Beaver Builder Review – What is Beaver Builder and how good is it?

Beaver Builder




Ease of use


Customer support





  • Ability to create/tweak your website content in a visually stunning way
  • Close to zero learning curve
  • Full drag-and-drop support and front-end editing feature
  • Ability to use widget content inside Beaver Builder’s content blocks, which means you can use content generated by other plugins
  • The content you create with Beaver Builder will remain the same even if you decide to stop using the plugin at some point


  • Beaver Builder is rather expensive (the cheapest plan is $99)

​In this Beaver Builder review, you are going to get detailed insights on what is Beaver Builder and why it is one of the most popular page builder in the market today.But before we go deep into the details, I know I have been talking a lot about WordPress page builder for the last few months. And the biggest question is “why.”The new wave of drag and drop website builders enable you to do a wide range of modifications to your site without using a single line of code. Plus, the constant improvement in the page builder make the entire website building process much more fun, intuitive and satisfying. If you are looking for a plugin that is easy to use, going with WordPress page builders software such as Beaver Builder is an excellent choice to build a beautiful WordPress website.Sure, Gutenberg is growing rapidly but it is far from being a full-fledged page builder. This is exactly where page builder plugins such as Beaver Builder comes nicely into the page builder industry, especially in building WordPress website.Let’s dive into the Beaver Builder assessment.

Table of Contents1 ​What is the Beaver Builder? tl:dr version2 Beaver ​Builder Review: Features Overview3 ​Beaver Builder Review: Pricing4 ​How to build a WordPress page with Beaver Builder?5 ​Building a page with Beaver Builder plugin6 ​Beaver Builder Review: The editing process7 ​Beaver Builder ​Review: The Beaver Builder Theme8 Beaver Builder Review: ​Is Beaver Builder right for me?9 ​Beaver Builder for beginners10 Beaver Builder for website agencies11 ​Beaver Builder Review: Is this the best drag and drop builder?

​What is the Beaver Builder? tl:dr version

beaver builder review

​As usual, this review is going to be a pretty deep one. If you don’t have time to go through the thousands of words in this article, just focus on this segment and you will get a good grasp of what the Beaver Builder is and if Beaver Builder is worth it.I want to start this Beaver Builder comparison by saying that this tool​ is a feature-rich page builder that is easy to use, easy to get started and one of the most powerful WordPress page builder plugin that offers white label.​This means that:

  • ​​You can use Beaver Builder to create posts and pages through an advanced drag and drop ​WordPress text editor
  • ​​No coding required (yes, no HTML and no CSS required at all) to use Beaver
  • ​​Integrates and compatible with a wide range of WordPress themes (so you don’t have to worry about breaking your site)
  • ​The page builder is a front-end editor, thus you are able to see the work/changes done in real time
  • Beaver Builder doesn’t slow down your website due to the huge number of <div> and other irrelevant codes

​With that being said, the Beaver Builder is a handy WordPress tool for a majority of WordPress users (especially for those who doesn’t have coding skills or those who wants to start a web design business ​from home without spending too much time).There’s no doubt that it is one of the most popular page builders that are suitable for both beginners and advanced users—when it comes to building a WordPress website.

Beaver Builder Review: ​The Beaver Builders is a great WordPress tool for both beginners (who doesn’t have experience building websites) and seasoned WordPress users as this tool allows you to create great content quickly and efficiently. The low learning curve with the intuitive drag-and-drop website editor makes it an ideal choice for all.

​​Let’s take a deeper look on each Beaver Builder feature below.Note: Want to see Beaver Builder in action? ​Here’s the link to the demo and product page.

Beaver ​Builder Review: Features Overview

​Before we start this Beaver Builder review, it is important to state that there are two parts to this. The Beaver Builder is divided into:

  • ​Beaver Content Builder Plugin
  • ​Beaver Builder Theme

​The differences between both is that the Beaver Builder Theme is a WordPress theme build specially for Beaver Builder. This means that you can rest assured it is 100% compatible and it comes with additional perks such as functions and advanced settings.

