Is Thrive Leads Worth It?

Are you planning to build an email list using Thrive Leads but unsure if Thrive Leads is worth the money?

You are in luck! In today's post, we will discuss if Thrive Leads is worth it and if you should get Thrive Leads to build an email list.

What is Thrive leads?

Thrive Leads is a cool WordPress plugin that allows you to build an email fast and without much hassle (no coding skills and easy installation).

If you want to learn more about Thrive Leads, take a look at this video for more information.

Advantages using Thrive Leads: Easy to use

Thrive Leads comes with a drag and drop builder feature that allows you to create any opt in forms of your choice—without the usage of any coding skills.

Unlike other opt in form builder that require coding knowledge, the drag and drop feature allows you to create the lead generation forms in just minutes and not hours. Plus, zero coding knowledge is required.

Advantages using Thrive Leads: 4 Powerful features

Do you know that Thrive Leads is more than just a email list building plugin?

Here are four powerful features that you will get when you use Thrive Leads.


Design & Deploy

Thrive Leads combines every type of opt-in form you need in one single plugin and gives you a simple drag-and-drop editor to create the perfect design every time


Advanced Targeting

Get a massive conversion boost by showing relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags and more. Build hyper-targeted and profitable lists


A/B Testing Engine

Thrive Leads comes with a highly advanced but very easy to use A/B testing feature. Easily increase your conversions and use the plugin to automatically increase your conversion rate


Actionable Reporting & Insights

Thrive Leads gives you a simple overview over the most important metrics. See exactly how your opt-in forms are performing over time and where your most valuable traffic comes from

Advantages using Thrive Leads: Loading speed

Unlike other email list building plugins for WordPress, Thrive Leads is worth it because it doesn't slow down your website. It is not chunky and it takes pretty much a small fraction of time to load.

When you have a fast loading website, you will have happy website visitors.

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Advantages using Thrive Leads: Wide range of opt in forms

Not sure which opt-in form is best for your website? With Thrive Leads, you can easily test out different variation and concepts.

Here are some of the popular ones.

Thrive Leads Pop Up Light Box

Thrive Leads Pop Up Light Box

Thrive Leads Sticky Ribbon

Thrive Leads Sticky Ribbon

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads Multiple Choice Forms

Thrive Leads Multiple Choice Forms

Thrive Leads Scroll Mat

Thrive Leads Scroll Mat

Summary: Is Thrive Leads worth it?

For me, Thrive Leads is certainly worth the money—every cent spend on it. 

How much does Thrive Leads costs?

Thrive Leads costs $67 for unlimited updates and 1-year support. Alternatively, you can opt for Thrive Member for only $19 per month and get immediate access to ALL of our plugins and themes (including Thrive Leads). Click to learn more.

How Motivational Leaders Can Generate More Email Subscribers?

Everyone needs email subscribers. Regardless you are running a brick and mortar business or working as a motivational speaker, you need email subscribers.

Email subscribers are so important that even big names such as Toy Robbins is constantly looking for ways to increase his email list. Take a look at this website and you will see opt-in boxes to drive the leads.

In today's article, it is all about how to generate more email subscribers without breaking a sweat (and without coding knowledge).

Step 1: Generate email subscribers from your website

As easy as this may sound, one of the best ways to build an email list is through your website.

You see, people coming to your website have specific goals. In this case, it could be looking for your life advice or potentially asking you to attend their seminars.

If you think that the process of building an opt-in form is tough, you are wrong! There are tools such as Thrive Leads and OptinMonster that allow you to create beautiful opt-in boxes in just a few clicks. Yes, zero coding.

Step 2: Use the right email marketing service

If you are not fond of building opt-in forms, you are in luck. Email marketing services such as AWeber and Drip  allow you to use ready-made opt-in forms and integrate it directly to your website (and minus all the hassle)!

The right email marketing services don't only provide opt-in forms, they provide good email delivery rates and support. These are extremely critical if you want to be successful in building an email list.

As a motivational leader, I'm sure you don't have the time for any mess up. Therefore, going for a reliable email marketing service is a must-have!

Step 3: Creating a lead magnet

If you are serious in building an email list, creating a lead magnet is the fastest and most efficient way.

Do you know that a lead magnet is an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information? #leadmagnet

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Want to create irresistible lead magnet? Always, always use email list building tools such as Thrive Leads and OptinMonster.

A lead magnet is the easiest and most efficient way to generate email subscribers without wasting too much time, effort and money.

Step 4: Integrate email marketing with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

integrate with social media

As a motivational speaker, I'm sure you have your following on social media. Use social media to engagement and encourage your fans to sign up for your weekly/monthly newsletter.

You'll be surprised to see that there are many of your fans do not know about your newsletter or have not signup for your newsletters.

Step 5: Don't be shy to ask (especially on YouTube)

Do you have a video channel? I bet you do, right?

In every video, take the opportunity to ask your viewers to sign up for the newsletter and return, giving them something (perks etc.). It could be a checklist not found in anywhere or an eBook offer.

Either way, don't be shy to ask because no one knows that you have a newsletter if you don't tell the world about it!

Are you ready to generate more email subscribers?

