6 No Brainer Reasons Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing Service

6 No Brainer Reasons Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing Service

You probably have heard me saying this a few times now, “You need a mailing list even if you are a blogger” and I will repeat if I got to.

A mailing list is extremely important especially when you are trying to build an audience and creating not only website traffic but a very sustainable one instead.

A good mailing list is important for both novice and professional bloggers as it will help to:

  • Increase the number of return visitors
  • Keep loyal readers updated with important updates and information
  • As a medium to communicate with your loyal followers
  • And probably a dozen more

We all know how hard it is to build a great mailing list and there is obviously no reasons why you need to make the process even harder. Setting up multiple signup forms and email autoresponders could indeed be a very tedious job. Therefore, choosing the right email marketing solution is a must!

Still not convinced? Take a look at these slides on the importance of a mailing list.

By now, you should have probably hear about AWeber from either your friends or on the net. Some call AWeber the best email marketing solutions and honestly, I really think so!

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you some reasons why I rather use AWeber compared to any other email marketing solutions out there.

Before that, let’s see what AWeber really is, shall we?

*p/s There’s also a video at the bottom of this post to show you how AWeber really works.

What are the features AWeber are offering?

AWeber is an email marketing software and autoresponder tool that is easy to configure and use.

What makes AWeber so popular is the fact that it is highly affordable and with the price tag of $16.17 per month, you might think that I am out of my mind.

At least, I would definitely have something under my sleeves right?

When you signup for AWeber (click here to signup for $1 for the first month as trial plus a 30 days money back guarantee), you are not only paying for their services but as well as the rich email marketing features.

And, I believe ‘rich’ could be a very understatement of the day!

Here are a complete list of what AWeber is offering to all its members:

  1. Ability to create custom professional email newsletters within minutes
  2. Multiple ready-made signup forms available to use instantly
  3. Segmenting subscribers to different categories for easier management
  4. Automatically deliver sequence messages to new subscribers according to date and time of your choice (autoresponder)
  5. Over 600 beautiful HTML email templates to create great looking emails
  6. Ability to perform split testing in anyway possible (title, names, colour, Call-To-Action etc)
  7. RSS to email ability – Automatically create emails from your newest blog posts
  8. Email analytics to track on number of clicks, opens and delete
  9. Easy to integrate to popular WordPress mailing list plugins such as OptinSkin and Hybrid Connect
  10. Extremely high email delivery rate thanks to the Anti-Spam policy
  11. 24/7 customer support through phone and email
  12. A wide variety of free training and guides for bloggers to build more subscribers
  13. Free access to live webinars for mailing list building strategies

I got to admit this; When I first saw the features, I was like “Okay, this sounds like the right email marketing solution for me” but I wasn’t sure if I should get it.

The price tag of $16.17 per month does sounds a little pricey for me (I bet you are thinking of that right now too!).

So, what really makes me use AWeber?

AWeber autoresponder is one of the best email marketing provider for bloggers

1. The $1 deal for the first month trial and a 30-days money back guarantee is a no-brainer for me

Yup, you hear me right. The $1 deal is too good for me to say no to. Go ask around and many bloggers will tell you that they are using AWeber for their email marketing.

I am sure that if I wouldn’t like it, I could just hit the refund button. Furthermore, it’s just $1 right?

If that $1 doesn’t convince you, here are a list of famous using Aweber email services:

Now, tell me if you are convinced enough to try on AWeber right now 🙂


2. AWeber email marketing tool comes with autoresponder ability

If you have no idea what autoresponder means, I would be delighted to share with you.

Autoresponder is a feature where you can set a sequence to send emails (within a specific time frame) for every ‘trigger value’.

For example, you can set the autoresponder to send a welcome email to all new subscribers after one day of signing up for your newsletter.

Isn’t this cool? Basically, you don’t have to type a new welcome email numerous times every time a person signs up. And, you don’t even have to copy and paste the scripts as well.

Here’s a video of the autoresponder feature on AWeber:

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

3. Professional signup forms and templates

Creating a professional mailing list form is easy with AWeber. All you need to do is:

  • Choose a template or design as the base of your email
  • Choose the colours, fonts and even words to make your signup form more ‘lively’
  • Select any redirection such as to a thank you page or back to the current page
  • Copy the codes and place them on your blog
AWeber allows users to create beautiful HTML email templates to wow their future followers
You can easily produce beautiful email templates with the help of AWeber

4. Easy integration with nearly all WordPress mailing list plugins

I don’t call myself a ‘techie’ and thus, I love to have things simple and straight forward. This is where I rather use AWeber as my email marketing provider since it is extremely easy to use.

