Compare Thrive Themes To StudioPress: Which is the BEAST?

Thrive Themes vs StudioPress. Which is the best WordPress theme? I have long been a fan of StudioPress and this was the first WordPress theme I had purchased. Down the blogging road, I went into trying Thrive Themes and ultimately, using both of them based on the projects or ideas I had in mind.

​What happens when you just want to choose one of them? This article is all about this topic - compare Thrive Themes to StudioPress.

​Without further delay, let's dive in!

​What is Thrive Themes?

Compare Thrive Themes To StudioPress

Thrive Themes is one of the most popular WordPress themes especially for bloggers and small business owners. The biggest advantage using Thrive Themes is the features that comes under one roof. From lead generation to crafting the best landing page, you can do everything of that nature using Thrive Themes.

​When you sign up for Thrive Membership (​read the review) for a small fee, you get instant and unlimited access to all the themes and plugins. To be exact, 10 conversion-focused WordPress themes and 9 Thrive plugins for all your marketing needs.

Click here if you want to see Thrive Themes demo.

Now, let's go with the another part of this comparison between Thrive Themes and StudioPress.

​Do you really need so many plugins from Thrive Themes? The answer is yes ... if you are serious in making money with your blog!

Here is a list of plugins by Thrive Themes (and its functionality):

  • Thrive Architect. Intuitive drag and drop WordPress builder for blog posts, pages and homepage.
  • Thrive Leads. The most effective and popular opt-in plugin for WordPress users.
  • Thrive Ovation. Easily gather and display testimonials for social proof.
  • Chevron Square Right
    Thrive Ultimatum. Creating evergreen countdown campaigns in just a few clicks.
  • Chevron Square Right
    Thrive Headline Optimizer. Creating A/B testing on headline is no longer a challenge and can be done in just a few clicks.
  • Chevron Square Right
    Thrive Clever Widgets. Use this widget to display the right widget content to the right audience at the right time!
  • Chevron Square Right
    Thrive Quiz Builder. Boost website engagement through quizzes like what Ramit Sethi does.
  • Chevron Square Right
    Thrive Comments. Get more comments by making the commenting process more interactive and fun.
  • Chevron Square Right
    Thrive Optimize. Want to compare two pages for A/B testing? Now you can do it with this plugin!

Why Thrive Themes is such a popular WordPress theme?

​The answer lies within their product pricing and strategy. It is extremely affordable (at $19 per month) and you can even get standalone theme or plugin at one single pricing which starts at $47 per license.

​​Get Thrive Themes and plugins here.

​What is StudioPress?

Compare StudioPress To Thrive Themes

​Before we start, I want to state that StudioPress has recently been acquired by WP Engine. StudioPress offers the popular Genesis Framework and a wide range of child themes to go along with it.

A framework is like the core and the child theme works as the outer layer (finishing) which makes the website design looks good and turns head.

​When comparing StudioPress to Thrive Themes, one of the biggest downside for StudioPress is the theme itself. Make no mistake that StudioPress is great but it lacks a lot of functionality such as a drag and drop website builder.

Therefore, it could be a hassle especially for beginners and bloggers who are non-coders.

​If you are looking for a simple WordPress theme that works out of the box after installation, you don't have to look further as StudioPress is the best for that matter!

​Unlike the StudioPress alternatives such as Thrive Themes, changing the design or layout of StudioPress child themes require some coding skills. Of course, there are many third party tools that you can use to help you with coding but there will be some hassle.

Take a look at what StudioPress has to offer here!

Why StudioPress is a popular WordPress theme?

​I use Thrive Themes a lot but when it comes to designing a client's website, I opt for StudioPress. The reason is simple. StudioPress is offers professional looking WordPress themes and all the child themes work well with different plugins (including Thrive plugins).

​In terms of pricing, it costs around $120 for one time purchase (lifetime license with support). It could be a little steep for many and if you are seriously considering getting StudioPress, I highly recommend you to get StudioPress Professional package which saves you around $250. Basically, this package provides unlimited access to all StudioPress themes (previous and upcoming ones) with lifetime license. This is an excellent choice especially for freelance website developer.

Click here to see StudioPress theme gallery.

