How Do I Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

Affiliate marketing business is one of the most popular work from home opportunities in the world. By now, you would have probably heard how bloggers around the world are making hundreds if not thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing.

I’m sure the thought of passive income got you fired up already, right?

In this post, you will find simple steps to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch and with no experience required.

how do I start an affiliate marketing business from scratch

1. Choose a niche or topic

This is the most crucial part of starting an affiliate marketing business. Everyone can start an affiliate marketing business but not everyone can be successful in it.

More importantly, not everyone will make a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

Choosing is not only purely importantly, it is going to affect your success in this highly competitive industry.

When it comes to choosing a niche, always go for topics that:

  • You are passionate in (passionate is the key)
  • You are highly interested in
  • You can probably talk about it for hours and hours long
  • You are 100% comfortable talking about

The reason behind this?

Choosing a topic that you are not interested in is just a pure disaster. You will lose the steam after first 10 or maybe, 20 posts later. However, when you talk about topics that you are interested in, that’s a whole different story!


2. Choose a social media platform

I know. Most coaches out there don’t tell you to choose a social media platform as the second step but for me, this another important factor for your success.

It doesn’t matter if you are going for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Just choose one that you are most comfortable with and move on.

There is absolutely no right and wrong, or better social media platforms. Seriously.


3. Start a blog (even if you hate writing)

No, I’m not kidding. I know many of you who want to start affiliate marketing is either having a day job, work from home or even a student. So, the reasons could either be one (or all) of them:

  • You hate writing
  • You have no writing experience
  • You have no idea what to write
  • You don’t have the time
  • You think it is hard

Now, the only way to succeed in affiliate marketing is to start a blog and there is absolutely no two-way around this.

You can also refer to this guide that I had written not too long ago: How To Start A Blog?


4. Sign up for affiliate program(s)

Affiliate programs are literally third-party channels that allow you to connect with big brands. Typically, you need to sign up for a membership (usually free) and apply to become an affiliate marketer for the specific company.

Now, this may sound complicated but do not worry about that. The registration often takes less than two minutes to complete and you should be an approved member within a day or so.


5. Start publishing blog posts

Publishing blog posts are the fastest way to get eyeballs and sales rolling in. The content does not need to be 3,000 words long (even though it is recommended) but anywhere from 300 is the bare minimum.

Not sure what to write? Consider these:

  • {Product name} review
  • {Product A} vs {Product B}
  • What is {Product name}?
  • Why is {Product name} popular among … ?


6. Do a video about it

Do you remember about choosing a social media platform? This is where it comes into play.

Doing a quick video is going to help you achieve better ranking on search engines and more importantly, it is going to drive more traffic back to your website.

Blog posts that have videos in them often rank better than others, and this is extremely important especially in affiliate marketing.


Want to start an affiliate marketing business?

What are you waiting for? Leave a comment below and tell me if you need any help with it.

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