Brainstorming For Affiliate Marketing Niche? Try Soaking Up Under The Sun!

Soak up that sunlight up, folks!

Over and over again, affiliate marketers asked about getting out from the crazy writer’s block.

My answer is simple: Sunlight.

Whenever I’m trying to brainstorm for profitable affiliate niche ideas, I try to stay in open areas. I found out that this helps a lot as the open sky gives me a lot of crazy ideas.

This is also the reason why I go for jogs daily!

I am not saying that you’ll 100% get an awesome idea that generates 6-figures monthly when you are under the sun, but it certainly helps me to get the much needed:

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Self-trust


The most critical part of soaking up sunlight and staying in the open is to disconnect yourself from any forms of technology. No phones and tablets. The only leeway you will ever get would be your fitness smartwatch or tracker.

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