Best content marketing strategies for 2014

5 Simple Content Marketing Strategies To Double Your Traffic

Content marketing is all about putting your articles on the first page of Google search.

Or at least, that’s one of the top three goals for many bloggers.

I started a simple survey that comes in my newsletter. The goal was simple; Drop your request to me and I will blog it up for you. And if you have yet to participate in the survey, you can do it here – Content Survey.

The request was made by one of my readers in Kerala, India with the question, “Anything along the lines of content marketing.”

I hope you are reading this and here are some useful content marketing strategies which can potentially double your website traffic in a very short period of time.

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Content Marketing Strategies


Best content marketing tips for 2014
How do you do content marketing for 2014?


Content marketing is never easy. If it is hard last year, expect a bomb this year instead.

If you think that content marketing is just for businesses, you are dead wrong. You need it even if you are a small time blogger.

Want to rank on the first page of Google? You need content marketing. Period.

While that literally answered the question on how important content marketing is in today’s world, the biggest question I am going to touch today is as below.


How do you do content marketing with just 5 steps?


Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing #1 – Strategies

In my latest blog post on professional blogging tutorial, I outlined one very important factor; having a bulletproof strategy.

Even before you purchase a domain or pick one up for free on Blogspot, you need to consider:

  • What your blog is all about? (single vs multiple niche)
  • Who would be your readers?
  • What makes others come to your blog?
  • How to make readers come back for more?
  • What makes the blog different from the rest?

And the list continues.

In content marketing, you need to be absolutely sure on the path you are heading to. The goals set have to be:

  1. Achievable
  2. Logical
  3. Within a specific time frame

When it comes to content marketing strategy, putting a high bars in the beginning of the ‘race’ would easily lead to many failures.


Content marketing #2 – Headlines


Magnetic headlines will increase traffic


Article headlines are the first thing your readers read and therefore, it is a no brainer to put all your effort into constructing a great one.

Headlines should be craved accordingly to:

  • Reader’s interest
  • Latest headlines
  • Mysterious
  • Delivering promises

Let’s take for example, both of these headlines:

5 Simple Content Marketing Strategies To Double Your Traffic

5 Content Marketing Strategies To Build Traffic

For starters, both the above are very close to each other but by just adding a few words, you could easily skyrocket your conversion rate; getting more readers to read your article.

The first title is obviously a better choice because it has the word ‘simple’ and ‘double’.

This give an impression for the readers that the 5 tips are easy to do (less time consuming) and a promise that it would increase blog traffic by at least once.

A few other headlines that you could use are:

  • Best 10 … To …
  • A versus B
  • How to make money while you are sleeping (example for mystery headlines)

Want to dig in more? You can check out what Brian Clark wrote here, How to write magnetic headlines.


Content marketing #3 – The content itself


Writing great content is important in marketing


Two questions that easily pop into mind would be:

  • The length of the article
  • Creating out of this world discussion

While there are probably hundreds of discussions in regards to this matter, I ought to differ.

People says longer articles gets ranked better by Google and many of us are scratching our heads just to reach the 1,200 words mark.


Honestly speaking, my case studies (unpublished yet) show that articles between 1,000 to 2,000 words would rank better but with heavy optimization; keyword density, title tags etc.

Not only that, I have a website ranking on page two of Google without any SEO done to it and the epic part? The articles published on the site are created by a robot, has around 600 words on average per article and articles created are around 60% readable.

Does longer articles get ranked better? Probably.

Do you really need lengthy articles to rank well on Google now? Not really (or until Google changes its algorithm again).

So, truth debunked? Go figure!

And our next discussion, article creation.

When it comes to content marketing, you need great content if you want to stand out from the crowd. If your blog posts are plain and simple, you are already losing half the battle.

I often consider content marketing (or writing articles in this sense) as an art; The art to captivates audience.

Take a read on what some of the professional and prominent figures in the blogging industry on their blogs and you will notice a huge difference between them. Some would simple start with a story while others, would give you bits of the story to drive you nuts.

Either way, those are real darn good content marketing techniques.

Moral of the story? Every single word that you use should be followed by another to make your reader NOT pressing the X button.

If you are wondering, the below is one of the oldest tricks in blogging.

Bribe your visitors with information they are looking for, not opposite.


Content marketing #4 – The effect of images in a blog post


How to increase traffic with images


Okay, so you had written a super lengthy post of 2,500 words.

Great ~ but why is your bounce rate so high? Why are readers not digging into your articles?

