How do you become an influencer in your niche?

5 Steps To Become An Influencer In Your Own Niche Like Brian Clark

Have you ever wondered how articles published by CopyBlogger team get reblogged, reposted and shared around the world close to 100,000 times or more for every post they published? Some people say Brian Clark has a black book for contact, having a huge fan base and some believe Brian is an influencer in the industry. Which do you think is true?

Glen Allsopp is another example. He is a great mastermind when it comes to SEO and at times, he shares his thoughts of what Google is doing wrong etc. So, what makes him such an important figure? Could it because of his wonderful creation of OptinSkin, his bold rambling on Google or simply, he is a great contributor to the SEO community?

In order to be an influencer, you need to reach out. Yes my friend … go out the door and say “hello” to your neighbour!

How to become an influencer? What is an influencer?

What it takes to become an influencer in your niche?

When I started this site, I was determined to turn myself into an influencer. Yes, while people are thinking of how to monetize their blogs, I was thinking on how to build a bigger audience and brand.

So, how do I make ‘Reginald Chan’ stand out from the rest?

Here are a few goals I had planned for myself:

  1. Perform soul searching and explore my talents
  2. Building a portfolio of myself
  3. Choose the right talents and develop them further
  4. Reaching out to others
  5. Learning from other influencers

As easy as those may sound, it could take a lot of time and highly depending on your techniques. It took me roughly 3 months to build a good reputation and standing out from the crowd.

1. The talent search process

Choosing the right market for influence building is important
The first step is to find what you are good at

Blogging is really a saturated industry with over 60 million blogs out there. If your main goal is to blog about general niches, you stand a high chance of failing. This is extremely true especially when you are starting a new blog.

Knowing what you are going to blog is extremely important.

Here’s another cold and hard fact – if you think that you want to start a blog to help others generally, you are creating the recipe for failure. You need to be specific … real specific when it comes to blogging.

As much as it may sound crazy but that’s true. Here’s an example:

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers. He blogs about marketing strategy and this is one very challenging industry. So, what was the trick for him to be at the top of the pile? Adding psychology into his marketing strategies. This means that instead of being an influencer of a very challenging industry, he basically ‘long tailed’ to a smaller but still popular niche.

If you want to reach out and become an influencer yourself, you need to know the facts. You need to know what you are really good at. In this world, I don’t believe you can be successful if you are a ‘Jack of all trades’.

2. Build a damn good portfolio

What are the importance of creating your own portfolio?
Portfolio is important for an influencer

I am not talking about those random portfolios. I am talking about great ones.

Look at Neil Patel and how he boost about helping TechCrunch to increase their traffic by 30% in a short period of time.

Yes, that’s what I am talking about!

A good portfolio will convince others that you are an influencer and they should listen or trust your words. Now, I am not saying about deceiving others but you got to be honest with them. For example, you are probably good in marketing and you need to convince others why you are really good at it.

When you are building a portfolio, remember that you are your ‘face’ and stepping stone for your business.

A good portfolio is usually short and precise. Forget about providing 1,000 reasons why they need you. Instead, give them just one great reasons why they MUST use or follow you.

3. Developing your influence and going the beyond of influence marketing

Building an influence takes a lot of learning
Learning from your influencers is an important step to improve yourself

For this part, it is all about learning and further increasing your influence market. Once you have located your hidden ‘talents’, you need to start reaching out to other influencers of the same niche.

When choosing a person to be your ‘mentor’ or a person who you can look up to, you need to avoid finding for the best. Instead, find for influencers who are more popular than you (obviously) and who are around mid-level. This means that they have yet to be the top 50 or 100 influencers in the world but yet, still play a very sufficient role in the influence market.

You need these ‘mid-level’ influencers as top influencers usually have the money and social strength to get things moving real fast … and something you probably wouldn’t have. A mid-level one would be a better bet for you in terms of time and money.

Get a list of 50 or maybe 100 of them and start contributing on their blogs (and read them of course). Do this for the next few months and they will slowly recognize you as one of their loyal readers.

Now, this is where you start to say “hello” and build a relationship from there. The most important thing is to learn from them. These are people with lots of experience and of course, their guidance are of great help to start ups like you.

