​WordPress ​Email Subscription Plugins. ​When it comes to this topic, the top four plugins are OptinMonster, LeadPages, Sumo and Thrive Leads. This may be the third or forth post you read about WordPress email subscription plugins and I'm pretty sure you came across (multiple times) the plugins above more than once.

But I get you. You are confused and undecided on which is the best WordPress email subscription plugins you should be using. I am not publishing this post just to rank on Google, but because I know exactly how it felt like. I have been through the same route some months back - I was searching for the best landing page builder and a WordPress email subscription plugin.

​Without much delay, let's start our discussing which is the best ​WordPress newsletter plugin - OptinMonster vs LeadPages vs Sumo vs Thrive Leads.

​But why should I care?

​I know many of you want to know the answer straight, and I'm happy to share them with you right after this. However, I recommend you to go through each and every one to really understand what each of these WordPress newsletter plugin offers. By doing so, you are also potentially saving more money in the coming months as well as doubling your chance of building a larger email list (faster).

​​As you requested, here is the summary for the best WordPress email subscription plugin.


​​​​​Thrive Leads

​My first choice will always be Thrive Leads and the reasons are simple. Affordability, rich in feature, drag and drop visual builder, hundreds of ready-made templates to download (1-click installation) and unlimited access towards each feature (regardless of the plans I'm subscribing to). Check out Thrive Leads here.



​​OptinMonster came close to the first spot but the recent change in their pricing structure made them much fitted to the second spot. OptinMonster provides one of the most robust features for a WordPress email subscription plugin and is able to help you grow your email list fast and efficient. Check out ​OptinMonster here.



​​​Yes, LeadPages is firmly on the third spot. There is no denial that LeadPages is a great responsive landing page tool (not to forget feature rich one too). The biggest downside is the price tag which can be very steep especially for beginners. Check out ​​LeadPages here.



​Last but not least, Sumo is ranked fourth in when comparing OptinMonster vs LeadPages vs Sumo vs Thrive Leads. While this WordPress email subscription plugin is powerful, I felt that it still don't offer much features when compared to the rest. Plus, you are required to subscribe for a higher plan to unlock more features is not a good attraction point. Check out ​​​Sumo here.

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​This article is long, therefore, here's a quick summary of what you will find today.

​OptinMonster vs LeadPages vs Sumo vs Thrive Leads Comparison - What will we cover today?

​There are a few things we will compare to make this comparison post as detailed as possible. They include:

  • ​Overall features
  • ​Ease of use
  • ​Customer support/Knowledge base
  • Check Circle

​Let's get started!

Best WordPress Email Subcriber Plugin Review

​OptinMonster Review

optinmonster review

OptinMonster is created by Syed Balkhi (founder of WPBeginner.com). When OptinMonster was first launched, it was revolutionary with the first of its kind, Exit Intent Technology. Using this feature, you can easily turn exiting visitors into email subscribers with timely popup.

  • ​​Want to know more about OptinMonster?
  • ​Is OptinMonster the best conversion optimization software for WordPress? ​

​Let's take a serious look into OptinMonster.

​OptinMonster is more than a WordPress email subscription plugin. It is very much a full-fledged lead generation product that helps business owners to get more leads, converting leads into email subscribers and ultimately, turning them into paying customers.

​Part 1: What are the OptinMonster features?

  • ​MonsterLinks™ 2-Step Optins. ​This feature allows you toconvert any link or image into an optin form. The best part? It is proven to boost conversions by 785%.
  • ​Geo-Location Targeting. With geo-location targeting, you can improve the overall conversions by personalizing campaigns based on visitor's location.
  • ​​Exit-Intent® Technology. OptinMonster's most popular feature allows automatic detection of the user's mouse behavior and show them a targeted message as they are leaving. Thus, converting them into leads right before they leave your site.
  • Check Circle
    Intuitive Drag and Drop Builder. OptinMonster's powerful drag & drop builder allows you to create visually stunning optin forms that are optimized for the highest conversion rates.
  • Check Circle
    Campaign Types. Instead of just running a single campaign, you can now choose the perfect campaign type to display the most attention-grabbing offers to your visitors for maximum engagement. Want more? Split test them to find the best results!
  • Check Circle
    Campaign Triggers. Tired of low conversion rate? OptinMonster helps you to detect your visitors' behavior and use smart triggers to always display the right campaign to the right person at the right time.
  • Check Circle
    Targeted Campaigns. Instead of creating one campaign for everyone (which is not effective), OptinMonster allows you to use precision targeting to create campaigns that generate more leads, attract more subscribers, and make more sales.
  • Check Circle
    Seamless Integrations. OptinMonster integrates with a wide range of third party applications. Indirectly, you can create campaigns that react and adapt in real time so you can easily personalize, segment, and target for incredible conversions.
  • Check Circle
    Actionable Insights. Last but not least, OptinMonster inbuilt analytics feature will provide you with detailed information​ and the tools you need to take action to improve your lead-generation strategy.

