MailChimp vs Drip: Which is the best email marketing tools?

MailChimp vs Drip — These are two of the best email marketing solutions but which is the better option?

I love writing about email marketing solutions. Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that provides super high return of investment (ROI) for many companies and industries.

Even if you are a blogger, you should start building an email list because it will come in handy when you are promoting a product, services or even keeping your subscribers engaged with the latest posts.

In this article, I will give you some quick insights on what MailChimp and Drip does and how they compare to each other.

Ultimately, I'll also share my reviews on both the email marketing solutions with the hopes that it will help you in your decision making.


  • check
    Free for life (up to 2,000 email subscribers)
  • check
    Send up to 12,000 emails a month for free
  • check
    Most intuitive drag and drop visual builder (when creating emails)
  • check
    Heavily based on HTML and images
  • check
    Low learning curve
  • check
    Free account comes with automation and workflow
  • Automation and workflow are limited
  • Advantaged tagging is not user friendly
  • Coding skill is needed to maximize MailChimp features
  • close
    Is the worst email marketing solutions for affiliate marketers
  • close
    Very basic landing pages
  • close
    Ugly form to collect emails
  • close
    Basic reporting dashboard


  • check
    Beautiful analytic dashboard and reporting
  • check
    Free for first 100 email subscribers
  • check
    Advantaged tagging and workflow
  • check
    Ability to segment subscribers based on their activities (clicks, open etc.)
  • check
    Less dependent on HTML
  • check
    Low to medium learning curve
  • check
    One of the best automation and workflow in the industry
  • check
    Multiple widgets and plugins to help you collect emails
  • check
    Advanced 'smart' forms to collect leads at the right time
  • check
    Best for eCommerce and website owners who are serious in email marketing
  • The lowest pricing is $49 per month and is often considered heavy for many beginners
  • Some users find the Drip's feature overwhelming (because there are a lot of things you can do with Drip)

MailChimp vs Drip — Detailed Comparison

As a disclaimer, I use both MailChimp and Drip, alongside with ConvertKit for that matter.

MailChimp is my favorite email marketing solution for my personal blog while Drip is used for my creative agency.

Without further adieu, let's dive into the MailChimp vs Drip comparison.


For me, MailChimp is an affordable email marketing solution for bloggers. It is easy to use and doesn't cost a dime (for the first 2,000 email subscribers).

Low learning curve and good delivery rates make MailChimp a no-brainer choice for many (including myself).

What I love most about MailChimp is the newsletter template builder. MailChimp is heavily based on HTML and the visual builder is one of the best you can find in the market.

MailChimp's free account also comes with the ability to use the marketing automation which is pretty awesome.

This is what it looks like.

what is mailchimp automation

Everything on MailChimp is very much into drag and drop — therefore, you can easily start email marketing almost to instantly.

MailChimp also comes with a ever growing list of ready-made templates to help you get started on the right foot.

templates on MailChimp

As you can see, MailChimp is very much into beautiful designs and low learning curve.

If you are a beginner, you are going to love MailChimp. Try MailChimp now!

MailChimp is not for you if ...

There is no love from MailChimp if you are an affiliate marketer

MailChimp doesn't allows you to use it for affiliate marketing purposes.

The only way to solve this is through sharing a link to your blog post (and having great call-to-actions to drive website visitors to your affiliate products — which is of course the biggest hassle.


I first came across Drip because I wanted to better manage my email subscribers and sending emails to a highly targeted audience.

On the surface, Drip beats MailChimp in every aspect except for the price.

Drip comes with free account but only for 100 email subscribers.

Using Drip, you can easily monitor the progress of your email marketing campaign in a beautiful dashboard.

Plus, Drip comes with super detailed reports even for the free account as you can see below.

drip dashboard for reporting

Drip's automated workflow does wonders and it is one of the best I have seen and experience in the market.

When I first use Drip workflow, I was blown away ... big time!

