How Fast Can I Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing?

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Want to know how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing? The answer is "it depends." There is no exact formula in knowing how long it takes for you to make your first dollar using affiliate marketing. Some bloggers make the first dollar within days and some takes a few months depending on the strategy, competition and market environment.

But certainly, the above is not going to satisfy your 'craving in knowing how long it really takes to make money online using affiliate marketing.

For starters, let's get some facts right.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business (and not a scam)

So, why are there parties who say affiliate marketing is purely a scam?

The answer is simple. The first part is that they probably aren't making money using affiliate marketing and they are jealous. The second part is that there are also affiliate marketers who make a living by scamming others (such as promoting a product they don't use but yet, they publish a review on the product with the hopes of making sales out of it).

That is the ugly side of affiliate marketing and it is something none of us can control.

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

If affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, then why it is so hard to make money from it?

Competition is the word here.

There are just too much competition in the marketplace and marketers (including myself) are often seen struggling to make money from it.

Want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing?

Here are some criteria you need to be successful:

  • Strategizing your marketing plan
  • Patience (you don't make money overnight)
  • Constantly on the lookout for trends
  • Persuasive skills

Summary: How fast can I make money using affiliate marketing?

Assuming that you have the right strategy, patience, great listening skills and persuasive skills, you are bound to make some money from affiliate marketing.

On average, I would say it takes around 30 to 90 days for you to earn your first dollar through affiliate marketing.

Want success in affiliate marketing? There is NO quick ways in making money. Have a strong plan in mind and constantly build trust.

That's how you can build your audience and finally, make money with affiliate marketing.

How To Increase Affiliate Marketing Earnings Fast?

​Affiliate Marketing Earnings. As an affiliate marketer for over 6 years, I have seen many marketers fail to increase their earnings (in a smart way).

​Before we go down into business and understanding more about affiliate marketing earnings, let me ask you something.

​Do you know that you can make money from affiliate marketing outside from your blog?

​Fact #1: Affiliate marketing is only 50% blogging

Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

​Here's a real fact—affiliate marketing is related closely to blogging. I make around $8,000 a month through affiliate marketing and a nice chunk of it (around 70%) comes from my blogs.

​If you want to be success in affiliate marketing, blogging is important and you should focus on creating a blog that share worthy.

Fact #2: ​Affiliate marketing is 50% lead generation and automation

Email Automation Affiliate Marketing

​According to the recent survey done by Google and Yahoo, it takes around 7 to 11 times for a person to make a purchase after the initial encounter.

What happens when they first visit your site (let's say to read on a review) and goes away? They probably end up reading more reviews and blog posts on the same product and finally, deciding on purchasing several days later.

Damn. This means the sale is not going towards you but to the last click (which sucks). 🙁

The first solution: Email marketing

Email Marketing

​There must be lead generation forms on your blog posts to encourage them to fill up and be kept updated with whatever you are offering/they are interested in.

And when they put in their email addresses and hit the 'send button', there's where the magic happens. Email automation kicks in and the potential buyer goes into a sales funnel before being convinced to purchase the product/service.

​Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You To Be Rich uses email marketing funnels to ​convert website visitors into paying customers (up to $2,000 per online course) without even having to meet them face to face.

However, there's something you should know about email marketing and affiliate marketing. Both of them don't pay well (especially service providers). For example, MailChimp will shutdown your account if you are caught selling/promoting affiliate products.

​Lucky for you, the best email marketing tool for affiliate marketers is AWeber. Thousands of affiliate marketers use this tool and have zero issues with it. The best part? You can try it for 30-days free (without a credit card) using this link.

​The second solution: Automated lead generation forms

Opt In Forms

​No one signs up for your newsletter simply because you asked for it. Seriously, no one (unless your family members).

​If you are using WordPress, you might be thinking which is the best lead generation plugin you should be using. Well, ​after testing over a dozen lead generation plugins, the best one is still Thrive Leads (click here to see the demo).

​Why choose Thrive Leads over others such as OptinMonster?

For me, it relates to the pricing and straightforward features. ​Thrive Leads is not differentiated with the different packages and plans (with different prices). You pay for a fixed fee and every feature is unlocked. Unlike OptinMonster (for example), you are required to choose the different plans where each plan comes with different features. Ultimately, you are required to pay a hefty figure if you need to unlock many features. You can find the comparison between Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster or ​take a look at OptinMonster pricing page for more clarification.