​Part 2: How to use OptinMonster?

​I've tried many WordPress email subscription plugins and OptinMonster is one of the easiest to use. The biggest advantage using OptinMonster is the backend system. 

Take a look at the image below (screenshot taken from OptinMonster backend).

​It is really easy to create an opt-in lead generation campaign. All you have to do is to click and select.

​Editor's Note

​When it comes to ease of usage and learning curve, OptinMonster delivers what it promises. It is extremely easy to navigate and it also comes with an awesome knowledge base where users can find more information of the product.

​Part 3: OptinMonster Support

​Getting support for OptinMonster is fairly easy as well. OptinMonster support work based on ticketing system and while I certainly wish they have a forum or live chat for help, OptinMonster support team is still able to respond for any concerns within several hours of submitting the ticket.

​Part 4: How much is OptinMonster?

​Interested with OptinMonster and want see the pricing instead? Scroll down for more information about this WordPress subscribe plugin.

​For the record, you are seeing the OptinMonster discounted pricing because they are currently running a special promo (last a few hours only).

Overall, OptinMonster is very affordable (based on the service level) and I will recommend OptinMonster if you are searching for the best WordPress newsletter plugin.

Click here to try OptinMonster now.

​Why should you choose OptinMonster?

​OptinMonster is a great conversion optimization software for WordPress (and several other CMS too). OptinMonster is easy to use and you can use it in just three steps; create a visually stunning offer (using the drag and drop visual editor), ​target and personalize offers with behavior automation, and finally test and adjust in real time.

​LeadPages Review

​Do you know that LeadPages is one of the best optin plugin for WordPress? For many marketers, LeadPages is the number one landing page builder. 

But do you know that it also integrates perfectly well with major CMS such as WordPress?

​Here is a list of top marketers who uses WordPress and LeadPages at the same time:

  • ​Pat Flynn ​(Smart Passive Income)
  • ​Amy Porterfield​
  • ​John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire)

If you are looking for an all-in-one WordPress plugin to help you build an email list, LeadPages might just be the right tool for you.

​Part 1: LeadPages Features

​LeadPages calls themselves more than just a landing page builder. And yes, they are right. Take a look at this video (pretty old one but it will give you an idea of what LeadPages is).

  • ​Publish in Minutes with 150+ Free Page Templates. LeadPages professional landing page designs allows you to easily build and customize. Plus, ​you can perform unlimited publishing for lead pages, squeeze pages, pop ups, splash pages, and thank you pages. With LeadPages drag and drop editor, no coding skill is required ... ever.
  • Acquire your dream leads—up to 2 billion of them. LeadPages allows you to drive the best of Facebook's 2 billion users right to your landing pages and squeeze pages with ​the new and integrated Facebook Ad Builder (by LeadPages). Easily ​select your target audience, publish your ad, track performance in real time, and watch your business bloom with quality business leads.
  • Check Circle
    ​Optimize With Confidence. You no longer need to do the guesswork with LeadPages as you can confidently optimize every aspect of your marketing campaigns with the help of the inbuilt human-friendly analytics. Right inside ​LeadPages landing page software, you can ​also decipher page performance, ad spend, and traffic so that you can make quick optimizations to capture more qualified leads.
  • Integrate with your favorite marketing apps. LeadPages will transform you ​into a true marketing pro ​(with the help of LeadPages seamless integrations) that connect your lead generation tools and marketing automation. Now, you can create landing pages, capture email addresses inside segmented lists, and nurture your new leads with email marketing that’s better than any sales team.

​Part 2: How easy is LeadPages?

​Fairly easy in most cases. As LeadPages is a standalone addon, it is much different from most of the WordPress mailing list plugins.

You would need to work on LeadPages backend and integrate it with your WordPress CMS.

If you are fond of coding, there's a LeadPages plugin that you can install directly to your WordPress.

