5 Ways To Grow Your Brand Awareness with Influencer Marketing

Brand awareness and growth is at an all-time high, and even relatively unknown brands are catching in on the frenzy. With the necessary steps taken, any brand that has substance can become a worldwide fantasy.

One super-smart way to get in on the fun with increased brand awareness is by engaging influencer marketing. With influencer marketing platforms and tools such as https://izea.com/unity-suite/, your brand’s reach can be increased, leading to more exposure and eye-popping engagements! Not just that, but you also get more leads and conversions when you have a proper approach to influencer marketing.

What are the 5 top tips to help grow your brand awareness with influencer marketing?

1. Building a Network of Influencers is Almost Foolproof

Influencer Marketing

For brand growth, you might need to work with a community of influencers; and not just 1 or 2 of them. This is especially true if your brand proposes to cut across different strata and demographic indices. 

If you can build a network of influencers to help promote your brand, you are likely to connect with a larger audience and create brand awareness within these various groups. The end goal of this is increased brand visibility, an excellent step towards the growth of your brand. 

2. Visibility! Visibility! Visibility!

This is one of the major things it boils down to increased visibility.

A well-marketed brand is one which is very visible. That means you can’t afford to sleep on the use of social networking sites and platforms, as you execute your influencer marketing campaigns.

However, the best platforms to push your visibility on would be those your target audience routinely visit. Instagram in particular, is very good at helping to engage different brands and target audiences; and then we have Twitter and Facebook.

Your influencers should focus more on producing content for these platforms, as well as others like YouTube and even blogs, so as to increase your visibility on search engines.

3. Whoosh! The Oh-So-Amazing Brand Experience

Brand Experience

One secret to growing your brand via influencer marketing is to sell your brand experience to influencers, who would then gladly sell this experience to their followers! That being said, you would have to create a unique experience around your brand that’s lively and exciting to your potential clients or target audience.

Influencers have a certain kind of energy- and when they are sold in on your brand experience, they exude this energy whilst describing your brand. Isn’t that a great way to grow your brand?

4. Work with Influencers to Support a Good Cause

Big brands caught this bug a while back. A crucial example is GUESS, which helps rape victims with the GUESS Denim Day Campaign.

This is a very good way to build awareness for your brand, as there is data to prove that 8 in 10 customers are willing to try out a new brand that fulfills the corporate social responsibility clause for businesses.

Working with influencers to support any cause you choose e.g. feeding homeless children, creates a strong impact for your brand, and makes clients more willing to trust you. It is very important, at this juncture, to choose influencers whose values align with those of your brand/ the chosen cause. 

5. Allow Influencers Freedom to Create Unique, Engaging Content

Influencers are valuable because of how much they can engage their audience.

Isn’t it counter-intuitive to dictate how they provide content, and which sort of content they provide?

Besides giving influencers a broad overview of what you want to be communicated, it might be a wise step to actually allow them to do their jobs!

It will be in the best interest of your brand if you do not consistently try to battle the power of shaping fluid content out of the hands of influencers, and into your own hands. Remember, you’re on the same team! Allow authenticity, and everyone goes home happy.

Wrapping it Up

Growing your brand is paramount in your mind. A right approach to influencer marketing might be the tipping point your brand has been waiting for.