This is what I mean.

drip advanced workflow

Drip email marketing solution is the best option if you are selling a product/service or serious in understanding how your subscribers react to your email.

Drip allows you to tag your email subscribers based on the actions they take and therefore, you are able to send super targeted emails to them for a higher conversion.

Last not least, Drip comes with form widget which is really awesome. If you are not using lead generation plugins such as Thrive Leads or OptinMonster

drip form widget

Drip form widget is easy to configure and can easily integrate to major CMS including WordPress.

Drip is not right for you if ...

You are concern about money. Drip comes with a forever free account which is applicable up to 100 email subscribers. After that, the pricing starts at $49 per month which can be pretty hefty for beginners.

MailChimp vs Drip — Summary

There is no denial that both MailChimp and Drip are two awesome email marketing tools.

On one hand, MailChimp is a super cost efficient email marketing tool but offers limited features compared to Drip with a slightly higher cost.

If you are just starting out, I recommend you to go with MailChimp and once you are ready to make email marketing work harder for you, Drip is the best email marketing tool!

ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign: Does ActiveCampaign Free Trial Makes The Cut?

​ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign — ​why I switched from Active Campaign to ConvertKit?

Months back, I was using ActiveCampaign and it was pretty decent. I mean, for $9 a month for 500 email subscribers is pretty much a damn good deal.

As a matter of fact, I was happy — Email was sending out on time, and I was able to manage my email list faster and more efficient.

But something changed. I decided that I need to reduce cost (for 2018) and every bit of technology we use is rechecked to make sure we are getting the best deal.

I came across a cold and scary fact. I was spending too much on my ActiveCampaign subscription. While I was happy, I know that I'll be happy if I'm able to save the agency some extra money.

​That's when my hunt for ActiveCampaign alternatives came into play and ultimately, I came across ConvertKit (for business and not as a blogger).

Before that, let's get the fact right.

​Both ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign are great email marketing software and I hope that this simple comparison between both of these tools will help you make your decision much easier.


​I used ActiveCampaign for my business for over 3 months before moving to ConvertKit. Carry on reading to find the advantages and disadvantages for both ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign.

​ConvertKit is a simple and powerful email marketing solution for serious marketers. 

If I would sum what ConvertKit is all about, here's what I think:

ConvertKit is a powerful new email service provider that provides InfusionSoft like automation capabilities without the InfusionSoft price.

​Don't get me wrong — ConvertKit is far from being a full suite email marketing solution. However, it comes with some freaking awesome features helps you manage your email subscribers easily and more effectively.

​Creating an account on ConvertKit is simple (here's the link). Right after that, I move forward to create my first email list and prepare to collect emails.

This is what it looks like.

creating email forms using ConvertKit

​ConvertKit is pretty sleek and creating forms is really easy. The entire process is well-thought through and seriously, it made my day!

I was thinking that it will be something really tough to start with, and I was wrong. Thankfully!

​I decided to use ConvertKit because it has a drag and drop visual ​automation builder just like ActiveCampaign.

convertkit visual automation review

​here's where you can build "if this, then that" email marketing campaign.

​Advantages using ConvertKit (vs ActiveCampaign)

  • check
    ​ConvertKit is the best for online creators
  • check
    Inbuilt with landing page and lead in forms
  • check
    ​ConvertKit ​easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms help you turn casual readers into repeat customers
  • check
    ConvertKit homepage dashboard allows you to keep track of your growth ​that displays subscriber data and opt-in conversions
  • check
    ConvertKit simple workflows with “if this, then that” style automation rules make it easy to create your own custom rules
  • check
    Inbuilt drag-and-drop sequence builder (visual automation) helps you create personalized automated emails to grow your list while scaling your business
  • check
    Easily organize email subscribers from one list with tags and segments (minus the massive costs)
  • check
    Friendly and knowledgeable support team

​Disadvantages using ConvertKit (vs ActiveCampaign)

  • ​Entry level pricing is a little steep
  • ​No free trial available

​ConvertKit is the best if ...