Thrive Themes Membership Review 2018

If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I actually talks quite a lot about Thrive Themes and all its core products. But I have left out one of the most important factor that will affect your decision making — Thrive​​​​ Themes Membership.

Thrive Themes membership or Thrive membership is a subscription modal where paying subscribers will be given unlimited access to all the Thrive plugins and themes. 

Here's the thing. I get it — not one loves commitment and the subscription model. If possible, you are looking for the pay once for lifetime membership. Me too!

But you know that life doesn't always come this way. Membership or subscription model is always a great option especially in technology and WordPress. With monthly subscription, you are guaranteed to have constant updates and support. For both advanced and beginners, both of these are often the deal maker.

Before starting this Thrive Themes Memberhsip review, I want to stress that Thrive Membership may and may not be the best for you. Here are some reasons why.

You Shouldn't Get Thrive Themes Membership If ...

Make no mistake. Thrive Themes Membership isn't for everyone. Sure, the products are made for most people and certainly doesn't fit into the shoes of everyone.

WordPress plugin

The first reason is simple. You only need one Thrive plugin and not everything under the hood. In this case, you will save MORE money by just buying the product for a year and you are pretty much all set.

The second reason is probably because your website had been custom-made previously. Therefore, there many be some codes installed by the previous developer which may clash with Thrive Themes products. While the odds for this to happen is very slim, who knows, right?

save money

Lastly, the third reason I could think of is that you want to save money (and getting your hands dirty with coding). Don't get me wrong. Thrive Themes Membership can help you get a lot of thing done and fast, minus the hassle. But if you are a web developer or know coding skills, you don't need Thrive Themes Membership. You can start coding and putting your skills at work. Of course, you may need to spend sometime here but at the end of the day, you are going to save quite a lot of money (imagine recurring fees per month multiple with three years).

You Should Get Thrive Themes Membership if ...

Thrive Themes Membership features

Thrive Membership is one of the best that I have seen in the market. The first reason to kick start this Thrive Themes Membership review is the features offered by Thrive Themes Membership. A pyaing member of Thrive Themes Membership will have unlimited usage to all the current. previous and future Thrive products. This means that you can use as many times as you want, whenever you want without spending a single dime.

The second most important for you to get Thrive Themes Membership is to save MORE money. Do you know that you save around $700 a year when you purchase Thrive Themes Membership? Instead of buying different plugins at a time, Thrive Themes Membership comes with over 10 different products which you can leverage for your blogging business. 

Thrive Membership Support Review

The third reason why Thrive Themes Membership is so impactful is simply because the products and support are awesome. Creating a product is always one part of the equation — having excellent customer service and support is another. You may be using the best product but if there is zero or subpar support, you are going to feel frustrated and start focusing on other products that have better customer support.

Thrive Themes Membership Review — Going Under The Hood

I know, you are curious of Thrive Themes Membership and is still at the crossroad in buying it. I get it and I promise this article is going to help you solve that!

What you will get when subscribing to the Thrive Themes Membership are:

  • Full suite of Thrive Themes WordPress plugins
  • Unretricted and unlimited access to new Thrive plugins
  • Members-only courses, special templates and content
  • check-square-o
    Unlimited, 24 hours a day and whole year round of support

This Thrive Themes Membership review is all about my experience using the plugins. Therefore, here are several reasons why I recommend you to go for Thrive Themes Membership (it only costs $19 per month).

Reason #1: Thrive Themes — The Golden Opportunity

Premium WordPress Themes 2018

Thrive Themes is really an opportunity for bloggers and website owners to showcase their work. Regardless it is photography or content, Thrive Themes is a great addon to any website. As a matter of fact, Thrive Themes is popular that it is often considered one the top 5 premium WordPress themes.

When you subscribe to Thrive Themes Membership, you will automatically entitle to unlimited usage of all the Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes Premium Themes

With Thrive Themes, you can go from WordPress install to a functioning site in just minutes, with a wide selection of custom WordPress themes designed to suit your business and blogging needs.

Reason #2: Thrive Architect — The Best Drag And Drop Visual Builder

Thrive Architect Review

I have used many visual builders and Thrive Architect is one of the best you can find in the market. 

With Thrive Architect, you see exactly how your website looks like in real time, making website building super easy and effective.

