I like to believe that bloggers are cursed. Please allow me to explain myself (before you decide to throw rotten eggs at me).

We are website owners who probably love to write (that's why we blog) and at the same time, making money online. We bootstrap everything - from buying a domain to choosing the best web hosting service.

While all of those are important, there's something even more important ... website loading speed.

Ask any blogger and I'm sure that they are always thinking "How do I reduce website loading speed?"

how do I reduce website loading time

As a blogger myself, I love to have my website loads at super fast speed.

If possible, I want it to load under 1 second!

Too much to ask? No really.

In this article, I'll share some quick ways you can reduce website loading time.

1. Use the right web hosting service

If you are looking for the best free web hosting service, nothing come close to 000webhost (click this link to try it out).

When it comes to web hosting, and website loading speed, what you pay is what you will get. You can start by choosing a web hosting service that offers great uptime and zero tolerance overselling the server.

Want to reduce website loading time? Spend a little bit more and get managed WordPress hosting services such as WP Engine and Kinsta. Trust me, you can thank me later!

WordPress Speed Test

2. Plugins will impact the website loading time

Do you know that the more plugins you have installed on the site, the slower your website will loads?

plugin affects loading speed

Generally speaking, plugins will have a dear impact on your website loading time. Therefore, uninstall (not just deactivate them) any plugins that you no longer in use.

If your website is still taking a long time to load, run the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin test to determine the plugin that is taking the longest time to load.

3. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service

CDN allows you to serve static content faster and more efficiently. This ensures that your website will take a shorter time to load and overall, this is going to impact your website loading speed.

CloudFlare is a great free CDN service that you need to use to have a faster website loading speed.

Want an improve website loading speed?

Make your website load faster by using CloudFlare Page Rules. Read this guide for further information.

4. Optimize images to reduce loading time

Optimizing images may be a challenging task but trust me, it is worth it especially when you are looking for ways to reduce website loading time.

An optimized image takes a short time to pull it from the server and cumulatively, it will make your website loads faster.

You should optimize your images using WP Smush or image optimization using LiteSpeed cache.

5. Use clean WordPress theme

A good WordPress theme is going to help a lot, especially when it comes to website loading speed.


If you are serious in reducing the website loading time, consider using WordPress themes that are optimized for speed. WordPress themes such as Thrive Themes and StudioPress are great options to start with.

6. WordPress Content Builders?

Do you know that WordPress content builder can harm your site, especially when it comes to website loading time?

There are many website builder in the market today but sadly, only a few are really working to provide user-ability, flexibility and performance (website loading speed).

Website builder such as Thrive Architect and Divi are excellent options if you are serious in improving website loading time. These website builders allow you to control and manage the number of elements on a page, thus giving your website a faster loading speed.

As they are light and well coded, you don't don't have to worry that these website builders will increase your loading time. 

divi 3.0 drag and drop website builder

So, you can customize your site easily and without worry.

7. Scale your web hosting service

Last but not least, consider spending a little bit more money on web hosting services.

For example, using an optimized shared hosting would easily give me a 1.37 seconds loading speed.

fast website loading speed

Website loading speed using Host With Me hosting plan

Spending a little bit more (approximately $15 per month) by using managed WordPress hosting such as WP Engine or Kinsta will ensure that my website loads under 1 second.

kinsta website loading speedhow fast is kinsta

The reason behind this is simple. Most managed WordPress hosting services come with content delivery network feature and optimized servers. With the right setup, you can easily reduce the website loading time dramatically (and without using a single line of code).

What is Host With Me?

Host With Me is a web hosting service created by me and currently managed by Hostingify.com. It is an optimized web hosting service that offers flexibility, affordability and excellent support, 365 days a year. Find out more here.

Summary: How do I reduce website loading time?

If you want to manage a successful blog, the first step is to make sure your website is loading at optimal speed. In other words, reducing website loading time must be your utmost concern.

I hope you find these seven steps effective in helping you to reduce website loading time.