Thrive Themes vs StudioPress. Which is the best WordPress theme? I have long been a fan of StudioPress and this was the first WordPress theme I had purchased. Down the blogging road, I went into trying Thrive Themes and ultimately, using both of them based on the projects or ideas I had in mind.

​What happens when you just want to choose one of them? This article is all about this topic - compare Thrive Themes to StudioPress.

​Without further delay, let's dive in!

​What is Thrive Themes?

Compare Thrive Themes To StudioPress

Thrive Themes is one of the most popular WordPress themes especially for bloggers and small business owners. The biggest advantage using Thrive Themes is the features that comes under one roof. From lead generation to crafting the best landing page, you can do everything of that nature using Thrive Themes.

​When you sign up for Thrive Membership (​read the review) for a small fee, you get instant and unlimited access to all the themes and plugins. To be exact, 10 conversion-focused WordPress themes and 9 Thrive plugins for all your marketing needs.

Click here if you want to see Thrive Themes demo.

Now, let's go with the another part of this comparison between Thrive Themes and StudioPress.

​Do you really need so many plugins from Thrive Themes? The answer is yes ... if you are serious in making money with your blog!

Here is a list of plugins by Thrive Themes (and its functionality):

  • Thrive Architect. Intuitive drag and drop WordPress builder for blog posts, pages and homepage.
  • Thrive Leads. The most effective and popular opt-in plugin for WordPress users.
  • Thrive Ovation. Easily gather and display testimonials for social proof.
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    Thrive Ultimatum. Creating evergreen countdown campaigns in just a few clicks.
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    Thrive Headline Optimizer. Creating A/B testing on headline is no longer a challenge and can be done in just a few clicks.
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    Thrive Clever Widgets. Use this widget to display the right widget content to the right audience at the right time!
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    Thrive Quiz Builder. Boost website engagement through quizzes like what Ramit Sethi does.
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    Thrive Comments. Get more comments by making the commenting process more interactive and fun.
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    Thrive Optimize. Want to compare two pages for A/B testing? Now you can do it with this plugin!

Why Thrive Themes is such a popular WordPress theme?

​The answer lies within their product pricing and strategy. It is extremely affordable (at $19 per month) and you can even get standalone theme or plugin at one single pricing which starts at $47 per license.

​​Get Thrive Themes and plugins here.

​What is StudioPress?

Compare StudioPress To Thrive Themes

​Before we start, I want to state that StudioPress has recently been acquired by WP Engine. StudioPress offers the popular Genesis Framework and a wide range of child themes to go along with it.

A framework is like the core and the child theme works as the outer layer (finishing) which makes the website design looks good and turns head.

​When comparing StudioPress to Thrive Themes, one of the biggest downside for StudioPress is the theme itself. Make no mistake that StudioPress is great but it lacks a lot of functionality such as a drag and drop website builder.

Therefore, it could be a hassle especially for beginners and bloggers who are non-coders.

​If you are looking for a simple WordPress theme that works out of the box after installation, you don't have to look further as StudioPress is the best for that matter!

​Unlike the StudioPress alternatives such as Thrive Themes, changing the design or layout of StudioPress child themes require some coding skills. Of course, there are many third party tools that you can use to help you with coding but there will be some hassle.

Take a look at what StudioPress has to offer here!

Why StudioPress is a popular WordPress theme?

​I use Thrive Themes a lot but when it comes to designing a client's website, I opt for StudioPress. The reason is simple. StudioPress is offers professional looking WordPress themes and all the child themes work well with different plugins (including Thrive plugins).

​In terms of pricing, it costs around $120 for one time purchase (lifetime license with support). It could be a little steep for many and if you are seriously considering getting StudioPress, I highly recommend you to get StudioPress Professional package which saves you around $250. Basically, this package provides unlimited access to all StudioPress themes (previous and upcoming ones) with lifetime license. This is an excellent choice especially for freelance website developer.

Click here to see StudioPress theme gallery.