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It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or professional blogger, looking for advertising opportunities or trying to find websites accepting guest postings. Guest Crew is one of the communities for bloggers out there.

Guest Crew is one of the latest blogging communities for blogger
Guest Crew welcome page

Guest Crew is maintained by no other than Uttoran Sen. I first met up with him when I was at Blog Engage. He is very active there and somehow, we got connected. He makes a good living especially when it comes to providing quality guest postings and he had written for some of the big sites such as ProBlogger, Kikolani, Life Hack, Write To Done and even John Chow’s website. To read more about him, just head over to this link here.

So, what makes Guest Crew so special from the rest? Without much delay, let’s dive in and see what Guest Crew have to offer, shall we?

What it looks like inside Guest Crew?

Bloggers and advertisers can make good use of Guest Crew
Guest Crew offers many possibilities and opportunities for both bloggers and advertisers  

What is it for guest bloggers?

As you can see from the above image, this is one community that helps bloggers to post on nearly any blogs regardless of the niche. It helps you to connect with other fellow bloggers and most importantly, promoting your own blogs!

Bloggers can easily share their links, ask for advise and even build relationships with other bloggers. More on that as you read further below.

Spaces for blog owners too

Let’s say you hate guest posting and you rather blog on your blog. Fine! Join Guest Crew now!

This is because Guest Crew works as a forum for bloggers and you can easily drop questions or help other bloggers out. Oh yes, do I need to mention that it is free too?

Guest Crew has a very active forum for bloggers
This is what the forum looks like on Guest Crew

So, what makes Guest Crew unique?

By now, you would probably be thinking why you should be using Guest Crew. Here’s the juiciest part among all; guest posting.

If you are a guest blogger and looking for guest blogging opportunities, then you are in luck. You can earn easy money through guest blogging with the help of … yup, Guest Crew.

Browse your way to a list of advertisers who are willing to pay for your guest posting services and you can easily make some good money from them. Let’s say you have a good pagerank blog with above average blog traffic. You could easily be looking for at least $20 per blog post and if you really ranking well, you could even demand for hundreds of dollars when it comes to guest posting.

Why would I possibly use the word ‘demand’? It is because you are ranking that high … and you in demand. Obviously!

Back to the topic, do you see where I am heading to now when it comes to guest posting and the opportunities lies within this blogging community?

Okay. How about being an advertise on Guest Crew?

Literally speaking, all you need to do is to create a campaign and start hunting down for potential guest bloggers. Here’s a snippet taken from the FAQ page:

How to become an advertiser on Guest Crew?

If you have checked out the site, you might have seen the term ‘coins’. This is highly related to advertisers where you uses the coin system to pay for advertising. There is also the ‘donate any number of coins’ for those who plan to give donation or giving a helping hand to other bloggers who urgently need the coins.

What else is on Guest Crew?

There are several sub forums you can choose from such as the marketplace (buy sell forum) and promotion forum. Market place is rather clear cut where you can put your domains or services for sale or even buy some of those. Unlike other domain selling websites, Guest Crew forum takes commission for any sales done.

Promotion sub forum is one place you MUST not miss. All you need to do is to place a link there, add some description on it and other members will help to share it. However, you have to remember that as this is an absolutely free service, it is not advisable to ‘hope for too much’ and I would always advise to ‘give it back’.

If you want to community to grow, always focus in helping others to share as sharing is definitely caring!

Over to you …

I am a member of Guest Crew and it doesn’t cost you a dime for that. To register, all you need is to click here and follow the instructions.

Personally, Guest Crew is a great place to build reputation and authority as a blogger. You are also able to build bonds and relationships with other bloggers with a huge plus point; paid guest posting.

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