Upon completing a custom design, you can choose to either:

  • Install the codes personally
  • Send to your web designer to do it for you
  • Or asking AWeber to host the form for you

For example, I am using Hybrid Connect and I could easily integrate AWeber codes with it and build my followers close to immediately.

As for the record, I tried both FeedBurner and MailChimp email marketing solutions before using AWeber and to be very honest with you, I felt that AWeber is the best email marketing tool especially when it is so easy to integrate it.

Well, at least for me!

5. Detailed analysis for your newsletters and followers

AWeber is an email marketing service that focuses in email analytics
With the simple but detailed dashboard, AWeber users are able to easily analysis their email strategy to increase click and open rates.

For those analytics lovers out there, this is probably the best feature AWeber can ever offer. On the dashboard, you are able to see simple yet complete report at one glance.

This means that you are able to see the number of new subscribers, scheduled broadcasts and even broadcast history on email clicks and opens.

Not only that, AWeber offers a very indepth information on the report tab which I will show you in a video shortly below.

6. RSS to email

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications

Honestly, I am not a fan of automated stuffs and recently, my buddy Gilbert asked me why I didn’t use this godly feature.

I told him that I rather have something ‘not automated’ for my mailing list but that question really struck my mind.

Since Neil Patel (I am a huge fan of his) is also using the RSS to email service provided by this lovely mailing list tool, I see no reasons why I shouldn’t right?

Truthfully, I haven’t REALLY use this feature much but this is one feature that will save you a lot of time.

Imagine that you want to keep your blog followers updated on your new post and creating a new newsletter could be very time consuming. With AWeber RSS to email feature, you are basically putting technology on good use!

To think about it, having a tool to that automates email notifications to your readers at any time of your choice is indeed indispensable.

Why should you REALLY use AWeber for your mailing list building?

Now, I know how tired it is to read such a long blog post right? So, here’s another video which I had done personally explaining what AWeber is and how it can actually save you more money (plus improving your sign up rates).

Basically, I will be showing you around:

  • What AWeber autoresponder is all about
  • How the dashboard looks like
  • How to create a broadcast on AWeber
  • How to setup simple but beautiful signup forms
  • AWeber analytics as well


Back to you

What do you think of this blog post? I hope you enjoyed reading this article and watching the video as much as I do. So, tell me. What is your favorite email marketing tool?

It doesn’t really matter if you have one right now as you can easily signup for AWeber for only $1 with a full 30-days money back guarantee right now!

Click here to get best AWeber discount

All you need to do is to click right here: Try AWeber today for only $1 or 100% money back guarantee!

44 thoughts on “6 No Brainer Reasons Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing Service”

  1. Hi Reginald

    I stopped using AWeber for a while and moved to Mad Mimi but I decided to go back to AWeber after a few weeks.

    Mad Mimi was a great service in terms of mail delivery and the customer experience was fantastic. I struggled with the reporting features though.

    I use the RSS to email feature for my mailing list. I send an email each Sunday detailing all of the posts for the previous week in case anyone hasn’t had the chance to stop by.

    I also do a seperate weekly email whenever I find useful information I want to share with my list.

    Great write up Reginald and I wouldn’t be without AWeber now!

    • Hi Tim!

      How are you mate? Long time no hear from you 😀 I was busy anyway ~haha!

      I know a few bloggers who are using Mad Mimi and I think that is terrific, especially with the email fonts etc. I remember receiving an email update with the fonts (like those ViperChill is using) and I was like “whoa!”.

      Anyway, I didn’t use RSS to email feature a lot and still trying it from time to time. I had more time few months back but now, my time is pretty tight. Until now, I am also thinking of getting more automated stuffs and hopefully, it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket. Haha!

      Thanks for the lovely comment and appreciate. Oh yes! Happy Sunday 😀

  2. Hi Reginald,

    This is the one of best review I’ve ever read. For building an email list, I’ve heard Aweber is best. As you mentioned in your post, Aweber is offering lot of great features to it users and works with all WordPress plugins.

    Just one thing I don’t like about Aweber is that, they track all the links and if we use Affiliate links in our email newsletter they filtered and blocked it.

    Overall Aweber is number 1 email service provider in the market.

    Thanks for the great write up!

    • Hi Bashir,

      Oh wow, thank you for your kind words 🙂 Really appreciate it!

      Argh yes you are right on that (affiliate link). I noticed that too and still finding a way (if there is any) to go around it.

