Top 3 Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2018

Experts have forecasted that email marketing will be the top 3 most lucrative marketing strategies for 2018. Regardless you are a blogger, marketer or business owner, email marketing is going to play an important role in determining your success.

Looking for the best email marketing tool can be a challenging task. I’ve been through that rabbit hole numerous times and believe me when I tell you that it is not the most fun thing to do. This post is created to help you with deciding the best email marketing tools for 2018.

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The Top 3 Email Marketing Tools In 2018

Top Email Marketing Tools 2018

There are a lot of email marketing tools out there and seriously, it is really a pain in the a*s to determine which is the best one to fit you. This review is best fit for bloggers, marketers and business owners who want to save more money while still able to use an email marketing tool that gives you powerful features.

More importantly, year 2018 is the year where it is gone with the days where free email marketing can still dominate the market space. You can still use free email marketing services such as MailChimp but it comes with some serious weaknesses such as these.

If you are serious in making email marketing your baby in 2018, then here are the top 3 email marketing tools you need to use today.

ConvertKit — Affordability And Powerful

ConvertKit Top Email Marketing Tools 2018

When I heard Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income ditched his Infusionsoft for ConvertKit, I knew something was up with ConvertKit. My first experience using ConvertKit was this: It was freaking, darn easy to use and setup. WTF?

I spend days trying to setup my previous email marketing software and with ConvertKit, setup process takes minutes and probably an hour max.

What is ConvertKit?

“ConvertKit is a powerful new email service provider that provides InfusionSoft like automation capabilities without the InfusionSoft price.”

Yes, you heard that right. ConvertKit is powerful and with its automated tutorial/introduction, you can transform from a beginner to an expert in just an hour.

What are the features in ConvertKit?

  • Easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms
  • Simple but yet detailed reporting dashboard
  • Simple workflows with “if this, then that” style automation rules make it easy to create your own custom rules
  • check-square-oIntuitive drag-and-drop sequence builder helps you create personalized automated emails to grow your list
  • check-square-oEasily organize your subscribers from one list with tags and segments
  • check-square-oYou don’t get charged with the number of lists but instead, the number of subscribers you have
  • check-square-oConvertKit’s plain text emails not only give your marketing efforts a personal feel, they also help you avoid spam filters
  • check-square-oConvertKit’s support team offers round the clock support as well as hosting live trainings, weekly workshops, and open office hours

Is ConvertKit worth it?

If you are serious in marketing email marketing work for you in 2018, ConvertKit is definitely worth your money.

What I love most about ConvertKit is that it is easier to use that Infusionsoft, and more powerful that MailChimp. Another plus point is that it integrates perfectly well with third party apps and lead building plugins such as Thrive Leads.

Take a look at the ConvertKit dashboard below. Isn’t that beautiful and easy to understand?

ConvertKit Dashboard Top Email Marketing Tools 2018

For me, ConvertKit is all about simplicity. Email marketing doesn’t need to be complicated and this is what makes ConvertKit one of the best email marketing tools in 2018.

How much does ConvertKit costs?

ConvertKit starts at $24 per month for up to 1,000 email subscribers. In terms of value for money, ConvertKit doesn’t count your subscribers multiple times if they sign up for more than one email lists of yours.

Try ConvertKit with 30-days money back guarantee!

Drip — Powerful Email Marketing Automation For Ecommerce

Drip Email Marketing Solution 2018

Just like ConvertKit, Drip made headlines when LeadPages acquired Drip. Personally, I think that was a huge move and just proves the importance of email marketing (and Drip as an email marketing software).

What is Drip?

“Drip is an email marketing software that outsmarts traditional email marketing to help you sell more online.”

Drip isn’t your average email marketing software. It is an email marketing that allows you to create funnels to convert your readers into subscribers, and from scubscribers to paying customers.

What are the features that Drip offers?

  • One of the best drag-and-drop visual builders for email marketing
  • 18 triggers and 16 actions in Drip’s automation rule builder allows you to automate everything
  • Tagging email subscribers based on their actions
  • check-square-oDrip’s lead scoring algorithm tracks a number of events to identify your best leads
  • check-square-oThree main targeted email features (Drip campaign, broadcasts and one-offs)
  • check-square-oWide range of performance metrics to generate the most comprehensive reports
  • check-square-oDrip natively integrates with dozens of applications and platforms, including: landing page providers, payment gateways, shopping carts, CRM systems, and many more
  • check-square-oHelps you to build an email list through features such as widget, embedded forms, exit-triggered pop-ups and hosted forms
  • check-square-oCreate emails that change depending on who’s receiving them and when they’re sent
  • check-square-oPre-built blueprints help you build your Drip campaigns using industry best practices
  • check-square-oAvailability of split testing (A/B testing)

Is Drip worth it?

Drip is worth every single cent you spend. Seriously.

Drip is really powerful especially if you are selling products or services. I used Drip and I got to say that the best way to describe Drip is “Experience marketing automation built for the next decade.

Take a look at the image below. With Drip, you can perform any automation, your way!

drip email automation

How much does Drip costs?

Here’s where the unique part is. Drip offers free accounts for anyone — up to 100 email subscribers to test out the platform. After that, Drip pricing structure starts at $41 per month for 2,500 email subscribers.

Get started with Drip for free!

AWeber — Ridicously Simple To Use Email Marketing Software

aweber top email marketing tools for 2018

AWeber has long been in the email marketing industry. For years, it has dominated the market with its affordable and simple to use email marketing solution that fits for both beginners and advanced marketers.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing service provider with over 100,000 small business clients world wide. Regardless of industry or business size, AWeber helps its customers keep in touch with with their subscribers, all while upholding email marketing best practices.

What are the features that offers AWeber?

  • Automatically create emails from your newest blog posts
  • Drag and drop editor with over 700 mobile responsive email templates to choose from
  • Create and send professional email newsletters with ease
  • check-square-oEasily create automated email sequences with our drag and drop editor
  • check-square-oApply tags to trigger automated email campaigns based on clicks and opens
  • check-square-oSend a sequence of automatically delivered emails
  • check-square-oAutomatically create emails from your newest blog posts (using RSS to Email feature)
  • check-square-oEasily collect, track and manage your subscriber list
  • check-square-oCreate subscriber segments to send targeted emails and campaigns
  • check-square-oTrack email performance with analytics like open rates, click-throughs and more
  • check-square-oGet industry-leading deliverability and ensure your emails make it to the inbox
  • check-square-o24/7 support to help you with all your email marketing needs

Is AWeber worth it?

If you are looking for a simple email marketing software that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, then sure — AWeber is a great choice for you.

AWeber work great for everyone, from bloggers to business owners. Plus, AWeber is so easy to use that it allows you to get started with email marketing in just minutes (even when you are a complete beginner).

This email marketing tool is often considered the best email marketing tool for 2018 because it is extremely easy to setup, send emails and more importantly, super affordable!

Here’s how the AWeber dashboard looks like.

AWeber best email marketing tools in 2018

How much does AWeber costs?

AWeber pricing is probably one of the cheapest among the top email marketing tools for 2018. For only $19 a month, you will be able to manage up to 500 subscribers with all the features unlocked!

Try AWeber for 30-days FREE!

What is your favorite email marketing tool for 2018?

As a recap, there isn’t one email marketing tool that fits everyone. However, there are simple ways you can differentiate them.

Best email marketing tool for all rounder: ConvertKit

Best email marketing tool for affordability: AWeber

Best email marketing tool for business: Drip

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