and data is extracted and stored. Further changes of the world we know today are yet to come.

AhrefsBot: What is AhrefsBot And How To Block AhrefsBot?

AhrefsBot is a web crawler that powers a link database for Ahrefs online marketing toolset. The bot constantly crawls the web to fill their database with new links and to check the statuses of the previously found ones. In other words, AhrefsBot is a bot that is primarily used as a backlink checker.

It is common to see AhrefsBot in your Google Analytics data especially when your site is generating a good amount of traffic and your competitors are planning your traffic/doing keyword research on your site.

In the next few monutes, you will learn everything about Ahrefs bot and how to easily block AhrefsBot.

Introduction to AhrefBot

What Is Ahrefsbot

What Is Ahrefsbot

According to, every 24 hours the bot crawls over 6 billion web pages and updates Ahrefs’ index every 15 – 30 minutes.

Link data collected by Ahrefs is used for a variety of purposes and for digital marketers to plan, execute, and monitor online marketing campaigns.

Some people claim that Ahrefs’ web crawler is a bad bot that does not respect the robots.txt file and bypasses disallow and allow rules. However, Ahrefs disputes this claim by saying “We absolutely strictly respect robots.txt: both disallow and allow rules. Please see for full transparency on our crawler.”

The bot can also use up your website’s bandwidth and make your website slower. Another concern with the bot is that it is used by spammers that participate in referrer spam indexing in order to spam your website with unwanted referral traffic.

Other people have reported that the company behind the bot is known to be dishonest and provide misleading support to those who have questions about the bot but we cannot validate these claims.

How to block AhrefsBot quickly?

There are two ways you can block AhrefsBot. First, robots.txt and the second is .htaccess files. It is important to note that by blocking AhrefsBot, it will not negatively affect your ranking (if done right). However, it might lead to a reduced opportunity to be able to score some paid sponsored post opportunities.

More importantly, you want to block AhrefsBot because you want to avoid your competitors from doing research on your site.

Method #1: Update robots.txt file to block AhrefsBot

By default, the robots.txt file is a permission file that allow or disallow cralwers to crawl a website. By adding simple code to the file can stop bots such as AhrefsBot from crawling your site.

Here's how it is done:

You are required to add this code to the robots.txt file. The robots.txt can be found in your website's root folder. If you have problem searching for this, I recommend you to speak to your web hosting for some support.
User-agent: AhrefsBot 

Method #2: Block AhrefsBot using the .htaccess file

This method is a powerful and effective method to block other bots from crawling your website. Using .htaccess file, you can easily determine which bot to filter out from accessing your site. For this method to work, we will be blocking the IP ranges that AhrefsBot uses.

Add these details below to your .htaccess file. You can find your .htaccess file at the root of the files of your site.

deny from -

Apart from that, here are other IP ranges that are often used by Ahrefs (and something you might consider):

It is important to understand that Ahrefs may change the IP's from time to time. If that happens, simply add the same code to your .htaccess file with the updated IP addresses but keep this range in there.

Bonus: Blocking Ahrefs Bot

Here's another nifty trick to block Ahrefsbot from scouting your site.

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/robots.txt$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^.*AhrefsBot.*$ [NC,OR]
RewriteRule ^.*.*


I hope you find this tutorial on how to block AhrefsBot easy to follow and effective. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to me using the comment form below!