​​Make no mistake as this page builder plugin comes with a wide range of features. Here is a list of them to kick start our Beaver Builder review post:

  • ​Ability to drag and drop elements on posts and pages
  • Coding skill is not required (yes, no HTML and CSS knowledge is needed)
  • ​Easily edit posts and pages in just a few clicks
  • Ability to build column-based layouts (easily) which are often not supported by most WordPress themes
  • Over 30 ready-made page templates that you can download and use immediately (​sample of ​landing pages demo and content templates)
  • Beaver Builder Theme comes with a list of predefined styles (best when you are building a site from scratch)
  • Complete front-end editing feature which allows you to do changes and amendments in real-time
  • The builder beaver is compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Posts and pages created with Beaver Builder’s editor is automatically optimized for mobile viewing
  • Whatever you build with Beaver Builder will stay looking great even if you deactivate the plugin at some point (similar to Thrive Architect)
  • One of the page builder plugins that is optimized for SEO
  • 100% compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Easily import and export designs, elements and demo

​About the Beaver Builder

​Beaver Builder for WordPress is one of the best page builder in the market. The Beaver Builder modules and very intuitive user interface allow you to easily create custom page layouts that put Elementor to shame (oops). In terms of functionality and module, page building with this software has no limits and the sky is your only limit. Plus, if you’re looking for a white-label tool for your website development agency, you certainly don’t want to miss out Beaver Builder.There are a lot of features that come packed when you use Beaver Builder. Unlike other drag and drop website editors, Beaver Builder’s visual editor is perfect for both beginners and advanced users because you will not feel overwhelmed suddenly with the massive features it offers. Instead, these features are readily available when you click or ​enable them.Many modules can be activated or deactivated in just a few clicks—one that not many WordPress page builder in the market are offering. This feature allows you to remove bloatware from the page or post, and make your website load faster.In this Beaver Builder review, I’ll go through the critical and popular features of the tools to help you decide if Beaver Builder is the right choice for you.

​Beaver Builder Review: Pricing

​Yes, you are right. This post is slightly different. Usually, the pricing structure is located at the bottom part of the post but I want to make it slightly different in this Beaver Builder review.I’m sure this is not the first article you had read about builder beaver or Beaver page builders. So, I hope you will find some gem, especially in the pricing structure.More importantly, is Beaver Builder worth it?​Here’s the official pricing table:

beaver builder pricing

Beaver Builder comes with three different pricing packages

​Beaver Builder comes with three different pricing packages. ​The entry-level for Beaver Builder plugin is $99 for a full year of support and unlimited upgrades. The best part about Beaver Builder pricing is that it comes with unlimited sites — which is often not the case for many of its competitors.

It is also important to note that there are no website limits to using Beaver Builder regardless of the plans that you are subscribed to (which is a huge advantage).

Beaver Builder Standard Plan. The Standard plan is probably the best option if you only need the page builder plugin and not working on multisite. The Beaver Builder editor works perfectly well with the majority of free and premium WordPress themes—and thus, compatibility isn’t an issue here.

Beaver Builder Pro Plan. The biggest difference between Pro and Standard plan is, of course, the Beaver Builder Theme and multisite capabilities. The main selling point of the Pro plan is the Beaver Builder Theme.

If you are serious in starting a web designing business, Beaver Builder Theme is going to help you build websites from the ground up ​really, really fast.

Beaver Builder Agency Plan. Personally, I see no reason for you to get this unless you have a web design business and requires white labelling. But for the sake of this Beaver Builder review, the Agency plan is best when you managed dozens of websites and have a thriving web design business.

It is important to remember that there are not many page builders that offer white labelling option. So, use Beaver Builder if you are serious in creating a professional white label website development business.

In my honest opinion, Beaver Builder Standard plan is the best value since you would probably have a working WordPress theme installed on your site now.