​As said earlier, ConvertKit is not for everyone. However, if you are serious in tagging and segmenting your audience, ConvertKit is a better option compared to ActiveCampaign.

Besides that, the single biggest advantage that ConvertKit has over ActiveCampaign is simply because the pricing structure. While ConvertKit is more expensive in the entry level, ActiveCampaign costs more when you have a large email list (or require additional features). ConvertKit doesn't charge additional for features which extremely favorable when it comes to dollar and cents.

​ActiveCampaign is an unique email marketing solution. Highly affordable, free trial and good entry level pricing makes ActiveCampaign highly sought after tool.

My first reason for choosing​ ActiveCampaign is because I used MailChimp for a long time. And I seriously miss their HTML template builder.

With ActiveCampaign, I have pretty similar feature and I can start creating email templates based on my needs.

active campaign email template builder

​The visual builder is intuitive and fun to use. As a matter of fact, I did not experience a single glitch when using ActiveCampaign!

So, what did I switched from ActiveCampaign to ConvertKit? More on this below.

​Carry on reading the below to find both the advantages and disadvantages using ActiveCampaign.

​Advantages using ActiveCampaign (vs ConvertKit)

  • check
    Drag and drop builder is slightly more intuitive compared to ConvertKit
  • check
    ​ActiveCampaign can easily be converted into a CRM to understand your customer behavior
  • check
    ​Integration between email marketing, site messaging and SMS under one roof
  • check
    Comes with Chrome extension
  • check
    Integrated form builder
  • check
    ActiveCampaign can track page visits and custom events you define, providing real-time behavioral analysis
  • check
    ActiveCampaign comes with 14 days free trial
  • check
    A support team who is available 24/7/365 to help out

​Disadvantages using ActiveCampaign (vs ConvertKit)

  • ​Higher pricing structure for larger list
  • ​Entry level pricing provides limited features
  • ​Higher learning curve compared to ConvertKit

​ActiveCampaign is best if ...

​You love creating​ email marketing funnels and you have a small list. This is what I mean.

ActiveCampaign is best for new bloggers or marketers who aim to make the best out of email marketing. The full email marketing suite is great for business owners if you don't mind about the price.

Which Email Marketing Solution Is Better Than MailChimp?​​​​ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign: Which is better?

ConvertKit offers a more all-rounder feature and pricing structure, which for me is the best choice available. Plus, it is extremely easy to scale with ConvertKit and there is migration services available (for free) when you are moving from other email providers.

​ActiveCampaign works marvelously well in many parts but the downside for me is the pricing structure. To have a full suite of features, it costs way more than ConvertKit and is definitely eating up my profit margin. This is also the reason why I switched from ActiveCampaign to ConvertKit months ago.

Which Email Marketing Solution Is Better Than MailChimp?

MailChimp is the most popular email marketing solution but what do you do if MailChimp isn't right for you? As a matter of fact, is there any other email marketing solution that is better than MailChimp?

The answer is Yes. There are several email marketing services that are often considered better than MailChimp and you will find them in this article.

AWeber vs MailChimp

aweber better than mailchimp

For a long time, AWeber had been a great MailChimp alternative simply because AWeber allows affiliate marketers.

Make no mistake. You can still do affiliate marketing using MailChimp but there are two important criteria you need to follow:

  • You need to declare that the links are affiliate links
  • Direct affiliate marketing promotion is strictly prohibited

As an affiliate marketer myself, this is certainly NOT something good to hear. Seriously.

You make money online through affiliate sales and email is always a strong way to increase the revenue and conversion. When your email marketing provider such as MailChimp doesn't support your affiliate marketing programs directly, that's when you have a huge problem.

Why is AWeber better than MailChimp?

For obvious reasons!

You can use affiliate links on AWeber and there is no rules that tie you down on what you can or cannot do.

For affiliate marketers, this is a heavenly option to consider. 