​Are you ready to increase affiliate marketing earnings?

​In today's world, the competition is real, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. It takes more efforts to close a sale and you need to take the right actions if you are serious in increasing affiliate marketing earnings.

Make no mistake as this will not be easy but definitely something worth doing.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

How to Make Money By Blogging: How I Make 10K+ From Home

There are many bloggers who are able to make money by blogging but not many of them are able to make it past the $10k mark. So, how do they make more than $10,000 a month from blogging?

I has been blogging since 2004 and in some ways, I admit that I am blessed. In many occassions, I was able to make $10k+ just through blogging.

Want to know how? Here are the exact steps I took.

1. Choose the right niche (profitable + interest)

When it comes to blogging, you need to find the right niche that you are interested in and lucrative at the same time. Now, this is tough.

It is never easy to find a niche that you are interested in and profitable at the same time.

Real Life Blogging Mistake

For those who don't know me, I love to write about blogging related matters. Here's the problem—blogging related niche are often not profitable especially if you are counting on Google Adsense. In most cases, I'll earn around $0.05 per click. Do the math and you will realize that it takes at least 2,000 clicks just to hit the $100 mark.

Now, let's take a moment to dive into another part of this (blogging niche). When it comes to blogging, you don't have to stick to just Google Adsense. You can focus on promoting products of others and earn significantly more.

For example, most bloggers (including myself) go for affiliate marketing to generate additional income from my blog.

2. Affiliate marketing is the ONLY way to make money and fast

Yes, you read it right. Unless there are at least 1,000,000 visitors on your website daily, affiliate marketing is the only way that will help you make $10,000 a month.

Take a look at this.

affiliate earnings

The screenshot above is taken from one of the affiliate products I am promoting on this blog. Currently my earning is over $500 and what happens you replicate this with several more blogs?

That's how I made $10k+ through blogging!

The content for affiliate marketing is simple. You start by choosing a topic that you are interested in. Then, the next step is to search for related products and services that others are offering in the niche. 

Instead of spending hours creating products and services, you can instantly promote these affiliate products and earn a lucrative affiliate commission upon successful sale.

3. Start building email list as early as possible

The trick for successful blogging is to start collecting emails as early as possible. An email list goes a long way, from helping you to build loyal readers to promoting your products.

Email marketing is not complicated. It is easy and more importantly, it is extremely critical for your success in blogging. How I make 10k+ by blogging was by building an email list from day one.

If you have no idea where to start, here's a quick short and free course on email marketing by AWeber.


Learn how to grow your email list in less than 4 hours with step-by-step, expert guidance in six short and simple lessons.

Start the course now

4. Always invest in tools that help your blog grows

I love buying and trying new tools; from SEO to social media tools. As a matter of fact, using tools is one of the top reasons why I'm able to make money through blogging.

For example, the usage of SEO tool such as KWFinder and SEMrush allow me to find for high demand keywords with low competition. This allows me to be able to generate a lot of traffic in a short time period.

Want to find for valuable keywords? Click here to learn more (for free)!

At the same time, social media tool such as PostPlanner had also contributed to my success in making 10k+ through blogging.

In short, there are two angles you can look at especially when it comes to using paid tools. On one hand, you can consider it as wasting of money and on another hand, you can consider them as assistance to help you make more money.

Using the right blogging tool will help you save more time, money and effort.

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5. Craft content that interests your visitors

Don't just start a blog because your friend makes tons of money from blogging. Don't just hit 'Publish' simply because it is needed.

If you want to make money by blogging, take time to craft content that will make your website readers want for more.

This means that your content need to be:

  • Relevant
  • Supported by facts
  • Interesting

Before you publish a new content on your blog, make sure you have done sufficient research to make the article as useful as possible. And once that is all done, perform some decoration on the content to make it interest.

For example, having videos and images on your content will help your audience understand the topic better and avoid them from getting bored (with the wall of text).

Pro Tip

Decorating your content on WordPress require some coding skills (so to say). If you are just starting blogging as hobby, consider using WordPress visual builders like this one to easily create and manage the design without coding skills.

Are you ready to make money by blogging (and make over 10k+)?

Are you new to blogging? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

How I Made Money Online Through Blogging?

We all want to make more money on the side (without leaving our day job). For the younger generation, one of the best ways to make money online is through blogging.

