Buffer is a great tool when it comes to scheduling social media updates and analytics.

Step by Step Guide To Schedule Social Media Updates Using Buffer App

Over 1 million users are using Buffer for their daily social media campaigns and the numbers are growing rapidly by the day.

The biggest question is probably “What makes Buffer so damn famous?”

Buffer is designed to offer you a more efficient way to handle all your social media accounts and campaigns. Basically, it makes scheduling social media updates as easy as A, B and C.

For those who don’t know me, I am pretty much a social media freak. I am constantly on mobile and social media. Yes, welcome to the 21st century!

With over 11 social media accounts to handle, it is really time consuming to handle all. Also with my hectic schedule, it is a no brainer that I need the right social media management tool to turn my social media woes into something … really pleasant.

As for the record, I had used HootSuite, Socialoomph and a dozen more social media management tool until date. Honestly speaking, nothing really come close to Buffer.

So, why should I be using Buffer?

For starters, Buffer is a free tool which makes life much easier and I was pretty skeptical about its ability before this. Yup, I thought that it was hard to use and I didn’t really bother learning.

So for those who are wondering how you can REALLY use Buffer for your social media campaigns, keep reading on as I will share with you how to use Buffer … the right way.

I uses it because it has a very detailed social media analytics tool.

Let’s be real honest here. Buffer and any other social media management tools are closely equivalent when it comes to the scheduling features etc.

However, what distinguished Buffer from the rest are the reports it generates and of course, the lovely support team who never complains about all my rants.

Okay, I admit it. I am a tough customer to handle 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or thinking of using it for your business; Buffer app could be the right choice for you.

And here’s the link to the 9 Buffer’s Values.

The pricing factors

Buffer offers both free and premium plans for bloggers

Buffer is free for all and you can create your account simply by clicking here. On a free account, you can easily manage one Twitter, Facebook (page or profile), and LinkedIn account with up to 10 updates in your buffer, aka scheduler. This means that you can schedule up to 10 updates on free account.

If you are a heavy scheduler like me, you can easily signup for Buffer Awesome plan at $10 per month to manage 12 social profiles, have unlimited posts in your buffer, and even add two team members to help manage it all.

For any bigger business plans, you would need to contact the support team and discuss on the rates.

How do you schedule an update on Buffer?

Scheduling social media updates using Buffer is easy

It is a very powerful social media management tool if you know how to use it correctly. There are two very important factors which you need to consider which are:

  1. Determine the social media platforms to share the updates
  2. Time of sharing the updates

If you are keen of reading on this (which I highly recommend), check out my latest write up on 3 steps to kick start social media automation.

Remember that with proper planning, you are going to skyrocket your social media campaigns and ROI. Don’t forget that if done correctly, you can also increase your referral traffic too.

It only takes you two steps to start buffering your updates. Yes, only two for Christ’s sake!

1. You need to setup a schedule time for Buffer to work

Step by step guide in creating a schedule on Buffer App

Here, you need to set up the specific time to share the update for every social media accounts you have. And scheduling a time on Buffer is easy.

  • You basically click on the Schedule tab (#1)
  • Set the day of your choice such as daily or specific days (#2)
  • Select a time for that Buffer to work (#3)

For those who are managing more than one social media accounts, it is best NOT to schedule the same updates at a specific time.

Also, it is always great to select Shuffle for every completed social media scheduled updates to avoid duplication between accounts.

This is a great way to avoid having labelled as spam.

2. Scheduling a social media update on Buffer

Scheduling a social media update using Buffer is really easy. All you need to do are these three simple steps:

  • Input your update
  • Select the social media accounts you want to schedule that update
  • Choose Share Now or Buffer

Yes! That’s all. pretty simple right?

Refer the below image for easier understanding:

Buffer makes social media sharing easy

Analyzing your social media reach using Buffer analytics

Personally, I am in love with the analytics and it is simply because it makes social networking so darn easy!

Buffer analytics will provide you details such as the number of clicks, comments, likes and reach to name a few. What makes this social media tool better is that for each time the update is reshared by others, your number of reach will be updated instantly.

This is very useful since you would have an idea on how far your social media had reached out to others and what others do with it in terms of resharing and clicking on the link provided.

Buffer is one of the best social media analytics tool

Buffer makes sharing … even easier!

At this point, I am sure you are pretty tempted to use Buffer but there’s more.

Do you remember the Buffer’s philosophy to makes sharing easier?

You can easily integrate Buffer with over a dozen apps and extensions. Imagine  using Buffer on Chrome, Firefox, smartphones and various social media platforms.

And my favorite are:

  • Buffer extension in Chrome
  • Integration with Feedly
  • Integration with Pocket app

I was using Buffer so much until a few of my close blogging buddies asked if I am online 24 hours a day, 7 times a week!

Thank you Buffer!

For me, it is more than just a tool when it comes to social media automation and campaigns. It has proven its worth even though I had used it less than a month now. With the rate Buffer is expanding, I am having high hopes that Buffer is going to the leading social media management tool for all.

