What you will find in this article is the latest and most updated Elegant Themes review for 2018.

​If you are starting a blog and looking for a good WordPress theme, you probably come across Elegant Themes.

​Elegant Themes comes with a wide range of attractive themes, powerful plugins and a super active user community. Their flagship product is Divi theme and I'm sure you have heard about it!

​In short, Elegant Themes is one of the biggest names in the WordPress ecosystem.

You might have read a few Elegant Themes review when it comes to premium WordPress theme and plugin shopping. But, I'm sure there are many questions that ​are left unanswered.

Here are a few to start with.

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    ​Is Elegant Themes the right choice for your website?
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    ​Should you get Elegant Themes now or search for other alternative?
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    What are included in Elegant Themes membership?
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    ​Is Elegant Themes worth it?

​At the end of this post, you will have a good understanding on what Elegant Themes is all about which will help you make a well-thought-out decision.

​What is Elegant Themes?

elegant themes review

​At this point of writing, Elegant Themes has been in the market for over eight years serving close to 4​50,000 customers. The workforce for Elegant Themes is also huge, consisting of over 40 employees working across the globe. Elegant Themes is the brainchild of Nick Roach's and it was launched back during his college days. 

An amazing feat to say the very least!

​I want to start my Elegant Themes review by saying that Elegant Themes is popular because it comes with over 87 WordPress themes and five plugins. Elegant Themes has taken 'a road less taken' approach when it comes to their ​business model — subscription model.

​They recently ditched the Personal plan and remodeled their pricing structures to remain competitive in the WordPress market. Take a look below at their old pricing model.

old elegant themes pricing

This was the old Elegant Themes pricing structure

​With the new pricing structure, Elegant Themes operates on a subscription model where it costs $89 per year for unlimited access or $249 for a lifetime membership (one-time payment).

new elegant themes pricing

New Elegant Themes pricing structure

​As you can see, this pricing structure is better and rather straightforward. Plus, it is less cluttered which helps Elegant Themes to serve its customers better.

The only differences between the Elegant Themes yearly access and lifetime access is the payment or pricing. If you are looking for Elegant Themes discount, going for the lifetime access is going to save you a lot of money in a long run.

With that being said, let's move forward with the next part of the Elegant Themes review -> Is Elegant Themes the right choice for your project?

Part 1 of Elegant Themes Review: ​WordPress Themes

​Signing up with Elegant Themes gives you unlimited access to over 87 WordPress themes at a single pricing.

Here's something you need to understand though. With the arrival of Divi back in 2013, Elegant Themes has been making this flagship theme as the single best WordPress theme available.

The new and updated Divi 3.0 was launched late in 2016 and it has become one of the best WordPress themes that offers multiple features including drag and drop WordPress editor.

​Divi ​— The Multipurpose WordPress Theme

​Divi 3.0 allows you create just about any type of website without the need of using a single line of code.

​Divi 3.0 offers state-of-the-art features that allows you to customize any WordPress site within minutes, not hours. ​I highly recommend you to take a look at this video introduction of Divi 3.0, ​before moving forward with the Elegant Themes review.

​Divi 3.0 theme is build from ground up and the unique proposition about this WordPress theme is the ability to use on any website powered by WordPress - from blog to business homepages and from eCommerce stores to a single page landing.

The Divi 3.0 is a great drag and drop visual editor because it allows new WordPress users to create custom websites without using codes and professional web designers for building sites that are more efficient for their clients.


​In short, Divi 3.0 is extremely flexible and allows the users to do literally everything under the hood.

​Changing the size of the column is just as simple as a drag and pull.

divi 3.0 drag and drop website builder

​Want to change the font or adjust the number of columns? Yes, it is way much easier to do using Divi!

divi 3.0 review

Using Divi, you can change anything at real time (WYSIWYG) and you can even compare it on mobile and other views too!

cheap drag and drop website builder 2018

​If you are an inexperience web designer or running a web design business from home, Divi is a great choice because it comes with a large library of templates.

Loading up any of the pre-made Divi layout gives you a quick head start to starting your website.

No matter what your skill level are, Divi does an excellent job in democratizing web designs.

