Top 15 Landing Page Design For 2018

Does your landing page design has what it takes to convince your site visitors to take action?

I suggest you to take a look at your Google Analytics now and determine if your landing page designs are doing their job correctly. There are many elements needed to make a great landing page design.

No, good landing page designs don’t make the cut here.

If you are serious in learning more about landing page designs (or finding an important source for your landing pager designer), this article is for you. In this article, you will find not one, not two but top 15 landing page designs for 2018.

Top 15 Landing Page Designs 2018

Important disclaimer: These are my personal favorites and more importantly, these landing pages have the right elements to turn website visitors into paying customers.

1. Wistia

What’s attracts me the most: The background colour which is easy on the eyes and pleasant. Reminds me of making the great first impression.

wistia landing page

The first tagline is “Put your business videos to work” and this is very critical especially when you want to be different from YouTube.

Setting up an account is simple — First name, last name, email, password and of course, a little information/survey which is critical for marketing purposes.

What happens if you have doubts?

Scroll down the page and you will discover the well-done FAQ section.

Wistia is definitely one of my top favorite landing page designs for 2018.

2. Unbounce

I cannot imagine Unbounce NOT in this email — yes, it is impossible.

What makes head turns with Unbounce landing page?

  • The use of a chat window instead of a classic form (super smart move)
  • Super detailed but well packaged information below the ‘form’

unbounce landing page sample

Why did Unbounce had a longer-than-usual landing page design? The answer is simple.

More content = Search engines will have more information to crawl and feature on result pages.

Unbounce literally optimize landing pages for SEO and this is something every web designer should take into consideration.

3. Muzzle

When I first came across Muzzle, I was like “hmm” and that went ahead to the “aha” moment.

Visitors on the page are literally greeted with a rapid-fire onslaught of embarassing notification in the upper right of the screen.

Now, this is on purpose!

It attracts me (and probably thousands of website visitors) because this is hilarious and compelling.

muzzle landing page design


Welcome to year 2018 where static landing pages are no longer in much demand.

Landing pages don’t need to be boring and that is affecting your conversion rate. Make your landing pages interactive and personalized these pages to resonates with your website visitors.

How? Take a look at this. It all starts with a simple draging option.

bills landing page

Then the second part of the question kicks in which is smart and super interactive.

great landing page designs 2018

Once you finished the second question, the last questions magically pops up.

top landing page design samples 2018

The final (conversion page) landing page design by is very basic but it is easily complimented through the first two steps which makes the entire process interactive with its audience.

TAKEAWAY: Landing pages doesn’t need to be static. Intuitive, interactive and fun are critical factors that drive your conversion rates higher than your competitors!

5. Teambit

Teambit landing page focuses on one thing, and one thing only — illustration.

The landing page design consists of a simple, single-field form accompanied with animal characters. Interesting, right?

landing page designs by teambit

6. Landbot

Chatbot, chatbot and more chatbots. Oh my.

Unsuspecting website visitors will be greeted by a friendly bot that comes with emojis and GIFs — with the sole intention of getting more information from the website visitors.

Hey, who can resist the fun you can get from chatbots, right?

smart landing page designs 2018

7. Webprofits

This is pretty much your typical landing page design that you will see in most pages.

Webprofits is smart to make the longest landing page feel short.

The landing page starts with a prominent CTA button to learn more about the product (notice the high contrast colour). By indirectly hiding the form field up front, they help to reduce friction and more importantly, creating the opportunity for the website visitors to learn more about their products.

In between the content, they embedded images to make it more interesting and getting your mind off the ‘long’ landing page concept.

If your landing page designer wants to craft a long landing page, this is definitely one sample to consider!

sample of long landing page design

8. Airbnb

How many times you do you visit Airbnb on desktop? Not many, I supposed.

Airbnb has one of the most promiment landing page designs I have seen, especially in 2018. Clear call-to-action, simple options to customize your search and more importantly, smiling Airbnb hosts make it nearly impossible NOT to reserve a room or place with them.

high conversion landing page designers

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9. Conversion Lab

Make no mistake. This website is special. The homepage serves as a landing page for its website visitors.

And believe it or not, this is a very smart move!

Here’s what you’ll see when you first visit the site.

conversion lab home page design

After clicking on the CTA, a new form pops up for the next step.

two steps landing page design

Why is this a good move?

Two steps landing page design is great because you doesn’t display the form to everyone who reach the page. Instead, the form is only visible for those who take action. In this case, they are more likely to be interested with whatever offer you are offering them.

This is also why promiment WordPress lead generation plugins such as Thrive Leads and OptinMonster has 2-steps landing page designs for you to choose from.

10. Shopify

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

The KISS strategy by SHopify is smart, effective and elegant.

The user-oriented headline is just a few words and if you scroll further down, you are greeted with some icons and extra text to make the sense out of them.

All of this makes it easier for you to get the point: Selling online with their tool.

simple landing page design 2018

11. Dropbox

I call myself a minimalist and I certainly love landing pages that are not cluttered. They are just messy, don’t you think?

When it comes to simplicity, Dropbox is one of the best in the market. Take a look at Dropbox’s landing page design.

colourful landing page design

By default, most of us will probably go for the Dropbox Basic due to the cost. So, the solution is simple.

Having a CTA focusing on a higher ticket product and offer free trial!

Now, you tell me — what are the changes that you will ditch a free trial option at no cost to you?

12. Google Drive

Why do you ue Google Drive? File storage, security and collaboration, right?

Now, take a look at their landing page design.

google drive landing page design

Can you tell me what you notice from the landing page design above?

For me, it is simplicity. Make no mistake, I feel that they can do better with the background image but the tagline has only 7 words.

Seven words, ladies and gentlement.

Right to the point, isn’t it?

The next time your landing page designer is crafting his/her artwork, keep in mind that simplicity matters.

13. Khan Academy

You should have heard about Khan Academy but just like most businesses around the world, it is always challenging when you are trying to cater a wide range of audience.

So, how does Khan Academy does it?

landing page for multi purpose

Everything is well placed in this landing page by Khan Academy and more importantly, it help audiences from different backgrounds to convert without hassle!

14. Codeacademy

Are you looking for a landing page design that is simple in both copy and design? If yes, this landing page is definitely going to turn you on!

The form itself is simple and only requires an email address, username, password, and a validation that you’re not a robot to create an account. Or, you can just use your Facebook or Google Plus login, shortening the conversion path even further.

simple copy and design landing page

And if you would require additional information, website visitors can scroll down for a video which is embedded below the fold.

15. Lyft

Last but not least, Lyft has one of the best landing page design I have seen in 2018. This page is found when you are trying to be a Lyft driver.

lyft landing page design

Do you know what makes this landing page so powerful?

Firstly, the tagline automatically resonates to the audience who is considering to become a Lyft driver (and generating passive income).

The Apply Now form is very standard and assuming that you are doubtful of this, you will most probably land in the next column which calculates the estimated earning you can get.

Smart? Yes, go figure and try implement these concepts in your upcoming landing page designs for 2018!

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