How To Increase Affiliate Marketing Earnings Fast?

​Affiliate Marketing Earnings. As an affiliate marketer for over 6 years, I have seen many marketers fail to increase their earnings (in a smart way).

​Before we go down into business and understanding more about affiliate marketing earnings, let me ask you something.

​Do you know that you can make money from affiliate marketing outside from your blog?

​Fact #1: Affiliate marketing is only 50% blogging

Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

​Here's a real fact—affiliate marketing is related closely to blogging. I make around $8,000 a month through affiliate marketing and a nice chunk of it (around 70%) comes from my blogs.

​If you want to be success in affiliate marketing, blogging is important and you should focus on creating a blog that share worthy.

Fact #2: ​Affiliate marketing is 50% lead generation and automation

Email Automation Affiliate Marketing

​According to the recent survey done by Google and Yahoo, it takes around 7 to 11 times for a person to make a purchase after the initial encounter.

What happens when they first visit your site (let's say to read on a review) and goes away? They probably end up reading more reviews and blog posts on the same product and finally, deciding on purchasing several days later.

Damn. This means the sale is not going towards you but to the last click (which sucks). 🙁

The first solution: Email marketing

Email Marketing

​There must be lead generation forms on your blog posts to encourage them to fill up and be kept updated with whatever you are offering/they are interested in.

And when they put in their email addresses and hit the 'send button', there's where the magic happens. Email automation kicks in and the potential buyer goes into a sales funnel before being convinced to purchase the product/service.

​Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You To Be Rich uses email marketing funnels to ​convert website visitors into paying customers (up to $2,000 per online course) without even having to meet them face to face.

However, there's something you should know about email marketing and affiliate marketing. Both of them don't pay well (especially service providers). For example, MailChimp will shutdown your account if you are caught selling/promoting affiliate products.

​Lucky for you, the best email marketing tool for affiliate marketers is AWeber. Thousands of affiliate marketers use this tool and have zero issues with it. The best part? You can try it for 30-days free (without a credit card) using this link.

​The second solution: Automated lead generation forms

Opt In Forms

​No one signs up for your newsletter simply because you asked for it. Seriously, no one (unless your family members).

​If you are using WordPress, you might be thinking which is the best lead generation plugin you should be using. Well, ​after testing over a dozen lead generation plugins, the best one is still Thrive Leads (click here to see the demo).

​Why choose Thrive Leads over others such as OptinMonster?

For me, it relates to the pricing and straightforward features. ​Thrive Leads is not differentiated with the different packages and plans (with different prices). You pay for a fixed fee and every feature is unlocked. Unlike OptinMonster (for example), you are required to choose the different plans where each plan comes with different features. Ultimately, you are required to pay a hefty figure if you need to unlock many features. You can find the comparison between Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster or ​take a look at OptinMonster pricing page for more clarification.

​Are you ready to increase affiliate marketing earnings?

​In today's world, the competition is real, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. It takes more efforts to close a sale and you need to take the right actions if you are serious in increasing affiliate marketing earnings.

Make no mistake as this will not be easy but definitely something worth doing.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

How Much Money Can You Make As An Affiliate Marketer?

How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

Over and over again, this is one question asked by bloggers around the world. This is not surprising since affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money, especially on the side.

To get to the point, the answer to the question is often "it depends." Typically, you can make anywhere from a couple of dollars to thousands with affiliate marketing.

For a complete beginner, you probably will make a few bucks from every sale and probably under 100 dollars in a month, assuming that you have a decent blog (learn how to start a killer blog that converts). For advanced and seasoned affiliate marketers, you can start aiming for at least a thousand dollar a month if you are very active.

Personally, I make anywhere between three to five thousand a month from affiliate marketing because I am devoted to it.


What does devotion mean to you?

More importantly, it is critical to understand that success is only achievable when you know exactly what to do. And that's why I created an affiliate marketing course to coach beginners on what to do to make money as an affiliate.

And that's why I created an affiliate marketing course to coach beginners on what to do in order to make money as an affiliate. [thrive_2step id='6496']Click here for more information.[/thrive_2step]

What do you need to make money as an affiliate marketer?

1. Choosing the right niche

A niche is going to differentiate you from making thousands of dollars to a low-profit one. When it comes to choosing a niche, you want to be finding niches that are anywhere between average popularity to high popularity.

2. Setting up social media accounts

Take some time to set up your social media accounts. This way, you will be able to connect and interact with right-minded people. Ultimately, this will be the platform for you to promote your affiliate marketing products.

3. Start a blog

A blog is always crucial for your success in the digital world. Starting a blog is extremely affordable and often under $5 a month. If you want to start a blog hassle-free, consider using this service.

4. Publish content constantly

Affiliate marketers are active in publishing content. Regardless it is writing a blog post or a video; you need to do it regularly. Most of the time, affiliate marketers who hustle the most will make the most money!

Brainstorming For Affiliate Marketing Niche? Try Soaking Up Under The Sun!

Soak up that sunlight up, folks!

Over and over again, affiliate marketers asked about getting out from the crazy writer's block.

My answer is simple: Sunlight.

Whenever I'm trying to brainstorm for profitable affiliate niche ideas, I try to stay in open areas. I found out that this helps a lot as the open sky gives me a lot of crazy ideas.

This is also the reason why I go for jogs daily!

Clear the mind. Just did a 35 minutes workout including jogging. Something that really intrigued me about workout (especially jogging) is that it frees my mind. I am not sure why but I tend to think better when I disconnect myself from technology and think under the open sky. #NoFilter #Justsaying #thinking #sky #entrepreneur

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I am not saying that you'll 100% get an awesome idea that generates 6-figures monthly when you are under the sun, but it certainly helps me to get the much needed:


The most critical part of soaking up sunlight and staying in the open is to disconnect yourself from any forms of technology. No phones and tablets. The only leeway you will ever get would be your fitness smartwatch or tracker.

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