Top 5 Plugins For Affiliate Marketers 2017

Thinking of starting a blog focusing on affiliate marketing? It’s about time, y’all!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for bloggers to make money and let me rephrase that again. With the right strategy, you can make MORE money on affiliate marketing compared to any other blog monetization methods out there.

For starters, it is not impossible to make over $5,000 (in a very short time) solely on affiliate marketing. Most bloggers don’t make the cut because they aren’t using the right strategy.

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how much can you earn from affiliate sales

Starting a blog is always the easy part. I even shared why I recommend using this web hosting for that matter (you can check out the post by clicking on this link).

The biggest question is what type of plugins you should be using to pump up your ranking?

Here are the top 5 plugins for affiliate marketers 2017.


1. Yoast SEO

yoast SEO plugin

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not joking when I say Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO helps you to rank your blog post on Google and probably a dozen of other search engines. You need Yoast SEO no matter what!

It is free to use and you can download it here.

Configuring Yoast SEO can be a slightly nasty task and [thrive_2step id=’6502′]click here to download the best settings for Yoast SEO.[/thrive_2step]

>>> Download Yoast SEO plugin here. <<<


2. Thirsty Affiliates

This is my number one plugin when it comes to affiliate marketing. Thirsty Affiliates is a freemium WordPress plugin.

What makes it really unique is the add-ons that come on the side. Here’s what you will get when you use Thirsty Affiliates plugin.

thirsty affiliates plugin

Thirsty Affiliate is a plugin that cloaks affiliate links to nice and clean URL. Here are two examples:

Without cloaking:

With Thirsty Affiliates:

>>> Try Thirsty Affiliates here. <<<


3. Pretty Link Lite/Pro

pretty link plugin

Pretty Link Lite/Pro is one of the most popular options for cloaking the affiliate links and it works just like Thirsty Affiliates. Some of the features that are worth mentioning include clean and simple URLs, track the number of hits and unique hits per link, intuitive JAVA/AJAX admin user interface and much more.

While Pretty Link is very similar to its competitor, Thirsty Affiliates, I would say that it boils down to your personal preferences. Both are good and all you need to do is to select either one of them.

>> Try Pretty Link Lite here. <<<


4. OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher plugin

Rotating banner for the win and there are no other plugins that come closer than what OIO Publisher can do. With OIO Publisher, you can:

  • Setup different zones for ads
  • Choose between hyperlink or banner ads
  • Additional options such as inline ads or even custom ones
  • Statistic reports

You can even decide to sell your ad space by using OIO Publisher’s marketplace to further increase your revenue.

>>> Try OIO Publisher here. <<<


5. EasyAzon

EasyAzon plugin

Are you thinking of monetizing using Amazon? If that’s the case, you’re in luck!

With EasyAzon, you can easily increase your affiliate sales with this plugin.

But wait!

What are the features of this plugin?

  • Add links to Amazon Affiliate program right from your WordPress dashboard
  • Link localization: If a user is coming from U.K, he will be automatically redirected to Amazon U.K. store. This way you won’t miss out on your commission
  • EasyAzon let you add ‘˜Add to cart’ feature, which will let your reader directly add the product into their cart. This feature also increases the chances of getting paid for sale by 30 more days.

Make no mistake as this plugin is very powerful. I have seen several bloggers generating over 200% more affiliate sales on eBay using this plugin!

>>> Try EasyAzon here. <<<


The best plugins for affiliate marketers

I hope you find this useful and what is your favorite affiliate marketing plugins? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


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