How to make a lead generating quiz? I hear this question one too many times. Quizzes are fun and in today's world, quizzes will keep your readers stay longer on your site and helps you generate the much needed leads for website marketing (hint: email list building).

Here's what you will get in this article. As a matter of fact, I'm going to answer some important questions about the importance of ​making a lead generating quiz:

  • ​What is a lead generating quiz and why is it important?
  • ​What should I know when making a lead generating quiz?
  • ​Why are marketers implementing quizzes into blog posts and content?
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    What are the tools needed to make a quiz on WordPress?

​What is a lead generating quiz?

​A quiz for lead generation is no different than any other forms of quizzes you can think off. It is still a quiz but with added features to capture the intended user's email (or data).

​Quizzes that are geared towards lead generation are focused heavily in optimization and requesting for emails at the right place, right time. In most cases, instead of just sharing the results, these quizzes will prompt the participants to input email addresses and names to be included in the mailing list right before they are given the results.

This allows the website owner to collect leads and ​building an email list effectively. With the proper sales funnel and integration with email marketing, you can easily transform ​website visitors into paying customers.

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​What should you know when it comes to making a lead generation quiz?

1. Solving a problem. The quiz must be created to solve the biggest problem faced by the reader. Here's one of my latest blog post about choosing the best WordPress email list builder software. The post is long and it covers four very different software which fit different types of marketers.

The solution?

​I used Thrive Quiz Builder (​demo) to build a simple lead generation quiz. Here's how it looks like.


​With this interactive quiz, I was able to generate 23 email subscribers in just 24 hours of publishing the post. Now, 23 may be a small number but when you times with 30 days, you are getting well over 600 email subscribers!

2. The quiz is not complicated. Quizzes are meant to be fun. Therefore, you should make it really easy for your website visitors to participate. While getting leads online is important, the whole goal is to make the blog post interactive and fun.

This is a sample of the quiz I made in just 5 minutes.

How To Make A Lead Generating Quiz

​3. Responsive. Now, this is an important criteria when you create your own quiz online (or on WordPress). Make sure the quiz is responsive and visitors are able to participate in the quiz on both desktop and mobile.

With the number of mobile users nowadays, it is a no-brainer to focus more on mobile responsive.

​The reason I share this point is because many WordPress quiz plugins are not optimized for mobile. Therefore, you are going to create many unwanted issues and more importantly, worsen the experience of your visitors (which is a huge no-no).

​Why are online marketers using online quiz creator?

​The reason is simple. Lenghty blog posts are boring and user's attention span on a page is only a few minutes. Therefore, online marketers are going after higher engagement and lower bounce rate but implementing more interactive media on content.

Interactive media such as videos, GIFs and quizzes are proven to increase the user's attention span on a single page.

If you are not convinced, take a look at this video by Neil Patel. In this video, Neil Patel discusses one simple hack to improve your bounce rate (without spending a single cent).

​How to make your own quiz on WordPress?

​Finally, we are going deep into the tools to make a lead generating quiz on WordPress. Again, it is important to state that there are many online quiz builder and plugins that you can use to make your own quiz. However, many of them come out short (and not being able to perform).

My go-to ​online quiz maker plugin is Thrive Quiz Builder. Without a doubt, this is one of the best WordPress quiz maker I have ever used and experienced personally.

Want to see how it works? Hit the play button and learn more about its features.

​Thrive Quiz Builder is the best you can find (or money can buy) if you are looking to create interactive quiz and generate leads online at the same time.

​Thrive Quiz Builder Review

​Thrive Quiz Builder is not just a WordPress quiz builder plugin. It is one of the most intuitive lead generation tool that is highly effective. If you are looking for a quiz software for your WordPress site, I highly recommend you to take a look at Thrive Quiz Builder. Click on this link to check out Thrive Quiz Builder.

​In summary, creating a quiz on WordPress sites is easy with the right tools and goals. Always remember that while quizzes are fun and interactive, they are also very effective in building an email list for you. 

Are you planning to make a lead generation quiz? Tell me what you think in the comments below!