Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail (And What You Can Do About It)

Affiliate marketers fail a lot. Yes, that’s true.

You may be brand new to this affiliate marketing stuffs and what is the first thing you discover? Bloggers make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. And that becomes the fuel to your quest in making money online.

This post will share some of the most common mistakes done by affiliate marketers and those are the reasons that contributed to our past failures.


1. Everything is about M-O-N-E-Y

Money drives a lot of people and it definitely drives us to become affiliate marketers.The truth is, no one will want to become an affiliate marketer if that wasn’t for the money.

Reality check.

Being an affiliate marketer myself, let me tell you that there is absolutely no problem for you trying to make money online.

But the trick is to have a strong understanding of what you can do and what you will do. Let me give you an example.

You make $100 when selling or promoting a product

You can either:

Promote it just for selling it, or

Promote it as if you are using the product yourself

And this makes all the difference.

Most of the time, I’m able to close a sale when I share my personal experience using the product. Do I make sales when I am promoting a product I’m not using? I sure do, but just not that many sales.

I know this sounds confusing but trust me, it is true. We are always better salesmen when we are promoting products we are currently using or trust.


2. Not having a real plan

You can’t just be successful in affiliate marketing by chance.

What does having a plan means?

It means that you need to know what you are doing, from the first step to last. And it will cover the whole 9-yard such as content marketing, getting on social and winning on search engines.

Starting affiliate marketing but have no plans? Don’t worry.

Here’s a quick checklist for you (for a kick start):

  • Using the right web design to boost affiliate sales
  • Choosing the right affiliate network or program to promote
  • Layout your search engine optimization strategy
  • Writing and crafting the best content
  • Planning your social media marketing
  • Using email marketing automation to double your sales


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3. You are promoting EVERYTHING under the sun

Promoting everything isn’t going to increase your earnings. What you should be doing instead is to create an authority figure within the topic, before moving to the next topic.

It may well sound confusing but believe me, this is the best way to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

Have you seen an affiliate marketer who achieved his/her first success by selling everything? Unless you are working for Amway, the answer is “No.”

Most affiliate marketers achieve their first (ever) success by selling a specific product or within an industry. Pat Flynn made his money through teaching people how to start an online business.

  • Pat Flynn made his money through teaching people how to start an online business.
  • Matthew Woodward made his money teaching search engine optimization.
  • Spencer Haws made his money teaching about creating niche websites and finding niche keywords.

You have to be specific and this means that you need to find a topic to talk about. The best way to start as an affiliate marketer is to teach others on things you are mastered at!


4. Going cheap all the way

You need to spend some money before you can actually make money through affiliate marketing. I even talked about this topic in my latest post, 4 Things I’ll Do If I’m Starting Affiliate Marketing All Over Again.

You can start an affiliate blog in just minutes with today’s technology but can you really make money if you have an awful looking website?

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that you should buy all the expensive stuff, plugins and themes but at least, don’t be too stingy as you’ll lose out in the rat race (if you opt to go cheap).

When it comes to decision making, consider the opportunity cost. Opportunity cost means the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

In this case, going cheap may be a good option to save money but it may well affect your chance of closing a sale. On the other hand, going for a much reliable product (that costs more) may be hard on your financials but may just well be the best investment you could do.


Failure as an affiliate marketer is an option

Anyone can be a successful affiliate marketer if they want to and vice versa.

“How to not fail as an affiliate marketer” depends heavily on you, on your motivation to success even when the odds are against you. You have to decide right now to understand why affiliate marketers fail and what you can do to avoid that at all cost.

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