How To Get 2,000 Email Subscribers Under 30 Days?

Everyone wish to get more email subscribers because email subscribers are the ones that are mostly likely to convert and buy your products/services.

However, it is always easier said than done. The competition is tough and building a 2,000-strong fan base on email isn’t a walk in the park.

In this post, I’m going to share with you how you can get 2,000 email subscribers under 30 days.

Step 1: Craft a plan to generate email subscribers

email marketing planning

You need a plan, especially when you are trying to get 2,000 email subscribers in a short time period.

What should the plan include?

Here are a list of considerations you need to ask yourself, during the planning stage.

  • Who are you targeting?
  • What are you offering to the email subscribers?
  • What makes your visitor want to sign up for the newsletter?
  • check-square-oWhat are the perks you are offering them?

Important note: Most people doesn’t sign up for an email list for nothing. They sign up because it gives them some sort of value/solve their problems.

Step 2: Setting up the right lead generation forms

lead generation 2000 email subscribers

By now, you should have an email marketing service ready to keep track of all your subscribers and if you are not, you should try out ConvertKit (one of the best in the market and used by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income).

What is a lead generation form?

A lead generation form is where interested and potential subscribers will be lead to, in order for you to grab their details. This is where you hope that they will share all their details with you and press the ‘Submit’ button!

Every email marketing service in the planet offers lead generation forms. So, you don’t need to create one from scratch (unless you insist to do so).

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Step 3:  Install a lead generation plugin

A lead generation plugin allows you to display more than just the forms. It allows you to create beautiful designs to further attract your readers to leave their email addresses.

Make no mistake, this is a crucial step for you to get 2,000 email subscribers in 30 days!

I use Thrive Leads and it works like charm because it doesn’t interfere with cache plugin or CloudFlare. You can click here to see Thrive Leads demo and to understand how it works.

thrive leads

Why do I use Thrive Leads to grow my email subscribers?

  • Thrive Leads integrates with dozens of email marketing services (offering zero downtime)
  • Thrive Leads comes with many conversion-focused lead-in form designs that are ready to be imported and use
  • Most importantly, I don’t need to have coding skills to create any forms (thanks to the Thrive Leads inbuilt drag and drop builder)

See Thrive Leads in action

Step 4: Solve your reader’s BIGGEST plain

increase email subscribers

Do you think that your readers are going to subscribe to your newsletters just because they like you? Probably not.

Unless you are as famous as Seth Godin or Tim Ferriss, chances are you will not be able to convince them to sign up without offering anything.

Therefore, give them a reason (or reasons) to sign up. You should offer them something they cannot resist — a proven solution to their biggest problems.

Here are some samples to give you some ideas:

  • How to lose {x} weight in 30 days?
  • How to be debt-free in 12 months or less?​​​
  • 101 ways you cna take action right now to become a better parent

Note: A great offer will gives the readers NO OPTION to reject/ignore it.

Step 5: Test everything

what is split testing in email marketing

You should test your email marketing strategy and that’s how you know what works, and what doesn’t.

Most WordPress lead generation plugins doesn’t offer multiple A/B testing simultaneously but Thrive Leads does. Using Thrive Leads, you can go crazy with the split test. And that’s another reason why I use Thrive plugins.

For example, you can test floating bar to slide in, or exit intent vs inline forms. The best part? You can test everything at the same time instead of just A vs B. You can opt for A vs B vs C vs D type of testing which is super important and awesome.

Pro tip: You should also test email subject lines and different sending time to get the best response rate from your email marketing campaigns.

Step 6: Analyze the results weekly

analyze results to get more email subscribers

I analyse my results once a week and 7 days is a decent time to judge if you are generating enough email subscribers.

For example, I noticed that I get better response rates (sign up rates) when I offer free courses than eBooks and offering downloadable cheatsheets helps with conversion rates but not long lasting email subscribers.

How to get 2,000 email subscribers in 30 days?

I hope that you are ready to work on your email marketing strategy now and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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