How To Avoid Google Penalization And Manual Web Spam With Guest Blogging?

How To Avoid Google Penalization And Manual Web Spam With Guest Blogging?

Google did that again; unleashing web spam and search ranking penalization to not one but two major websites.

When I saw that news on Twitter, I knew that the search engine world is changing and damn, it is changing rapidly.

Matt Cutt’s said previously that we should be careful and not abusing guest blogging. While many took that seriously, there are still some who continue doing it.

But hey, they aren’t wrong and they are probably doing everything by the book.

As usual, Google is known for breaking things that works and penalized two sites from the face of search engine (literally). MyBlogGuest was nowhere to be found on Google front row pages and Portent Inc. who went from page 1 of Google to page 60.

Words from Ann Smarty on Twitter:

And Ian Lurie from Portent Inc.:

So, what the @#$% is wrong with them or Google?

At the moment, the only confirmed updates are MyBlogGuest is a huge guest blogging sphere while Portent Inc. is a popular marketing agency. And the only linking between both Portent Inc. and MyBlogGuest is that they (Portent Inc.) have several guest posts published on MyBlogGuest.

Words on the street are that MyBlogGuest’s database is affected but until this get verified, it will remain as a mystery, shall we?

We all know MyBlogGuest and it is managed by the popular Ann Smarty. For me, MyBlogGuest is a great place for knowledge and for many, it is a huge filled with knowledge.

Another question that comes to this is that does link building is more important that content quality, length and another dozen reasons more we have always been doing?

Yes, go figure and tell me what you think using the comment form below.


The discussion about guest blogging effects
What do you think about guest blogging?


So, what is guest blogging all about?

Guest blogging is a ‘feature’ where webmasters of certain domains would allow other bloggers to submit or publish their posts on the site. This is a win-win situation where webmasters would be able to maintain the freshness of the site while the guest bloggers would get at least one backlink to their own blogs.

Personally, this is one of the greatest link building technique where you are able to get quality links and building your authority at the same time.

While this is close to a completely white hat link building technique, many bloggers are (indirectly) abusing the link building cycle. This means that you can literally gain as many backlinks as possible even if your website is below par … as long as you are constantly submitting guest posts.

Therefore, excessive guest blogging would lead to many Google penalization and as well as manual web spam.

Ultimately, this leads to the next question.


Excessive guest blogging causes Google penalty and manual web spam


Question: Should you continue to submit or accept guest blogging?

Do it if you wish ‘¦ but do it with moderation.

Guest bloggings are meant to be quality and probably one of your best article creations with hours of hard work put in it.

Don’t just submit your article to a dozen websites but instead, submit just a handful of articles to the right and related websites.

1. Before submitting guest blogging (checklist and tutorial)

If you want to submit articles to websites, make sure you are providing quality articles. Most of the time, majority of the blogger would say that they are submitting top notch quality and a simple read through will know that those are really bad.

If you are putting a high bar and expectation on your own guest blogging, you need to raise it even higher now.

Search engine is changing and it is getting tougher!

2. Before accepting guest blogging

If you happen to accept guest blogging, don’t panic. Here are things you need to do in sequence:

  • Check each articles for dead links and low quality posts
  • Contact the guest blogger and ask if he or she would like to update the post(s)
  • Repeat and rinse these steps on a monthly basis

While this is extremely time consuming, the effort taken would benefit you in a long run; avoiding yourself from being penalized by Google.



What to do if you found manual web spam notification on Webmaster Tool?

If your blog is PageRank 2 and below … plus, guest blogging isn’t your main backlink method, then you should be just fine.

However, let’s say Google really hates you and you get a manual web spam notification. On average, it would take place immediately in terms of ranking effects but I usually see them in action between 3 to 7 days.

