How To Make Money With Email List

Do you know that most of the articles you find on the Internet on ‘how to make money with email list‘ actually teaches you nonsense?

Forgive me for my rant, but I think that it is about time where someone stands up and put some serious facts on using the email list to put real money into your bank account.

For starters, there are just too many articles telling you how to make money using email list, but I realized they missed some seriously, crucial factors in it.

Now, don’t take my word for it. To justify the matter, take a moment to think about this.

Are you making $100 a month from your email list?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ you probably know what you are doing, and you can safely skip this post. However, you may want to continue reading to find some quick hacks to double your income generated from the email list.

If your answer is ‘no,’ please carry on reading and bookmark this! I promise you that you will find a lot of beneficial information from this post and it doesn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

how to make money with email list

1-minute recap: What you should know about building an email list?

Everyone who has a blog or website need to build an email list. While most email services providers charge you money, there are some who are offering free accounts such as MailChimp and Benchmark Email.

An email list goes a long way because he will help you generate money in a long run. Of course, more on how to make money with an email list is after this little segment.

Building an email list is also important because it is going to help you connect with your audience. You will connect with them in more ways than just psychological emotions with them, especially when your posts and writing resonate with them.

The result from this will be explosive:

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  • They are going to help you boost your traffic
  • They will share your content if they love them
  • They are going to be your friends
  • They are going to be your loyal fans
  • They are going to look for you when they face challenges (usually within your niche)
  • They are going to trust you so much that, they will buy anything you promote to them!


Ladies and gentlemen, these are the exact reasons why you should build an email list.


How to make money with email list?

The million dollar question that you can find over a thousand tutorials on the Internet but yet, only a handful make money with email list.

The problem is fairly simple.

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  • It is NOT because you are not using a paid email service provider
  • It is NOT because you have a small email list
  • It is NOT because you are not sending weekly newsletter
  • It is NOT because you are not using an autoresponder
  • It is NOT because you are using a free email service provider


And the answer is this.


The simplest way to make money with email list

Segment your email list.

Yes, you read that right. If you want to generate real money from the email list, you need to start to segment your email list.

The biggest mistake you can ever do is to put everyone on the same email list. Here is a simple way to segment your email list:

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  • General newsletter – Everyone goes in here once they sign up for your email newsletter
  • Segment 1 – People with specific interest (example content marketing) only
  • Segment 2 – People with specific interest (example social media) only
  • Segment 3 – People with specific interest (example search engine) only


When you send a weekly newsletter, send them by batches based on the segments. So, each newsletter can easily be custom made and be extremely focused on topics they interest them the most.

Do you know what happens when you do the above?

  1. You will have low unsubscribing rate (with Google loves)
  2. You can send highly targeted emails to the right audience which improves with click-through rate (CTR in short)
  3. You resonate with your email subscribers and this build trust

Now, imagine doing this.

You send weekly emails to all these segments trying to provide tons of value. As a result, they love it and thank you for them.

Then, once every month, you send a newsletter that has some promotional items in it. For example, you can promote online courses, recommending an affiliate product or even upselling your services.

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Takeaway: Because there are a deep trust and understanding between you and your email subscribers, they are not going to be pissed off with you. Instead, they might even thank you for the promotional email and make some purchases!


What’s next is simply, cha-ching!


How to start segmenting your email list?

how to segment email list

Most free email service provider such as MailChimp doesn’t provide you with tons of options for segmenting. At least, in the point of view of a complete non-developer.

If you are interested to know the method to create tags using MailChimp, here’s an excellent article found on their knowledge base. Read more here.

The easier way is to create multiple signup forms and lists on MailChimp. This step allows you to send traffic to the right signup forms and ultimately helping you to segment your target audience.

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Important tip: Do not compile all your email subscribers under one email list!


When you are sending your newsletter, make sure that you create different types of email based on your segment and always avoid recycling!


Bonus: Should you use email automation to make money with email list?

Yes, if you can afford it.

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What is email automation?

According to BigCommerce, email automation is the most effective way to engage in email marketing because it enables you to send out messages to your customers at designated times. … Using automation, they can save time by setting up the email platform to send messages when customers take specific actions.


There are many email automation services that you can choose from in the market, but most of them cost above $15 a month. And I totally get it!

As a blogger or content writer, you might think that email automation system just adds more weight to your monthly budget.

I had the same mindset as well, and with having over 2,000 email subscribers, it gets pricey very fast. Recently, I move from a prominent email automation system to ActiveCampaign.

The result? I’m surprised!

Let me share with you some details here about ActiveCampaign. It comes with a free trial of 30 days which you can try out (using this link), and that’s not yet the kicker since every email marketing solution in the world provides that.

The kicker was the value and the price. For only $9 a month, you get a complete email automation system and trust me, a good email automation costs a lot more than $9!

  • GetResponse starts at $15 a month
  • AWeber starts at $19 a month
  • ConvertKit starts at $29 a month

And yes, I was surprised and tested it out (thanks to my curiosity nature).

Here’s what you need to try on Active Campaign using their free trial.

1. Create an email list

how to create email list on active campaign?


2. Import contacts to the email list you have just created

import contacts into activecampaign

You can either upload a CSV file using the default button (green button) or manually add into Active Campaign.

It would take around a few minutes to upload the contacts.


3. Create an automation for your email list

Create Automation on ActiveCampaign

The above is the drag and drop automation system found on ActiveCampaign. You can choose from several pre-made templates or you can create one from scratch.


Why did I choose Active Campaign?

The email automation system is so powerful that I can easily create proven automation without creating one from scratch.


Yes, Active Campaign thought about this and kudos to them. I don’t have hours to create a good sales funnel, and this is exactly what Active Campaign does for me. It gives me some awesome pre-made templates, and I can easily duplicate them into my email list.

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The results: 100+ hours of time-saving (testing, modification, and A/B testing), 30% of improving results, 90% of satisfaction for my email subscribers, 25% improved in revenue generated from the email list.


Now, go figure!


Quick Guide: How to use Active Campaign tagging feature and make money with email list

Tagging works when email subscribers perform a specific task. In this case, it can be clicking on a link in the email, being subscribed to a newsletter or being added to a new email list.

Here’s a quick GIF on how to use Active Campaign tagging feature.

active campaign tagging feature

Once the above is done, you’ll find email subscribers that are tagged accordingly based on their preferences or journey in your sales funnel.

tagging email subscribers

You can find the tags allocated to each email subscriber when you check on their profile.



I hope you find the guide, ‘How to make money with email list’ useful and do tell me what you think about it. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help and looking forward to seeing you in the comment section below!

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