      Nonetheless, I love AWeber and was so close to move over to GetResponse! Haha

      Thanks for commenting mate. Appreciate it.

  3. Aweber is one of the best, or maybe the best autoresponder currently available.
    But it is still a long way for me before I start working on building an email list of my own.
    But whenever I will be working on an email list, my choice would definitely be Aweber and that’s for sure.

    BTW, what are your views about GetResponse as well?

    • Hi Arbaz,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting 😀

      AWeber had serve me well for the past few months and I am extremely delighted on that.

      Now in regards to your question, GetResponse is very tempting indeed. Personally, it is a very direct competitor towards AWeber but I have yet to use it. Since i only do review on products and tools I use, I don’t see the review anytime soon.

      However, I am trying be doing a review on that next month when I have more time to try GetResponse. Compared to AWeber, the only thing that attracts me is the landing page that comes with GetResponse. Other than that, the drag and drop thing isn’t really my type since I rather do everything from scratch.

      Nonetheless, keeping my fingers crossed and hope the next coming review will be that! Haha.

      Have a great Sunday mate!

  4. That is a very detail review
    Honestly, i used to underestimate the function of AWeber in Email building.
    I see that you mentioned here Aweber is offering lot of great features to it users and works with all WordPress plugins.that’s is really amazed me.
    I think i have to research it again and follow your steps.
    Thanks for your valuable article.


    • Hi Stephan,

      Oh really? AWeber is great and very helpful. I did a post about AWeber few months back and was talking about the ‘lack of themes’ and without knowing, I was contacted by the support team on the matter. Even better, within a month or so, a new set of templates were out and that was fast!

      Kudos to them 😀 Thanks for commenting mate.

  5. Hey Regi 😉

    Oh now someone is pulling my legs to go from mailchimp to aweber due to some mouthwatering features mailchimp can’t dream of having.
    I prefer switching to aweber instead of upgrading my mailchimp account (which I’ll be doing soon).

    I’m loving the autoresponder feature, though mailchimp is having it but I don’t fancy it as much as aweber.

    Haha, rss to mail, told ya! There’s no time to waste time writing a newsletter for your latest blog post, this is done automatically for you. I noticed you’ve activated the feature.

    Aweber rocks! Though I’m yet to switch
    Happy new week buddy.

    Btw; I noticed you changed your theme, yea we once talked about it, keep up with the architectural work 😉

    • Hi Gilbert,

      I didn’t want to upgrade to MailChimp as I see not much potential in it for my main site. For my secondary site, it is not bad for a free service 🙂

      MailChimp has it but last week when I check, it has to be paid. So, I would rather stick to AWeber. As for the RSS thingy, I was really that busy last week and I was so tired. So, your message really got me thinking.

      Argh, new theme. Love this new theme though lots of work to be done. Just need more time! Haha~

      Hope you enjoy the review and take care mate. Well, if you want to get it, there’s affiliate link there 😉

      Have a great week ahead!

  6. I do love how Aweber has all these features, but I am sad that they don’t accept payment via Paypal (I prefer Paypal transactions over others).

    I don’t plan to use Aweber with my new blog – at least not for the first few months, but thanks for the review. I might go with Mailchimp (I used to use it before, plus Mailchimp offers lot more features now – segmenting, reporting etc) or perhaps Benchmark email (heard about this service recently, still considering it), and switch over the Aweber once I have setup at least one source of income 😀

    Thank you for the review, Reginald 🙂

    Love the theme, by the way 😉

    • Hi Jeevan,

      Yes, AWeber is okay and I think if worth the bucks if you are dead serious with … blogging.

      I seen some changes in MailCHimp but since I am extremely happy with AWeber, will just keep MailChimp for my secondary sites. Benchmark email is great and works like MailChimp. Using it for corporate use but the only issue I got was the customer service part. They are BAD at replying emails. Annoying 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and thank you for the comment too!

  7. Hi Reginald,

    Really great review you have made here. I’ve heard a lot about positive review on aweber so far. I guess there’s no reason online marketer not using this service for their marketing campaign.


    • Hi Okto,

      Thank you for your reply. AWeber is very cool tool to use and like what I have said, I will recommend this anytime of the day! Hope you enjoyed the writing and of course, my newbie video too 🙂

      Have a great day ahead mate.

  8. Hey Reginald…

    Email Marketing is one of the best ways ways of drawing traffic to your blog i believe, so this post is really useful one. I had heard about AWeber but did not have a detailed knowledge about it before reading this article. So thanks a lot for sharing this article! 🙂

    AWeber seems really interesting and will surely get it soon.