I made pretty decent earnings from the Internet — all thanks to hard work and some luck. I make my money through affiliate marketing and to give you an idea on how much I actually made, take a look at the screen grab below.

affiliate earnings
Let's be honest. $11,697.87 is a lot of money and I know that you can use this for a whole lot of reason!

Make money online through blogging is not impossible. It takes time and effort — and if you can stay close to it, you are going to reap the benefit after some time.

Discovering The "How"

How can you can make money from blogging today?

I bet you have this in mind. Carry on reading below and let me show you how it can be done (correctly).

1. Find your interest (niche)

find niche for blogging

All successful bloggers have one thing in common — they do the thing that they love. This means that if you love writing about WordPress, then that should be the niche for your website. If you have deep love for finance related news, you should start a blog covering that topic.

You can start a blog that is not really your interest but after several weeks of hard work, you will feel burn down — and you will stop blogging altogether.

The trick here is to find a niche that you have interest in and start a blog with that in mind.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) is always important

search engine optimization

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars a month for expensive SEO tools. However, successful bloggers often invest into at least a single SEO tool to help them rank better on search engines.

I use KWFinder (click here to create a free account) and it is definitely one of my must-use tool before writing a blog post. KWFinder can help you find long tail keywords and analyze your competitor's backlinks.

Must read: What is KWFinder and how to use KWFinder (review)?

3. Focus on content

content first

Starting a blog is the easy part — determining your focus is another. When you start a blog, you are going to be bombarded with SEO, WordPress setup, plugins and many more.

But there's one trick to this. Writing a blog post is all about the content — so make sure your content is readable and engaging.

If you are starting a new blog, you should spend more time on the content than the SEO aspect. This means that you should focus heavily on the way the content is showcased to your potential audience and what you can do to make them wanting for more.

For me, I use Thrive Architect to create highly interactive content to keep website visitors longer on my site. If they stay long enough, they will enter my marketing funnel which involves using Thrive Leads to collect emails and build my email list.

4. Make money online through email marketing

email marketing

I made a lot of money from blogging through email list. The fastest way to start an email list is using MailChimp. MailChimp allows you to create multiple email lists for free (up to 2,000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails per month).

Want to know more about MailChimp? Here's the step by step guide in using MailChimp for bloggers.


If you are an affiliate marketer like me, MailChimp is not a good option to start with. Sure, the free email marketing solution certainly attracts heads but do you know that MailChimp will shut you down (without notice) if you use their service to promote affiliate products?

If you are looking for a reliable email marketing solution, I highly recommend you to use AWeber as it is affordable, powerful and it doesn't stop you from trying to make money from blogging.

5. Promote your content through social media

social media marketing for bloggers

Last but not least, social media is definitely something you need to consider using (if you are serious enough to make money from blogging).

The next time you publish a blog post, take a step further and schedule it on social media. You can do it either manually (which takes a little bit of your time) or you can use third party social media tools to help you schedule content. I use PostPlanner (it costs like $3 per month) to save me at least 3 hours a day. Of course, this is because I have over 500 blog posts to share to my audience at various times, along with 5 different social media platforms.

Are you ready to make money online from blogging?

I hope you find this quick guide useful in your quest of making money through blogging.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below and let's discuss further!

Affiliate Marketing: Promoting High Ticket Affiliate Products (And Make Money)

Are you promoting high ticket affiliate products? The life of an affiliate marketer isn't easy. You are always worried about competition and often time, prays hard to make a living on the Internet.

Do you know why most affiliate marketers are NOT making enough money from affiliate marketing?

They are not promoting high ticket affiliate products.

Ask anyone of them and they will give you a sh*tload of reasons - from promoting high ticket affiliate products means higher competition to lack of time to do sufficient research (before they can successfully promote a high ticket affiliate product).

I want you to find some gems in this post and I'm going to share with you several ways (and products) you can start promoting to score yourself well-deserved high ticket sales.

What are high ticket affiliate products?

In short, these products are able to generate hundreds of dollars by just successfully selling a single product.

Most high ticket affiliate products have these:

  • High customer retention
  • Better customer conversion
  • Costs higher than most products
  • check
    Quality products with constant improvement

Make sense, right?

High ticket affiliate products are often priced higher than most products in the market because they have better products (quality, performance, etc.).

