Integrating Salesforce With WPForms

Have you ever wished to integrate Salesforce with your WordPress site? If you have been thinking about it, I've some awesome news for you today!

Salesforce is now easily integrate-able with WordPress using WPForms plugin. The Salesforce addon will let you automatically send form entries from WPForms to Salesforce CRM.

If you’ve been copying data from your form entries to Salesforce, this addon will be a game-changer.

And you don’t need to pay for a service like Zapier to connect WordPress to Salesforce. So you’ll save money too.

Automatically Create Salesforce Objects

The new integration between Salesforce and WPForms allows you to easily create objects in Salesforce without coding skills.

The best part? You can do it directly with WPForms.

Here's how it is done quickly and correctly.

Create Salesforce Object Wpforms
Create Salesforce Object in WPforms

There are many other ways you can use WPForms with Salesforce, including creating a new Lead from each submission. In short the possibilities are rather endless right here.

The next step involves mapping the fields. Here's how it is done quickly.

Salesforce Wpforms Addon Field Mapping
Salesforce WPForms Addon Field Mapping

Not only what you can also leverage the advanced Conditional Logic if you want to have a better control on both WPforms and Salesforce integration.

Salesforce and WPForms

I find this integration very cool and I recommend you to give it a shot!

Oh yes, this unique WPForm integration with Salesforce is available for Elite plans (and above). Click here to learn more about WPforms (and free download).

How To Boost Email List with WordPress Content Locking?

Do you know that you can easily build an email list by locking content on your WordPress blog. You might have heard about this and even seen this yourself — using a WordPress content locking plugin can easily boost your email list quickly and effectively.

In this article, I'm going to show you exactly how you can lock content on WordPress and boost your email list at the same time.

Setting WordPress up for content locking

There are many WordPress plugins that you can use to lock content (quickly and without any coding skills). My favorite plugin is OptinMonster (click here to check the demo).

OptinMonster’s Content Lock will blur or remove content below a set point on the page, so visitors have to opt in to see the whole article. This is a no-hassle way to grow your email subscriber list with content you’ve already published. OptinMonster works on any platform, so it’s easy to add a content lock to WordPress or any other content management system.

How does OptinMonster content locking works?

Glad you asked!

Take a look at this video to learn more about OptinMonster content locking feature:

As you can see, there are two ways content locking works perfectly well for WordPress users.

1. If you are a blogger or content publisher ...

Content locking is an awesome way to build an email list — even though content should be free (for public digestion).

If you are publishing a high value content on your WordPress blog, using OptinMonster content locker will help you build an email list quickly and making that content work harder for you.

Crafting the best content for your website visitors (with content locking feature) might take a while to accomplish, but this is an excellent way to build an email list!

2. If you are a small business marketer ...

OptinMonster’s Content Lock can help you improve lead quality by using gated content to attract qualified leads. You can use content locking with any website content, to hide part of your content, until your visitor has opted in.

Yes, you read that right. OptinMonster works not only with WordPress but with dozens of other website CMS too.

By using a content locker plugin or addon, you can quickly increase your leads and ultimately, generate sales and revenue.

OptinMonster Content Lock feature can also help small businesses grow their email lists by using content locking to to boost content engagement, and to increase the perceived value of your content.


There's more to what OptinMonster and content locking can do especially when you have the right strategy. Without a doubt, content locking is an excellent way to boost email list quickly and cheaply.

Undecided if this is right for you? Click here to try OptinMonster content locking feature right now!

Best WordPress Lifetime Deals, Lifetime Licenses And Unlimited Usage [Updated for 2020]

I don't really talk about WordPress lifetime dealfor themes and plugins is simply because not all lifetime deals are worth the money. More importantly, there is no point for us to invest into a theme or plugin (for a decend amount of money) and get burned in the end.

But, apart from all the bad things that may happen, there are also some great WordPress lifetime license for themes and plugins that I would personally recommend.

These tools had become apart of my daily routine in crafting the best WordPress experience for my readers (that's you).

What you will find next are the lifetime license for themes and plugins that I recommend you to get it right now.

WordPress themes with lifetime licences

There are quite a few WordPress themes that come with lifetime license. These are great themes that I personally use for my personal business, marketing agency and my reseller hosting business.

