How To Do Keyword Research Fast (And Find Many Profitable Long Tail Keywords)?

How do you do keyword research fast? In this article, I’m going to show you how you can find long tail keywords and at the same time, perform the right keyword research fast. To be exact, you will be able to find low difficulty keywords under 45 minutes.

Are you ready to dive in?

​What is keyword research?

​Keyword research is the process of finding the right keywords that are easy to rank. The concept of keyword research is finding long tail keywords, medium to high volume searches and having low competition.

​One of the most common mistakes done by freelance SEO consultants are (solely) finding for profitable keywords without taking into consideration factors such as search volume, difficulty and keyword length.

​Why is keyword research important?

​Keyword research is a process and it takes time to master this process. Anyone can do keyword research but only a few can do it right. And when you do the right keyword research, you are going to find the right keywords to rank a website.

​Allow me to repeat myself. Keyword research is NOT complicated. It takes time to understand the process and the tools to be effective.

​Always remember that having the best keyword research software is not going to help you if you have no idea how to use it correctly.

​The best keyword research software is … ?

​This is a tough question to answer because it depends on personal needs. When it comes to the best keyword research software, there are both free and paid keyword research tool that you can choose from. 

​For this post, I’m going to share with you two tools which I believe they are the best keyword research software in the market today.

Best Keyword Research Software #1: ​Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant

Rank Tracker is free to use and by far, one of the most powerful keyword research tools I had used. Before you throw rotten tomato at me, hear me out. There is also a paid plan for Rank Tracker which allows you to export data, save your projects and a few more cool features. Check out the features here.

Rank Tracker is powerful only if you know how to use it. Rank Tracker is not an easy keyword research software for ease of usage. To be honest, it is one of the most complicated ones in the market.

The only reason why I still use Rank Tracker (aside from knowing how to use it) is the pricing. It’s free for Christ’s sake. Yes, yes and yes. Rank Tracker is free to use (forever)! So, there is no way in hell (or heaven) that anyone can complain about a free keyword research tool!

Let’s dive more into Rank Tracker and how to use Rank Tracker to do keyword research fast.

​How to use Rank Tracker to do keyword research fast?

​The first step is to download and install Rank Tracker. You can download for free here.

How To Install Rank TrackerHow To Install Rank Tracker

​After installing Rank Tracker, fire it up to start doing keyword research. This is what you will see (below). In step 1, key in your domain name to get started.

Rank Tracker reviewRank Tracker review

​Once that is done, you will be prompted with the step 2 which is to sign in to your Google account. I recommend you to sign in for both Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

sync google accountsync google account

Once you have completed step 2, you will find a long list of keywords in step 3. These keywords are taken directly from your Google Analytics (top performing ones only). Delete all of them and enter the keyword of your choice to start keyword research.

Start Keyword Research Using Rank TrackerStart Keyword Research Using Rank Tracker

​In step 4, you will need to choose the search engine to start the keyword research and ranking results. I recommend focusing on the top three search engines which are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Pro Tip: You can focus on local SEO instead of just focusing on US geolocation.

Determine Search EngineDetermine Search Engine

Next, head over to Keyword Research > Keyword Suggestions and start searching for the seed keyword.

Fast Keyword Research With Rank TrackerFast Keyword Research With Rank Tracker

​While doing this sample keyword research, this SEO keyword research software takes around 8 seconds to come up with 1,102 related keywords. Now, it’s time to get your hand dirty and dive into the advanced keyword research strategy.

Remember that you are looking for:

  • ​Medium to high search volume
  • ​Low keyword difficulty
  • High ​Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) score (KEI is an internal ranking factor by Rank Tracker)

​KEI score is calculated based on the following:

What is Keyword Effectiveness IndexWhat is Keyword Effectiveness Index

​By default, KEI is not activated on Rank Tracker. Therefore, you need to activate it and here’s how.

where is KEI in Rank Trackerwhere is KEI in Rank Tracker

​After activating KEI score, this is what you will see. You should sort the keywords based on KEI score (higher to lower).

KEI for Keyword ResearchKEI for Keyword Research

​1,102 keywords is a lot and therefore, use the filter to find only relevant keywords based on your choice. I call this process, “find valuable long tail keywords.”

find valuable long tail keywordsfind valuable long tail keywords

Out of the 121 long tail keywords, I choose a few which I believe have the best chance of ranking (and making money).

Select Long Tail KeywordsSelect Long Tail Keywords

​Right click and choose the first option, “Move Selected Keywords To Rank Tacking.” Rank Tracker will ask you to to create a group for this and you can use any name for this purpose. This is what you will see.

RankTracker Find Profitable KeywordsRankTracker Find Profitable Keywords

​The last step is to check on the keyword difficulty for each keyword you had chosen earlier. This is how you check for keyword difficulty using Rank Tracker.