​Combining the powerful drag and drop builder with the Divi layouts allows you to create the ultimate website design of your choice faster and cost efficient.

BONUS #1: ​Divi Leads Tool

​Divi Leads Tool is worth mentioning in this Elegant Themes review. Divi Leads allows you to run and manage split testing experiments on your site's design and content.

If you are looking to remove the guesswork and increase conversion rates (or engagement rates), you are going to find Divi Leads very useful.

split testing using Divi Leads

Divi Leads allows you to compare multiple versions of your website

​On the personal end, Divi Leads lets you run split testing on multiple elements on a single page. This means that you can change any element on the page and compare it (instead of the traditional split testing of page A vs page B).

​BONUS #2: New Divi layouts and templates

The crews behind ​Elegant Themes understand the importance of having new layouts and templates. Therefore, new content and updates are always introduced to the Elegant Themes community to ensure that freshness in ideas and new designs can be used by the users immediately.

Overall, Divi 3.0 is definitely a great choice for both bloggers and website developers who like to build a custom WordPress website.

​Divi Layouts & Templates

​With constant ​launches of new Divi layouts and templates, Divi by Elegant Themes became a great option for WordPress users because it makes web design easier and faster.

As these layouts and templates are often designed by professionals, users can easily use the designs (via importing them) instead of creating from scratch.

​Extra Magazine WordPress Theme

​Extra theme is launched right after Divi and make no mistake about it. It offers one of the best features that Elegant Themes can offer.

​While the Divi ​theme by Elegant Themes is often considered a multipurpose theme, Extra is more specific, offering professional website design designed specifically for blogs, online magazines and sites that offer content-rich information.

extra magazine theme

Extra is a great magazine theme for blogs and online magazines

​If you are looking for the perfect homepage for a news or magazine site, you don't have to look far. Extra magazine theme allows you display your best content in a stylish grid format.

Feeling advantageous? You can opt for carousels, tabbed areas and other custom widgets to display previews of your blog content.

perfect homepage design

Extra magazine theme offers perfect homepage design

Want to further entice your web visitors? Not a problem!

Extra magazine theme by Elegant Themes allows you to draw the right attention to your content by having multiple, well-placed focused areas.

​This is what I mean.​

extra homepage layout

Draw the attention to your content using images

The usage of images and multiple widget areas allow you to customize your site and keeping your web visitors engaged.

​And that's not all! Extra uses Divi Builder tool and therefore, you can customize anything on the page with ease.

Divi Builder tool is a front-end drag-and-drop WordPress editor that connects you to the content library. You can easily import predefined content into the page or save one that you have created in just a few clicks.

increase engagement rate

Combining text and images allows you to increase the engagement rate of your website visitors

​Extra magazine theme by Elegant Themes allows you to make your article stand out from the crowd. Instead of using just wall of text, you can easily integrate images, videos and different fonts for your content upgrade.

Ultimately, you will get a lower bounce rate and web visitors will stay for a longer duration.

​Other WordPress Themes By Elegant Themes

​You have just seen the complete comparison of Divi and Extra by Elegant Themes (mind blowing, right?). How about the other WordPress themes offered by Elegant Themes?

Remember the 87 WordPress themes I said earlier?

wordpress themes by elegant themes

Some of the WordPress themes by Elegant Themes

​You will find many other WordPress themes which are great within the Elegant Themes catalog. While these WordPress themes are great for the eyes, I highly recommend you to take serious consideration on Divi and Extra because there are many built in features which will skyrocket your site.

Note: When you sign up for Elegant Themes, you have access to ALL WordPress themes by Elegant Themes including Divi and Extra magazine theme.

Part 2 of Elegant Themes Review: ​Elegant Themes WordPress Plugins

​Elegant Themes doesn't only offer premium WordPress themes, they also offer a wide range of high-quality WordPress plugins.

By subscribing to Elegant Themes (either the yearly or lifetime plan), you will get unlimited access to these plugins.

​Divi Builder WordPress Page Builder Plugin

​Why would you want to use Divi Builder plugin?

