MailChimp vs AWeber: The Complete Review Between Two Of The Best Email Marketing Solutions

aweber vs mailchimp 2018

Can’t decide between AWeber vs MailChimp? Both AWeber and MailChimp has long been in the email marketing industry. I don’t know how blogs and websites had did email marketing comparison between AWeber and MailChimp. So, why did I publish this article? The answer is simple. I want to share my personal point of view using … Read more

Is MailChimp Free?

Is MailChimp Free

Is MailChimp free? The answer is yes. The MailChimp Forever Free plan allows you to manage up to 2,000 email subscribers and delivering 12,000 emails monthly. Is MailChimp safe? Now that you asked, MailChimp is safe for work. If you are sending non-spammy emails, then you are pretty much in a very safe environment. But … Read more

6 No Brainer Reasons Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing Service

AWeber autoresponder is one of the best email marketing provider for bloggers.

You probably have heard me saying this a few times now, “You need a mailing list even if you are a blogger” and I will repeat if I got to. A mailing list is extremely important especially when you are trying to build an audience and creating not only website traffic but a very sustainable … Read more