OptinMonster Review — Is OptinMonster the best list building plugin for WordPress?





Ease of use


Customer support





  • Wide range of opt-in forms style and themes
  • Advanced targeting and setting
  • Exit Intent technology
  • Formsare not intrusive for web visitors
  • Highly affordable


  • Doesn't support drag and drop editor

Are you deciding if OptinMonster is the right lead generation software for your website?

If the answer is “yes”, you are going to love this article …

And here’s why …

Side note: This article was first published on 11th March 2018 and the content is updated on 13th November 2018.

OptinMonster has long been in this lead generation industry; from a humble beginning as WordPress lead generation plugin to now, a full-fledged lead generation software for major CMS and eCommerce solutions.

This is my promise to you.

In this post, I’m going share with you:

  • Quick introduction to email marketing and list building
  • checkWhat is OptinMonster lead generation software?
  • What are the unique features of OptinMonster?
  • What are the advantages using OptinMonster? (OptinMonster review)
  • What are the disadvantages using OptinMonster? (OptinMonster review)
  • How much does OptinMonster costs?
  • My honest OptinMonster review (summary)

This post is over 3,000 words, over 9 main parts and several sub sections.

And I get it that you might not have the time …

So, here’s the deal.

Here’s a quick summary for OptinMonster review.

Summary: OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster is the best lead generation software for marketers who are serious in building an email list.

OptinMonster software is easy to use comes with some seriously powerful features such as reduce cart abandonment and simple but yet effective techniques to increase sales conversion.

Another great feature on OptinMonster is the AI (artificial intelligence) where you can easily create custom triggers to ensure that visitors are greeted with the right offers.

Last but not least, you don’t have to worry about coding skills or if the software is compatible with your website.

P.S. If you are looking for OptinMonster alternatives instead, read this post instead.

And with that being said, here’s a table summary for today’s OptinMonster review.

Part 1. What is email marketing and why it matters?

​According to The Balance, email marketing is a form of marketing that uses the power of email to promote products and services.

Nowadays, email marketing is defined as the use of email to create relationship with potential customers and clients.

Email marketing had proven to be one of the most reliable channel to connect with your website audience and customers.

Even if you are not doing email marketing now, you should still focus on collecting email addresses of visitors so that you can build up an army of audience for future marketing purposes.

​75% of the websites in the world today is powered by WordPress and it is common to see lead capture forms on websites. Thrive Leads is my favorite.

But in this article, I’m going to look at another popular lead generation software tool called OptinMonster.

Note: ​Opt-in lead generation forms are not only use to build an email list, this tool plays an important role in segmenting your audience based on their preferences. With segmentation, you can deliver the right emails to the right audience and at the right time.

If you are looking for a lead generation software that kick ass and game changer, you definitely need to carry on reading this OptinMonster review.

Part 2. What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a powerful, cloud-based lead generation software which was launched back in 2013.

At that time, there weren’t many email optin plugins in the market and OptinMonster had became the market leader in no time.

It is also important to highlight that OptinMonster was created by Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner and Thomas Griffen.

Last two weeks, I migrated all my opt-in forms from Thrive Leads to OptinMonster.

The reason?

I needed more than a WordPress opt-in plugin.

Thrive Leads had been a great WP opt-in plugin but OptinMonster allows me to convert first website visitors into customers …

Way much faster and effective.

As a result, I save more time and focus on things that matters most to my online business.

Some more reason why OptinMonster is awesome

Do you know that OptinMonster can work on any websites or eCommerce store?

Yes! OptinMonster doesn’t only work on WordPress, you can also use OptinMonster on non-WordPress sites that support HTML.

Hint: OptinMonster cart abandonment feature and exit-intent technology are two killer features not to be missed!

Part 3. General OptinMonster review (overview)

OptinMonster had changed a lot over the years.

Currently, OptinMonster is offering cloud solutions which you can build, create and publish opt in forms without having to do it on your own website.

Here’s what you will see when you first sign in to OptinMonster.

OptinMonster Review Campaign Builder

Using OptinMonster, you can create unlimited campaigns specifically for unlimited domains in just a few clicks.