​Part 3: LeadPages Support

​Support is critical and I can't stress (enough) the importance of having a good support. With LeadPages, support is just one click away. 

The knowledge base is very up to date and you can also email them. There're many unofficial LeadPages support Facebook groups as well that you can join for immediate support.

LeadPages Facebook Support Group

​Part 4: How much does LeadPages costs?

​LeadPages comes in several pricings, namely Standard, Pro and Advanced. If you are looking for LeadPages discount, I recommend you to go for Annual or 2-year plans for more savings.

LeadPages pricing table as below.

​Personally, $25 per month for an excellent WordPress landing page plugin is definitely worth the money. Imagine the amount of leads you can generate from as well as the time saved from building a landing page from scratch.

​Sumo Review

​Previously known as SumoMe, Sumo calls themselves as the easiest way to turn visitors into eCommerce customers. Sumo primarily integrates with WordPress and before they went with the paid pricing model, Sumo was one of the most used email subscribe WordPress plugin for bloggers.

With the recent upgrade with the paid Sumo plans, it has attracted some of the biggest names including:

  • ​Airbnb
  • ​Tony Robbins
  • ​Entrepreneur Magazine
  • The 4-Hour Work Week

​If you take a deeper look at the list above, all of these are eCommerce companies which sells products/services online. Yes, Sumome plugins are created mainly to convert typical website visitors into paying customers (hint: take a look at Sumo's slogan).

​Part 1: Sumo features

  • ​​Reduce Cart Abandonment. ​Sumo's Reduce Cart Abandonment ​allows you to reduce cart abandons (and increases your sales conversion).
  • Grow Email Lists. Fact: 98% of your website visitors won't buy on their first visit, and 55% will leave within the first 15 seconds. ​Sumo's Grow Email List ​will ​transform your one-time visitors into email subscribers before they exit your website.
  • ​Increase Order Value. ​Thinking of upselling but not sure where to start? Sumo's Increase Order Value feature will help you turn small orders into bigger ones (without hassle).

According to Noah Kagan (founder of Sumo), all these tools are based on proven marketing strategies. They are also bold enough to provide free (unlimited usage) for 14 days and if they don't work, you don't have to pay a cent!

​Important Note: Sumo plugins are all easily available in the cloud and website owners would need to either install the plugin or insert the code in the theme file. Sumo is created with simple codings and thus, it doesn't slow down your website. 

​Part 2: Is Sumo easy to use?

​Sumo is crazily easy to use. Period.

It's one of the easiest tool I have used in the past and I have no issues in recommending it to anyone who is finding for a WordPress opt in plugin.

​​Sumo works entirely on the cloud. Therefore, there is no plugin required to install or backend system hosted on your website. You are only required to install the plugin if you don't want to install the codes manually.

​Part 3: How good is Sumo support team?

​Among all the four WordPress email plugin I'm reviewing, Sumo has the coolest support team ... ever!

Here's the Sumo knowledge base (as seen below).

​At this point of time, I do not see any live chat option for Sumo support. It would be great if they have one though!

​Part 4: How much does Sumo plugins cost?

​Sumo comes with free and paid plans. The free plan comes with very basic features but are sufficient especially for new businesses and bloggers who doesn't have much money to spend on.

​Take a look below for the complete pricing structure for Sumo plugins.

​If you are looking for Sumome discount codes, you don't have to look far. You will get an automatic 20% discount when you opt for yearly plans.

Click here to try Sumo now!

​Thrive Leads Review

​You have guess it right. Thrive Leads is one of the core plugins for the popular Thrive Themes. When it comes to finding the best WordPress landing page plugin or best WordPress newsletter plugin, you will find Thrive Leads being mentioned in nearly every blog post and reviews.

So, what is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is a WordPress opt in plugin that helps build your mailing list at supersonic speed.

When it comes to Thrive Leads, it has a wide range of influencers recommending it including:

  • ​John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire)
  • ​David Coleman

​If you are looking for OptinMonster alternative, Sumo alternative or LeadPages alternative, Thrive Leads is here to serve you.


​Thrive Leads is the list building solution that's created by a team of people who are obsessed with conversion optimization. A lot of time and effort is put into Thrive Leads ​to include the most cutting edge conversion tactics used by smart businesses and growth hackers and for the first time ever, those tactics are easy as pie for you to use on your own site (1-click implementation using Thrive Leads). Click here to the full list of Thrive Leads features.