Divi Theme

There is no better lifetime WordPress theme than Divi. Comes packing with all the tools you need to start your WordPress blog, Divi is very affordable even for complete beginners.

1,000+ premade elements

Never get struck in web development with Divi premade templates and website layouts.


Divi is mobile-optimized right out from the box, so you don't have to crack your brain for that!

Point and click

Intuitive and precise point to click helps you to build content layout visually and frontend.

Thrive Themes

Conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins is what make Thrive Themes an excellent choice for WordPress website owners.

Complete everything

Thrive Themes comes with website builder and plugins to build a compelte WP site.

No coding skills required

Change anything and everything with drag and drop builder. Yes, no coding skills required.


Build an email list faster or convert cold visitors into potential buyers easily.

Oxygen Builder

A lightweight WordPress theme builder that allows you to transform a boring layout into a clean, well-coded WordPress theme.

Gutenberg ready

With Oxygen, you can use Gutenberg and build the website that you love.

Clean and bloat free

Oxygen build is lightweight and loads fast on the Internet because it has zero bloat.

Coding skills are bonuses

Coding knowledge is always an additional when you are using Oxygen builder.

Astra Pro

One of the best WordPress theme that offers simplicity, ease of use and powerful builder all under one roof.

Gutenberg ready

Astra works well with Gutenberg and you can easily customize anything with Astra


Astra is lightweight and doesn't use jQuery. With minimal optimization, Astra loads fast.

Great community

Astra support team is rather supportive. They provide decent support when you need.

WordPress plugins with lifetime licences

Finally, WordPress plugins — I use WP plugins to speed up my website development projects on and some of these plugins below are the best in kind.

Seriously, you can't go wrong with them!

Thrive Architect

Conversion-focused WordPress page builder, minus the coding skills. Thrive Architect is my go-to WP plugin when it comes to creating blog posts.

Great pricing

Pay once and ever pay again is what makes Thrive Architect unique and best for beginners.


Thrive Architect is focused entirely on building great content for conversion.

Drag and drop

Pin point accuracy helps you craft blog posts without using any complicated codes.

Thrive Leads

If you are tired of paying lead generation tools on a yearly basis, Thrive Leads is a must-have lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Great pricing

Pay once and ever pay again is what makes Thrive Leads unique and best for beginners.


Thrive Leads is highly compatible with all major WordPress themes.

Drag and drop

Pin point accuracy helps you lead generation forms without using any complicated codes.


SEOPress is not entirely a lifetime license, but it offers one yearly payment for unlimited number of website usages (which is really awesome).


Reliable WP SEO plugin for unlimited domains usages with one simple pricing.


Migrate from any major SEO plugin to SEOPress in just a few clicks.

Easy to use

No SEO knowledge is required to manage SEOPress. It is easy to use and can be configured easily.

Fluent Forms

Looking for the best lifetime WP form builder? You can't go wrong with Fluent Forms (ever).


The only WP form builder that is on lifetime. Unlimited domains + lifetime is best for web dev!


Fluent Forms is compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins.

Easy to use

Conditional logic, payment gateway and webhook integrations are included!


Backup and restoration plugin that offers lifetime usage on unlimited domains (definitely a no-brainer).

Simple pricing

The lifetime license is very affordable and best for WordPress developers.


This plugin is compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins.

Easy to use

Easily perform backup and staging in just a few clicks with WPvivid LTD.

GridPane Lifetime Deal: The Deal Breaker In WordPress Hosting Control Panel

I wrote about Gridpane early this year (here's the article on Gridpane) and I even did a Gridpane comparison on another blog. For the record, I'm a hardcore Gridpane fan which I can be rather proud of to be honest. Last month, I received an email from the Gridpane team on the final Gridpane lifetime deal (Gridpane LTD) and there were only 7 slots left. Now, I was "WOW" and before I knew it, I took our my credit card to pay for the lifetime deal.

Here's the thing.

There were only 7 slots left and it is based on first come first served basis. Trust me, that was the longest 72 hours of my life as I did not hear any response from the Gridpane team on the LTD except for "we had received your message and we will send an invoice to you soon."

Reginald Chan

Gridpane is the world's first WordPress control panel. No, it is not a managed WordPress hosting solution per se. Instead, it is a tool that makes your website loads faster on VPS by allowing you to automatically optimize the server with the best settings, without knowing any server knowledge. More importantly, Gridpane isn't built for anyone but selected few who know exactly what they are doing and what they need from a VPS solution.