Instead of spending weeks trying to build a homepage or a landing page, you can just create one under 30 minutes with Thrive Architect. 

You can also read my Thrive Architect review to understand how it works and why it is revolutionizing the drag and drop visual builder industry.

With over 207 fill-in templates for every purpose imaginable, you can easily create professional looking pages with a fraction of the cost and time needed!

The Thrive Architect standalone plugin costs $67 for one website and a full year support, but you will get it all free (included) when you are a paying member of the Thrive Themes Membership.

Reason #3: Thrive Leads — Advanced Lead Generation Tools

Thrive Leads Review

Generating lead is already a tough process and it should not get even more complicated. With Thrive Leads plugin, you can start build your email list or even grow it multiple folds in just a few clicks.

For starters, there is a huge selection of opt-in form templates that you can choose from. You can even do A/B testing to see which form performs the best and so much more.

Unlike other lead generation plugin, Thrive Leads comes with powerful drag and drop builder that will help you build higher conversion forms in just minutes. Yes, no coding is required which is absolutely mindblowing to say the very least!

Thrive Leads is able to integrate with top email marking software including AWeber, ConvertKit and Drip.

The Thrive Leads standalone plugin is also priced at $67 for one website and a full year support. Thrive Leads is included for free (unlimited usage) in the Thrive Themes Membership.

Reason #4: Thrive Headline Optimizer — Crafting The Right Headline Is Easy

Thrive Headlines Optimizer

Do you know that creating clickable headlines requires some skills and more importantly, hours of testing?

Thrive Headline Optimizer takes away all your hardwork by allowing you to test different headlines for all your blog posts, product titles and sales page hooks in just a few clicks. The best part?

You can set Thrive Headline Optimizer to run on autopilot and the plugin will automatically select a winner once it has fulfilled your pre-set requirements.

Again, this standalone plugin costs $67 a year for a website but members of the Thrive Themes Membership will able to use this plugin for free (minus all the limitation).

Reason #5: Thrive Quiz Builder — Entertaining And Converting Readers Into Customers

Thrive Quiz Builder Review 2018

Being an affiliate marketer, the competition is huge in the market space. Everyday new content pops up and it is really hard to get sales. Seriously.

I was at the brink of pulling my hair with all these competition until I came across Thrive Quiz Builder. 

Here's the truth: Great content isn't going to make the cut in today's world. You need to think out of the box and that's what Thrive Quiz Builder is all about.

With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can use this to entertain your audience and at the same time, getting opt-ins and better insights.

Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to build quizzes based on your needs (and not others). This means these quizzes are created to help you engage your audience, spike social shares and getting more subscribers.

Plus, giving you important information about your audience and their thoughts.

Thrive Quiz Builder is included in the Thrive Themes Membership and the standalone plugin is priced at $67 for a single site.

Want more savings? Go for Thrive Membership at only $19 per month!

Reason #6: Thrive Ultimatum — Making Fear Of Missing Out Your Best Buddy

fear of missing out

Do you know that using the "fear of missing out" can boost your sales triple fold?

Thrive Ultimatum allows you to:

  • Add dynamic countdown timers
  • Automatic discount for new subscribers or existing ones
  • Creating automated, recurring promotions
  • check-square-o
    Leverage the true power of scarcity

Take a moment to think about this. Nearly every big business uses this strategy because it works.

Here's how a simple countdown timer on your blog or website can trigger the fear of missing out and help you improve your overall conversion.


Thrive Ultimatum is the only workable plugin that allows you to create evergreen timer which is great to lure new customers.

Reason #7: Thrive Ovation — Creating Perfectly Suited Testimonials In Just A Few Clicks

Thrive Ovation Thrive Membership Review

If you are business owner or consultant, one of the biggest challenge is to have your testimonial page setup correctly. 

What is Thrive Ovation?

It is a plugin that allows you to set and forget testimonial collection and management system makes publishing quality testimonials all over your site automatically.

What does this means to you?

Simple. You can now place any testimonials on any page without rewriting them all over again. With Thrive Ovation, you can just click, set and forget which the plugin will run automatically on the backend.

The best part? You can control all your testimonials under one roof!