I do, however, recommend you to go for the ​Pro plan if you are serious in making web designing business works for you (as a side hustle or a full-time job). Plus, the Pro plan comes with more features of Beaver Builder which you can import export designs works in just a few clicks.

Important note: Beaver Themer is not included in any of the plans and is sold separately at $149.​There is no Beaver Builder free trial available but there is a light version of the plugin which is on In comparison with the premium plans, the light plan doesn’t come with these powerful features

Beaver Builder Lite Version

​How to build a WordPress page with Beaver Builder?

​For this part, I’ll be reviewing Beaver Builder plugin and not the theme.

​There are two ways to get started using the Beaver Builder plugin.​​​

  • ​Pick from one of the available page templates
  • ​Go to your wp-admin, open any post or page (or create a new one), and select ‘Launch Beaver Builder to use the page builder feature.

How To Use Beaver Builder Plugin For WordPress

How To Use Beaver Builder Plugin For WordPress

​You will see the above setting if you have the latest WordPress installed. Once the page builder loads, you would be able to customize the post or page in WordPress.

Beaver Builder Page Builder Tool

Beaver Builder Page Builder Tool

​In the previous Beaver Builder version, you will find the Layout Templates​ where you can toggle the options and choose the right one based on your current needs.

​Landing pages are used for marketing and sales purposes with one clear goal in mind—converting website visitors into customers or subscribers. It is also worth to note that you will find nicely labelled landing pages based on needs/purposes—templates for small businesses to fitness, and from online magazines to restaurants for example.

​Content pages that come with the Beaver Builder are designed to help you create beautiful looking pages (contact us page, homepage, portfolios etc.).

The new layout and Beaver Builder version allows you to do much more (see the screenshot above) including using modules, rows, templates and saved elements.

​Once that is done, you will be able to proceed with the next step.

​Building a page with Beaver Builder plugin

​Typically, you start building a page with a specific content structure in mind. Here’s an ugly example:

How to build a wordpress page

​​When building a WordPress page, you will have rows and columns in mind. And in each of them, you will have an idea of what type of content is in them.

You can go crazy with 3 rows, 5 columns etc. The sky is your only limit (not me, not you and certainly not the Beaver Builder plugin).

Here’s where it gets really interesting. The Beaver Builder plugin allows you to create multiple WordPress pages without a single line of code. It is all about the drag and drop, baby!

This is what I mean.

Beaver Builder drag and drop wordpress editor

​Using Beaver Builder, you can move any element across the page by dragging and releasing it at the spot of your choice. In other words, Beaver Builder’s powerful editor allows you to use different elements on any page while building your dream website design.

Pretty cool, right?

​Adding rows and columns before you are able to create your page is also fairly simple. Head over to the sidebar of the Beaver Builder (seen on the side of the page) and click on the relevant option to create the elements of your choice.

​What do you get when you click on each of these settings?

Row Layouts. Control the number of columns you want each row to have.

Basic Modules. Elements such as audio, buttons, heading, photos, text and videos.

Advanced Modules. Call to action buttons, accordions, contact form, maps, social media buttons etc.

WordPress Widgets. ​You can use any widget you have enabled on your WordPress site, and this also means that Beaver Builder works with content generated by other plugins.

Those days, I hate drag and drop editors because I will lose my content when I deactivate or delete the tool. With Beaver Builder, this is not a problem because you will never lose any of your content (even when you change the template).

​Beaver Builder Review: The editing process

​​The process of editing using Beaver Builder is very simple and smooth. While there are many other drag and drop WordPress editors which may create glitches when you change templates etc., you will not experience this when you use Beaver Builder.

A surprising but very grateful feature to say the very least. Before we proceed to the next part of the Beaver Builder review, I want to stress that a lot of drag and drop builders are known for crashes and glitches—but not for this Beaver Builder tool. Kudos to the team!