Chances are you are not using images.

A picture represents a thousand words. Same goes to blogging!

The concept here is fairly simple. Readers (including me) will not read your article from A to Z if it is over 1,000 words. Unless you are a great writer like Brian Clark, you are probably nowhere near success.

In content marketing, you need to make sure that you are using the power of images. You don’t need to use high resolution images for all your blog posts. Instead, choose the right one which represents the best meaning of the word/sentence.

Have you noticed that Pinterest is one of the prominent social media platform growing in the shadows of Facebook?

Images are getting more important and if you are losing if you are not using images.

Blogging or content marketing as what I call is a business. If you want to start growing your ‘business’, start utilizing images for Christ’s sake.

It probably cost you around 10 seconds to find one thanks to Google.

So seriously, use images, slides, videos or any visual related sources to drive your website visitors crazy. Yes, make them “wow”!


Content marketing #5 – Are you ‘marketing’?


Content marketing with social media
Social media is apart of the content marketing strategy


You may have:

  • The best content
  • Fully optimized with on-page SEO
  • More than 2,000 words
  • Killer headlines
  • Epic images, slides and videos

And you are popped a beer and congratulate yourself for the job well done. Well, you are nearly there … but not there yet!

Traffic is not going to flow in just-like-that with the above optimization techniques.


If you want your content to go viral or being shared across the various social media platforms, you need to market the article to ready-listeners.

Yes, you’re right; Those followers you have in your mailing list.

If you do not have a mailing list yet, you can get one here for 30 days free and no credit card required.

While you can reach hundreds or thousands of followers with the right email marketing provider, the job doesn’t stop there.

You need to continue marketing the article as long as it is still published and this, my friend, is one of the biggest mistakes done by many content writers.

People tend to share new articles for the first 2 to 4 weeks from the date published and after that, everything goes flat; no more marketing after reaching the 5th week mark.

If you are writing evergreen articles, then make sure you schedule them for social media sharing at least once a month. You can easily promote these articles across various social media platforms using Buffer.

Not sure how to use it? Check this article out – How to schedule posts using Buffer App?


Do you like the content marketing tips above?

Tell me what you think using the comment form below and if you like to throw in your request, head over to this link and drop your request there!

18 thoughts on “5 Simple Content Marketing Strategies To Double Your Traffic”

  1. Hi Reginald,
    I must say it feels good to be here today. This is a very well researched and well written post. Images, content, headlines and social media helps in traffic alot. Content is key because no mater how well you market when visitors read through and see that your content is trash i am very sure they will want to come back again. I have penciled down a few things you added here that is very important.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Bob,

      Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my humble blog 🙂

      While content is always important, getting traffic to your blog is another. So yes, keep thinking out of the box and you should be just fine.

      Do come back for more and if you like, you can sign up for my newsletter for more tips.

  2. Hi Reginald,

    Great strategies listed in this post. I agree with all strategies, mostly #2. Headlines are most important to grab users attention. It’s gives a little idea about the post to your users.
    Images are also important. They give the visual look to content and makes it highly appealing.
    Thank you for sharing these strategies with…. 🙂

    • Hey Nikhil,

      Thanks for commenting and glad you find the above useful!

      Content marketing nowadays is changing and it just get tougher. So we got to move on!

      Keep coming back for more mate!

  3. Hi Reginald, its really an awesome article,all the strategies and tips are very useful for a content marketer,no doubt content is king but if we dont use unique and attractive headlines,,we’ll loose traffic..and Images and Social media are also important for content marketer….

    • Hi Madan,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, basically content marketing is indeed the new form of marketing. There are probably hundreds of other techniques but for me, these are the ones that really work well for me.

      Hope you enjoyed it and talk to you soon!

  4. So much to learn, thank you for the handy tips!

    I personally find that coming up with a catchy title difficult, I can alter a title umpteen times before I am happy with it and I am rarely over the moon with any of my titles.

    I have read so much about the importance of social networking and have only recently signed up with Twitter: I have yet to learn how to use it properly!

    It never occurred to me to keep putting out links for older posts, probably because none of my posts are that old yet, but I will be sure to remember that piece of advice for the future. I suppose it’s only natural to think to share more recent posts.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Welcome to my humble blog 🙂

      Blogging or content writing is always changing. And yes, creating a catchy title is superb tough! Good title attracts readers; look at Copyblogger for example.

      Social media is also important and it helps in traffic boost too!