Due to the higher than usual pricing structure, these companies are often required to provide higher affiliate payout to drive traffic and sales.

And this is where you start leveraging them (and promoting high ticket affiliate products)!

How to promote high ticket affiliate products successfully?

My favorite move is to flood the market with tons of value. In this case, creating informative blog posts on a dedicated blog. Yes, not just your average blog but a niche blog.

Click here to learn how to start a blog under $30.

A niche blog is a blog where the content of the blog is discussing a specific topic. Let's take an example of a web hosting blog. The blog will cover a wide range of topic related to web hosting and for search engines, you are providing content within a specific niche (which helps you get discovered pretty fast).

When creating a niche blog to promote high ticket affiliate products, the goal is to flood the marketplace with valuable information. These well-written content is going to drive traffic to your site and increases the trust level of your visitors. Ultimately, visitors who trust you will most likely buy from you ... regardless what you are promoting.

When it comes to promoting high ticket affiliate products, you should be promoting a product related to web hosting (duh!) and in this case, WP Engine is known for its high commission payout.

Earn up to $7500 for one sale!

Yes, that's right. You are bound to earn at least $200 per sale when you promote any WP Engine web hosting products. There are affiliates who actually earn thousands of dollars when promoting WP Engine's enterprise web hosting services.

So, the sky is your only limit.

Are you ready to close some high ticket affiliate sales this week?

I bet you are, right?

Now tell me your experience promoting high ticket affiliate products in the comment below!

*P.S. If you are not promoting high ticket affiliate products, you should do that right now!

Affiliate Marketing Tips: The ONE Tool That Increase Conversion Multiple Folds

There are a lot of affiliate marketing tips in the Internet today and there are some of them which are really good. If you are just starting out doing affiliate marketing, you would want to implement everything at the same time. 

Now, here's the difference of what you can do, and what you will do.

Allow me to ask you something. You are interested in affiliate marketing because:

  • You are a student and need the extra cash
  • You have a day job and earning side income is always great
  • You trying to build streams of residual income on the side

Either way, I get it. I was and still in the same shoes.

I have a day job and affiliate marketing allows me to earn extra income monthly, without much hard work and more importantly, more money to put food on the table.

You are confused with affiliate marketing.

Confused About Affiliate Marketing

With so much information about affiliate marketing tips in the market space, you are desperate to know what works and more importantly, what doesn't — right?

I bet it not because I guess so, it is because I know so!

Now, what if I tell you that there is one simple affiliate marketing tip you can follow, that will increases your affiliate sales multiple folds?

The answer is this ... (carry on reading).


No, I'm not talking about blog layout — I'm talking about the article layout. This means the way you make your article portray the information to the public.

Here's an important tip: No one loves wall of text.

Typically, most blog layouts look like this.

Typical Blog Layout

If I could describe this in just one word, it would be B.O.R.I.N.G.

You see, most affiliate marketers opt for the layout above and there is no wrong to it. What makes your conversion is the CONTENT part.

We spend so much time trying to create the best ads and banners on the sidebar that we totally forget that the conversion power lies within the content.

And of course, this leads to another question.

How to use content and increase affiliate sales?

The answer is simple. Make it interactive.

According to the, the word "interactive" can be inteprated as "Live presentation in which the audience can participate."

How do you make your blog post interactive without voice?

Hah! Now, you are talking.

The trick here is simple. Using visual editor and turn wall of text into something fun.

Here's my meaning of fun:

1. Countdown timer


2. Progress Bar

What's my progress now?

3. Icons (retina display)

4. Content Reveal

Test: Revealing the best affiliate marketing tips

5. Social media icons within a blog post

6. Tables

Affiliate marketing tip #1

Affiliate marketing tip #2

Affiliate marketing tip #3

Affiliate marketing tip #4

Affiliate marketing tip #5

Affiliate marketing tip #6

Affiliate marketing tip #7

Affiliate marketing tip #8

Interactive? How to start?

Now that you know what I'm trying to say, the trick is to use visual builder to avoid touching any codes. Of course, if you know how to code, then you can work your way without any visual builder plugins.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or simply want to get started as soon as possible without wasting anytime, here are some resources I recommend you to read and bookmark now:

Important takeaways

Anyone can start affiliate marketing but it takes more than just writing to make affiliate sales. The article layout need to be extremely interesting and interactive to drive those clicks to close the sale.