The only weakness that AWeber has is the pricing structure when comparing with MailChimp. 

Take a look at the full AWeber pricing below.

aweber pricing

The smallest plan starts at $19 per month (you can try AWeber for 30-days without a credit card) while MailChimp users enjoy free email marketing services up to 2,000 subscribers.

GetResponse vs MailChimp

is getresponse better than mailchimp

GetResponse is another alternative to MailChimp and for die hard GetResponse users, GetResponse is better than MailChimp in many ways.

For me, there is one major advantage using GetResponse compared to MailChimp — drag and drop marketing automation.

While MailChimp offers email automation, it doesn't offer an advanced automation system such as GetResponse.

Take a look at this video and tell me what you think.

With GetResponse email marketing automation, it knocks MailChimp right out from the competition (sorry MailChimp).

Why GetResponse is better than MailChimp?

Simplicity of the email automation is a huge win for GetResponse. 

The auto tagging and tagging feature on GetResponse is definitely a powerful tool especially if you want to build a strong sales funnel for your (affiliate marketing) business.

Again, GetResponse faces the same challenges with AWeber as it doesn't offer a free plan. 

Take a look at the table below for the complete GetResponse pricing.

is getresponse worth it

The smallest GetResponse plan starts at $15 for 1,000 subscribers. If you are interested to take a look at GetResponse, here's the link to get a free 30-free trial using the software.

ConvertKit vs MailChimp

is convertkit better than mailchimp

ConvertKit has came a long way — being the newest kid on the block, ConvertKit had proven itself to be one of the top competitors in the email marketing solution and more importantly, it is also better than MailChimp in many ways.

ConvertKit is designed specifically to solve the problems that we face daily:

  • We need a powerful email marketing solution that is affordable
  • We need a simple interface and not complicated ones such as Infusionsoft
  • We want to create landing pages fast without using third party tools
  • plus
    We want a simpler billing method and calculation

These are the top four reasons why people are moving from MailChimp to ConvertKit. 

Why is ConvertKit better than MailChimp?

Being an avid user of both ConvertKit and MailChimp, I can tell you that both are pretty similar in many phrases.

However, ConvertKit stands out from the crowd because of its pricing structure.

  • Email subscribers are calculated based on the number of subscribers in each list you create in MailChimp
  • check
    Email subscribers are only calculated once regardless of how many lists they are subscribed to in ConvertKit

Now, do you see the differences?

Sure, you probably won't notice much if you have less than 2,000 subscribers but what happens if you have 5,000 or 10,000 email subscribers?

Without proper segmentation using MailChimp, you are going to pay way more money. Using ConvertKit will solve all your problem (minus the hassle) with their straightforward billing system.

The downside using ConvertKit is (again) the pricing. Take a look on the table below for the complete ConvertKit pricing.

convertkit pricing

ConvertKit plans start at $29 per month compared to the free email marketing software offered by MailChimp. You can see the ConvertKit's demo using this link.

Which email marketing software is better than MailChimp?

Ultimately, there are many email marketing software that are better than MailChimp (and vice versa). It depends on what you need and the amount of money you can afford to spend in a month for email.

Here are my personal suggestions:

  • check
    Less than 2,000 email subscribers — MailChimp
  • check
    Affiliate marketers — AWeber
  • check
    eCommerce / Business owners — GetResponse
  • check
    Digital marketers (selling services or products online) — ConvertKit

AWeber Review 2017: Why Email Marketing Consultants Are Recommending AWeber?

In this AWeber review 2017, we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the popular email marketing solution (that are even recommended by most email marketing consultants).

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Latest Update: Like email marketing? Read my latest comparison between MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Drip for 2017! Read more.


We will go through everything you need to know about AWeber, including the advantages and disadvantages of using AWeber for business owners.

aweber review 2017

What is AWeber?

Until date, AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing and autoresponder tools for business owners and bloggers alike.