Gridpane Lifetime Deal

Prior to getting Gridpane lifetime deal, I kept asking myself if this is something worth it. I mean, the final Gridpane LTD costs a whopping USD$2,500 and that's approximately RM10,500 in Malaysia (that's my conversion rate of 4.2).

Is Gridpane LTD that worth the money?

What's included in the Gridpane LTD?

  • A lifetime deal under the Developer plan ($100 per month without the LTD)

  • Unlimited servers

  • Advanced security and firewall settings

  • Creation of teams or subaccounts (up to 10 slots without charge)

  • World class hosting infrastructure

Gridpane LTD: Is Gridpane really worth the money?

The funny thing is that I even get this question on Facebook from some of my peers too. Now, let's do some quick calculation.

Initial investment: $2,500

Potential charges for hosting (assuming mid-tier hosting plan): $30 per month

Potential charges for addon hosting services: $10 per month

That's around $40 per client and with around 5 clients a month, I get around $200. A clean profit would be around $150 with the assumption of no manpower cost and $50 goes to a VPS service like Vultr high frequency.

In order to breakeven with the initial investment, I need 16.6 months (rounded to 17 months) before I can make a profit for a lifetime.

Gridpane LTD is best for some (not everyone)

Why I publish this article? Well, for starters, I want to make it straight up clear with everyone who have doubt.

  • Gridpane is not a WordPress hosting

  • Gridpane LTD is all about the long game

  • Gridpane is best for those who cares about website traffic, performance and security

  • Gridpane is an excellent tool for website developers and agencies who have clients using WordPress CMS

How to get Gridpane LTD? When will Gridpane LTD comes back?

I'm pretty confident that Gridpane LTD won't come back anytime soon (their CEO made it a point to emphasize this).

But what if you really need Gridpane LTD? I can't promise you much, but my WordPress agency do collaborate with several website developers around the world with Gridpane. If this is something you are keen to explore, feel free to reach out to me or my team using the form below.

Easy How To Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

I'm not going to lie to you. CCPA compliant can be a tough topic to discuss. Added with WordPress plugins, that's a pretty tough nut to crack. Nonetheless, today we are going to discuss on how to make your Google Analytics CCPA compliant.

Simple, right?

What is Google Analytics?

Insert Image

Google Analytics is the most popular analytical tool that’s used by millions of websites. It helps you track your site’s performance and understand your user’s behavior. Now, Google Analytics is powerful because it collects personal data about your visitors and if this is not handled properly, you can get into real trouble.

What is CCPA?

Insert Image

CCPA is also known as California Consumer Privacy Act. The California Consumer Privacy Act is a state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States. CCPA is also a state-wide privacy law that regulates how businesses can handle the personal information of California residents.

The aim of CCPA is to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California. It calls for more transparency by organizations about what personal information they collect, how they use it, and whom they share it with.

Due to the dynamic nature of websites, no single plugin can offer 100% legal compliance. Please consult a specialist internet law attorney to determine if you are in compliance with all applicable laws for your jurisdictions and your use cases. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice.

Legal Disclaimer

How to easily make Google Analytics and making it compliance?

There are several quick steps you need to take. In this example, we will be using Google Analytics and OptinMonster (the best lead generation software for both WordPress and no WordPress sites).

Step 1: Install OptinMonster and it's EU compliance addon

As OptinMonster is a paid plugin, click here to get the best OptinMonster deal if you have not gotten yourself an license. Next, download and install it's EU Compliance Addon to automate different processes to meet CCPA. For instance, you can easily anonymize or disable personal data tracking in Google Analytics with a click of a button. 

Step 2: Enable EU compliance tracking options

The second step is to change the settings and disable different tracking features in Google Analytics to comply with CCPA. This can be done here: Insights » Settings » Engagement.

As this is an EU compliance addon for OptinMonster, it is important to enable and disable relevant information to ensure that you are complying to the law/as required by the law.



Step 3: Create an out-out consent box

After setting up MonsterInsights and its EU Compliance addon, the next thing you’ll need to do is create an opt-out consent box. That’s because one of the rights in CCPA is that user’s can opt-out from websites sharing their data with third parties.