So, this means that you have 72 hours (minus the sleep) to rectify it immediately. It doesn’t take you long but here are the steps you need to do:

  • Use backlink checker tools such as AhRefs, MajesticSEO or SEO PowerSuite to get a list of all your backlinks
  • Export them into an excel form or format
  • Check each link that is linking back to your website and do it with cautions (this means that even a single backlink to your site should be ‘˜flagged’)
  • Copy those domains into another excel tab and check for their PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and anchor texts linking to those domains
  • Separate them into three lists such as Safe, Moderate and Dangerous (if you notice any domain is at risk of being penalized, place them in the Dangerous list)
  • Contact each of the webmasters in the Dangerous list and ask for amendment in guest post or remove the links
  • You should keep an eye on those domains in the Moderate list and if there any change in ranking (weekly basis), you can decide to move them to Safe or Dangerous list respectively


Help! I am lazy and I don’t have the time, but I don’t want Google to penalize my blog

Okay, the above 7 steps are not one-time jobs. Instead, those are your daily to-do lists to be honest.

Guess what? Among us, there would be those who have thought about going shortcut.

Example: How about I send the full list of Dangerous to Google Disavow directly. Would that be faster?

Honestly speaking, that would be not faster but lighting fast.

But wait! There’s a downside of this and a huge one to be honest.

Imagine you send the list of domains on a weekly or monthly basis to Google for disavowing. Have you ever wonder what Google will think about you?

  1. You are plain lazy
  2. You are doing black hat SEO and in a rush to clear all your bad links
  3. Trying to come clean when you are not (or even if you are)

I would always go against using Google Disavow tool unless you have really tried to contact the webmaster of the site simply because it doesn’t matter how much white hat SEO you do, Google will still try to find your mistake (here’s my case study).

And in most cases, Google will consider you guilty until proven otherwise. Ouch!


How to solve Google web spam issue?
Okay guys. We need a contingency plan to counter attack Google … NOW! ~ President Obama


So, what’s the new SEO strategy you should be using now? Some Q’s & A’s:

Should I be submitting my guest blogging? ~ If you are doing it heavily, cut it down or reduce the numbers.

As I have over 100 guest posts, do I need to be worried? ~ Yes if you are submitting to random sites. No if you are selecting guest posting sites like choosing your husband or wife.

What should I do if my blog has a lot of guest posts? ~ Start checking all your blog posts and the links in them. Remove which ever are low in quality.


What do you think the future of guest blogging?

While I would say this event has changed everything we know about guest blogging, there is still no reason why we should doubt the ability of guest blogging.

The problem would lies in us where we tend to abuse the search engine ecosystem and indirectly, creating a huge loophole for unnatural link building.

Do you have any thoughts about guest blogging? Tell me what you think using the comment form below.

22 thoughts on “How To Avoid Google Penalization And Manual Web Spam With Guest Blogging?”

  1. This was a bold and drastic move by Google to penalize a site like MyBlogGuest. I have been a strong supporter of the site over the years, but I’m not happy to see them get penalized.

    I will certainly spend some time checking old guest posts on my blog for low quality links because years ago I didn’t really need to worry about them as much. In the past 2 – 3 years all of the guest bloggers on my blog (such as yourself Reginald) are top notch so I’m ok there.
    Thanks for the article!

    • Hey Ileane,

      How are you dear friend? Hope you are a-okay!

      I have not contributed there but certainly been following them closely. Maybe the move was just to prove that Google mean it (the last round about guest blogging and not many give a sh*t about it ~ lol).

      I believe you and your blog will do just fine. I have faith in that and certainly going to contribute more from time to time. At the moment, need to get my time schedule up. Been overworking myself too much!

      *lost in space*

      Talk to you soon Ileane!

  2. Hi Reginald,

    It’s really bad to get hit and penalized by Google, I have 3 blogs and I day job and to keep updating my blogs I had to accept guest posting through MBG. I was trying to make sure that I only accept quality guest posts with only related links but has sometimes to accept quality ones even with unrelated links. Since matt post I became very strict in accepting guest posts and only published very few. Now 2 of my 3 blogs received manual web spam for unnatural outbound links. I am trying to solve this as soon as possible.

    • Hi Qasim,

      Oh my, terribly sorry to hear that. Maybe Google want to put a full-stop to this but again who knows right? Just remove all those links (or use no follow) and you should be just fine.

