OptimizePress vs Thrive: Which is better?

Thrive Themes and plugins have long been a long standing top-tier player in the WordPress development industry. Age-old players such as OptimizePress, Divi and X Theme have lost their spots especially with the highly competitive market. However, things are about to change as OptimizePress has just released an all-new version and update which makes it on par with Thrive.

As a matter of fact, that’s what this blog post is all about—let’s discuss the differences between OptimizePress vs Thrive.

OptimizePress—New and improved gamechanger?

OptimizePress Review 2018

The update on OptimizePress came at a very timely moment. It has long lost its market share in the competitive edge especially when comparing to Thrive. With the new update, it is said to be much different from any of the previous updates. These includes (but not limited to):

  • More flexible and intuitive drag and drop builder
  • Introduction of elements to increase conversion (newsletters, sign ups and sales)
  • Sales funnel creation with advanced modules and features
  • check More than 300 templates to choose from (along with an active OptimizePress market place to scout and purchase premium templates)
  • check Highly customized opt-in forms to increase conversion rates and getting more leads
  • check Ability to sell everything under the roof—from eBooks to digital products, from seminar and event pages to book launches
  • check Integration with major third party tools and plugins such as email marketing, lead generation and CRMs

Still not convinced?

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Thrive Themes—An all in one marketing toolbox for serious website owners

is thrive themes worth it

Thrive Themes is the God when it comes to website customization. Easy to use with round the clock support on forum and email, Thrive Themes has long been the ‘family favorite’ for big names such as John lee Dumas (founder of Entrepreneur On Fire) and Jeff Sauer (frounder of Jeffalytics). When comparing OptimizePress vs Thrive, there are several features which both of them are similar and some which Thrive prevails such as:

  • 10 premium WordPress themes and 10 Thrive plugins
  • Powerful Thrive plugins such as Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads sweeten the deal multiple folds
  • Fast loading website which not many website builders could offer
  • check The most intuitive WordPress website builder in the market (that is constantly updated)
  • check Works well not only for bloggers and small business owners, but as well as digital marketing agencies and business consultants
  • check Simple pricing structure that is easy on the wallet
  • check Your website will not be broken shall you decide to uninstall Thrive plugins (which is a killer advantage!)

Is Thrive worth it?

I’ve been using Thrive for over 4 years now and that is single-handedly the best investment I’ve done (for myself and business). Don’t just hear my word for it, try it today!

OptimizePress vs Thrive—The Recap

When it comes to comparing OptimizePress and Thrive, it is true that both of the tools are pretty similar. The only differences between OptimizePress vs Thrive is that OptimizePress works under one plugin while Thrive works with multiple plugins.

Having a single plugin allows you to do everything under one roof but at the same time, unused features will be redundant. This is where Thrive shine where you can only choose the type of plugins or addons you want to use—thus speeding up the website loading speed.

What do you think when it comes to OptimizePress vs Thrive? Which will you choose?

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