Should I Invest In CFD?

Should I Invest In CFD

CFD or Contract for Difference. Let’s talk about CFD today. More importantly, I hope that you will find the answer towards the question “Should I Invest in CFD?” CFD is a popular form of online investment in Malaysia (with parts in the world). Lucrative and legal, this is very popular especially in short term investment … Read more

Malaysia is Directing Its Three Largest Industries to Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency Malaysia

The Malaysian government is seeking to explore blockchain solutions in the nation’s three largest industries: renewable energy, palm oil, and Islamic finance. A task force named the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) will be spearheading the move to adopt blockchain in each industry in order to increase transparency, sustainability, and logistical efficiency according to a … Read more

HYIP Malaysia Guide: Let’s Talk About High Yield Investment Programs Malaysia

HYIP Malaysia

I wrote several lengthy posts on High Yield Investment Programs or HYIP’s in the early 2017 and I scrapped the plan altogether due to the risk and the volatile market. Recently, I decided to go deep into online investment in Malaysia (after some pestering from friends). In today’s post, I hope to share some light … Read more

Investing Online For Malaysian: Complete Guide In Using eToro Platform

Investing Online For Malaysian Complete Guide In Using eToro Platform

Being a Malaysian, I realized that it is really hard to invest online. Firstly, there are many online investment scams and the Malaysian law is rather strict when it comes to investing online. This guide is created to share some lights especially with investing online for Malaysian. Understanding online investment in Malaysia There are many … Read more