Video guide: How to make scheduling work for you on Buffer app


Are you using Buffer for social media automation?

This social media automation tool had shown its capabilities to compete with some of the finest social media management tools out there.

It is no doubt that it offers tons of benefits and is absolutely no surprise that many bloggers and businesses are already looking into the ‘Buffer solution’.

Here are a few question for you (and feel free to hit the Reply button below):

  1. Are you using Buffer?
  2. If yes, what do you like about it?
  3. If no, what can Buffer team do to convince you use it?
  4. What do you hope to see in Buffer in the future?

Don’t be shy and tell me what you think! Or, sign up right now for a free Buffer account today!

35 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide To Schedule Social Media Updates Using Buffer App”

  1. Hey Reginald,
    I have tried this app a couple of time but did not stick to it. I have no reason absolutely. But hmmm! Let me check it again after reading this post. Looks like a serious boost and thanks for sharing it 😉

    • Hi Enstine,

      Cool mate! I really hope you liked it. Well, I didn’t like it in the early stages until I got more serious in social media.

      Have a great day ahead.

  2. Hey Reginald – great tutorial here. I have been using Buffer pretty much since the beginning and I love it. I still have the free plan, which suits me for now – like you said I can schedule a day’s worth of updates across my four major platforms (Twitter, G+, FB, and LinkedIn) and bam! I’m done for the day. It has become part of my regular morning routine. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the comment mate. I basically schedule a week or two worth of schedules due to my day job + blogging schedule. Love Buffer though I wish there is the function just like Socialoomph which is the schedule once and forget. Haha just being lazy 😀

      Have a great week ahead mate!

  3. Hi Reginald,

    I use hootsuite pro but buffer does rock.

    I have used it in the past.

    Super tool which helps you automate easily.

    It also prevents you from stuffing the stream.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ryan,

      Oh wow HootSuite pro. I used it sometime back (trial) and I really like their 50 social account thingy? Crazy man.

      I uses HootSuite for normal social media-ing while Buffer more on scheduled post and analytics.

      You are most welcome Ryan!

  4. Hey Reginald,

    I switch between my social media apps – I am using Buffer right now, before that I was using Tweet deck (Since I got back). And before I quit, I was using Hootsuite 😀

    I love switching around the apps, trying new ones. It helps to maintain the excitement of blogging 😉

    11 accounts? Wow! I find managing three accounts as a hard task 😉

    Right now, I have schedules setup for maximum exposure (1-2 Tweets every 2 hours), and limited exposure schedules for my Fan page and LinkedIn profile (5-6 updates per day, but in reality I only post around 3-4 per day).

    I haven’t used Buffer with Feedly (I have a requirement that I will only share the content after I have commented. There are exceptions of course, but rarely. So, I buffer up while commenting :D).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your experiences with Buffer App 🙂

    Oh, what I like about Buffer?

    The interface 😉 I love the simple design.

    • Hi Jeevan,

      I can’t agree with you. The Buffer interface is crazy straight forward. It is too easy for a dummy like me 😀

      Oh yes, over the years … I tend to have more social media and that is really taking a huge toll on me. Thanks to Buffer where I can now have more rest and schedule specific timing for everything. Pretty cool indeed.

      Thanks for dropping by my friend.

  5. Hi Reginald,

    Oh yes…I do use the free version of Buffer and that works pretty well because I just have a single account so far (Gosh! You have soooo many of them!!), and along with Hootsuite, it’s fitting in well so far.

    I agree with you there – the time zones are what we need to set in well depending on our location and the time we want our tweets to go out. I haven’t yet tried to share my own tweets through Buffer as I mainly use it to re-tweet my old posts that people share – just trying to keep it a little different as compared to Hootsuite where the main action takes place.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      I used to use the free version and I thought it was bad (really didn’t spend the time to use it). So I went to HootSuite and Socialoomph. Was happy there until I noticed the amount spend was too much (compared to $10 at Buffer). So, I told myself give Buffer a month trial period on Awesome plan and hey, it worked out well!

      Argh yes, too many social media accounts until date and thank God (not really) Buffer set it to 12. If not, I would probably be screaming my heads off. I think I have a couple dozens and I can’t remember all. Oh well~

      You too Harleena! I just hope to cut the spam on my blog. 20-50 spams a day is going to kill me. Haha!

  6. Reginald,

    Buffer is an awesome tool. I mean holding onto your tweet for maximum exposure!

    With so many social networks using something like this helps shave plenty of time and research.

    I read a lot and its easy to set post in the Buffer Que and know that you are supporting a good post, it will be share at the optimum time and you can track links in a couple clicks.

    P.S. This post is Buffered my friend! Good informative post!


    • Hi Steven,

      Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Oh yes, Buffer save a lot of my time and I really appreciate it a lot.

      You are absolutely right where it is all about the reach and time. Of course, it takes a little patience and lots of analytics to really get the best out of Buffer or any social media automation tool out there 😀

      Thanks for prep this up for Buffer too mate. Have a great day ahead and talk to you soon.