Recommended read: How do you create, manage and measure influence marketing?

4. Getting out of your safe zone and reach out to your potential market

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

You might be thinking that with over 60 million blogs out there, everyone is a competitor which makes no sense on why you should reach out to them right?

This is where you are wrong! We can’t avoid competitions and that’s a fact. However, what we can control are creating more followers and building a bigger reach.

Influence market is all about the number of reach. The more reach you have, the more chance you are going to expand your ‘territory’.

Reaching out to others is always the easy part all thanks to number of social media platforms we have today. Here are some of the popular social platforms you can start with.

Through my experience, Facebook and Google+ are the fastest way to build influence and here are you can get it done correctly:

  • Join communities or groups which are related to your expertise
  • Contribute and help other members constantly (twice a day is more than enough)
  • Share other members’ links on social media platform and tagging them

Do it for a month or so and you will see your influence level grow. You may increase or decrease the level of engagement according to your liking and the above are just my examples.

5. Reverse engineering your influencers

Influence is a black market

Your influencers made it to fame because of something they did and you got to learn ‘that’ from them.

So, how do you talk the talk, and walk the walk?

The concept here is easy; Understand what makes your influencers popular and how they reach out to others.

By now, you should have realized that there is probably no way you can recreate the same situation. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the information for your own gain.

When it comes to influence marketing, it is all about sharing the right information … at the right time.

For example, you know that your influencer is attracting a lot of traffic due to the topic he or she is blogging. Draft down a list of keywords and niche to start with.

The next step will be writing article related to the keyword or niche you have selected. The trick here is to avoid using the same keywords as your influencer to avoid competitions and even if you are going to compete, chances are you will lose due to your lower credibility.

Related article: Using Google Keyword Planner to find long tail keywords.

The science behind becoming a successful influencer and reaching out to others

There are probably two very distinct ways to become an influencer in today’s market:

  • Provide information or services no one else is doing
  • Follow what successful influencers are doing and reverse engineer those steps

Both of these methods have their own risk factor which is failing. In the first method, there is a chance of failing because it depends on timing while the second method depends on your research strategy. Focusing on the wrong keyword or target market could easily be a downfall for you.

As easy as they might both sound, the chances of failing is very real. If you want to make it to the influencer’s world, you need to be hardworking and do your homework properly; this means finding the right long tail keywords and the proper target market.

And a simple video for a quick recap.

Did I miss out anything about being an influencer?

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I do. When it comes to influence marketing, do you have any tips under your sleeves? I bet you do and let’s discuss it over. Tell me if you have any plans when it comes to building an influencer’s portfolio and how that works out for you using the comment form below.

49 thoughts on “5 Steps To Become An Influencer In Your Own Niche Like Brian Clark”

  1. Thank you very much for this article. 🙂 Not only is reaching out a necessary thing, but being absolutely ubiquitous is also necessary. Just make sure that your name is seen everywhere, and through that you’ll also be seen as an influencer. I’ve found that when I’ve done that for other niches, people will start reaching out after the first couple of weeks.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Thanks for sharing your insight. Oh yes, you are right. Basically, my trick is simple. Just share information of the same or related niche. Plus, make sure what you are sharing is really good. Slowly, others will follow 🙂

      Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi Reginald,
    Becoming an influencer in a certain niche is not that easy as it may sound. You should be having the complete knowledge about what you are trying to convey. Derek Halpern knows his stuff well and he understand what his followers expect out of him, that’s the reason he is an influencer.

    1. Hi Arbaz,

      You are right and he even blogged about this last few months. He did say something about this 🙂

      Basically, know what your readers are looking for on your website and tune to it. But if you have less than 500 visitors a day, then just find a niche within your expertise and work from there.

      Take care mate!

    1. Hey Vishal,

      Thanks for sharing this. I certainly hope this write up will help you in your quest … oh wait! You are already one my dear friend!

      Haha ~ Have a great week ahead.

  3. Great post Reginald,

    You my friend are a great influence. You have certainly captured what you wanted to do with your blog. I started my blog with the same mindset as you. I wasn’t out for making money first, I wanted to establish myself as someone who knew her niche then monetize my blog afterward.