AWeber got its fame in the email marketing world because it offers excellent pricing, features, templates, interface and customer support.


AWeber Review: What are the features of AWeber

I'm planning to make this post as the best AWeber review, and therefore, I want this post to be as informative as possible. This post on AWeber review is more than 2,400 words and therefore, feel free to bookmark this for future reference!

AWeber is a full-fledged email marketing and automation tool and here are the complete (yes, C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E) features that it offers:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" width="" alignment="center"]


Phew, that's a huge list of 16 email marketing and automation tools that will skyrocket your email marketing strategy.

No wonder why email marketing consultants always recommend AWeber, right?


1. Creating Campaigns Using AWeber

[button_3 text="get-started-its-free.png" align="center" href=""/]

What I love about AWeber is the ability to automate your emails.

But wait! You probably heard that AWeber can't do email automation like that.

Yes, you are right, but that was AWeber back in 2016. AWeber is now able to perform email automation and do all the excellent tagging you always wished.

The new AWeber sleek drag and drop editor will be the only thing you ever need when it comes to email automation.

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="center"]

Through statistics, click through rates (CTR) for automated emails are up to 35% higher than broadcasts. So, segmenting and automating your emails will be an effective strategy in building long-lasting relationships with your email subscribers.


When you use AWeber, you are no longer creating normal, boring email campaigns. With the inbuilt email automation by AWeber, you can not only schedule emails sequence based on time, but you can also create powerful action-based segmenting!

Here are three important email marketing strategies that you can use with AWeber (even though there are probably hundreds of them that you can build yourself):

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" width="" alignment="center"]


NOTE: You can add elements like autoresponder emails and wait times, and set criteria for when someone starts a campaign.


2. Autoresponder Follow Up

Make no mistakes; AWeber email automation tool is powerful, and can skyrocket your email marketing to new heights.

AWeber autoresponder follows up sequence, you can:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" width="" alignment="center"]


Not only that, you can tag your email subscribers based on the actions they have taken. This ensures that you are growing your email lists and reduce the chances that your email goes into the spam folder and improve your unsubscribing rate as well!


3. Customer Support

AWeber customer support is good. At any point in time where you need help, you can fire up a question, and they are they to help out (unlike other AWeber competitors).

Here's what you need to know about AWeber customer support level:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" width="" alignment="center"]


Current awards that AWeber had are:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="69.png" width="" alignment="center"]


aweber testimonial


[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="center"]

BONUS: Click here and try AWeber for 30-days free (no credit card required).



4. Subscriber Segmenting

Segmenting is important because you want to send the right message to them, at the right time.

Always remember that segmenting ensures they only receive content that is relevant to their needs. As a result, you have more engaged readers, better click-through rates, and more sales.

Here are a few ways you can segment your email subscribers based on their activities:

aweber segmenting


5. Email Sign Up Forms

Let's face this. You want to attract more subscribers to your email lists with sign up forms that look great on any device.

Need to grow your email list? AWeber can help!

AWeber comes with over 700 ready-to-use templates which make it easy to create professional sign up forms for your online business in minutes.

With AWeber, you can:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" width="" alignment="center"]



6. State-Of-The-Art Email Newsletter Software

Do you want to have an email newsletter software that connects you with your readers, and ultimately transforming them into die-hard fans?

I bet you do!

With AWeber, you can deliver the best email newsletters with just a few clicks.

Want to know why I recommend AWeber for all my clients?

