Which Is The Best Click To Call WordPress Plugin?

Discover The Best Click To Call WordPress Plugin For 2019

Do you know that click to call is one of the most effective ways to generate leads is through your WordPress website?

But wait.

What is click to call?

Click to call is one of the latest option when it comes to lead generation. Imagine a pop up appears right before you, right before you leave the page and then, it displayed a single call to action, which is to click to call. When website visitors click on the button, it will display the phone number and on supported mobile devices, it will open up the call option.

Why is click to call a new way of website lead generation?

The answer (for me) is simple.

Website visitors (especially when you are selling a product or service online) is often time more convinced to engage with you directly instead of using the contact us form.

As a matter of fact, BIA/Kelsey reports that businesses will get 162 billion mobile phone calls by the year 2019.

Want another stat?

When it come to contact rates, there’s just no competition. Inbound phone calls have 100% contact rates while research from InsideSales estimates that 71% of web leads are never contacted. 100% contact rates versus 29% — which do you prefer?

And with that, it is proven that calls are more important than ever.

So, how do you collect lead generation through calls on your WordPress website?

Answer: Install Click To Call WordPress Plugin

Click To Call WordPress Plugin

WordPress is home to over 150,000 plugins and among them, there are many click to call plugins that you can choose from.

So, which should you be using?

The short answer to this is "OptinMonster."

OptinMonster = Best Click To Call WordPress Plugin?

The recent OptinMonster update with the click to call option made it one of the best (and leading) lead generation software for WordPress websites.

Once you activated OptinMonster click to call WordPress plugin, you can create lead generation forms such as this one.

In just a single click, your website visitors will be able to communicate with you directly via mobile or phone line.

Pretty cool, right?

How to create click to call button on OptinMonster?

The first step is to edit or create a new campaign. If you don't have an OptinMonster account, you can do it right here.

For existing campaigns, click on the 'Edit' button as seen below.

Once you have created your campaign, you need to create a button with a link that dials a phone number.

First, add a Button element to your campaign.

In the button settings, go to the Action panel.

Set the Action to Click to Call.

Set the Phone number to the telephone number with no spaces, dashes or other special characters (except a “+”).

NOTE: It’s recommended to include the full international dialing code with the number to ensure the call will be placed regardless of where the visitor is located (e.g. “+15555555555”).

From there, you can go back to the button settings and edit its display using the Button and Block Styling panels.

Summary: OptinMonster Click To Call WordPress Plugin

In a nutshell, OptinMonster is a great click to call WordPress plugin that is proven to generate you tons of phone calls.

I installed OptinMonster click to call lead generation button on my business website and within 12 hours, I received two phone calls (leads).

The best part?

There is absolutely no cost into ads or banners as the lead is directly generated from Google organic traffic.

Want to try OptinMonster click to call WordPress plugin?

5 Powerful OptinMonster Alternatives For Email List Building (Updated 2018)

​OptinMonster Alternatives. Are you looking for the best OptinMonster alternatives? If you are, you are at the right place! In this post, you will find some of the best alternatives to OptinMonster.

​​For the record, I have been using OptinMonster for some years (since it was first launched) and it had served me well. However, the change in pricing and features is one of those reasons bloggers and online marketers are constantly looking for OptinMonster alternatives. It made sense since the top two tiers of OptinMonster are priced at $122 per month (or $49 after discount) or $152 per month (or $99 after discount). The hefty price tag is not something most online marketer can afford because the commitment is just too high!

Meantime, here's a little fun quiz for you to start with.


​Without further delay, let's go through ​five of the best OptinMonster alternatives in the market today.

best optinmonster alternatives

OptinMonster alternatives #1: ​Sumo

Previously known as SumoMe, Sumo consists of four simple tools to help you convert visitors into paying customers.

​Why is Sumo the best alternative to OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is an ecommerce tool that helps website owners transform visitors into customers (and not just asking them to sign up for email newsletter). Sumo plugins are created exactly for that reason!

​Sumo plugins are crafted to ensure that you are able to build an email list fast and at the same time, double your chances of making them to buy your products.

Sumo comes with both free and paid plans. Take a look at the pricing structure below.

sumome alternative

​Verdict: Sumo is a great OptinMonster alternative because you can easily scale your business with Sumo's pricing structure.

Get Sumo now!

​OptinMonster Alternatives #2: Thrive Leads

​Are you looking for a great WordPress lead generation plugin as OptinMonster alternative? 

​I've been using Thrive Leads for several years and it had served me well especially when it comes to building an email list. Thrive Leads comes with inbuilt drag and drop visual builder ​that enables you to create highly effective opt-ins and forms.