    Out of all the tips you shared, I have to work on getting out of my comfort zone and reach out to my market. I’m slowly doing that but I got bit once and it’s kind of put me in a stand still.

    Thanks for sharing Reginald! Hope all is well my friend. Have a great new week!

    1. Hey Corina,

      Sweetheart, thanks for commenting! You are a diva for the work from home category, you know? 🙂

      Well, we all need money to survive but I try not to be over greedy. so, building an authority or influence is my first move … just like yours.

      Thanks for your input and take care my friend!

      Keep in touch 😀

  4. Hi Reginald,
    My first time here after finding your post on BizSugar. anyway i wanted to say i love the design of your blog it’s very uncluttered and neat looking as a website developer and blogger I always look at the design on the site I am visiting!
    One thing I would add to this is never give up once you start to blog! I started blogging many years ago because selfishly all I wanted to do is make money online from home so I was taught to become a spam blogger!
    Eventually my mindset changed and while I still wanted to make money from blogging I realised I needed to become an influencer and help people with my blog entitled ‘The Epic Blog’. Over the year and a half I got quite a following and was becoming popular amongst other bloggers yet just as it was taking off I gave up my blog to concentrate on my web design business!
    That is one thing I regret now and just recently I have gone back to blogging purely and simply because I have a passion for blogging and I love the sound of my own voice. I also believe that others want to hear what I have to say. For me making money now is not the driving force any more but blogging for the sake of blogging is!
    In ending I would say to any potential bloggers out there! Blog with passion and consistency but never give up as well as blog without expecting anything in return. Most new bloggers blog because of the earning potential yet give up after many months when they see it’s a marathon after trying to chase the money!
    Great post dude! looking forward to your next installment!
    – Phillip Dews

    1. Hi Philips,

      Oh wow welcome to my humble blog. Thank you for your kind words too 🙂

      I started blogging in 2005 thinking I could make lots of money but I was wrong. Down the road, I started many sites and nearly all failed miserably. Now, this site is pretty new (4 months old plus) and I am focusing more on building an influence than anything else.

      Through the years blogging, I learned that I have good ‘voice’ in several niche and that’s what I got to do. You are extremely correct about not giving up. Blogging is competitive and hey, that is what blogging is all about!

      I love blogging as I have my own voice and monetizing a little is always fine.

      Thanks for commenting and see you around my dear (and new) friend.

      Take care!

      1. I really don’t know what it is but everyone loves to call me phillips! Man I love it not sure why but I do!
        Yep your right about never giving up I have many a time as I explain in my latest post and another on Famous bloggers but yet I keep returning to my passion of blogging!
        I think my blog now is about a month and a half old now and this one is a keeper! I think yours is as well!
        Keep rocking those posts out dude!
        – Phillip

        1. Holy cow!

          I remember I ‘told’ myself to type Philip but it goes with the ‘s’ LOL. Old habit maybe?

          Oh yes, I love to change my blogs and that’s why I get this domain name. Something for me to stay on and … yeah you get the point. Bad thing is … people were like “Why Reginald Chan?” Haha!

          Have a great week ahead mate.

        1. Yes it is a plugin. WP Social Booster Pro (tell me if you need the affiliate link) 🙂

          There’s another way which is you can hardcode it yourself. Search for Google Interactive Post.

          Hope this helps.

  5. Regi man, you nailed it dude! These folks become influencers by being really good at one thing. I admit, I resisted this for a while. I love writing, and doing videos, and cash gifting.

    I neglected each for a bit but now am back in a full swing of things.

    Thanks for the inspiration buddy!


    1. Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for your kind words. Glad to ‘helped’ you today but I bet you have helped me a lot already!

      You have been great and don’t stop here. Keep it up!

  6. Great article, Reginald. I think that there’s some advice here that I need to follow. I blog about the field of digital marketing and have been thinking of sometime now that I need to choose a niche.
    Although content marketing is my broad niche, I still blog about blogging, SEO and social media.