      Hope this article helps mate.

  3. Hi Reginald,

    It’s a bad news that MGB get penelized by google. Matt already warn thorugh its blog to every one. The solution for it only to provide a rich quality guest post to avoide these and just never post a single artice on website try to be a honest constributer on blog by providing a great content.

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Thanks for commenting. I would say that this move by Google is really huge. Basically, it created loop holes that many may opt to go black hat instead. But again, if you want to do guest posting, start submitting just quality articles.

      And of course, reduce the numbers!

  4. Hi Reginald, I was surprised that myblogguest got slammed by Google. They have always advocated the type of guest posting that Matt Cutts is saying should be ok. I’ll be continuing to guest post, but Ii will be more selective about where I choose. I always have been but it looks like I need to step it up even more now.

    • Hi Kostas,

      Thanks for commenting. Just like you, I was surprised too! I did a quick check on MGB and seems like they are slightly ‘too open’ about the link back. Maybe because of this, Google consider this is a direct violation to their previous warning.

      I mean, with Google being well known of breaking ‘stuffs’ that work, they are really pushing many of us to the brink of breaking. Agree to disagree?

      Just because with your guest blogging and you should be just fine; At least for now 🙂

  5. Reginald .. Nice and descriptive article. It was a good read.

    Well I think before submitting a guest post everyone should check out the blog.

    Things to check out –
    1. Is the blog contains only guest posts? Does the owner writes majority of the article ? You do not want to submit in a link directory?

    2. If the blog is having a separate category like ‘ Guest authors’ , I suggest you stay away from the blog.

    3. Register yourself in the blog as an author and then submit the article with proper formatting..

    Basically you need to be choosy 

    Thanks again

    • Hi Kushal,

      Well said and yes, you are right. Again, something to bear in mind is like sites such as MyBlogGuest are mainly a guest blogging site. So, it could be some sort related to your #1 🙂

      I don’t think there’s a way to avoid this. This move is just a quick PR stunt by Google.

      Hitting the small timers wouldn’t make a difference but hitting big shots? That’s a whole different story.

  6. Unfortunately when a service gets abused its up to the site owner to figure out how to fix it. Google just put the penalty in place probably to enforce what Matt Cutts already said about crappy guest blogging for links that’s been going on (and still is).

    Portent at least was able to recover pretty quickly. MBG? Who knows if they will be able to unless they re-think the whole “DoFollow” policy they want to keep.

    Unfortunately for my own site? I’m setting any guest post links to NoFollow. You can imagine how fast Content writers are running away now 😀

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for commenting mate.

      Well, I would say this is a huge PR stunt by Google. Who would really give a d*mn if they get penalized for guest blogging but if a big site gets hit? it turn heads.

      Honestly speaking, I noticed some issues with MBG as it has a DoFollow link part. Maybe having an option for NoFollow would be better (which they just did recently).

      So let’s see how things goes. I know tons of peeps with PR 7 are running scared of Google penalization. Hah!

      • Hi Reginald,
        Thanks for showing how to continue guest blogging safely. I do agree with you. If some one rely only on Guest posting for backlinks then there is a high chance of getting penalized. You need to be bit choosy while submitting guest post. Submit post only on high authority sites.

        • Hi Sarmista,

          You are most welcome and glad you find this useful. Guest posting is still good but seriously, that should not be the only way of backlinking. There are many other factors and thus, don’t ever forget them.

          Google love balance and thus, let’s give Google some ‘balance’, shall we?

          Talk to you soon!

  7. This is a great analysis Reginald. The benchmarks are changing all the time. I think the advice to grow your site naturally with good quality content is ever green. Guest posting as a strategy became the norm and everyone was doing it ~ basically sites lost differentiation as far as Google is concerned.

    They had to change the criteria to make quality search results.

    • Hi,

      Oh yes, you are right. Guest posting is already become too ‘general’. Unless, you do it on authority sites.

      Evergreen content is a good idea but with things changing rapidly daily, it is really hard to find one. But of course, not impossible.

      Thanks for the great share of ideas and appreciate it!

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