​Beaver Builder ​Review: The Beaver Builder Theme

​The Beaver Builder Theme is available with the ​Pro plan and you can use it to build a website from scratch in a matter of minutes not days.

Using Beaver Builder, you can customize the overall look and feel of your site using the WordPress Customizer. Additional settings can be found on pages and posts when you edit them.

​Let’s start the Beaver Builder Theme review with ​the general settings​:

wordpress customizer

​You start off by selecting the Presets for the layout and feel of your entire site.

beaver builder presets

​Each of these preset comes with distinctive differences in design and I recommend you to try each of them before deciding the best one that fits you best.

Once that is done, click on the ‘general’ setting panel and move on to the ‘layout’ settings. Here, you can choose to use boxed layout (which is the standard for most website designs) or a full-width layout.

​In the same panel, you will have more ability to adjust and control your site display through colours, heading, typography and many more.

beaver builder theme settings

​In short, Beaver Builder allows you to create the type of website you truly wish and aims for in terms of designs and layouts.​​

​Beaver Builder Review: ​The Beaver Builder Theme is unique and extremely easy to use. It comes with a lot of features to help you create your dream site easily without having to mess around with the codes. The combination of Beaver Builder Theme and Beaver Builder plugin makes this duo a perfect match for web design projects.

Beaver Builder Review: ​Is Beaver Builder right for me?

​I think this is a very important question and fits perfectly well in this Beaver Builder review.

Is Beaver Builder right for me?

Here are some of the advantages using the Beaver Builder:

  • ​Ability to create awesome looking content without coding knowledge
  • ​​Low learning curve and easy for beginners (ease of use)
  • ​​Ability to import and use pre-made page templates
  • ​Build sites fast and quick
  • Beaver Builder integrates perfectly well with Gutenberg blocks

​Beaver Builder doesn’t fit everyone but it certainly fit two types of WordPress users who will benefit dearly from it:

  • ​​WordPress users who manage their own sites, and want to be able to create great-looking content all on their own.
  • Designers, website developers and WordPress agencies building sites for clients.

​Beaver Builder for beginners

​The low learning curve in the Beaver Builder makes it ideal for beginners and those who are working on a shoestring budget. As hiring web developers can costs you thousands of dollars, ​Beaver Builder is just a fraction of the cost and it works like charm!

Besides that, Beaver Builder comes with a drag and drop WordPress editor which is really intuitive (again, for beginners). Having a front-end editing feature, you can easily work on your site in real-time without having to go back and forth with the preview page.

​With the Beaver Builder pricing at $99, this is definitely the best value-for-money option for beginners.

Beaver Builder for website agencies

​I personally know a big number of agencies that use Beaver page builder because it has white labelling option along with clean codes. This tool is excellent when you are building client sites and want to create beautiful custom post types without affecting the website loading speed.

The use of Beaver Builder Agency plan makes all the sense and with the huge 50% discount for Beaver Builder renewal (automatic), you certainly can’t go wrong with it.

Beaver Builder page builder for WordPress also offers simplicity if you’re looking to train your client in updating posts and pages in the future thanks to its low learning curve,

​Beaver Builder Review: Is this the best drag and drop builder?

​This is a tough question. No joke.

There are many other drag and drop builders in the market and Beaver Builder is definitely one of the best page builder plugin for WordPress right now.

​Overall, the Beaver Builder plugin and theme are great options when it comes to web design and building a site fast—with or without any coding skills.

Should you be getting Beaver Builder plugin or theme?

The short answer to this question is “Yes”.

To sum up my Beaver Builder review, Beaver Builder is a great tool for WordPress users regardless of experience and skills. The support is great and more importantly, these tools come with rich features to help you make web design and development more effective.

I recommend you to take a look at what Beaver Builder has to offer and even sign up for any plan.

Each of them comes with 30 days money back guarantee and if you are looking for Beaver Builder discount coupon, a 50% automatic discount is applied when you renew.

Therefore, I find no reason why you shouldn’t give this WordPress plugin a try!

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