    1. Hi Gazalla,

      Thank you! I am still learning too so don’t take everything I say. What works for me might not work for you 😀

      Most importantly, you must enjoy the process. Everything is a learning process and every mistakes we done opens a new door for us.

      Have a great week ahead my dear friend.

  7. Hi Reginald,

    Nice post!!

    I basically respect Derek Halpern of social triggers, he is focused on his niche..the same thing goes for jay baer of convince and convert, these guys are gurus in their class and as such, are a great influence.

    I think it all boils down to doing what you know how to do best and staying focused on it.

    Note: My new blog is up and running, finished up with necessary sign up forms e.t.c…thanks for your support Reginald!!

    1. Hi Dare,

      Thanks for dropping by. In order to become a great influencer, you need to know your stuffs and that, I really believe is the most basic of all. If you don’t know your thing, you are in huge trouble. Seriously 🙂

      Nice blog name and will check it out soon.

  8. Hi Reginald,I agree that being an influencer in ones niche is about a strategy and I found the five steps on point. The challenge is balancing what one is good at and the opportunity gaps available. Thanks your insightful post, how to make the right choices has been made more clear to me

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for commenting. Some call it strategy, others call it opportunity. It really depends on how you see it 🙂

      Glad you find this useful and take care. Do come back for more.

  9. Thank you for writing this, Reginald.

    I noticed that when influencers are starting out, they tend to only focus on one or very few things that matter, and they focus on doing them very well. The same is applied across marketing and content creation.

    This is what I am currently applying to grow my current project, Sprout Geek.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Welcome to my blog and hello there!

      Oh yes, they are very focused and I always believe influencers are not Jack of all trades. They know their things and they really know it inside out.

      Your site looks good and hope to see you around my new friend.

  10. Hi Reginald,

    That’s a first class post full of great advice. I think we all need to sit back now and then and really think about the direction we’re taking and whether it’s the right one for us.

    I love the way you detailed your early thoughts, what you done about them and where they’ve taken you, that’s an excellent example mate.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you say about a mid-level influencer. Personally i think people can relate more to mid-level people as they see they’re making things work and are on their way…..

    I had a similar approach when, during a course, I was told to interview a guru to create a product from the interview. I decided to go for a popular person who everyone can relate to: Adrienne 🙂

    Great advice Reginald. Oh and I’m loving the new look around here, congratulations mate it really does look fantastic 🙂


    1. Hi Barry,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      I think the mid-level influencer is a better approach since it is more ‘reachable’ and ‘doable’ for newbies. Targeting too high and when you fall, it really hurts 🙂

      Argh, lovely Adrienne. I look up at her ALWAYS! Of course, there’s you when it comes to marketing.

      You seem pretty tight up huh 🙂 Hope you are doing well there my friend.

      Thanks for the kind words and take care.

  11. Hi Reginald,

    A great share, some important points to remember along
    the Blogging adventure.

    Love the site and your use of graphics. A marvelous contribution to
    your very important content.

    A Blog is so much more complicated than most people realize when
    they set up and begin blogging. More to learn than meets the eye.

    Thanks for a hand up. 🙂


    1. Hi Cararta,

      Thanks for commenting. Haha glad you liked it my friend.

      Blogging is a good but very challenging business. It is too simple that makes even a newbie become a potential competitor (if you get what I mean) 🙂

      Have a great day ahead and hope to see you around.

  12. Just another great post of your Reggy.
    Getting out of your safe zone and reach out to your potential market, very interesting point of view and that’s exactly what i focus right now for my business. As i shared with you in your previous content, i always want to be different in this field and make me unique as much as possible, i think this is the way to survive and success.
    Thanks for your valuable information.


    1. Hi Stephan,

      Good to hear that! I really hope to turn this blog into something big and maginificant. Fingers crossed 😀

      Need to find a way to make my dream come true! Haha.

      Glad you find this useful and thanks mate.

  13. Hey Reginald,

    When you put your mind to something my friend you just go for it and I can say you’re becoming quite the influencer yourself. You share so much great stuff here on your blog and the lengths you go to to search your content is fabulous. I’m always impressed when I stop by your place and read what you have to share with us. I’m always learning from you.