  7. Hi Reginald,

    I have been using Buffer for almost two years now and I have to say that it’s a very good application, it’s very easy to use and can provide details information about your scheduled posts, when you compare the interaction for each of your scheduled posts on different times you will know if the time that you have used is good or not and then you can change it based on the date you get. Thanks for sharing this review.

    • Hi Qasim,

      Oh wow! Long time user huh! Good for you mate. For me, Buffer beats everyone including the almighty HootSuite because of its simplicity. I don’t think any social media tool out there who can compete with Buffer’s simplicity.

      Oh yes, their customer service is top-notch! I can’t admin how much I love them but they are great. Kudos to them.

      Thanks for commenting and see you around mate.

  8. Hey Buddy.
    i’m using Hootsuit pro now, that’s great to help me manage my schedule. But your review really changes my mind. Can’t wait to try it.
    Thanks for your sharing.


    • Hi Stephan,

      Oh wow! HootSuite is very nice but I don’t like their UI. So, Buffer with simplified outlook looks better for me. Hope you like this review and take care my friend.

  9. Another really great review Reginald and I’m a Buffer lover as well.

    This is the second review I’ve read on Buffer today and I agree, it’s one of the best services to use. It’s really easy and I love how they implemented the tracking statistics too. I thought they’re going all out with this.

    So today I did learn about installing a plugin so that you can schedule your posts from Buffer which I wasn’t aware of but I wouldn’t use that one anyway. I guess if you’re on the run and need that it would be great. You know I’m not the mobile user like so many others so what do I know right!

    I hope you’ve convinced more people to use this awesome program. I almost wrote about it myself this week but now I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks for such a great job with this fabulous service.


    • Hi Adrienne!

      How are you my friend? Hope you are in great health!

      Yeah Buffer has that Chrome and Firefox plugin which is great especially you want to one-click and schedule posts you read. As I am always on mobile, I uses Buffer a lot too. Not bad since it works extremely well with Android.

      Buffer is a great social media tool regardless if you are paying or using the free version. Just like any other tools, you need to spend a little time to learn the ‘trade’.

      Have a great day ahead Adrienne.

  10. Reginald, I just went Pro about 2 weeks ago and am LOVING it! I can schedule for days ahead or even longer. If some really significant news breaks, I can pause it. I haven’t checked analytics too much but will after your reminder here. It’s a must tool in my book. I manage 5 accounts with mine. I can’t imagine 11! The only thing I wished it offered was Pinterest. Maybe some day 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,

      Oh yes you are absolutely right. I been constantly bugging them for Pinterest and Google+ personal account. Hopefully they are implemented soon.

      I just scheduled my posts today. I basically did over a month’s job. But it is good since I am always short of time, this could be a real saver indeed!

      p/s How have you been? Talk to you soon!

      • Yes, our Google+ personal account would be nice too 🙂 and maybe Tumblr while we are at it… I’ve been busy, busy – getting ready for vacation next week so my Buffer is ready to go :). Thanks for asking and have a great weekend ahead Reginald.

        • Hey Lisa,

          What? You’re going for vacation? WHy didn’t you tell me?! I would have packed my bag and wait for you in the getaway car :p

          Thank God for Buffer and social media automation huh? 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend too, my friend!

  11. Hey Reginald,

    Since I stop using TweetAdder and have less time in my schedule, an automating scheduling tool like buffer will definitely benefit me a whole lot. I see that it’s similar to TweetAdder except for the fact that it doesn’t help target certain people and groups. I’m definitely going to give this a run though. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for dropping by my friend.

      Oh you stopped TweetAdder? Why was it? I wanted to use it before Buffer and Socialoomph but it is really pricey. I mean I rather pay $10 a month than a whole lump sum of it at one time. Okay I know this doesn’t make sense but yeah 🙂

      I hope you really like Buffer and drop me a line if by any chance you need any help. Haha!

      Have a great weekend mate!

  12. I’m a long time Bufferapp user, and probably one of the first few beta user…. I love this tool, as it not only help me keep my social profile updated, but also ensure a consistent flow of updates on various SM profiles… now I’m waiting for them to integrate with Google+ profile soon. They recently integrated Google+ page, and personal profile addition will be super handy for users like me….

    • Hi Harsh,

      Oh wow! Thanks for dropping by to my humble blog 😀

      You nailed it mate. I am too waiting patiently for them to integrate with my G+ profile. That would be so cool! 😀 For me, my traffic doesn’t really come from G+ but I still get some. If only they integrate it with my profile and that would be a blessing indeed.

      Nonetheless, glad to meet up with another ‘hardcore’ Bufferapp user and talk to you real soon mate.

  13. Reginald – great article about Buffer. I personally love using it not only for scheduling posts but it is great for easily sharing across your networks with the click of a button instead of having to go to all three SM sites and copy/paste your link/comment etc. into them.

    • Hey Jason!

      How are you my friend? Buffer is lovely and I don’t know how I can live without it. Everything is done so easy as long as you have the right schedule and planning.

      Thanks for your comment and really appreciate it mate.

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