Takeaway: The OptinMonster user-friendly interface makes navigating the backend extremely easy and beginner friendly.

Mini OptinMonster review: How to create campaign on OptinMonster?

The first step is to click on the bright green button ‘Create Campaign.’

how to create campaign on optinmonster

Want to know more about OptinMonster campaigns and how it works?

Watch the quick video tutorial below.

OptinMonster is setup to help you create powerful opt-in forms in just a few clicks.

No coding, no hassle type of thing.

The first step in creating an lead generation form using OptinMonster is to select the type of form you want.

How To Create Opt In Forms Using OptinMonster

There are five different types of lead generation forms that you can choose from, namely:

  • Popup forms
  • Fullscreen forms (some call this welcome mat or canvas)
  • Slide-In forms
  • Floating bar
  • Inline forms

For this OptinMonster review, I’ll use Popup form as demo.

Once we are done with the first step, it is time for the second step.

Drag and Drop Campaign Builder Using OptinMonster

There are 32 different inline forms that I can use from using OptinMonster (yes, that’s freaking crazy).

And if that doesn’t impress you, this will …

Each forms can be customized further which allows you to showcase your offer and entice your visitors to take action.

You can preview or select the form by hovering your mouse over the selected form.

Preview Opt In Forms OptinMonster Review

Click on the preview button will open up the live form demo like this.

Form Preview on OptinMonster

Let’s say that you are happy with the selected opt-in form.

The next step is to click on ‘Use Template’ and this is what you will see.

Build Opt In Form Using OptinMonster

And if you think that’s all …

You are wrong!

Carry on reading to see OptinMonster drag and drop form builder.

OptinMonster Drag and Drop Form Builder

Now, this is where the fun part starts.

You can literally customize everything under the sun using OptinMonster.

Create Opt In Forms Using OptinMonster

Here’s a little trick for you.

Take a look at the bottom left side of the image above.

Do you see the toggle between light and dark background editor?

If you are using white colour fonts like the above, you will have a freaking tough time trying to customize the form in the editor.

However, by using the toggle to contract the colour, you can now customize the opt-in forms in just a few clicks!

Smart, right? Thanks OptinMonster!

Do you like Yes & No option?

If you do, you can do so in this screen by enabling the option as seen below.

Two Steps Opt In Form

This 2-steps opt-in form pretty much offers permission marketing and can often times offer higher conversion rate.

Watch how the form changes automatically to have the “Yes and No” feature (see image above).

Once the visitor clicks yes and fill up the email address, they will reach the third page which is the “thank you page.”

success form

Pretty cool, right?

If you are looking for a lead generation software that is powerful, offers tons of features and comes with a drag and drop form builder, OptinMonster is definitely (hands down) one of the best in the market.

How fast can I build a lead generation form using OptinMonster?

5 minutes top.

Seriously, OptinMonster is that easy to use and you don’t need any coding knowledge (or whatsoever) to use it.

All of these options allows you to create the perfect opt-in form (or opt-in forms) at the right location and serving them to the right audience.


​What is canvas form type?

Canvas is a complete blank theme where you can use HTML and CSS editor to build an opt-in theme from scratch. Of course, you would need to know some level of coding knowledge to fully utilize the canvas form.

​Notes about OptinMonster opt-in forms

All the opt-in forms on OptinMonster are not only beautifully created, elements on the forms are all focused on conversions. This means that bolded, underlined and italic texts, different font sizes and colours are important elements to help you build email list faster.

Make no mistake. OptinMonster comes with a very advanced drag and drop form builder (some call it form visual builder) to help you create the best opt-in form to get more leads.

With these straight forward features, you can easily create opt-in forms specifically targeting specific audience and website visitors.

Ultimately, this will help you grow your email list faster and more effective.

OptinMonster is an extremely powerful opt-in lead generation WordPress plugin for its simplicity and speed in setup and launching you lead generation campaigns.

Mini OptinMonster review: OptinMonster Display Rules

Creating an optin form is not sufficient to increase your conversion rate.