​If you are using other WordPress themes, you can easily use the Divi Builder plugin to leverage the true power of a drag and drop WordPress editor.

divi builder plugin review

Divi Builder plugin is one of the best drag and drop website editor

​If you are looking to create custom page design through a back-end builder interface, Divi Builder plugin is your best option.

​Using this plugin, you can create advanced page layouts such as multiple rows and columns. At this point of time, there are 46 customizable content modules that you can choose from when using Divi Builder plugin.

divi builder plugin review

Creating multiple rows and columns is easy using Divi Builder plugin

​Apart from that, what I love about Divi Builder is the option to roll back any changes I had done. For example, I may accidentally add a new element which distrupted the mobile view. In just a few clicks, I can easily roll back the changes done.

roll back changes done on Divi

You can use Divi Builder history panel to roll back changes done recently

​This Elegant Themes review is not complete without mentioning the powerful feature of the Blurb Module. In short, you can save any layout, section or module to your Divi library and reuse it anywhere on your site at a later time.

If you update any of the library items, you can even selectively apply those changes to each instance of the items throughout your site under one hood. Therefore, instead of going through page by page to do then painful changes, you can update everything with just a click of the mouse.

what is selective sync by Elegant Themes

Selective Sync feature allows you to control changes made to your module

Is Divi Builder a good choice for you?

Yes. Even if you are using other WordPress themes like StudioPress, you can easily install Divi Builder and create custom designs for your content without worrying that it will break your site.

In short, the Divi Builder is a good option when compared with other drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress.

​Bloom Email Optin Form WordPress Plugin

​​Collecting emails from your web visitors isn't an easy task and without a powerful lead generation plugin, it is really hard to achieve your email marketing goals!

Thankfully, there is Bloom. Bloom is an interesting ​lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Here are some samples of the email optins by Bloom.

bloom email optin
Bloom lead generation plugin

​Setting up Bloom plugin by Elegant Themes to collect emails is really easy.

​For a start, there are many optin forms that you can choose from, such as pop-up, fly-in, inline and widget forms. You can take email lead generation a step further using locked content feature that comes in handy!

Bloom plugin

Bloom offers several optin forms to collect emails

​Next, you can choose a wide range of templates to be customized through the plugin's editor.

bloom templates

Bloom's ready made templates are mobile responsive and focused on conversion

​As an avid WordPress user who is constantly trying to hack email marketing and lead generation, I understand that having a flexible lead generation tool is critical for any success.

​I want absolutely control in the way my forms are showing up, including animation during introduction of the form, setting delay time and control the forms' visibility.

customize lead plugin

Bloom provides advanced control for you to manage your forms

​Bloom allows you to define specifically where you can each form to be visible and the parameters which leads to activating the forms. You can also create multiple lead generation forms using Bloom to tailor the design and content to increase the conversion rate.

split test using bloom

Split test your forms to determine which is the best performing form

​Aside from that, Bloom allows you to perform split testing on various forms in just a few clicks. 

Instead of guessing which lead generation form will perform better, split testing feature on Bloom allows you to grow your list faster and more effective.

​Monarch Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

​Do you want more people to share your content on social media?

If yes, the Monarch plugin by Elegant Themes will help you increase the number of times your content is shared on social media.

​​Social shares play a role in search engine ranking. If you want better search ranking, make sure your content is easily shareable!

Tweet This!

​Simplicity is the key for social media success. I have used many social media plugins for WordPress and many of them are very complicated!

However, it is not the case of Monarch. Monarch social media plugin is another powerful creation of Elegant Themes.

Here's the good news: When you subscribe to Elegant Themes, the Monarch social media plugin will automatically be available for you to download.

​What makes Monarch a powerful social media plugin for website owners?

monarch social sharing plugin

Monarch offers simple and highly effective social sharing icons

​Once Monarch is installed, you can choose a wide range of social sharing buttons on your site. At this point of writing, Monarch supports over 20 social networking sites.

