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Today I am going to share my review about a new yet potential product that I came across recently. It's FormGet- an application that helps you create any kinds of online forms.

From Contact Forms To Guest List Planner Forms, it can be used to create any of them, in whichever way you want. So let's take a look on how it works! Check this video that shows instant form building.

Why it grabbed my attention???


FormGet has got such a powerful yet easy interface that you will not get stuck anywhere from adding fields to embedding it on your site. It's all in a flow all hassle free. The smooth interface makes your form building easy. Just clicking on the form fields will do the work. After adding form fields, you can rename them, give your form a new title relevant to your form and further drag and drop fields if you want to adjust their positions. Now click on "Next" and your form is ready.

Setting up FormGet contact form builder


Grab the Eyeballs

The overall look of the form is elegant and attractive. It will surely grab your visitors eyeball.When your form gets ready, it gets navigated to a page where you will find different default "Design Templates" which you can use on your forms or else you can customize the form colors and your form footer section manually within the tab "Form Colors" and "Footer Settings". You can even insert Paragraphs, Video , Images on your form Once the form is completed , you can use the Embed Code and embed the form on your site. Its as simple as that..

You also can use them as tabbed widget, which looks cool when you put it on your website.

Types of forms on FormGet


Get Notified

Every time you get an entry on your form you will receive an email-notification notifying you about the entry. The user also gets an email confirming about his form submission. The acknowledgment is necessary and FormGet has this feature.


Share Your Forms

The next amazing feature that caught my attention was its usage for those who don't own a website. Everyone out there who thought about creating website and then create forms to collect information can just opt for FormGet blindly. It gives you a form URL with which you can share your form anywhere you want. Also it has social sharing options where you can share your form on different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. So, all those who want to collect leads without website, you must surely give a try to this app.


Do Smarter Email Marketing

Its Email Integration with all major email marketing service providers makes it even more compelling and robust. If you have an account with any of these email marketing providers like MailChimp,

Madmimi, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor etc. then you can easily store the leads coming through your forms to your mailing list. And now since you have the target customers information with

you, shoot your marketing strategies with email campaigns. Not just this, it can also be integrated with Dropbox which can help save and manage the file uploads coming through the forms. Turns out to be really helpful..isn't it? You can go through the videos for integration here.


Make Money Out of Your Forms

FormGet is integrated with payment gateway PayPal and so now you can collect payments via Forms. It's easy, just add a Payment field to your form and rest it will do. So not just leads, you can make some good cash too, with these online forms. Its beneficial for those who want to create Hotel Booking Forms, Online Order Forms, Fee Registration Forms etc.


Assign Forms

Amidst trying this app I wondered, what if I have to create multiple forms for multiple sites. How will I manage all forms together? And then I stumbled upon its Agent Feature. This amazing feature allows you to assign forms to your team members and get the work shared. The team members or agents can handle the leads coming in through their assigned forms and manage them easily making the work much simpler and elementary. Its beneficial for large businesses where multiple forms are to be handled.

FormGet Sharing Features


Analyze Your Forms

The form statistics is definitely a turn on as you can track how good is your form doing. It will show your form statistics according to views and entries, which can help you analyze which of your forms is better in collecting information.

Apart from all these highlighted features, FormGet has got many tiny yet substantial features, like you can track the entry users details on your dashboard like country, OS and browser. You can also track the point of contact at which they entered on your form. Language Translation that enables you to create forms in your native language will also help your forms to penetrate in your local regions. Field validations, captcha to help avoid spams, real-time conversation with entry users etc are some of the other features.


FormGet review




FormGet is definitely promising when it comes to its features and management. It's easy to use interface and robust features will make you form building experience better. It will not make you regret if you want to create effective online forms effortlessly. You can sign up for the free trial here and see if it will help you with your form creation.