And if you ever run out of idea (or doesn't have a creative mind), there are over 200 ready-made templates and forms you can import directly to your WordPress site and use.

​Looking for a WordPress email subscription plugin that doesn't cost a bomb? Thrive Leads is also the leader in this category. Here's how the pricing looks like.

Thrive Leads Pricing 2018

​Verdict: Thrive Leads is one of the most popular OptinMonster alternatives because it is powerful, rich in feature and doesn't costs a bomb. ​Looking for Thrive Leads discount? Subscribe for Thrive Membership for only $19 per month and get unlimited access to all the Thrive themes and plugins.

Click here to know more about Thrive Leads.

​OptinMonster Alternatives #3: Bloom

​If you search for the best WordPress newsletter plugin or Thrive Leads alternatives, Bloom by Elegant Themes might just be a good one for you.

​​Watch the video below to learn more about Bloom Email Optin Plugin for WordPress (and how it considered an OptinMonster alternative for WordPress list building).

Bloom sits comfortably on the third spot because it has an unique pricing strategy.

​So, how much does Bloom costs?

divi 3.0 pricing

​Bloom is one of the core lead generation plugins from Elegant Themes and therefore, you will enjoy a special price if you've decided that Bloom is the best OptinMonster alternatives.

For a single price of $89 per year (or $249 for one time payment, lifetime license), you can use not only Bloom email but all the themes and plugins available on Elegant Themes.

When it comes to affordability and worth of money, Bloom email plugin is definitely one of the best WordPress newsletter plugin alternatives.

Get Bloom by Elegant Themes now.

​OptinMonster Alternatives #4: ​Optin Forms

Optin Forms for WordPress

​If you are looking for a free list building plugin for WordPress, Optin Forms might just be right for you.

Here's what you can expect. Optin Forms is NOT a paid WordPress email subscription plugin and therefore, the features are very much lesser than most list building plugins including OptinMonster.

​Generally, Optin Forms comes with five pre-designed templates that you can customize (texts, fonts and font sizes). Plus, this WordPress plugin plays well with major email marketing provides such as AWeber and MailChimp.

The downside of Optin Forms? Limited and basic features.

If you are brand new in the email marketing industry, then yes - this is a good alternative to OptinMonster (because it's free).

Try Optin Forms now.

​OptinMonster Alternatives #​5: ​O​ptimizePress

OptimizePress Review 2018

​Make no mistake. OptimizePress is a drag and drop WordPress builder that comes with lead generation plugin. The old version of OptimizePress is crappy (seriously) and the newly updated version is way much better. Click here to read the updated OptimizePress review (updated September 2018).

​Why is OptimizePress one of the best OptinMonster alternatives? OptimizePress is a full-package - you can use it to design websites and build an email list at the same time.

​OptimizePress has been in the WordPress market for a long time, and it had helped over 50,000 solopreneurs and small business owners to collect over 4.5 millions opt-ins every month.

Do you know that there over 300 ready-made templates for you to choose from when you use OptimizePress? This the exact reason why it is a great OptinMonster alternative in the market today!

​So, how much does OptimizePress costs? Take a look below for OptimizePress pricing.

optimizepress pricing

​Overall, I highly recommend using OptimizePress if you are looking to kill two birds with one stone. By having OptimizePress, you can use it as a drag and drop builder and start building an email list at the same time!

Therefore, you don't have to install multiple WordPress plugins just to get the job done.

​Which is the best OptinMonster alternative?

​Sumo and Thrive Leads are both great alternatives to OptinMonster. I prefer Thrive Leads more than Sumo because of the features provided by Thrive. Sumo works on 'unlocking' features and based on the pricing plans that I'm using. When compared to Thrive Leads, I am getting similar service level regardless of the plans I'm in. ​

Plus, subscribing to Thrive Membership gives me unlimited access to all the Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins which are added advantages.

On the other hand, Optin Forms is a great free OptinMonster alternative and OptimizePress is also a good choice since it comes with a drag and drop builder too.

What do you think? When it comes to WordPress email plugin, which is your favorite WordPress newsletter plugin?

OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads: Which is the ULTIMATE list building software for WordPress?

You know the importance of having an email list but you are confused because you have no idea which is the best WordPress lead generation plugin you should be using.

I. Totally. Understand.

I've been there myself. There are just so many plugins and which is the best fit for me?

So, here goes. In this article, you are going to find two super WordPress lead generation plugins that offer excellent features to skyrocket your lead generation process.