Reason #8: Thrive Clever Widgets — Optimize Your Site To New Heights

Thrive Clever Widgets

Have you ever tried to code your side bar so that it only shows the right content to the right readers?

I know, it's tough as hell!

With Clever Widgets, you can now display targeted sidebar content based on different blog post categories. This means that you will now display the right content to the right people, maximizing the visitor interaction and engagement with your site.

Why is Clever Widgets so powerful?

There are many plugins out there which provide pretty similar features. However, Clever Widget doesn't require you to do coding and it is upfront simple. Instead of creating different sidebars (offered by most of the other plugins), you can stick to one sidebar and set different triggers instead.

Clever Widgets is a great plugin and it is definitely one of my top favorites in the Thrive Themes Membership package!

How Much Is Thrive Themes Membership?

The Thrive Membership comes in several forms; quarterly and annual subscription.

Annual subscription starts at $19 per month and it is best for individuals, marketers and entrepreneurs. If you are running an agency, it starts at $49 per month which will give you complete whitelabel feature.

If you decide to pay quarterly, Thrive Membership for individuals starts at $30 per month and Agency costs $69 per month.

Note: Paying annually gives you at least 24% saving instantly.

Is Thrive Themes Membership Worth It?

I get this question all the time. The answer is it depends. 

Yes if you are like me. I hate not being able to create the blog that I like. You know, my style, taste and everything in between. Thrive Themes Membership is best for you if you want to have complete control of your blog. Using Thrive plugins, I was able to transform my blog from a normal blog to a professional and highly engaging blog in just a few weeks. Plus, I love the fact that I am able to save more money through Thrive Themes Membership.

No if you are just looking for a single tool or plugin. Seriously, if you don't find more than ONE Thrive plugins that are importantly for you, you are better off buying the plugins seperately. 

Should You Buy Thrive Themes?

​Do you think that Thrive Themes is worth it? Do you think it is worth buying Thrive Themes?

In today's short article, I'm going to share with you my honest option using Thrive Themes for almost a year now.

Before that, let's do a quick summary of what Thrive Themes is all about, shall we?

Is Thrive Themes Worth It

​What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Theme offers a complete set of conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins for beginners and advanced WordPress users.

​By default, it comes with over 10 well-coded WordPress themes which focuses on:

  • check
  • check
  • check
    ​Lead generation
  • check
    ​Easy to use

​Let's be honest here. Anyone can create a WordPress blog under 5 minutes but​ not everyone can create a beautifully designed WordPress blog.

And this is where Thrive Themes comes into play. Instead of messing around with coding and other complicated stuffs (like website loading speed), you can have all in one solution through Thrive Themes.

For starters, the ready-made templates are easy to use and you can install them in just a few clicks. Yes, no coding skill required.

​Thrive Themes WordPress Templates

​I recently used Thrive Themes on my marketing agency (click on the link to take a look). The site looks awesome and everything is created in just an hour. Several landing pages and homepage are all done through drag and drop (thanks to Thrive Architect).

​Thrive Themes makes website creation really simple and you no longer require coding skills to build a WordPress theme. Seriously.

Take a look at Thrive Themes below. Aren't they beautiful?

​Thrive Themes Plugins

​The jewel of Thrive Themes is the Thrive plugins. Personally, this is the single and most important reason why Thrive Theme is worth it.

At this point of time, Thrive Themes offers eight powerful plugins that you can purchase separately (click here to see the demo of each one) or have them all under Thrive Membership which will save you thousands of dollars a month.

Here are a list of Thrive plugins:

  • check
    ​Thrive Architect
  • check
    ​Thrive Leads
  • check
    ​Thrive Ovation
  • check
    Thrive Ultimatum
  • check
    Thrive Headline Optimizer
  • check
    Thrive Clever Widgets
  • check
    Thrive Quiz Builder
  • check
    Thrive Apprentice
  • check
    Thrive Comments

​What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Architect is the most powerful WordPress visual builder in today's market. It is flexible and it is very intuitive. As a matter of fact, this blog post is created using Thrive Architect.

​You can take a read about Thrive Architect in this review.

​What is Thrive Leads?

What is Thrive Leads

​Let's not talk about others and just me. Using Thrive Leads, I was able to launch my freelance course by building a mailing list around it. 