How To Find Keyword Diffuclty Using Rank TrackerHow To Find Keyword Diffuclty Using Rank Tracker

​Among all the keywords, I have found one of the keywords having the lowest keyword difficulty. By changing the visible column, I can easily sort the different long tail keywords using Rank Tracker in just a few clicks. You can also enable Yahoo and Bing keyword difficulty feature to reconfirm your findings or simply want to rank on different search engines apart from Google.

Rank Tracker Keyword Difficulty FeatureRank Tracker Keyword Difficulty Feature

​How long it takes to find long tail keywords using Rank Tracker?

​The above search took me 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes and just a few clicks of the mouse.

So, what do you learned from this?

​With the (right or) best SEO keyword research software, you will be​ able to do keyword research fast and find profitable long tail keywords ​without spending your entire day it.

All you have to do is to learn how to do keyword research correctly. And the above is the only keyword research guide you ever need (no pun intended).

Click here to try Rank Tracker for free now.

​Best Keyword Research Software #2: ​KWFinder

KWFinder is powerful and very efficient at finding profitable long tail keywords. If you are looking for the best keyword research tool, KWFinder might just be the right tool for you.

Click here to read more about KWFinder.

​KWFinder comes with both free and paid SEO plans. Creating a free KWFinder account allows you to perform up to 5 SEO keyword research daily.

​KWFinder is often considered a great alternative to Rank Tracker because it is a cloud based system. Therefore, there is no installation required and you can access KWFinder anywhere, anytime as you wished. More importantly, KWFinder is beginner friendly and the learning curve is very small.

​On a personal front, I prefer Rank Tracker because it is more versatile and provides better functionality. KWFinder is more towards my secondary free keyword generator because I can access it anytime on my smartphone or tablet. Thus, it is excellent for brainstorming and a handy keyword analysis tool on the go.

​How to do SEO keyword research using KWFinder?

​KWFinder is pretty much a free keyword suggestion tool. The first step is to head over to the main website, Once you have registered, key in the search the seed keyword in the search column.

kwfinder free accountkwfinder free account

Register for a free KWFinder account by clicking on the register button

​Let’s assume we search for “dog training” keyword. KWFinder will ​take about few seconds to come back with a list of results.

As you can see below, the keyword “dog training” is highly competitive with 58/100 in keyword difficulty. KWFinder keyword difficulty is also based on colours; green as easy, orange as challenging and red as hard.

kwfinder for keywords researchkwfinder for keywords research

​Scroll down the keywords and you will find “german shepherd training” which is only 39/100 in keyword difficulty. Now, that’s way easier to rank for compared to “dog training.”

Click on the selected long tail keyword and take a look at the screen on the right. It will list down the trends over time and the top 10 results with more data (to help you rank for the specific keyword).

find a profitable keywordfind a profitable keyword

​Let’s say yo don’t like “german shepherd training” and looking for another keyword, “dog collar.” KWFinder will give you a list of related long tail keywords for you to use. Take a look at the image below for more information.

best keyword research toolbest keyword research tool

​Here’s another sample I did with KWFinder. I’m searching for “healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers” which is a super long and profitable long tail keyword. It’s easy to rank for this keyword with only 23/100in keyword difficulty.

how to find long tail keywordshow to find long tail keywords

​Now that you have found a long tail keyword, use SERPChecker (another feature by KWFinder) to go into the details of the keyword. The information found (refer image below) will give you an idea on how to rank for the given keyword.

how to use SERPCheckerhow to use SERPChecker

SERPChecker gives you detailed information on the top 10 results

​As you can see, the top 4 rankings on Google is extremely easy to rank and this is how you use KWFinder to do keyword research fast.

​How long it takes to find long tail keywords using ​KWFinder?

​The entire process took me less than 10 minutes to complete. If you are constantly on the rush, is not willing to spend hours in finding for keywords and want to do keyword research fast, KWFinder is a great keyword research tool.

KWFinder is a free keyword tool that helps you find profitable long tail keywords fast. A free KWFinder account allows you to do limited keyword research daily andif you require more firepower, there is paid KWFinder plans. Here’s the pricing structure.

kwfinder pricing tablekwfinder pricing table

KWFinder pricing and features that are included

​For $29 per month (KWFinder Basic), this is definitely a worthwhile investment for any SEO consultants or SEO freelancers.

Click here to try KWFinder today (free trial included).

​How To Do Keyword Research Fast And Effective?

​Keyword research is an important process for you to rank high on search engine result pages. Without proper keyword research, using the best keyword research software is not going to provide much results.

​I hope this guide helps you to do keyword research fast especially in finding profitable long tail keywords.

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