Transforming Google Keyword Planner in a massive keyword scrapper

Transforming Google Keyword Planner in a massive keyword scrapper

Recently, Google decided to drop the bomb and ended the famous (and trusted), Google Keyword Tool from service. It was replaced by the new version which is called Google Keyword Planner.

I would be lying to you if I say that I love Google Keyword Planner at first. In fact, I hated so much due to so many obvious reasons. When I heard that Google Keyword Tool is going ‘off’, I told myself to stick to a few SEO tools such as Scribe, Long Tail Pro and SEMRush.

Early this month, I decided to try on it and promised to sit in front of my old HP Pavilion laptop trying to learn everything about it.

Without much delay, this blog post is all about Keyword Planner and how you can really use it for your advantage when it comes to keyword research. I am not going to deny that for starters, it has slight learning curve compared to the previous version.

Why you should not be worried about Keyword Planner?

What is Google Keyword Planner?

It is the new replacement of Google Keyword Tool (duh!) and it is said to provide great experience for bloggers who are trying to find quality keywords.

Now, how true is this?

Google Keyword Planner is a double edge blade. It works pretty well if you know what you are looking for. If you are hoping that this keyword planner will give you some good keywords with just some clicks, then you better stick to premium SEO tools like this one.

Here are a few things I like about the almighty Google Keyword Planner:

  • Chances of finding long tail keywords
  • Easier keyword finding once you get used to it
  • Multiple ways to search for a specific keyword or niche
  • Merging Google AdWords with Keyword Planner is great for paid advertisements

Google Keyword Planner – The basic

There are four very easy but different ways you can find perform keyword research on Keyword Planner which are:

  1. Searching for keywords and ad groups ideas
  2. Enter or upload keywords to see how they perform
  3. Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords
  4. Multiply keyword lists

This is probably the place where most bloggers and keyword searchers give up!

Everything looks so complicated here and for newbie, this can be a very huge disappointment considering that Keyword Planner is said to be better than the previous keyword tool right?

Yup, that happened to me too and continue reading the below for more information.

The most complete Keyword Planner tutorial
4 different ways to use Keyword Planner for keyword research

1. Searching for keywords and ad groups ideas

Advantages: Finding long tail keywords and possible keywords to use (using ad groups)

Disadvantages: Figures are not specific and there is a possibility of having a low searched keyword in the ad groups

This is the part where you can find groups of keywords which could be very useful for you in blogging and each groups of keywords would have roughly between 5 to 12 different long tail keywords.

For example, you are searching for the keyword ‘blogging’ and Keyword Planner gives you probably a dozen or more keyword groups.

Now, let’s take the first keyword group with an average of 71,000 average monthly searches. The group is consisted of several keywords such as:

  • Blogging software
  • Blogging tips
  • Blogging jobs
  • How to blog
  • What is blogging
  • Paid blogging
  • Blogging tools
  • Blogging for dummies
  • Personal blogs
  • Blog maker
  • Blog software
  • Blogs
  • Blogs about life

This means that, these are some keywords which are highly related to the term you are searching, ‘blogging’ and has a total of about 71,000 searches monthly.

Now, read the above sentence again and tell me what you had actually read.

The total number of searches on this ad group is 71,000 and it is a combination of all the above keywords. This means that there is a high chance that some keywords are actually searched more than the other.

Does this make any sense to you?

Here’s what it looks like for a clearer picture:

Complete guide in finding long tail keywords using Google Keyword Planner
Step by step guide when it comes to finding keyword groups using Google Keyword Planner

2. Enter or upload keywords to see how they (keywords) perform

Advantages: Able to determine the exact number of searches and CPC for that specific keyword

Disadvantages: Slightly complicated as it highly dependable to symbols

I uses this more than the previous one. In fact, this is a great SEO tool if you want to have exact (not estimated) keyword search or CPC cost per keyword.

Here are the legends you need to know in order to use this function:

Broad match – Blogging

Phrase match – “Blogging”

Exact match – [Blogging]

In broad match, keywords found could be related and non related to blogging. This gives you a general result and honestly speaking, it doesn’t help much when it comes to finding the exact keyword.

Keywords found using phrase match are highly related to the term ‘blogging’. This means that it could have the basic word of ‘blog’ in the keyword or simple having the same meaning as ‘blog’ or ‘blogging’.

Exact match keywords is what we are looking for. For example, searching for the term [blogging] would give us 14,800 searches. This is a strip down of the whooping, 71,000 searches that we had found earlier.

When it comes to finding the best or the most profitable keyword, it is highly recommended that you uses Exact Match feature to get the best results.