OptinMonster (demo)

Nearly every marketer I know uses OptinMonster and I even use it myself. OptinMonster is created by legend, Syed Balkhi (founder of WP beginner).

OptinMonster calls itself the best lead generation software and this plugin is used by big brands and influencer such as Social Media Examiner, Yoast, Quick Sprout and Search Engine Journal.

So, what makes OptinMonster such as highly sought after lead generation software for WordPress websites?

Here's a quick list:

  • Over 65 high-performing and ready-made templates that are mobile friendly and multiple form types
  • Advanced page level targeting, custom display rules and dynamic text replacement allow personalized messages to be delivered at the right time
  • Multiplevariate testing, built-in conversion analytics and A/B testing to test your ideas and make data-driven decisions
  • Easy integration with all major website and eCommerce platforms
  • No coding skills required to add OptinMonster to your website (beginner's friendly)
  • check-circle
    Massive flexibility that allows publishers, eCommerce owners, agencies and B2B to use OptinMonster at different levels

To be honest, OptinMonster's ability to target specific audience based on interest is something to shout about. Here's what I mean.

With that being said, OptinMonster is no doubt a powerful email list generation software for hardcore WordPress users.

OptinMonster is not like any other email list generation plugin or software. It is built with different features that allows business owners, freelancers and bloggers leverage it at different levels. Thus, creating customize email list generation feature that suits your needs (and help you grow your email list faster).

OptinMonster is bloody affordable and if you think that it costs thousands of dollars a month, you are wrong. OptinMonster pricing starts at only $9 per month and click here to learn more about OptinMonster.

Thrive Leads (demo)

If you are looking for an OptinMonster alternative, Thrive Leads is here to answer your calling. Thrive Leads is part of the Thrive Themes and is created by the one and only, Shane MeLaugh.

Unlike OptinMonster, Thrive Leads is geared towards bloggers and website owners with massive features and very attractive pricing structure. Thrive Leads is best for websites that are not focusing on eCommerce.

Thrive Leads is used by top influencers such as John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire) and David Coleman.

So, what makes Thrive Leads the ultimate list building plugin for WordPress?

Here's a list to start with:

  • Inbuilt drag and drop editor for you to create the perfect design every time for every type of opt-in form you need under one roof
  • Advanced targeting of Thrive Leads allows you to get massive conversion boost by showing only relevant offers to your audience based on posts, categories, tags and many more
  • Powerful and easy to use A/B testing engine to test multiple variation and automatically selecting a winner based on conversion rates
  • Straightforward and actionable reporting and insights to give you a complete overview of your marketing campaign
  • check-circle
    Easily integrated with major websites, eCommerce platforms and email marketing services in just a few clicks
  • check-circle
    One simple pricing and zero long term commitment

Thrive Leads is famous for its 2-steps email list building feature. See below.

thrive leads 2 steps email list building

Thrive Leads is a simple and flexible email list plugin that allows you to collect email fasts and without spending a whole lot of time or money at tools.

Thrive Leads is best for website owners who want to start collecting emails fast and hassle free. Plus, the single pricing structure allows you to start collecting emails without burning a hole in your pocket.

Thrive Leads starts at $67 for a single license with one year unlimited updates. Alternatively, you can also go for Thrive Thrive Memberships (that comes with 10 premium WordPress themes and 9 plugins including Thrive Leads) at only $19 per month. Click here for more information.

OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads — Which is the best email list building software for WordPress?

If you are managing a high traffic website or even an eCommerce website, OptinMonster is definitely the best option for you as it comes with massive features that fit both leisure and business related websites. On the other hand, Thrive Leads is a great option especially for bloggers and website owners who want to build an email list fast and minus the hassle.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me which email list building software you are using today!

Sumome Alternative: Top 3 Plugins To Help You Start An Email List

​Sumome tools have long been great assets to bloggers, marketers and website owners because they allow you to build an email list. While Sumome is a free tool to use, many people are looking for other Sumome alternative because as they progress down the email marketing business, Sumome is no longer a liable option — especially with the free plan.

Sure, Sumome has a paid plan but it is priced at higher end which makes it extremely un-affordable for many.

​This is how their pricing plans look like.

sumome alternative

​Here are some reasons why bloggers and marketers (including me) decided to look for alter Sumome alternatives.

  • Sumome free plan comes with only 200 subscribers
  • ​Entry level Sumome plan is $24 per month and caters for 750 subscribers only
  • ​Unlimited email subscribers starts at $59 per month

​While I appreciate the fact that Sumome offers discount of 20% for yearly subscription, this is probably the most expensive list building tool that I've ever come across!

