Sumome Alternative: Top 3 Plugins To Help You Start An Email List

​Sumome tools have long been great assets to bloggers, marketers and website owners because they allow you to build an email list. While Sumome is a free tool to use, many people are looking for other Sumome alternative because as they progress down the email marketing business, Sumome is no longer a liable option — especially with the free plan.

Sure, Sumome has a paid plan but it is priced at higher end which makes it extremely un-affordable for many.

​This is how their pricing plans look like.

sumome alternative

​Here are some reasons why bloggers and marketers (including me) decided to look for alter Sumome alternatives.

  • Sumome free plan comes with only 200 subscribers
  • ​Entry level Sumome plan is $24 per month and caters for 750 subscribers only
  • ​Unlimited email subscribers starts at $59 per month

​While I appreciate the fact that Sumome offers discount of 20% for yearly subscription, this is probably the most expensive list building tool that I’ve ever come across!

And with that, let’s move forward and get down to business. Let’s go through some of the best email list building tools and great Sumome alternatives.

​Thrive Leads

thrive leads

​I know you have heard about Thrive Leads and you guessed it right. I love Thrive Leads because it is extremely simple to use and is absolutely more flexible than Sumome.

​Why is Thrive Leads is better than Sumome?

​Thrive Leads is cheaper than Sumome. Being a Thrive Themes membership costs you $19 per month and you have access to Thrive Leads and 9 other Thrive plugins and themes. Compared to Sumome, you are only able to use ​Sumome to build an email list (and nothing more). You can also purchase Thrive Leads separately at $67 per month (that’s $5.58 per month).

Thrive Leads offers more features than Sumome. ​Absolutely a no brainer. This is true because Thrive Themes membership comes with 10 WordPress themes and 10 plugins for various blog and email marketing needs. Sumome is created solely for email marketing and therefore, it is definitely an advantage using Thrive Leads over Sumome.

Thrive Leads ​templates ​are beyond awesome. This is not a one sided opinion. When you use Thrive Leads, you have the opportunity to explore dozens of optin forms compared to Sumome. While the templates on Sumome aren’t completely bad, more templates and demo forms are always welcomed especially when you are a beginner and doing split testing.

How much does Thrive Leads costs?

thrive leads pricing​See Thrive Leads in action here


optinmonster sumome alternative

OptinMonster calls themselves as the best WordPress lead generation plugin. How good is OptinMonster?

More importantly, is OptinMonster a great Sumome alternative?

OptinMonster is created by the talented WordPress entrepreneur, ​Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner. OptinMonster became famous as it was the first WordPress lead generation plugin that offers Exit Intent technology.

With this technology, lead generation forms will only be visible when the website visitor is leaving the page. With Exit Intent technology, visitors will not longer receive lead generation forms that are annoying (you know how it feels like when a pop up flashes upon you when you are reading an article).

​How much does OptinMonster costs?

how much is optinmonster

​If you are looking for a good Sumome alternative, you should consider using OptinMonster. It is powerful and it is also very user friendly (great for beginners)!

More OptinMonster features here

​Bloom by Elegant Themes

bloom email list builder plugin

​I have used many email opt-in WordPress plugins and I got to say that Bloom is probably the simplest I have ever come across.

Bloom email list builder plugin is apart of the Elegant Themes (see my complete Elegant Themes review​) and it used by many other bloggers in the industry to grow their email list.

But why Bloom?

Bloom is bloody straightforward and everything is created to help beginners start building an email list fast.

​After installing Bloom, you are guided to create your first form and this is what you will see.

Bloom plugin

Bloom offers several optin forms to collect emails

​Once the type of optin is selected, you move forward to create a form to collect leads (you can choose from a wide range of pre-made templates). You will end up with something like this.

Bloom lead generation plugin

Sample of email optin form using Bloom

​What makes Bloom a great alternative to Sumome is the simplicity.

​The Bloom plugin provides advanced customization to ensure that your form is delivered to the right audience and at the right time.

​Bloom email list builder plugin is not sold separately and it comes with the Elegant Themes membership which starts at $89 per year (that’s $7.42 per month). Being a paying Elegant Themes member allows you have unlimited access to all premium themes including the famous Divi 3.0 multipurpose theme, and all the plugins as well.

​Click for more Bloom features

​Sumome Alternative: Which is the best alternative to Sumome?

​There is no definite answer to this but there is one thing for sure — Sumome is not worth it especially with the paid pricing structure. The price is just too steep compared to what Thrive Leads, OptinMonster and Bloom are offering.

Plus, all of these three Sumome alternatives provide more marketing features compared to Sumome.

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