Which Is The Best Page Builder For WordPress ?

​There are hundreds of WordPress page builders in the market and finding the best page builder for WordPress is challenging. For starters, many WordPress page builders provide very similar features which made the process of selecting the right one extremely complicated.

​Lucky for you, what you will find in today’s post will be the best WordPress page builder (through my own experience) and the reasons behind it.

Important: The best WordPress builder is going to help you solve a lot of challenges and save you time in building a page. Make sure you make the right decision when choosing a page builder for your blog.

Best Page Builder WordPress

​The Best Page Builder for WordPress – Thrive Architect

​I have used many page builder, including the all time famous OptimizePress. I have used it since day one OptimizePress was launched until I came across Thrive Architect.

​For the record, Thrive Architect is the new and updated version of the previous Thrive Content Builder. Yes, yes and yes — Thrive Architect is apart from Thrive Themes family.

​What makes Thrive Architect powerful?

​Make no mistake. There are many WordPress page builders in the market today but not many of them are smooth. In most cases, they lag even at the most simple task. This is where Thrive Architect is different from the rest.

Thrive Architect is smooth and very fluid. This makes the process of building a WordPress page highly effective and fast. It doesn’t lag just like other WordPress visual page builders and it is easy to use.

How does ​Thrive Architect looks like on the backend?

​Do you use Medium? If yes, it certainly offer a touch of feel of Medium, along with more features than you can imagine.

​Traditional WordPress editor looks like this.

Standard WordPress Editorial TinyMICE

​As you can see, it is very straightforward and doesn’t offer much customization and even features. Most customization work on WordPress backend requires the usage of coding, shortcodes or HTML codes to make it look good for the eyes.

​However, Thrive Architect is build from ground up, that offers ​a whole new experience. ​Some call Thrive Architect a WordPress drag and drop page builder. Others call it WYSIWYG WordPress page builder.

Take a look at the image below to see Thrive Architect’s backend. As you can see below, you can customize any WordPress page or post with Thrive Architect panel.

Thrive Architect Review Choose An Element

Either way, Thrive Architect is created to solve the biggest problems most WordPress users are experiencing; lack of a page builder that is easy to use and effective.

​Build WordPress pages using ready-made templates

​Thrive Architect comes with a list of awesome WordPress templates that you can use. Instead of designing a page from scratch, you can select a wide range of beautifully crafted sample pages.

​Here’s a few screenshots of the pre-installed pages.

Thrive Architect Landing Pages Template SetsSave

​Each of the set you see above comes inbuilt with more than two landing pages and they are all professionally done to ensure that each page has similar elements for similarity.

Unlike other page builders for WordPress, you often need to either clone or recreate new pages in order to have the pages to have similar elements. With Thrive Architect, you just need to select the landing pages and walaa – multiple landing pages are created in just seconds instead of hours.

​Best WordPress Page Builder: Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect allows you to to throw away all the guess work and put your time where it matters the most. In this case, building a WordPress page fast and effective.

​If you are interested to read the ​complete Thrive Architect review, you can do it here. ​

​Are you using Thrive architect? If no, click here to see Thrive Architect in action!

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