And OptinMonster development team understands this.

Using OptinMonster Display Rules, you can now display the right pop up forms to the right audience with simple ‘if’, ‘or’ and ‘and’ filters.

Take a look at the image below.

OptinMonster Display Rules

This simple logic allows the optin form to be served to the website visitors only if they fulfill these criteria:

  • Time on page at least 5 seconds
  • Distance scrolled from the top is at least 15%

Using display rules, you can now ensure that your opt in forms are no longer intrusive to your website visitors.

Less Intrusive = More love from website visitors

Here’s a long list of filters that you can choose from:

  • Time on page
  • Time on site
  • Exit detected
  • Visitors clicked on MonsterLink
  • Distance scrolled
  • Visitor’s inactive time
  • The current date
  • The current day
  • The current time
  • The current month
  • Current URL path
  • Pages viewed
  • Visitor’s device
  • Visitor has opted in to
  • Visitor has not opted in to
  • Visitor has closed
  • Visitor has not closed
  • Visitor is new
  • Visitor is returning
  • Visitor’s location
  • The URL query arg
  • A cookie
  • The referrer URL
  • Visitor’s ad-blocker is
  • Current URL hash

Now, that’s 25 crazy options to help you show the right optin forms to the right visitor.

Mini OptinMonster review: Targeting options for less intrusive

​Popovers are annoying and there’s no denial for this matter. While the convertion rate for opt-ins are always under 7 seconds, some website visitors find popovers annoying (including me).

So, how do use OptinMonster to solve this problem?

By using the different filters and some -state-of-the-art technology.

Here are some to start with,

1. OptinMonster Exit Intent technology

​The Exit Intent technology is groundbreaking.

With this feature, popovers will only be visible to visitors who are about to leave your site.

optinmonster exit intent technologyoptinmonster exit intent technologyoptinmonster exit intent technology

With Exit Intent technology, you can rest assured that the reading experience of your website visitors will not be interrupted until they are about to leave your site.

2. Scroll trigger

​With scroll trigger, popovers will be displayed after the reader had scrolled down to a certain percentage on the page.

Again, this OptinMonster feature allows you to have more control over the popover and ensuring that you are not annoying your website visitors (while still having a good chance to convert them into email subscribers).

3. Second page view option

​This is a unique feature by OptinMonster which not many email list building plugins are offering.

With this feature, popovers will only appear once the visitor is on the second page view. This is done through cookie which is saved on the browser.

​Less Intrusive = Higher Conversion

​OptinMonster opt-in plugin is focused on increasing your email opt-in rates through well-planned and form designs that are less intrusive.

4. Auto hide popovers from your current email subscribers

​This is golden and I’m surprised that not many email opt-in plugins are offering this.

When your email subscribers visit your page for the second, third or fourth time, they probably wouldn’t want to see the opt-in forms again because it makes no sense.

​​If you are using OptinMonster, you are in luck! The easiest way to go around this is to add a single and short string of code in the URL (which you can input it in your email newsletters). When OptinMonster crawl through the URL, it will automatically take note on the setting and stop showing popovers to your website visitors.

All you need to do is to add this to the end of your URL:


This is how your URL will look like after adding the code:


5. Cookie duration for even more control on popovers

optinmonster cookie durationoptinmonster cookie durationoptinmonster cookie duration

​By setting up cookie duration allows you to control when the ​popovers will be displayed to the same person. In other words, website visitors will only see the popovers again after a specific time (e.g. 7 days after their visit to your site).

Part 4. OptinMonster review: User friendly interface

​OptinMonster email list builder plugin allows you to manage not only one but multiple websites under one roof. If you are an advanced blogger or marketer, you are going to find this extremely useful at the very least.

Here’s what the OptinMonster dashboard looks like.

OptinMonster Review Campaign Builder

I don’t know you but this is an extremely easy-for-the-eyes dashboard that allows me to have the latest stats, campaign overviews and monitoring under one roof.

Did you know? You can easily manage split testing, view the analyics and deploy forms using the OptinMonster dashboard

​Here, you would need to enter the split test title and notes. ​

Take a  look below.