​Aside from that, Monarch by Elegant Themes allows you to choose a wide range of display location such as:

  • check
    ​Always floating
  • check
    ​Always visible sharing buttons
  • check
    ​Time delay
  • check
    ​Page scroll position
  • check
    Display after commenting or purchasing
monarch social mdia plugin review

Monarch offers users a wide range of position to display your social media buttons

Unlike other social media plugin, Monarch social media plugin ​allows you to display​ links to your social media profiles​. So, this is a great way if you are planning to grow your social media followers.

What makes Monarch social media plugin by Elegant Themes different from the rest?

The answer is because the team behind Elegant Themes understand how important control is for bloggers and web owners. ​All advanced settings such as display setting and design customization takes place through a user-friendly interface.

Therefore, you do not need to figure out how to work on the settings or check on its knowledge base for answers.

Ultimately, Monarch is definitely one of the best social media plugins for WordPress and you can get Monarch plugin as part of your Elegant Themes membership (without paying extra).

Part 3 of Elegant Themes Review:​ How Good Is The Elegant Themes Support?

​Do you know what makes Elegant Themes worth it? It is the support level.

​What triggered an impressive run for Elegant Themes the past few years was through their mistake​s they did during their early days. Those ​times, the support level for Elegant Themes was nothing to "wow" about and they are often considered 'not responsive.'

​A major shift was done within the Elegant Themes support and since then, I am happy to report that the support level for Elegant Themes is beyond excellent.

Take a look at the screenshot below. It shows the number of users are posting questions and if you dive in deeper, you will find that the support team is responding to each and every one of them.

elegant themes support level

You can use the Elegant Themes forum to create ticket and get instant help

​Elegant Themes themes and plugins are often regularly updated and new improvements are incorporated into the products.

At the same time, there are extensive ​tutorials in many forms including videos and text. Active Elegant Themes members can open a support ticket by posting questions in the support forums (which will be picked up by a staff on duty).

The Elegant Themes forum is well maintained with multiple subforums to ensure that all your questions and concerns are quickly answered.

​Part 4 of Elegant Themes Review: Other Elegant Themes Communities

Do you know that there is a huge community surrounding Elegant Themes and its products?

There are many active Facebook groups, marketplaces selling child themes (such as Divi child themes) and blogs that are devoted to Divi's development.

The official Elegant Themes blog is one of the most popular and high traffic blog related to WordPress. It publishes not only advice and tips for bloggers and web designers, it also send out weekly newsletter which are packed with information.

Note from the editor: Do you know that there is a podcast created specially for Divi?​ You can check out Divi Nation Podcast on iTunes here.

Part 5 of Elegant Themes Review: ​Is Elegant Themes worth it?

​Before I conclude the Elegant Themes review for 2018, I want to stress that there is no doubt Divi is one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes around. As you can get your hands on Divi, Extra and 85 other WordPress themes with a handful of useful plugins for only $89, signing up with Elegant Themes represents excellent value for your money.

​With the availability of Divi Builder, you can expect a lot more coming your way from Elegant Themes. From a seasoned web designer to a novice blogger, everyone can benefit from the Divi Builder.

​If you lack vision of what your website design, Divi and Extra themes from Elegant Themes are going to help you out a lot as they are such flexible themes. With the inbuilt WordPress editor, you can easily put on your creative hat and design the ultimate website design of your choice. You can even go crazy by changing your theme every week just with the drag and drop builder!

​To conclude this review on Elegant Themes, I would say that Elegant Themes is worth your money and is one of the best WordPress theme memberships in the market. The combination of multipurpose WordPress themes (Divi and Extra) along with Divi WordPress Page Builder and Monarch Social Media Plugin for WordPress makes Elegant Themes a must have in your web designing arsenal.

There is no doubt that Elegant Themes is worth the money and if you are looking for Elegant Themes discount, you should consider getting the lifetime deal since you are only required to perform one time payment instead of yearly payment.

Verdict for Elegant Themes review: Elegant Themes is good and worth your money. I highly recommend you to consider using Elegant Themes for your blogging business!

Elegant Themes




Ease of use


Customer support





  • Unlimited premium WordPress themes
  • Unlimited premium WordPress plugins
  • Comes with Divi 3.0 theme
  • Excellent support level


  • Pricing is slightly on the higher end