Here's a question for you. What are you going to do now to generate more email subscribers?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

When Should Bloggers Upgrade From Free To Paid Email Marketing?

Free email marketing services — For example, MailChimp is one of the best free email marketing provider in the world which is used by bloggers and businesses.

We all know that 'free' services only go that far and when should you upgrade from free email service to paid ones?

When should you upgrade to paid email marketing?

I love trying out new tools and it is always fun. I also don't mind spending money if it can help my business grow to new heights.

Here are some signs that tells you that it is time to upgrade your email marketing solution.

1. Subscribers

When you have more than 500 email subscribers, you should start using paid email marketing.

Is 500 the magic number?

Probably. When you have 500 email subscribers, you should be something right and you should be getting sufficient traffic from email marketing (each time you send out a broadcast).

When you have at least 500 email subscribers, you should already be monetizing your email lists and that should generate you some income directly from email marketing.

2. Features

Email Marketing for Beginners

Free email marketing tools don't come with all the features (as much as paid ones do). Therefore, going for paid email marketing is a great option especially when you need advanced features.

For example, visual builders, automation, tagging etc. often come along with paid email marketing.

3. Affordability

When your blog starts making money (and when you are affordable), you should start upgrading your free email marketing service to paid email marketing service.

These additional features will help you grow your blogging business faster and more efficiently. Plus, don't forget that you will have close to no burden on your wallet as you are already making enough from your blog to pay for the email marketing service.

4. The type of business you are promoting

Type of Business

If you are an affiliate marketer, you will know that MailChimp doesn't allows users to send out affiliate marketing newsletters. Therefore, other MailChimp alternatives such as AWeber and GetResponse are better choices.

5. Taking email marketing further

Last but not least, you should be upgrading your email marketing if you are serious in making a living using a blog.

Email marketing should be used as a tool to help you generate more income and traffic directly to your blog, while reducing your dependability towards Google and social media.

Are you ready to take email marketing to new levels?

Not sure if you should be using a paid email marketing service? Today is your lucky day!

I hear you. I've worked with AWeber and here's how you can start (for free) to see if paid marketing is your cup of tea!

Sign up below and get some insights on how paid email marketing works today!

An easier way to create email campaigns.

Email automation. Sign up forms. Analytics. Award-winning customer support. Learn more about AWeber's email marketing features and more when you sign up for our behind-the-scenes email course.

Why Should I Start An Email List?

I'm glad you asked this question because this article is all about answering "why should I start an email list."

You heard about starting an email list and repetitions in collecting emails from your blog. You even heard that you should start collecting emails from day one of blogging. But why?

Why should I start an email list?

There are many benefits collecting emails from your blog (even if you are not actively sending out email newsletters).

Here are some reasons why you need to start collecting emails and start an email list.

1. Getting close with your web visitors

Most website visitors who visit your site will not leave their contact details in anyway. This is not a social visit and they will probably visit your site once or twice at most.

Collecting emails is a great way to expand your connection book and sending a personalized introduction to them!

You will be surprised on what they can do for you, including giving you tips and tricks on your site that you can improve further. And in most cases, they are often not willing to leave these in the comments section.

2. Driving more traffic back to your blog

Again, how often does these website visitors come back to your blog. Chances are very slim — and unless you have something great to share with them (that attracts their interest), most of the time, these website visitors will not come back for more.

Starting an email list early is going to help you to reach out to them and informing them about new posts that may interest them.

build email list

When they start taking note on these updates, you stand a better chance of getting repeated visitors and that's an awesome way to build trust.

3. Promote your products, affiliate products or online courses

If you have a blog, there's a high chance you are selling s-o-m-e-t-h-i-ng.

When you have an email list, your sales tactic had become way much easier because you already have a ready audience to promote your products.

When you start an email list, segmentation and tagging your audience is critical Therefore, email marketing tools such as ConvertKit and Drip focus on helping you to segment your email subscribers from day one. 

With an email list with proper segmentation, you can deliver highly targeted emails to your email subscribers based on their interest (and indirectly increases the chance of closing more sales).

4. An email list helps you to be less dependant on Google

Yes, you read this right. An email list is going to help you be generate more traffic and counting lesser on Google. Therefore, you don't have to worry about Google algorithm changes which could affect your traffic either temporary or permanently.

If you ever need a solid reason to start an email list, this should be it — being less dependant on Google and at the same time, diversifying your traffic source.

Bonus: How to start an email list (like right now)?

Okay, so you are convinced and want to start an email list, at least to try it out. Good move!

Here's how you can start right now (a 2-step process).

Step 1: Sign up for an email marketing service

MailChimp is the best option for beginners. It is free to use and you can send 12,000 emails a month.

More on how to get started on MailChimp (guide).

The only downside using MailChimp is it is not friendly to affiliate marketers. You can promote your products using MailChimp email delivery services but it is a definitely no for affiliate marketers. In another word, you cannot promote products of others using MailChimp. If you are an affiliate marketers like me, ConvertKit and Drip are two of the best MailChimp alternatives that doesn't cost you a bomb (and free accounts too).