    • Hi Debasmita,

      Thank you for your comment and hope you liked it. AWeber is great and with the $1 deal, it is a great promotion indeed! Nonetheless, wish you all the best and do feel free to use my affiliate link if you want to 😀 Would highly appreciate that!

      Have a great week ahead and see you around.

  9. Hi, Reginald,
    Indeed it is a very good review on AWeber.
    Yes, I am also agreeing with that AWeber is one of the best email marketing tool as It is very affordable. Mainly. wide range of pros lure its clients. I like autoresponding feature.
    Thank you very much for posting a good review on the topic.
    Have a nice week. 🙂

    • Hi Kumar,

      Thanks for dropping by mate! Appreciate the kind words.

      The autoresponder is absolutely great and loving it so much. In fact, I don’t think I can live without (joking)!

      Glad you enjoyed the post and have a great week ahead mate.

  10. Hi Reginald,Fantastic review! I am an Aweber user and will only say that I agree with all that you have written.I only wish that there had been such a concise rundown of the service when I was trying to decide what to use use.In any event, this review is is a wealth of information for someone looking to get serious about building and email list. If anyone ever questions me about email marketing service I will be directing them to this post!~D

    • Hi Darrell,

      Thanks for commenting. Oh wow! Glad you liked it 🙂

      I learned a lot from AWeber and their free trainings are great. I have to admit, I have not finish all of them yet but I am soon to be there. Great stuffs to read before sleep. Haha!

      Appreciate your time dropping by and take care my friend.

  11. Hey Reginald,

    I really like the sound of AWeber. I’m using Get Response right now. I like it BUT I not happy with their HTML builder.

    You got my full attention when you mentioned #5 – HTML email templates. I’m not good with HTML so building a newsletter template in HTML from scratch well…that will be a disaster for me :).

    Does this mean the template is pre-formatted and all I have to do is copy and paste codes or do I have to build it from scratch? If your answer is yes, I may switch today!

    Hope it’s the answer I want! Happy Monday Reginald!

    • Hi Corina,

      Basically, AWeber does a great deal in terms of email templates (if you read my last blog post comparing with MailChimp, I was complaining that the email templates wasn’t enough or not my taste – and they contact me). Now they have ALOT of templates you can choose from.

      All you need to do is:
      1. Select the right template that fit your taste
      2. Click ‘load template’
      3. Add this and that according to your taste
      4. And yes, you are done.

      I don’t get it. Why would you need to use HTML codes? I mean … you don’t need to use any codes etc in AWeber unless you want to geeky. So, I am very … surprised with what you commented actually.

      You can build them from scratch as well if you want to be crazy like me though. I start all my emails with blank (okay, I am choosy so pardon me please).

      Does this answer your question Corina? If you need some help, drop me a line okay. Do pardon me for my time difference though. It’s midnight here 😀

      If you don’t have an affiliate link, you know where to find one 😉

      Have a great blessed Monday!

      • Thanks for your reply Reginald.

        The codes I’m referring to are like banner ads and stuff.

        But yes, their builder is plain. There are no pre-formatted templates which means I have to add the fonts, borders, images, etc and that’s what I don’t know how to do 🙂

        I can’t beat $1 so I think I’ll give it a try. I don’t have a link but now I found one 😉

        Thanks again!

        • Hi Corina,

          Oh that! Now, I was thinking of the email. LOL.

          Anyway, the codes are all given by AWeber and usually is just one string (you can see it in the video I have provided). AWeber also provide the raw HTML where it has more codes which you can use if you ever need it 😀

          I hope it works for you and tell me how it works out for you ya!

          Take care and talk to you soon!

  12. Hi Reginald,

    Sorry it took me so long to come and see your post. Lots of valuable info here.

    I love AWeber and can’t live without it. It does have a slight learning curve for

    newbies, but, then we were all there once, right? The tutorials are so good on AW

    that it doesn’t take too long to figure out what you’re doing.

    Good job 🙂

    • Hi Geri,

      Thanks for you kind words. Glad you liked it and great to see another AWeber user here 🙂

      In fact, I spend a total of about 3 hours trying to learn AWeber and after awhile, everything is pretty easy already.

      Take care and thanks for dropping by.

  13. Nice review mate !
    I’ve read a lot of positive comments and reviews on aweber . Not its the right time for me to start using it . Thanks for sharing the information .


