​How do you host your own podcast? I'm glad you asked!

​Starting a podcast business is fairly easy and the challenging part is where you need to work extremely hard to market and get listeners to your show.

​In this article, you will find the exact steps to host your own podcast and market your podcast business to success.

host your own podcast

Before that, let's talk a little about podcasting. Here's a statement issued by Variety back on February 2018:

Apple Podcasts … features more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages.

There's a whole long podcasting stats you can find on Podcasting Insights, but that's not the point you are here, right?

As a matter of fact, I'm confident that you know a lot more about podcasting and how it is revolutionizing the marketing industry.

But hey, let's say you need a little more convincing on why podcasting is the BEST option for you, here's an infographic you can digest on (or you can skip all this by scrolling down and get started with hosting your own podcast guide).

2018 podcast stats

​The Ultimate Guide To Host Your Own Podcast


​Figure out your podcast niche

​Podcasting business is for real. You need to figure out the type of podcast niche that people might be interested to listen to. Podcasting niche can be both extremely lengthy such as ​Mixergy's podcast or a short one such as Ask Pat.


Getting the equipment ready

​If you are just starting a podcast show, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on podcasting equipment. You can start with the basic one and upgrade them as you progress through the podcasting business. Here are ​three podcast equipment ​that you need before getting started:


​Getting the artwork ready

​The next step is to get your podcast artwork ready. There are two options to go around this. Firstly, you can create a free account on Canva and create your own design. Alternatively, you can use Fiverr or Freelancer to hire freelancers to design a professional design for you.

Personally, I use Freelancer because I can create contest (for like $20) and get over 15 designs for me to choose from — which I think is more worthwhile.

Note: Sign up on Freelancer using this link and get at least $10 credit to your account.


​Recording your podcast

​You will nervous as hell when you record your first ever podcast and that's entirely normal! I recommend you to record the podcasts in stages so that you can edit them at a later time. I usually record 15 minutes each time and I can easily merge them later to make a complete podcast. Plus, t is less tiring as well!

Here are some podcast recording tools you should consider using to host your own podcast.


​Editing your podcast recording

​This is the most crucial stage in making your podcast business a success. In order to host your own podcast show that will captivate your audience, you need to edit your podcast recordings.

But wait, why should you edit your podcasts? Isn't ​being natural is the best?

​I got to agree on going natural but ​the podcasting business is challenging. Therefore, editing your podcast makes it professional at the very least.

​Podcast editing can be time-consuming. Therefore, hire a freelancer if you are affordable to. Usually, it takes around $20 to $50 per recording.


​Publishing your podcast

​This is where you 'hit publish!' Publishing your podcast is easy and it doesn't cost a dime. There are two main places where you need to submit your podcast work, which are iTunes Connect and Soundcloud.

​Always remember that podcasts are listen by both Apple and Android users around the world. Therefore, ​making your podcast available for both platforms are critical for your brand visibility.

​BONUS: How to market your podcast show?

​Host your own podcast is the easy part. Getting the podcast to your potential audience is the challenging part.

​Always remember that hosting your own podcast and marketing it is a continuous task!

​New & Noteworthy Podcast

​Right after publishing your first podcast, you will automatically be featured on the 100 new and noteworthy podcast on iTunes. This feature is only available for the first ​8 weeks (or 56 days to be exact) from the date your podcast was launched.

This is what it looks like on iTunes.

new and noteworthy podcast

​Again, there are literally hundreds of new podcasts launch on a daily basis and the competition is real.

You need to do go all out if you want to be featured on the top 5 or top 10 of the New and Noteworthy chart.

​Being featured on the New and Noteworthy chart allows you to get instant limelight to millions of Apple iTunes ​users. With the combination of an awesome podcast art cover/design and professionally edited podcast recording, you are going to pull a lot of visibility for yourself.

​Cross Marketing on Social Media

​Right after you published your podcast, schedule it on social media and blast them out!

You can even take a step further by running ads to encourage others to listen to your podcast.

Social media is one of the best online marketing methods to promote your podcast.

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​The more traffic you get during the initial podcast launch, the better the chances are for you to be build a stronger fan base.

​You can use a wide range of social media tools and if you are looking for one, I recommend you to take a look at Agorapulse.

Promote Your Podcast Through ​Email Marketing

​You know I talk a lot of email marketing, right? From email marketing software to email marketing tips.

​Just like publishing a blog post, make sure to email your subscribers once you published a new podcast and do not be afraid to ask for support.

Most of the time, we are afraid for backfire. If you are serious in host your own podcast and making it a success, you should go for it!

​Which is the best email software I should use for marketing my podcast? While there is no one size fits all, you should read this post where I share the top three email marketing software you should be using today.

​Publish On Your Blog

​Last but not least, the most obvious podcast marketing strategy known to mankind. Blogging.

Blogging is more than just a side hustle. It is one of the best small business ideas that can help you grow your podcasting business.

​You can take a look at how Pat Flynn uses his blog to drive more traffic to his podcast business. Here's the link.

​If you are a complete beginner and have no idea what blogging is and how to start one for your podcast business, here are some great resources for you to start with.

Are You Ready To ​Host Your Own Podcast?

I hope you find this guide useful and you are all ready to host your own podcast.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and feel free to ask any help!