Step 2: Install newsletter widgets and lead in forms

If you are using StudioPress themes or Thrive Themes, they come with multiple newsletter widget for you and no coding skills required.

newsletter widget

Sample newsletter list using StudioPress themes

While newsletter widgets are great ways to help you collect emails, it may not be that effective when compared to lead in forms.

What are lead in forms?

Lead in forms are high converting forms that encourage website visitors to leave their details in return of a 'gift' or bonus. Take a look at the sample below.

thrive leads plugin

This lead generation form is created using Thrive Leads under 2 minutes. There are many plugins to help you collect emails but you don't have to look further. Thrive Leads is the best in the market — period.

Lead generation plugin such as this one allows you to create multiple (like dozens or hundreds of them) in just a few minutes and they are highly customizable. You can change anything from the font to colours without using a single line of code.

And if you are a blogger, you know what I mean!

Learn more about Thrive Leads here.

Summary: Why should I start an email list?

Are you still deciding if you should start an email list? No, stop thinking!

Start an email list right now and reap the benefits after a few months (trust me).

MailChimp Subscription: What is the MailChimp pricing?

Is MailChimp really free? If MailChimp is free, why is there MailChimp subscription?

MailChimp is free for 2,000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails delivery per month. After that threshold, you are required to subscribe to MailChimp to continue using it to deliver email.

How does the MailChimp subscription works?

MailChimp pricing is very simple and straightforward. You can register for a free account and you have unlimited access to all the features (except for MailChimp Pro) including the email autoresponder sequence.

mailchimp subscription pricing

MailChimp subscription works on a subscription model — you are billed based on number of email subscribers you have in your list or the number of emails you are sending out on a monthly basis.

MailChimp subscription model is divided into:

  • Monthly payment based on number of email subscribers
  • Credits based on number of emails you will be delivering

How much does MailChimp costs?

MailChimp paid email marketing costs $10 per month for 500 email subscribers and unlimited email delivery.

You can also opt for MailChimp Pro which priced at $99 per month for detailed analytics and reports. This option is best for companies, high traffic website and large enterprises who want to make use of the email marketing strategy.

Is MailChimp worth it?

This is a great question. MailChimp offers one of the best email delivery rates and it is used by bloggers around the world. 

MailChimp is a great email marketing solution if you are not an affiliate marketer.

But why?

The terms and conditions for MailChimp stated clearly that you are not allowed to use affiliate links in emails delivered through MailChimp services. While this is great for delivery purposes (I totally get it), this is definitely not a great choice for affiliate marketers because your account could be deleted at anytime if found guilty of using affiliate links.

Should you get MailChimp subscription?

MailChimp is a good option if you are looking for excellent delivery rates and tons of features to enrich your email marketing strategy.

If you are affordable (or making enough from your website) and not using affiliate links, you should definitely get MailChimp subscription for better email marketing results.

How To Build An Email List Without A Website

An email list is important because it keeps you one step closer to your readers. An email list is regarded as a high value resource that allows you to earn high ROI and sales revenue.

You can easily built an email list by installing email list building plugins on your website. Here's one question most beginners and business owners ask.

How to build an email list without a website?

I mean, is it even possible to do so? The answer is "yes" and in this post, you will discover effective ways to build an email list without a website.

Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Social Media Platforms To Build An Email List Without A Website

Who doesn't have a social media account? As a matter of fact, everyone has a social media account on some platforms.

How to build an email list without a website and using social media?

Most email marketing solutions allow you to connect lead in forms with your social media platforms.

For example, you can use AWeber sign up form and integrate it with your Facebook Page. This allows you to collect emails without having a website.

2. Collect Emails By Offering A Freebie

Do you know that you can easily collect emails by offering a freebie?

Using AWeber for example, you can create a lead generation form which is hosted by AWeber itself.

This means that you don't need to have a website to have a landing page — as the landing page can be built and hosted on AWeber itself.

Here's one sample of AWeber's form that you can build and use.

aweber forms

It looks pretty cool, isn't it?

Data collected from this opt in form will then be added into your mailing list, which you can send out emails and create engagement with your subscribers.

Is AWeber right for you?

Stop guessing! Try it out now.

30 days free trial and no credit card required!

3. Buying Email Lists From Reputable Sources

This is controversial but it is really effective.

Buying email lists from reputable sources is a great way to build a community without a website. On average, these email lists costs around $1 to $5 per email and it worth all the money if you have the right autoresponder and strategy.

Buying email lists is only effective if you are using an email marketing solution that provides autoresponder system.

An autoresponder is just a sequence of email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.

Let’s say you have a seven-part autoresponder that delivers a great tutorial for your potential customers — something that they’ll find beneficial and valuable, and that lays the groundwork for you to make a sale.

That autoresponder creates a great experience for your first subscriber. And it creates the same great experience for your 100,000th subscriber.

The best thing with email autoresponders?

They never get tired and they are always working around the clock.

Important tip: Buying an email list is not an easy way out to building an email list without a website. To make your investment worth, you need to constantly provide quality information and updates to make sure they don't unsubscribe!

Are you ready to build an email list without a website?

I hope you find the three tips above useful and have any thoughts or reservations on this topic?

Leave a comment below and let's discuss further!