​Part 1: Why is Thrive Leads worth it?

  • ​Design & Deploy. Thrive Leads combines every type of opt-in form you need in one single plugin and gives you a simple drag-and-drop editor to create the perfect design every time. Therefore, you don't have to know coding skills to create high conversion-focused landing pages/opt in forms.
  • ​Advanced Targeting. Get a massive conversion boost by showing relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags and more. Thrive Leads allows you to build multiple hyper-targeted and profitable lists (and not just a single list).
  • ​A/B Testing Engine. Thrive Leads comes with a highly advanced but very easy to use A/B testing feature. The features allows you to easily increase ​the conversions ​rate through simple but highly 1-click options.
  • Check Circle
    Actionable Reporting & Insights. Thrive Leads gives you a simple overview over the most important metrics. Therefore, you can see exactly how ​the opt-in forms are performing over time and where your most valuable traffic comes from.
  • Check Circle
    Multiple ​Form Designs. Using Thrive Leads, you no longer have to rely on just one way to generate leads and you no longer need multiple plugins (that probably conflict with each other). It's the all-in-one list-building solution you've been waiting for. To be exact, Thrive Leads comes with 10 different opt-in forms for you to choose from.
  • Check Circle
    Boost Conversions with SmartLinks & SmartExit. Show different offers to your existing subscribers and take your conversion rates to the next level with Smart features.
  • Check Circle
    Beautifully Pre-Designed Templates. Choose from dozens of templates to create eye-catching, effective list building forms & display them anywhere on your site.
  • Check Circle
    Target Your Opt-In Forms with Surgical Precision. Determine exactly on where on your site which forms are shown. Set them triggers, scroll triggers, on-click forms and more.

​Part 2: How to use Thrive Leads?

​When it comes to comparing the best WordPress list building plugin, Thrive Leads is one of the easiest to use. 

​Watch this video for a quick introduction to Thrive Leads (and discover how easy it is to use Thrive Leads even for complete beginners).

​Part 3: Thrive Leads Support

​When it comes to reviewing a WordPress product such as the best WordPress mailing list plugin, the level of support offered is critical. After all, why would you want to pay for a service that doesn't offer anything help when you need it, right?

​I like Thrive Leads because there are many ways to get support under an hour (in most cases). For example, you can reach out for support via ticketing (email), Thrive Leads knowledge base and the support forum.

This is how the Thrive Leads support forum looks like.

thrive support forum

​Thrive Leads support forum is supported by Thrive support staffs round the clock and even members who don't mind chipping in to help (huge bonus here). The community is very engaging and supportive with one another which gave more value to this WordPress list building tool.

​Part 4: How much does Thrive Leads costs?

​Thrive Leads comes with several pricing structures and here's what they look like:

​A single license for Thrive Leads costs $67 per year and there are also $97 for 5 licenses and $147 for 15 licenses. 

​Looking for Thrive Leads discount?

​Sign up for Thrive Membership for only $19 per month and get unlimited access to not only Thrive Leads but all Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins (along with unlimited support and website usages). Click here for more information or to grab the offer now.

​Undecided if Thrive Leads is worth it?

​Personally, I have been using Thrive Leads since it first launch (over 3 years at this time of writing) and it has generated me thousands of email subscribers just from my WordPress blogs.

Thrive Leads is definitely one of the best WordPress lead generation plugins for 2018 and 2019!

Why don't take Thrive Leads for a test run?

​Read this review post is NOT sufficient if you don't try Thrive Leads for yourself. How about giving it a full test run for 30 days?

​OptinMonster vs LeadPages vs Sumo vs Thrive Leads: Which is the best WordPress mailing list builder?

​Through the four WordPress list building plugins above, it is clear that they are all equally great WordPress landing page creator and WordPress lead generation plugin.

For me, my personal favorite when it comes to the best email subscribe plugin for WordPress is Thrive Leads. The reasons for my choice ​are simple - Thrive Leads comes with ​many email opt in forms/templates, features to increase conversion and more importantly, it is extremely affordable (either $67 for a year license or $19 per month for unlimited usage of all Thrive plugins and themes).

I'm interested with your thoughts. Which is your favorite tool when it comes to OptinMonster vs LeadPages vs Sumo vs Thrive Leads? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Editor's note: ​Still undecided on which WordPress email subscription plugin you should be using? Take the quiz below to find out (I highly recommend it)!