Get Noticed In A Noisy World: 5 Simple Steps To Take You From Here To The Top

Every entrepreneur wants to get noticed in a noisy world.

Yes, they do and so do you. But wait, me too! Today’s world is very much different.As you work on generating buzz for your brand, make sure to keep a solid foundation by using LLC Formation Services to create a legally recognized business entity, helping to secure real-world credibility as you rise to the top.

We are constantly finding for ways to beat the competition. Take this website for example. I am constantly finding ways to build a bigger audience and increasing the size of my email list.

Getting noticed in a noisy world does sound like a daunting task, right? I bet.

They want to see you do good, but never better than them. Remember that – Unknown.

This quote is point-on. In this marketing world, there aren’t that many friends that wish you all the best with your business truthfully. And to be honest, they will welcome your failure because if you fail (and fail more), they probably have higher chance to success. Plus, lesser one competition to compete with them.

Make sense?

In this post, you’ll learn the tips I used to get noticed in a noisy world. I’ve been through some tough times, but with multiple awards and honorable mentions such as from Harvard University’s blog, I am sure I could do you some favors for free, right?
So, here’re some great stuffs you will find today:

[step_graphics style=”4″ color=””][step style=”4″ text=”1″ headline=”Finding%20a%20platform%20to%20start%20(and%20sticking%20to%20it)”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”2″ headline=”Understanding%20the%20importance%20of%20syndicating%20your%20content”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”3″ headline=”Getting%20noticed%20by%20being%20bold%20or%20different%20(but%20not%20overdoing%20it)”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”4″ headline=”Providing%20tons%20of%20value%20to%20your%20customers%20or%20followers”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”5″ headline=”Building%20a%20community%20that%20will%20make%20you%20stand%20out%20from%20the%20crowd”][/step][/step_graphics]

get noticed in a noisy world

1. Finding a platform (and stick to it)

The biggest misconception about marketing and getting noticed is “the more places you are, the more visibility you get”.

In this case, a platform can varies from social media platforms to ultimate goals, from marketing techniques to entrepreneurship ideas.

Sure, you get visibility if you are everywhere but you probably won’t be able to leverage them to the maximum. You are starting out and most likely lack of budget.

choosing the right platform

Stick to a platform and work with it. Put in your heart and soul into the platform, and market your way to the top. Everyone is trying to participate in various marketing platforms — e.g. social platforms, marketing strategies blogging plans and podcasting.

The moral of the story is simple. Get noticed in a noisy world by being that good in that one, specific platform. When that happens, you’re literally golden. Trust me.

2. Syndicating your content

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you need to start syndicating your content. Allow me to give you an example for this blog.

what is content syndication

In content marketing:

Four new content are published on a weekly basis and when these content goes live, they are distributed into various social media platform … automatically.

Using IFTTT or IF This Then That, I am able to syndicate my content across the web without hassle. Zero time lost and “booyah” to my productivity level. A more complex explanation using IFTTT can be found here.

In short, IFTTT allows me to share my content (in various forms) to multiple platforms with just a few clicks of the mouse. With the time saved, I could focus on things that matters most to me; writing better content to serve my audience (yes, you!).

In overall marketing strategy:

I have big plans for this website and one of them is to create my own video audience on YouTube. When I create a video, I would then extract the voice and turn it into my podcast show.

And even live hangouts or interview series could be transformed into a super awesome podcast series thanks to the marketing tools from the Rainmaker Platform.

If syndication isn’t your marketing strategy, you got use it .. or face the consequences of losing out in the near future!

3. Get noticed by being bold

Being bold isn’t being stupid or rude. It is the smart way of gaining attention. When do you bold statements, the spotlight will be on you.


Take the opportunity to shine and at the same time, be smart enough not to create a backfire.

how to be bold

Take a look at the image above. Daniel Craig (before and after). Which attracts your eyes better? I mean, seriously!

So, how to be bold?

The easiest way is to create a statement against the norm.

You are an entrepreneur and you are most likely to sell / promote a product. There are competitors, alright — and that makes creating bold statements much easier (but riskier). Take a look at the tweet below:

We all heard about the drama around the book series, “To Kill A Mockingbird” — if you have not, don’t worry. A quick search on Google would provide you with some answers real fast.

Now, back to the story. Do you think the company had released a powerful and bold statement? Yes, yes and yes!

But there’s one thing you need to know. Being bold usually comes with the positive and negative side; you either get tons of support or making a fool out of yourself.

Important takeaway: Learn to be bold at the right time, but not all the time.

4. Providing value (without asking for return)

It is noisy in whatever industry you are in. People are constantly sharing information on a daily basis. For instance, there are over 500 million blogs out there (as of today) and 2 million blog posts are published every day.

I bet it is extremely ‘noisy’ right?

Think about it this way instead.

Everyone is sharing content and the real fact is that most people are selling or promoting a product for their own gain.

Now, imagine what happens when you put on your game face and reach out to the mass public by providing enormous value. And, you aren’t asking anything back in return — not even an email address.

provide value to be different

What will happen when do you that?

  • You’ll build trust
  • You provide value (more than anyone else)
  • You start building brand loyalty

And when you do this long enough, you will become an influencer in your own niche.

5. Creating a community can get you noticed

Don’t believe me?

Check out the Facebook Group Email1k created by Noah Kagan of AppSumo. He created the a community for free, thanks to Facebook powerful community feature.

The disclaimer taken directly from the group:

This group is for people working through Noah Kagan’s Email1K course. It’s to support and help each other get more email subscribers.

What you can do here: You can ask questions about the content in the Email1K course, questions about using the SumoMe tools and questions related to building your subscribers. You can help others out by contributing your knowledge. Please do. That’s what makes this group a great community.

The main goal of this Facebook group is simple: Share ideas and get more email subscribers.

He did that by providing tons of advice (being active in the community itself) and providing free email templates to grow the member’s email lists. The results? Happy, happy community members.

building a community

What can you learn from Noah? Get noticed in a noisy world by providing value — yes value that will turn on your visitors into loyal readers and making you a well-respected person (for the value you provide, not politics 🙂 )

Are you ready to get noticed in a noisy world?

Leave a comment, share this around or hit me up on social. Tell me what you think about this and if you have more ways to get yourself noticed in your own niche.

See you in the comments below!

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