Split tests are marked with A/B and you can see the full stats in just a few clicks.

OptinMonster Split Test

Most optin form builders don’t allow you to create A/B test after the form is activated.

However, you can do so easily using OptinMonster.

The first step is to click on ‘A/B Split Test option. Take a look at the image below.

OptinMonster AB Test

Next, fill up the details to create an exact replicate for your A/B test feature.

OptinMonster AB Test Review

Once this is done, you are all set to activate A/B split testing using OptinMonster.

How easy is that, right?

Part 5. OptinMonster review: Integration with Google Analytics

​Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tools in the market, and it makes all the sense to maximize the usage of it.

Why should you integrat​e OptinMonster with Google Analytics?

​​Data. From where the leads come from to which page gives you the best conversion rates.

Integrating Google Analytics to OptinMonster is pretty simple. Firstly, you need to authenticate your Google Analytics profile with OptinMonster.

optinmonster with google analyticsoptinmonster with google analyticsoptinmonster with google analytics

Once integrated, you will get a powerful visual overview that contains important information such as the top 10 converting pages.

Part 6. What are the other OptinMonster features worth mentioning?

​Before I proceed with going through other features in this OptinMonster review,

it is important to understand that some of these features are only available for higher OptinMonster paid plans (more on this in the pricing review which you will find in a moment).

  • check​MonsterLink feature. Add clickable popovers within your content and leveraging the power of content upgrade technique
  • check​Integrates with many email marketing providers such as AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp and ConvertKit
  • check​Adding effects on popovers to grab attention and increase conversion rates
  • checkCustom HTML support is available
  • checkCustom CSS support for advanced form customization
  • checkAutomated custom thank you page or a standard success message upon successful sign up
  • check​Advanced page targeting to deliver the right offer to ​your website visitors
  • checkAble to deliver highly customized opt-in forms to turn readers into paying customers
  • checkSuper effective exit intent technology

Part 7. How much is OptinMonster?

(my honest OptinMonster review)

​We finally reached this part! Woo-hoo!

Take a look at the pricing table below for the latest OptinMonster pricing 2018.

how much is optinmonsterhow much is optinmonsterhow much is optinmonster

​OptinMonster serves both beginners and advanced online marketers with their multiple tier pricing structure.

​You can opt for OptinMonster as low as $9 per month with basic features and popover forms.

If you need more firepower and want to skyrocket your list building strategy within a very short time period (like 24 hours or so), consider using OptinMonster Plus or Pro plans that come with more feature-rich marketing features.

Part 8. OptinMonster review: Is OptinMonster worth it?

I believe this is the most important part for this OptinMonster review and I’m going to answer you based on my experience using OptinMonster for over three years now.

OptinMonster is definitely worth your money. 

As a matter of fact, I’m totally impressed with the easy to use interface, and OptinMonster’s optin forms and the drag and drop form builder tool.

OptinMonster started as a humble WordPress plugin and now, it has transformed into a much bigger and effective list building tool that comes with state-of-the-art feature.

Ultimately, you should use OptinMonster if you want to:

  • check​Save more time in list building
  • check​Set and forget list building tool
  • check​Manage all your opt-in forms from multiple websites under one roof​
  • checkPowerful and yet affordable list building tool for both WordPress and non-WordPress sites

Part 9. Is OptinMonster the perfect list building tool?

OptinMonster had came a long way — and I think they definitely deserve to be at the top of the lead generation software for marketers.

Overall, the features for OptinMonster are way beyond most of OptinMonster alternatives.

Therefore, I will recommend OptinMonster anytime of the day!

​Summary: Recapping the OptinMonster review for 2018

​The bottom line is simple. OptinMonster allows you to create, deploy and test opt-in forms across multiple sites without any coding or mess.

​The features that come with OptinMonster are definitely worth a look and rest assured that this is one email list building tool that will skyrocket your conversion rates under 30 days or less.

Click here to learn more about OptinMonster or immediately grab the best OptinMonster discount using the button below.

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