Affiliate Marketing: Promoting High Ticket Affiliate Products (And Make Money)

promoting high ticket affiliate products

Are you promoting high ticket affiliate products? The life of an affiliate marketer isn’t easy. You are always worried about competition and often time, prays hard to make a living on the Internet. Do you know why most affiliate marketers are NOT making enough money from affiliate marketing? They are not promoting high ticket affiliate … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Tips: The ONE Tool That Increase Conversion Multiple Folds

Affiliate Marketing Tips

There are a lot of affiliate marketing tips in the Internet today and there are some of them which are really good. If you are just starting out doing affiliate marketing, you would want to implement everything at the same time.  Now, here’s the difference of what you can do, and what you will do. … Read more

Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail (And What You Can Do About It)

Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail

Affiliate marketers fail a lot. Yes, that’s true. You may be brand new to this affiliate marketing stuffs and what is the first thing you discover? Bloggers make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. And that becomes the fuel to your quest in making money online. This post will share some of the most … Read more

4 Things I’ll Do If I’m Starting Affiliate Marketing All Over Again

starting affiliate marketing all over again

Most affiliate marketers are often using the bootstrapping method. You know, spending minimum money and getting the biggest results. I did the same years back, and I realized one thing. All my affiliate marketing projects were disastrous! I realized that I was only successful once I put in both money and effort into the projects. … Read more

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Need To Target Topics And Not Keywords?

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Need To Target Topics And Not Keywords

I’m going to tell you right in the face, right now. You are probably doing your affiliate marketing wrong. Are you promoting too many products under one roof? I bet! As a matter of fact, I’m also guilty of this in the past. When I started my 7-days affiliate marketing course last week ([thrive_2step id=’6496′]you can … Read more

Brainstorming For Affiliate Marketing Niche? Try Soaking Up Under The Sun!

Brainstorming For Affiliate Marketing Niche

Soak up that sunlight up, folks! Over and over again, affiliate marketers asked about getting out from the crazy writer’s block. My answer is simple: Sunlight. Whenever I’m trying to brainstorm for profitable affiliate niche ideas, I try to stay in open areas. I found out that this helps a lot as the open sky … Read more