And with that, let's move forward and get down to business. Let's go through some of the best email list building tools and great Sumome alternatives.

​Thrive Leads — Affordable Sumome Alternative

thrive leads

​I know you have heard about Thrive Leads and you guessed it right. I love Thrive Leads because it is extremely simple to use and is absolutely more flexible than Sumome.

​Why is Thrive Leads is better than Sumome?

​Thrive Leads is cheaper than Sumome. Being a Thrive Themes membership costs you $19 per month and you have access to Thrive Leads and 9 other Thrive plugins and themes. Compared to Sumome, you are only able to use ​Sumome to build an email list (and nothing more). You can also purchase Thrive Leads separately at $67 per month (that's $5.58 per month).

Thrive Leads offers more features than Sumome. ​Absolutely a no brainer. This is true because Thrive Themes membership comes with 10 WordPress themes and 10 plugins for various blog and email marketing needs. Sumome is created solely for email marketing and therefore, it is definitely an advantage using Thrive Leads over Sumome.

Thrive Leads ​templates ​are beyond awesome. This is not a one sided opinion. When you use Thrive Leads, you have the opportunity to explore dozens of optin forms compared to Sumome. While the templates on Sumome aren't completely bad, more templates and demo forms are always welcomed especially when you are a beginner and doing split testing.

​Thrive Leads is extremely easy to configure. Here's how Thrive Leads looks on the back end.

thrive leads optin forms

Thrive Leads offers a wide range of optin forms

How much does Thrive Leads costs?

thrive leads pricing

​Again, Thrive Leads is considered an excellent Sumome alternative because of the pricing structure. Regardless you are paying for Thrive Membership or Single Site License, getting Thrive Leads is still cheaper than Sumome paid pricing altogether.

​OptinMonster — Feature-Rich Sumome Alternative

optinmonster sumome alternative

OptinMonster calls themselves as the best WordPress lead generation plugin. How good is OptinMonster?

More importantly, is OptinMonster a great Sumome alternative?

OptinMonster is created by the talented WordPress entrepreneur, ​Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner. OptinMonster became famous as it was the first WordPress lead generation plugin that offers Exit Intent technology.

With this technology, lead generation forms will only be visible when the website visitor is leaving the page. With Exit Intent technology, visitors will not longer receive lead generation forms that are annoying (you know how it feels like when a pop up flashes upon you when you are reading an article).

​How much does OptinMonster costs?

how much is optinmonster

​If you are looking for a good Sumome alternative, you should consider using OptinMonster. It is powerful and it is also very user friendly (great for beginners)!

​Bloom by Elegant Themes — Beginner Friendly Sumome Alternative

bloom email list builder plugin

​I have used many email opt-in WordPress plugins and I got to say that Bloom is probably the simplest I have ever come across.

Bloom email list builder plugin is apart of the Elegant Themes (see my complete Elegant Themes review​) and it used by many other bloggers in the industry to grow their email list.

But why Bloom?

Bloom is bloody straightforward and everything is created to help beginners start building an email list fast.

​After installing Bloom, you are guided to create your first form and this is what you will see.

Bloom plugin

Bloom offers several optin forms to collect emails

​Once the type of optin is selected, you move forward to create a form to collect leads (you can choose from a wide range of pre-made templates). You will end up with something like this.

Bloom lead generation plugin

Sample of email optin form using Bloom

​What makes Bloom a great alternative to Sumome is the simplicity.

​The Bloom plugin provides advanced customization to ensure that your form is delivered to the right audience and at the right time.

​Bloom email list builder plugin is not sold separately and it comes with the Elegant Themes membership which starts at $89 per year (that's $7.42 per month). Being a paying Elegant Themes member allows you have unlimited access to all premium themes including the famous Divi 3.0 multipurpose theme, and all the plugins as well.

​Sumome Alternative: Which is the best alternative to Sumome?

​There is no definite answer to this but there is one thing for sure — Sumome is not worth it especially with the paid pricing structure. The price is just too steep compared to what Thrive Leads, OptinMonster and Bloom are offering.

Plus, all of these three Sumome alternatives provide more marketing features compared to Sumome.

If you are looking for the overall best Sumome alternative, Thrive Leads is the best option to go with.

OptinMonster is geared towards power and feature at a higher pricing structure.

​On the other hand, Bloom is a great email opt-in plugin for beginners who want to build email lists faster and more effectively.

I hope you find this Sumome alternative review useful and please use the button below to share with your friends!