[step_graphics style="1" color=""][step style="1" text="1" headline="Segment%20Your%20List"]%3Cp%3ESegment%20your%20list%20based%20on%20people%20who%20read%20your%20last%20email%20or%20re-engage%20people%20who%20didn%E2%80%99t.%20It%E2%80%99s%20the%20simplest%20way%20to%20make%20sure%20the%20right%20people%20get%20the%20right%20messages.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style="1" text="2" headline="Create%20Your%20Message"]%3Cp%3EDrag%2C%20drop%20and%20edit%20-%20with%20AWeber%E2%80%99s%20email%20newsletter%20software%2C%20there%20is%20no%20design%20or%20coding%20experience%20required.%20Need%20images%3F%20We%E2%80%99ve%20got%20more%20than%206%2C000%20to%20choose%20from.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style="1" text="3" headline="Send%20AWesome%20Emails"]%3Cp%3EWe%20provide%20all%20the%20analytics%20you%20need%20to%20track%20your%20emails'%20success.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style="1" text="4" headline="Use%20a%20Template"]%3Cp%3EChoose%20from%20over%20700%20free%20newsletter%20templates%2C%20plug%20in%20your%20content%20and%20go.%20Need%20something%20extra%20special%3F%20We%20can%20build%20you%20a%20custom%20template%20too.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][/step_graphics]

Yes, you read it right. The benefits of using AWeber is very clear. You have INSTANT ACCESS to over 6,000 stock images and 700 free newsletter templates.

And AWeber allows you to integrate easily with your social media accounts!

email newsletter automation software


7. RSS to Email

Email marketing is a great way to boost readership but do you know why so many bloggers and business owners fail to achieve that?

They are not using the right email marketing software! A good email marketing software allows you to email blog articles directly from your website.

When you use AWeber, you can transform your most recent posts into a newsletter for your readers. And the best part, it is done automatically!

All you need is to hook up your RSS link to AWeber, and the rest are all taken cared of!

The technology that AWeber has allows you to broadcast email newsletter from all major blogs, regardless of the blog software you are using.

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="center"]

Do you know that the easiest way to keep your subscribers updated with blog content is through email automation? Sign up for free 30-days unlimited access to AWeber and skyrocket your blog traffic today!



8. Drag-And-Drop Editor

Drag, drop and send. How easy can that be?

Creating professional looking emails from scratch is easy. With the drag-and-drop editor, you no longer need to code and build your email templates.

A task that would take a few hours to complete could not be completed in just a few clicks.

Here is a few features of AWeber email marketing software:

aweber review 2017


9. HTML Email Templates

We receive hundreds of emails a day, and one of the best ways to make your email stand out is by making it memorable.

In this case, you wouldn't want to send those plain text email. You want to send them using a standard email template that is customized specifically for you!

But here's the thing. It is expensive to do one (apart from nerve-wracking with all the coding works).

When you use AWeber, you are going to benefit in terms of time saving and professional email template designs.

For starters, there are over 700 HTML email templates that you can choose from, ranging from 1-column, 2-column and yes, even plain text you're a die-hard fan of those.

There are also many color themes that you can use to match your website, and this is crucial. You want to brand your email marketing campaigns with the signup forms and even emails.

With AWeber, all of the above are achievable at no cost to you!

And if you are coming from another email marketing software or have your custom design in mind, you can upload it directly to AWeber.

custom email templates AWeber


10. App Showcase

Do you have landing pages and shopping carts that you want to connect to your email marketing software?

You can do it easily with AWeber.

There are hundreds of different integration that you can use with AWeber, including:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" width="" alignment="center"]



11. Manage Subscribers

Do you wish to collect, manage and segmenting your subscribers with just a snap?

With AWeber, everything you need to build a healthy email list is available at your disposal, under one roof.

You can build your custom forms, tracking your subscriber's activity and action, segmenting your list or even moving your list from other email marketing services to AWeber can be done easily.

When I wanted to move my email list from GetResponse to AWeber, it took me under 15 minutes to completely import the lists. There was no need of support as it is just that simple!

aweber review


12. Email Delivery Rates

Email delivery rates are vital and seriously, make no mistakes from this.

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="center"]

The ultimate goal is to get more eyes on your emails, and this can only be done when your email marketing software can deliver emails timely and accurately.


How good is AWeber delivery rates?

I would say it is excellent, and probably as high as 99.99%. With a good and clean list, you are pretty much able to get perfect delivery rates with AWeber.