Do you know how many emails I have collected thanks to Thrive Leads on a monthly basis?

Over 1,000 email subscribers!

Even John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire uses Thrive Leads. See the plugin demo here.

​What is Thrive Ovation?

​Thrive Ovation is one of those revolutionary plugins. This is extremely important if you are planning to take advantage of one of the most underestimated conversion boosters in the marketing world!

​Using Thrive Ovation, you can now set and forget testimonials directly on your WordPress blog. It allows you to organize testimonials in one spot and tag them for what they are about!

Thrive Ovation

The next time you need to use a testimonial on your sales page, you don't have to dig into the thousands of emails you had. Instead, you can now find them under one roof.

testimonials have the power to ease that anxiety and close the sale.

Check out how Thrive ovation works here.

​What is Thrive Ultimatum?

​They call themselves as the ultimate scarcity marketing tool for WordPress.

Here's a quick quote from Neil Patel.

"If you can create a stronger sense of urgency on your landing page or websites, then you can successfully spur people to do what you want them to do on your page (such as convert)."

​Does this makes any sense to you? I bet!

Thrive Ultimatum

​Thrive Ultimatum allows you to:

  • check
    ​Easily fixed date campaigns
  • check
    ​Automatically recurring campaigns
  • check
    ​Creating evergreen system
  • check
    Create 100% authentic evergreen scarcity
  • check
    ​Using expiring links and bulletproof the tracking
  • check
    Drag and drop builder included
  • check
    Showing the right offer to the right audience
  • check
    Creating unlimited scarcity campaigns

​What is Thrive Headline Optimizer?

​I use Thrive Headline Optimize in all my blogs and websites. As bloggers and content writers, we spend most of our times trying to craft the best headlines to get better click through rates.

However, what happens when you are down with 5 very powerful and well crafted headlines to choose from?

Introducing Thrive Headline Optimizer.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

​You can now easily add unlimited headlines and try them out. The best part, you can set it on automation and the plugin will automatically choose the best performing headline!

To be honest, this is the only headline optimizer plugin that is worth the money!

​Click here to take a look at Thrive Headline Optimizer.

​What is Thrive Clever Widgets?

​Do you ever wish to have the widgets showing only to specific audience, post or pages? Now, you can with Thrive Clever Widgets.

The concept is rather simple. You can customize each widget to be visible only to selected criteria.

Thrive Clever Widgets

This way, you can start delivering only the right content to the right audience at the right time.

​Click here to take a look at Thrive Clever Widgets for yourself!

​What is Thrive Quiz Builder?

​Do you know that one of the best ways to build traffic and conversion is through quiz?

Having the right quiz is going to make your blog more fun and more importantly, you can resonate better with your audience.

Thrive Quiz Builder

​What makes Thrive Themes worth is it the fact that with Thrive Quiz Builder, you can easily create powerful engaging quiz into a potent way to grow your business.

See Thrive Quiz Builder in action here.

​What is Thrive Apprentice 2.0?

​Thrive Apprentice 2.0 is Thrive's flagship plugin for online courses. With Thrive Apprentice, you no longer need to pay hefty sums for other membership programs to create a community out of it.

Thrive Apprentice 2.0

You can now do it with cost efficient and not burning a hole in your pocket.

What makes Thrive Apprentice so powerful is the ability to merge with all the Thrive products and work meticulously well.

And that is probably just an understatement. Take a look for yourself here.

​What is Thrive Comments?

​Last but not least, the newest product from Thrive Themes is the Thrive Comments. Thrive Comments allows you to start engaging with your audience in new ways you can never imagine. At the very least, no WordPress plugin is able to achieve what Thrive Comments does!

Here's what you need to know. Thrive Comments is only open to current members of Thrive Themes and therefore, you will be able to use this plugin with a paid membership. Nonetheless, you can take a look at Thrive Comments using this link, for a free 30 days money back guarantee.

​Is Thrive Themes worth it?

​Absolutely, no doubt in my mind that Thrive Themes is really worth it. With the amount of value the themes and plugins can provide, it is insane for not even considering Thrive Themes.

​Click here to get the best discount for Thrive Themes!

Now, it is your turn. What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!