      Good luck and drop me a line if you need some help.

  5. Hi Reginald,

    Amazing strategies listed here, titles are really important and can change the fate of any post to a huge extent.

    However, I don’t think we always need 1000+ or 2000+ words to rank a post high on search engines, be it 300+ words or 1000+ words the important thing is the message should be clear. There are number of sites that rank really well even with a post below 300 words.

    Having said that, it is always good to be safe and write articles with enough number of words especially for new blogs with low authority

    • Hey Dhiraj!

      How are you my dear friend?

      Oh yes, you nailed it very well. Of course, I am sooo used to blog long post but I know some posts get ranked pretty well even when they are below 600 words. Personally, I use number of words as a guideline *call me talkative*.

      Like what you say, new blogs should have more words just to get some authority juice and once it picks up, you can easily reduce or ‘mix and match’ like what I always do.

      Thanks for commenting!

      *p/s Have a great day mate~

  6. Great post Reginald! Glad you shared the results about the longer articles – I have found the same thing with my posts. I ususally do them just under 1000 but have several 1200+ and I did not see any differences. I must still work on catchy titles – they really do help with the sharability on the social networks. Images too make a huge difference not only on Pinterest but I now use Instagram to share mine and Twitter. Images can speak volumes too.
    I love the buffer and recently added the plugin to share older posts on my @InspireToThrive handle. Makes it easier to get old posts shared again and you can choose which not to share too.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Glad you find this useful! I haven’t really see a jump in terms of traffic between a 1,000 and a 2,000 words article (different niche) but with catchy titles, you are going to drive the traffic up like hell!

      I don’t use Buffer plugin but instead I do them manually in bulk. Haha!

      See you around and talk to you real soon!

  7. Hey Reginald,

    Well that definitely summed it all up, great job.

    The headlines is an area I’ve really been working on more. I think I do okay with some while others could definitely use more work. I agree, people will look at those and if they don’t grab their attention they may never stop by your blog.

    I still tend to write longer posts mainly just because I get to writing and that’s where I end. On the posts that I include videos I tend to do much shorter. I don’t want to lose their interests and I do my best to keep my videos a reasonable length. I admit not really enjoying watching a long one myself.

    I haven’t been promoting my posts as much this year as you probably can tell. Just had a lot of issues in the beginning of the year with more hosting issues but with all that behind me I’m now focusing on some training and finishing my product so I haven’t had the time to spend on my blog as I should. Just had fitting it all in.

    Thanks for your great post though and spot on tips. Hope you enjoy your week.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for your kind words. Just like you, been trying hard to work out on the ‘magnetic headlines’ as what CopyBlogger are doing. They just do so well every time!

      I am finding hard to do videos lately but am slowly getting back to pace (I hope). And as for the article length, I usually hit over 1,000 words. I am just talkative by nature? 😀

      Nonetheless, thanks for dropping by and I think you are doing extremely well!

      Take care Adrienne and see you soon.

  8. Hey Reginald,

    Great post man! Glad to be here reading this post. A well written article indeed. Post title works great if you want referral traffic. As much interested is the Title people would love to click on it as when you share your article on social sites, Title got first attention from users.

    subheadings in the post should also be promising as you said because 60% audience don’t read the post rather scan it by reading the sub headings and conclusion. So they should be explanatory and attention grabbing.

    Keep writing Mate.

    Atish Ranjan

    • Hi Atish,

      Thanks for dropping by. Attention grabbing. Love that part.

      Have a great title and subtitle and you should be able to reduce your bounce rate while keeping the readers sticked to your blog 🙂

      Happy weekend!

  9. wow Reginald….

    A well documented and informative post with a great flow.

    You know people are still struggling to drive traffic on their websites and finally ending up quitting their blogging journey. So this article is going to show then the right path..

    As you said about the headline… I completely agree with you about the HUGE importance of them.. These are the prime focus of any article, so crafting them in a professional way must be our first motto..

    Content always comes second.. but it must entertain the readers and ignite the curiosity to read further. In short – If your reader is feeling bored after reading 2-3 paragraphs then you failed to convince him/her.

    Images, marketing and other things are as important as you said..

    Very brilliant article..

    Bravo for this.. 🙂

    • Hi Kulwant!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Oh yes, you are absolutely right about the headlines. The right one will drive up your CTR. Content on the other hand, is like the bread and butter of blogging. Bad content doesn’t make the cut nowadays!

      Have a blessed weekend mate.

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