When it comes to building an email list, Thrive Leads is one of the opt in newsletter plugin for WordPress.

If you are not building an email list, you should do that like right now!

Email marketing has always been providing the highest ROI compared to any other forms of digital marketing.

According to statistics, the ROI generated from email marketing is always providing higher revenue (as high as 5 times) for bloggers and business owners.

Email marketing commonly used in/to:

  • Launch funnels
  • Promoting content
  • Engaging with your readers
  • Delivering secret deals and freebies
  • Upsell
  • Encourage more visits by loyal readers
  • Promoting products and services

However, it is always easier said than done โ€” getting readers to provide you with their name and email is always the toughest part.

The old method of joining the newsletters doesn't work anymore.

You need to use the right hooks and content to get higher subscription rate.

This is where Thrive Leads comes into play.

What is Thrive Leads?

thrive leads

Thrive Leads is the top lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Using Thrive Leads is like having your very own list-building and conversion expert โ€” baked right into a powerful piece of software.

Thrive Leads makes lead generation easier through powerful magnets, high conversion templates and easy to use/low learning curve plugin.

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How to setup Thrive Leads?

The first step is to connect your email service provide to Thrive Leads.

Locate the Thrive Dashboard plugin (left panel on your WordPress site) and select Thrive Dashboard.

This is what you will see.

thrive leads dashboard

If you purchase Thrive Leads as a standalone, you will not see other options such as Thrive Optimize, Thrive Headline Optimizer and the rest.

To access Thrive Leads, click on the Thrive Leads Dashboard as you can see in the image above.

BONUS: You should consider getting the Thrive Membership instead of Thrive Leads standalone plugin as the membership costs only $19 per month and allows you to have unlimited access to all Thrive plugins and WordPress themes (value for money). You can read the review or check out the demo.

Thrive Leads Dashboard

You will be greeted with the intuitive dashboard (as seen below).

It will give you a quick snapshot of your statistics for the day.

setting up thrive leads

By default, you will see several parts such as Lead Groups, Lead Shortcodes, ThriveBoxes and Signup Seque (One Click Signup Links).

Lead Groups. This is the default lead generation forms where you create multiple forms and selecting the specific triggers. Each lead group can be triggered by a specific 'reason' such as categories, posts etc.

Lead Shortcodes. Lead Shortcodes allows you to place lead generation forms within your content. This allows you to place lead generation forms through hotspots on your site.

ThriveBoxes. This are lead generation forms triggered when website visitors reaches the selected area. This is often popup lead generation forms.

Signup Segue. This is powerful because you can easily add these into your email newsletters or emails for your product launch. These one click signup allows you to register the existing email subscribers to webinar series and other forms of marketing.

How to connect email services to Thrive Leads?

Head over to Thrive Dashboard and scroll down to bottom of the page. You will the section called Thrive Features.

thrive features

The next step is to click on the Manage Connections (API Connections) to open up the option to connect your email marketing services to Thrive Leads.

You can connect more than one services to Thrive Leads (which is really awesome by the way).

As you can see, I connected Facebook, Google and mailChimp for this Thrive leads demo.

connecting thrive leads

Currently, Thrive Leads is connected to 23 email marketing services including, AWeber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Drip and MailChimp.


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How to create optin forms using Thrive Leads?

By default, Thrive Leads comes with several forms options for you to choose from.

thrive leads optin forms

Thrive Leads offers a wide range of optin forms

Once you have selected the type of opt in form, you can go another step further by customizing the way the form will be displayed.

thrive leads form setting

Trigger. This option allows you control the way the form will be displayed. I prefer to go for 30 seconds or after 75% view of the page to avoid pissing off my readers ๐Ÿ™‚

Display frequency. This option allows you to control the form display frequency. I go for three days.

Animation. This is the way the form will be displayed to your website visitors.

Creating your opt in form using Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads comes with a large ready-made and professionally designed templates that you can choose from.

thrive leads opt in forms

There is also the option for Blank Canvas where you can easily create your own custom forms from scratch.

Thrive Leads comes with visual builder and this means that you can drag and drop elements to the form without coding skills.

creating thrive leads forms

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Start building email list with Thrive Leads

Once you have completed all the steps above, you would need to turn on the forms.

Thrive Leads allows you to control your opt in forms to the display on desktop, mobile or on both.

thrive leads review

Pretty cool, right?

Are you ready to build an email list with Thrive Leads?

There is no denial that Thrive Leads is one of the best and easiest to use opt in form builders for WordPress.

What do you think? Take a look at Thrive Leads now!