And a simple way of creating an opt-out consent box is by using free WordPress plugins like CookieBot or Cookie Notice. Both these plugins offer a built-in option to set up an opt-out consent box and they easily integrate with MonsterInsights as well.

For instance, CookieBot scans your site and creates a cookie declaration link that you can place on your website. Not only that, it also creates a Do Not Sell My Personal Information document that you can link to make sure you comply with CCPA requirements.


CCPA is now enforceable by law from July 1, 2020, and applies to any business that provides web services to the residents of California. You are required to follow the law even when you are running an online business.

I hope you find this article useful and if you need any help, drop me a message!

Top 13 WordPress Blogging Tools You Should Be Using In 2020

I have been blogging since 2004 and I want to be really honest. Blogging tool changes by the years and I can't help myself but to find for the best blogging tools for my websites (and my clients').

Here's the thing. It is not that simple because it depends highly on what you need and expecting from a tool.

Nonetheless, here's a quick recap of my favorite blogging tools in 2020.

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS

Make no mistake — WordPress is the most important tool for bloggers and for my business. I use WordPress every day (close to 355 days in a year) so, yes! WordPress all the way. Sorry Wix!

WordPress Page Builders

Best WordPress Page Builders Plugins

Best WordPress Page Builders Plugins

As a freelance website developer and marketing agency, it is important for me and my team to build beautiful WordPress pages quickly. Thanks for WordPress page builders, our work is cut down dramatically (like over 50%)!

Here's a list of our favorite WordPress page builders in 2020:

Elementor Pro

Elementor is easy to use and powerful in many ways. This WordPress page builder is the most downloaded page builders in the WordPress market and by far, one of the most intuitive tool too! I can't recommend Elementor Pro enough (so to say).

Astra Theme

As a website developer, I find Astra theme very clean and beautifully crafted. It has a powerful inbuilt page builder, so you don't have to get additional page builder plugin. A huge upside using Astra is that it comes with lifetime deal and you don't have to stay on for a monthly commitment.

Thrive Architect

Last but not least, Thrive Architect is our favorite tool when it comes to building engaging blog posts. It is by far an interesting WordPress plugin that doesn't fail me. If you are thinking of creating high converting blog posts and pages, you can't go wrong with Thrive Architect.

Essential WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins for Beginners

Best WordPress Plugins for Beginners

Plugins make our lives easier and here's a list of my favorite WordPress plugins that you should be using. And no, you won't go wrong with them!


SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, manage redirections 301 and so much more.

Async JavaScript

Async JavaScript gives you full control of which scripts to add an ‘async’ or ‘defer’ attribute to or to exclude to help increase the performance of your WordPress website. Wethather it is to eliminate render-blocking JS or defer specific JS file, this is an important plugin for speed optimization.


Autoptimize makes optimizing your site really easy. It can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles, injects CSS in the page head by default but can also inline critical CSS and defer the aggregated full CSS, moves and defers scripts to the footer and minifies HTML.

Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms is the ultimate user-friendly, customizable drag-and-drop WordPress Contact Form Plugin that offers you all the premium features, plus many more completely unique additional features.

Flying Pages by WP Speed Matters

lying Pages injects a tiny JavaScript code (1KB gzipped), waits until the browser becomes idle. Then it detects pages in the viewport and on mouse hover and preloads them.

Flying Pages is intelligent to make sure preloading doesn’t crash your server or make it slow.

Flying Scripts by WP Speed Matters

Flying Scripts delay the execution of JavaScript until there is no user activity. You can specify keywords to include JavaScripts to be delayed. There is also a timeout which executes JavaScript when there is no user activity.

WP Rocket

Recognized as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress experts, WP Rocket is an important speed optimization plugin that works out of the box, without requiring custom settings to make it work. Best for beginners!


One of the best WordPress contact form plugin, WPForms is an intuitive drag & drop online form builder that helps you create beautiful contact forms with just a few clicks.


The best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. See how visitors find and use your website, so you can keep them coming back. This is by far the most accurate Google Analytics WordPress plugin the market that is free to use.

Summary: The Best Blogging Tools 2020

I want to recap that there are many blogging tools that you could use in 2020. While there is no a perfect blogging tool stack, the above blogging tools are best suited for beginners and small non-WooCommerce websites.

Have something to add? Leave a comment below!