Beaver Builder vs Divi vs Thrive Architect: Comparing for the ULTIMATE website builder tool

​Beaver Builder vs Divi vs Thrive Architect — which is the best WordPress builder for you?

Recently, ​I had published a full and detailed article about the top 5 drag and drop website builder in 2018​. Then, it struck my mind.

What if I want to compare each of the builder tools instead? So, this post is to compliment it by going through comparison between the my personal favorite of the top three website builders.

​Wait, what is a landing page builder?

beaver builder vs divi vs thrive architect comparison

​A landing page builder helps you create landing pages (like the above) or design your site easily without using a single line of code. It also helps you to build website designs faster and more efficient.

​Beaver Builder

beaver builder review

Beaver Builder is a simple and very straightforward website builder doesn’t don’t suck. 


Beaver Builder comes with two forms — plugin and theme builder.

​Want to know more about Beaver Builder plugin or theme?

​​Here’s a cool resource for you: The ULTIMATE Beaver Builder Review (​updated for 2018)

​I recommend Beaver Builder because it is super easy to use and is not cluttered with tons of features that will make you go nuts.

​Advantages using Beaver Builder (vs Divi vs Thrive Architect)

  • check​Kick-start your creativity with dozens of gorgeous page templates
  • check​You can position images and text with precision, and build column based layouts in minutes
  • check​Separate your page builder from your theme and get complete control of your content
  • check​The Beaver Builder Page Builder plugin works with almost any theme (Genesis, Divi, Woothemes, Ultimatum and others)
  • checkYou can configure a row/module once, then use it all over your site.
  • checkPlus, set a saved row/module as a global and your changes will affect all instances of the module/row!
  • checkBeaver Builder supports shortcodes and widgets so you can use your other favorite plugins

​Disadvantages using Beaver Builder (vs Divi vs Thrive Architect)

  • ​Pricing structure is steep compared to other builders
  • ​Beaver Builder isn’t really build to look good (backend) compared to Divi and Thrive Architect
  • ​Two different components (Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder Theme) can be confusing for beginners

​Beaver Builder Review

Overall, Beaver Builder is a good builder tool if you are looking to redesign your site (or client’s ones) without any coding skills.

The usage of Beaver Builder makes web designing much faster and efficient with the global row and column features.

​Plus, the massive and supporting community/reviews show that Beaver Beaver is a great tool and there is support standing strong behind the Beaver Builder.

testimonials beaver builder

​Thinking twice if Beaver Builder is the right one for you?

No, you don’t have to!

Even the biggest names in WordPress trust and recommend Beaver Builder for obvious reasons.

beaver builder plugin

​Divi Builder

divi 3.0 review

​Divi 3.0 or Divi Builder plugin is one of the most popular drag and drop website builder for developers.

Divi is the flagship product of Elegant Themes. Serving over 488,000 customers and counting, Divi is a heavy lifter when it comes to website builder.

While Divi Builder plugin is often used by website developers, it is also used by seasons bloggers. 

​It is not just because Divi makes beautiful websites — Divi makes it really easy for you to create powerful website designs without a single line of code. Click here for the full Elegant Themes (Divi) review.

​I highly recommend Divi Builder because it is very flexible and website designing is a brief. Here’s a quick sample of what you can do with Divi.

divi 3.0 drag and drop website builderdivi 3.0 reviewcheap drag and drop website builder 2018

​Advantages using Divi (vs Beaver Builder vs Thrive Architect)

  • check​Real time design (front-end editor)
  • check​Ability to customize anything and everything
  • check​Just click and type (no coding required)
  • check​Automatic responsive editing
  • checkGlobal elements save time and energy
  • checkEasily import and export contents from the library
  • check20+ pre-made layouts ready to download
  • checkFast website loading speed
  • checkIn-line editing feature
  • checkDrag-able widths
  • checkElements for every occasion
  • checkEasily share and download layouts and content from Elegant Theme’s community
  • checkEasy pricing structure and highly affordable

​Disadvantages using Divi (vs Beaver Builder vs Thrive Architect)

  • ​Feature-rich website builder tool may be ‘too much’ for beginners
  • ​A little bit heavy which affects website loading speed

​Divi Builder Review

​Overall, Divi Builder is a great option when compared to Beaver Builder and Thrive Architect. The rich features allows you to put web designing in the front seat while making all your design ideas come to life.

The drag and drop website builder is intuitive and powerful — making it an ideal option for web designers and bloggers who want to redesign their sites.

​Thrive Architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder)

thrive architect comparison

​Some may call Thrive Architect the underdog in the website builder arena but do not take that lightly.

​Since the launched of Thrive Architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder), it has become one of the top household names when it comes to building websites using drag and drop tool.

​Editor’s Note

​​What I personally love about Thrive Architect is that it is build around conversion. Every element or designs you can find on Thrive Architect is aimed to convert your website visitors into paying customers or email subscribers. Click here to head directly to the demo page.

​When comparing Thrive Architect vs Beaver Builder vs Divi, I got to admit that Thrive Architect certainly comes with some advanced features (which makes is very tempting to use).

Take a look below.

thrive architect column layout

Easily drag and customize column size

thrive architect attention grabbing elements

​Grab the attention using different elements

thrive architect font customization

​Customize the fonts anyway you like it to be

thrive architect customize width

​Width customization is easily done without coding

thrive architect hover effect

​Hover effect enables you to create better CTA

customize buttons using thrive architect

​Make yout buttons stand out and unique (increase conversion)

​If you are wondering, this page is created using Thrive Architect.

​Advantages using Thrive Architect (vs Beaver Builder vs Divi)

  • check​Instant drag and drop editing
  • check​No coding or design skills needed
  • check​Over 220 beautifully designed and 100% conversion focused landing page templates to download and use instantly
  • checkPre-built conversion elements
  • checkAbility to create sales pages without hiring a professional copywriter
  • checkAbility to create different type of pages (webinar, product launch, opt-in, sales pages etc.) in just a few clicks
  • checkUltra-flexible column layouts
  • checkAttention-grabbing texts and image combinations
  • checkTotal font customization (feel free to go crazy with it)
  • checkAdvanced, attention grabbing hover effects
  • checkCosts way cheaper compared to Beaver Builder and Divi
  • checkExcellent support team in case you ever need help

​Disadvantages using Thrive Architect (vs Beaver Builder vs Divi)

  • ​Known to not play nice with CloudFlare (the files on Thrive Architect are all optimized already in advance)

​Thrive Architect Review

​To be honest, Thrive Architect is really an interesting website builder (comparing with Beaver Builder and Divi).

Having using Thrive Architect for over a year, I got to say that Thrive Architect is still my favorite drag and drop website builder compared to Divi and Beaver Builder.

While I have no issues with any of these site builder tools, I feel that Thrive Architect is very light and helps me focus in one particular area — converting website visitors into email subscribers.

Want to know more about Thrive Architect?

​Thrive Architect is a great choice but is it right for you? Let’s face it — there is no one product that fits all. Therefore, how about taking a quick look at this post to help you with the decision making? Thrive Architect Review: Is it worth the hype and money?

​Beaver Builder vs Divi vs Thrive Architect: Which is better?

​Make no mistake as all three are great site builders. My personal choice would be Thrive Architect, followed by Divi and finally, Beaver Builder.

​What about you? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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