And if you ever need help (which you certainly will somewhere down the road), AWeber regularly provide insider updates to ensure that you stay on top of the frequent changes that will affect your email marketing and delivery rates.

Plus, easy to read analytics will make sure that you know what's going on under the hood, any time of the day!

AWeber Delivery Rates


13. Email Tracking and Analytics

Ask any email marketing consultants (not marketers), and they will tell you that the only way to grow your email marketing is by understanding the analyticsSeriously.

Over the past decade, I've been helping business owners come in terms when email marketing; more specifically, helping them with email marketing consultancy.

One of the biggest concerns for business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers is to understand the analytics. Strong understanding of email analytics will help you to:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="28.png" width="" alignment="center"]


Sending emails is always the first part of email marketing. The second part is to analyze the results. Finally, you will know how you can maximize and make more sales!

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="center"]

Important tip: If you want to start getting your emails read and ultimately achieve your business goals, start analyzing your email marketing results. You should start analyzing the results of your email after a few days of sending the email.



14. Check stats via mobile (AWeber Stats App)

According to statistics, we spend more time with mobile devices than anything else on the planet. Therefore, it makes all the sense that you are concerned about your email marketing strategy.

When you use AWeber, you can easily download the AWeber app on Apple App Store and Google Play.

What you'll get would be:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="55.png" width="" alignment="center"]


With this feature, you can now gain a holistic view of your campaign that gives you up-to-the-minute stats on scheduled broadcasts, sent messages, subscriber activity and followed up messages.


15. Atom App

Now, hold on! AWeber also comes with Atom App which works as a mobile signup form that allows you to add new subscribers to your email list while you are on the go.

The magic starts when you successfully add the email subscribers to a list. For starters, they will automatically receive your first follow-up message immediately. As a result, you are not going to (ever) leave a new subscriber hanging and instead, creating the opportunity to connect with them instantly!


16. Email Marketing API

This. Is. Geeky. Stuffs.

When you use AWeber, you can easily integrate applications easily with AWeber's API.

As AWeber is one of the best email marketing software in the market, the company has created 'AWeber Labs' where you can set up and find apps to integrate with AWeber.

For beginners, you will 100% enjoy it since it is free to create a developer account and right after that, you'll have unrestricted access to all the information you need to start building your first app!


AWeber Review: Features (Recap)

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If I would sum it in one sentence, I would say that AWeber is a great email marketing software that provides flexibility and tons of features for its users.


When it comes to email marketing software features, AWeber is very much at the top of the crop because it provides features that are high in quality and more importantly, reliable.


AWeber Review: How Much Does AWeber Costs?

According to AWeber, anyone can succeed with email marketing for less than a few lattes a month. 

AWeber costs $19 per month, for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails.

For $19 a month, you'll get:

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Here are a full list of features, as well as the different email marketing plans to fit your needs:

aweber pricing

Even one of my close contact, John Corcoran has nothing but excellent AWeber review:

how good is AWeber (Aweber review)

AWeber plans are very flexible and if you are starting out, consider using the lowest plan for a trial run.

And if you are looking for some AWeber discounts, going for quarterly and annual billing option will just do the trick!


AWeber Review 2017: Why Email Marketing Consultants Are Recommending AWeber?

When it comes to email marketing software, AWeber is one of the best in the market. Affordability and reliable, AWeber is one of the best I have ever used for both business and blogging. Email marketing consultants are recommending AWeber simply because it is really easy to use and extremely reliable.

I totally understand that AWeber may/may not be the best fit for you. If you are having trouble deciding or committing on AWeber, AWeber is offering a free 30-days trial. All you need to do is to click on this link and start sending emails today!

Try AWeber out and take it a spin for a full 30-days. If it doesn't fit, just cancel the account at no cost to you.

BONUS: AWeber 30-days free trial doesn't limit you on email marketing. It comes with full access to all features, just like having a paid account.