Google Keyword Planner offers users to find broad, phrase and exact match keywords
Does this look similar to the old Google Keyword Tool?

3. Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords

Advantages: This feature provides bloggers with number of clicks, impressions and cost per day.

Disadvantages: It is very ‘sales oriented’ and is more focus to Google Adwords users.

I would say this is pretty clear cut. Enter a keyword or more and Google Keyword Planner will give you an estimation of traffic.

Regardless of the disadvantages, I would still consider this as a great tool especially when you are looking to invest into into Google Adwords.

Google Adwords and Keyword Planner merged under one platform
Google Adwords is easier to manage and bid with the help of Keyword Planner

4. Multiply keyword lists

Advantages: This is good for cross matching keywords

Disadvantages: Chance of wrongly matched keywords is high and this is a rather ‘advance’ feature

Basically, this particular Keyword Planner feature helps you to create multiple keywords and in some ways, this increase the chances of finding long tail keywords.

All you need to do is to place two different sets of keywords in List 1 and List 2 as seen in the image below. After that, click on the ‘Get search volume’ as below:

Keyword Planner makes it easy for users to find quality keywords
Multiple keywords lists are great when it comes to finding long tail keywords

This feature is great especially when you are trying to find different keywords (mix and match) and if you are lucky enough, you might land yourself a low competition keyword.

How do you find keywords using Google Keyword Planner – Video form


Did I miss out anything about Google Keyword Planner?

I hope the above explanation would be worth a little especially when it comes to keyword research. Personally, Keyword Planner is a great tool especially when it has several more features compared to the previous version.

What do you think about Google Keyword Planner? Hit the reply button below and tell me what you think.

30 thoughts on “Transforming Google Keyword Planner in a massive keyword scrapper”

  1. I had heard about Google’s new tool replacing the old one. And I had checked it out (to be honest, it did look complicated).

    I plan to invest into Seopressor, so lot of the SEO related things are covered. But, like you mentioned, this new tool offers some features that aren’t necessarily available in other tools.

    I do appreciate the tutorial, Reginald. Now, I don’t have to try and learn how the tool works. I may not necessarily need it now, but I could use it for narrowing down my domain names. Choose the best one out of the list 😉

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Jeevan,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂 SEOPressor is good and if you want, I have affiliate link Haha~

      When comparing Google Keyword Planner with those premium SEO tools out there, there are things that Keyword Planner couldn’t do but when it comes to normal keyword research, it does pretty well indeed. If you are REALLY tempted to go serious with SEO, premium tools will be much better … obviously.

      However, if you are tight on budget or just doing average in SEO, Keyword Planner could be a great tool indeed. You can’t ask more for a free SEO tool right?

      Have a great weekend ahead and take care mate.

      • No mention 😀 I already decided to use Ileane’s (Basicblogtips) affiliate link. She is the one who introduced me to Seopressor. Thanks anyways 😉

        Indeed 😀 But, you know I am always tempted to not invest into SEO. I wasn’t particularly a fan of SEO (I am still not, but I do realize the importance). But all these Google updates are tempting me to not invest into SEO at all (which I think is a kind of a bad idea. Basic SEO shouldn’t be that bad?)

        You too 🙂

        • Cool! 🙂

          Last time, I NEVER thought of getting a paid stuff. Nowadays as I go in deeper into SEO and content marketing, I tend to understand why these tools are important and I try my very best NOT to be buying too many of those. Haha!

          Nonetheless, Google Keyword Planner is a great tool by itself … at least, it is free right? 🙂

    • Hi Siraj,

      You are most welcome my friend. I am glad you liked it. At first, I really miss Google Keyword Planner but I slowly get used to it.

      Now, I am using Keyword Planner from time to time. Not much though.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Reginald,

    I Still find the Keyword Planner tool a much complicated tool comparing to the old Google Trends tool which was much easier to use. However I think that we have to use it as it is. It’s important to find keywords that are profitable and can bring in traffic. Thanks for sharing this tutorial as it makes it easier to understand how to use this tool.

    • Hi Qasim,

      For me, it is all complicated because it was not that straightforward. I decided to spend a few hours sitting down and after that, it looks pretty good honestly speaking.

      Glad you find this useful and take care mate.

  3. Very nice article Reginald, you’ve covered all the details about Keyword planner.

    I was using Google Adwords tool earlier, last month I bought Long Tail Pro which is one of the best premium tool for searching profitable keywords. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rajesh,

      Thanks for dropping by mate. Glad you find tis useful. I am using Long Tail Pro too but at times, I feel it works completely just like Google Keyword Planner. Haha!