  14. Hey Reginald,

    Well I use Aweber too and have for several years now. I can’t help it. I tried Get Response and found that one very hard to use, way too confusing at that time to even get around in their site. Yep, this was several years ago now.

    Aweber is a lot easier to use and I did learn back when it was all pretty basic. They’ve gotten real fancy on us now but I created my own email template and they helped me set it up as my default. They’re very helpful with things like that.

    The only feature I’m not really using is the RSS to email feature either. I just haven’t bothered with it and most have told me if they subscribe to my RSS feed they know when my post is live so they don’t want to receive emails. I can respect that which is the only reason I haven’t looked into that more.

    You really wrote a great review and although I agree, they’re pretty pricey there’s a reason for that. Use them for a couple of months and then go try another service and you’ll be back. Just like what Tim did, you just can’t beat with they offer.

    Fabulous review and hope you get lots of signups from this one.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Yes you are right. Price wise, AWeber could kill! But again, the service is fantastic. I really love how they respond to comments, suggestions etc. Sending out emails is also a brief honestly speaking.

      GetResponse is something new to me but I heard many people using it. Let’s see how it goes around in the future and if I have the time to do the review.

      Oh yes! I heard many of my readers says they rather follow via RSS too. The market is changing huh 🙂

      Until date I only had one signup (and I think I know who) but I really hope this gives the readers some knowledge on what AWeber is all about.

      Thanks for dropping by and take care.

  15. I have been using Aweber for the last six months and hadn’t really though of it as basic. But,when you see how much functionality is available with the other tools, I guess it is. I really like infusionsoft, but I don’t have the traffic or level of data to track ( as yet) to make an investment in a tool this complex right now. Really insightful article, thanks!

    • Hi Lalitha,

      Thanks for dropping by! AWeber is pretty good especially when you have given it some time to really ‘dig deep’ on the features. I used it for over 3 months before I really able to get a hang of it.

      Nonetheless, whenever you are using it, feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.

      Have a great day ahead!

  16. Hi Reginald,

    Awesome write up about Aweber and know why so many people prefer them. They have so many different features that seem to make email marketing easier.

    I was going to get started with them when I started building my email list but their prices were a little high.

    I decided to go with GetResponse and can say that I’m very happy with the decision.

    If I ever decide to switch I will definitely come back and check out your tutorial. I know that it would help me learn as quickly as possible how to start using Aweber. Have a great day.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for dropping by 😀

      Glad you liked it and was even happier to see you enjoying GetResponse. I heard many, many good things about it and even received quite a few requests on a review on that.

      I will try do that next month and fingers crossed! Have a great week ahead and take care.

      Talk to you soon.

  17. One of my biggest mistakes, I guess, was not paying much attention to building a list of subscribers and I am considering it’s time to change that. I’ve seen that everybody is recommending Aweber and following your in-depth review it does seem like the best choice. I have to seriously consider giving it a try.

    • Hi Lucian,

      Thanks for dropping by. AWeber is pretty good but it does cost a few dollars more than its competitors. However, the services provided by them are awesome and I really love it. They are fast to reply for any doubts or queries. Something I don’t see many email marketing providers today.

      Glad you find this article useful and see you around mate.

    • Hi Amal,

      Thanks for dropping by mate. I heard about MadMimi too but yet to try it. Might be trying that once I have enough time.

      Nonetheless, thanks for dropping by mate!

  18. Hey Reginald,
    Aweber is no doubt the big brother in the Industry in terms of features,third party app intergration and delivery. The only issue most starters facing with it is the price tag. Looks a bit above average 😉

    • Hi Enstine,

      How are you mate? Hope you are in good health 🙂

      For me, I love AWeber and the only thing is the price tag like what you said. However, it is still okay if you take up the quarterly and yearly plan. That is more affordable 🙂

      End of the day, it all depends on your own liking honestly. Take care!

  19. Hi Reginald,

    I love AWeber, too. There have been some complaints from prominent marketers about AWeber and it has to do with the number of people you have on your list. The more people you have on your list the more money you are charged, but, that is true for all auto responder companies. This complaint had to do with poor service in accordance with the amount of money they were paying.
    Very good post and very thorough.

    • Hi Geri,

      Thanks for commenting and of course, sharing it on social media.

      AWeber is okay but the price is a bit steep for many. Personally, I think their service live up to that and thus, I am absolutely fine with it. Yes, you are absolutely right about the bigger list, higher charge part. Every company does that so seriously, no biggy of it right? 🙂

      Glad you find this useful and take care!

      Talk to you soon.

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