    You are so right, the people who are the top influencers are good at what they do, they network and get their content spread around. It can easily snowball from there because their information is just that good.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this with us and watch out, you’ll have a lot more people looking up to you as time goes by.

    By the way I noticed the new theme. Very smart looking.

    Happy Halloween Reginald and enjoy the rest of your week.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      How are you? Happy Halloween!

      Oh wow thank you for your kind words. Damn! You can really make me shed some tears lady! I certainly hope to be an influencer like you and I am very honored to know you. Lots of thing to learn from you, you know? 😉

      Thanks for the theme part. Love this theme and some tweaks done to improve the loading speed. Slowly turning my blogging passion into a business. A man got to do what a man got to do right?

      Enjoy yourself and talk to you soon.

  14. Hi Reginald,

    I liked the black book of contact, would you be interested to help me stealing it? 🙂

    As you said you need to provide real information that no body else have and be presentable while giving these information, then you need to connect with other bloggers on your niche, when they see your authenticate information that they miss and you have, they will be happy to blog about it and give you the credit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips on this.

    1. Hi Qasim,

      Thanks for commenting my friend.

      Haha I don’t have one but building one as we speak 🙂 When it comes to influencer, it all starts with the right information and the right reach. Reaching out to those who need the information will actually gives you a better ROI compared to any other time.

      Timing and luck (too) play a role. Hehe~

  15. Hi Regi,

    Very good and inspiring post. I think you stated an excellent motive and that’s you began this blog to reach out for people and not to make money at first place.

    This is crucial for newbies, because they start blogging thinking how they’ll make huge money right on the first month. And what happens then is disappointment and frustration. There are 60 millions blogs but a lot of them suck and with no value.

    So I find your post very inspiring and keep up with the great work. Happy Halloween!

    ~ Dragan

    1. Hi Dragan,

      How have you been?! Man, it felt like we have contacted years ago (joking).

      I learned from my mistakes (yeah 7 years of failed blogging is tough lol) and finally, I see something ‘good’ in this. Can’t wait to learn more from so many influencers here including you.

      The biggest perception for bloggers is that you can making money within the first month like what you said. You could .. back in 2005 but not nowadays. Time had changed.

      Happy Halloween to you too!

  16. Great points, Reginald.
    I think that the goal you set to become a influencer in your niche is not easy, but still feasible.
    It requires preparation, determination, patience and a lot of work.

    Thanks for sharing that in klinkk! 🙂

    1. Hi Erik,

      Hey appreciate the drop by! In fact, I would be thanking you for contacting me to join 🙂

      Oh yes, being an influencer takes a lot patience. Well, got to learn a lot from you and thanks for the kind words.

      Take care and talk to you soon.

  17. Hi Reginald,

    So what is the difference between an influencer and an authority?

    You’re the second person I read who mentioned this. First person is Lisa Irby, I read her post about this but haven’t made a comment on her particular post just yet although I have read it.

    Anyway, your post is pack of information. I think I have an idea on what you are saying but just not quite sure why there is so many jargon words. I do have a few “mentors” I can call in my niche. These mentors are my role models. And so I often call them my mentors and my friend.

    An authority figure is someone like Steve Scott…who I have respected and admired. But I hardly talk to him one-to-one. I don’t contact him often the way I do with my mentors. So is Steve Scott an influenced? An authority? Both?

    Anyway, hope you had a great Halloween.


    1. Hi Angela,

      How have you been? Hope you are in good health 😉

      Personally, you got me thinking! Just woke up and was like “What?!” haha. Anyway, I would say both are equally the same and highly depending on how you see it. There’s a small difference though (for me) where an influencer is a person who influence others about a certain topic and probably create a huge hype.

      Authority on the other hand is more towards a person who always being looked highly as a person of ‘knowledge’. They don’t really influence others but hey, due to their authority, they still influence one way or another.

      Now tell me, sounds misleading right? At least, that’s what I think and thanks for the ‘food for thought’!

      My Halloween day was at home as my country doesn’t celebrate it but I took the time to relax. Haha! Hope yours was a blast.

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