      Have a great day and thank you for dropping by.

  4. Hey Reginald, i never have to regret to visit your website.
    I just start researching this topic and really nicely found your review.
    In my opinion it’s a little bit hard for newers.
    But you just provided very detail guide so i don;t think is a problem anymore.
    Thanks so much for your information.
    Can i share this on my blog? that’s gonna help a lot.


    • Hi Stephan,

      Glad to hear that and thank you for that!

      Google Keyword Planner (at times) can be hard especially for newbies and you are absolutely right. I just hope my video and guide will help out as many bloggers as possible especially when it comes to keyword research.

      Oh yes, if you want to share, why not? Just give me some credits ya 😀

      Have a great day ahead!

  5. Hello Reginald,

    I was thinking for many days about giving Google Keyword Planner, but it was getting pretty tough for me to understand the working of it. May be, I was not serious about learning it properly. But, after looking at this guide here, I am pretty sure, I will give it a try and it will be useful for me.

    Thanks again for one more awesome article. Keep sharing 🙂

    • Hi Ganesh,

      Google Keyword Planner is rather okay but certainly would require a little time to master it. I hope this guide works well for you and thanks for everything mate!

  6. Hi Reginald

    Thanks for the interesting post.

    I was shocked when I went to the keyword tool and saw what had replaced it.
    At first I found it hard to use and could only see a few results returned.
    Now I have got used to it a little more and don’t think it is that different to the old keyword tool. Having said that I do hope they give an option to use the old tool also.

    • Hi Paul,

      I am a big user for Keyword Tool and I always choose the option to use the older version but soon after, Google removed it. It was pretty confusing at first (honestly speaking) and I forced myself to try learning it which it paid off.

      Hope you like the video and thanks for commenting!

  7. Hi Buddy,Just wanna say a big thank you, I’m kinda getting used to keyword planner since they changed from GKT to GKP. The main feature i love about google keyword planner is the longtail keyword, I’m not sure google keyword tool has this feature though i didn’t explore much of it then. Will definitely watch the video soon, commenting on mobile s**ks 😀 Have a great week buddy and thanks for the tutorial, very explanatory and I’m sure it’ll help newbies out there.

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Glad to see you here mate. Google Keyword Planner is great but is a bit risky. Wrongly use and you may ended up using the wrong keywords. Haha!

      However, I still love it to see the trend and other stuffs related to keyword research.

      Thanks for dropping by mate~

  8. Hi Reginald

    I have stopped using this tool Google keyword planner which is totally different with source which we had before so i switched myself to keyword discovery but got some methods would like to turn back but i have an question the keyword which i took once with keyword planner shows me 2000 visitors but my website too ranking on first spot but not received the clicks as like its mentioned do you have any idea ?

    • Hi Sham,

      Took me awhile before I could understand what you are trying to say 🙂 Some full stops would be great. Heh~

      Now, if I get you right, Google Keyword Planner tells you the number of search queries and not the number of visitors you will get. In fact, no tools can tell you that. Those are estimated numbers; the number of people searching for that specific keyword.

      There are some reasons why you wouldn’t get enough clicks such as the below:
      1. Your website isn’t authority enough to show on search engines first pages
      2. Location based keyword searches
      3. It depends on how you type in the search queries

      As for number 3, if I would key in the exact title of my article, I would have a good chance to see myself ranking 1 to 3. However, if I search for just keywords only and I would possibly see my URL lower or on other pages. Basically, the type of keywords used and the search string are important to determine how well your article will rank.

      Make sense to you? Hope you understand where I am heading or explaining 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and drop me a line if you need any other help.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Certainly hope this will work out well for you. Anytime you feel lost, check out the video. Hopefully it helps you out mate.

  9. Hey Reginald,

    You’ve convinced me to at least see if this tool is worth a shot.

    I’ve been getting away from looking for the ‘perfect’ keywords and focusing more on building keyword phrases from seed keywords and using those phrases in my content. With the help of the Yoast SEO plugin I’ve had some success, but any tool that can add value to that will be worth it.


    • Hi Liz,

      Glad you find this useful. For me, Google Keyword Planner is a good tool if you are finding for general ideas etc. It is indeed a good buffer which could easily help many bloggers to find long tail keywords.

      Have a great day ahead and thank you for dropping by.

  10. Hello,

    Well it seems like i’ve neglecting a great tool since a long time. In simple i was not using google keyword planner tool. The tutorial is really helpful and detailed.


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