36 thoughts on “Why Social Engagement Is More Important Than SEO?”

  1. Hi Reginald, thank you for the mention. BTW, my previous comment wasn’t a negative comment. Or at least this is what I think. The below one (paragraphs 4 & 5) may be considered a negative one indeed 🙂

    Deleting negative comments is just plain stupid and it’s done by very weak people. The bloggers who accept only “Wow! What a great article” have a big problem, but it’s theirs not mine or yours… We don’t have to have the same opinions, the world would be so boring… And frankly we cannot have the same opinions on every little thing. Our skills, experience, knowledge are different. That’s why each one’s perspective may be different…

    So here’s my opinion on this very article… You can agree with it and learn something or you can disagree with it and defend your own opinion. Maybe I will learn something. Or maybe we will fully disagree and none of us will learn anything from the other one. All choices are OK with me 🙂

    I’m a little bit confused by your article. When you’re referring to SEO in this article, it seems to me that actually you’re not referring to SEO but to … let’s call it… old-style “Dark Age” SEO 😉 The actual SEO includes social media sharing activities … Pls note the word “INCLUDES”. Or maybe when you’re saying SEO you actually don’t mean SEO but “very basic SEO activities” – which is wrong because you cannot define a complex thing by taking into consideration only a part of it.

    On the other hand, SEO is an ongoing activity. It’s not something that is done for 30 minutes or 3 days and then the results are measured only for the next 4 days as if on the 5th day the SEO techniques don’t have any influence anymore 🙂

    • Hey Adrian!

      Thanks for the comment. Read it 3 times to make sure I was on the same page 🙂 And yes, I read back the article standing from your point of view and I totally got what you mean!

      Personally, I would be able to connect the dots together if you get what i mean. Basically the article is all about importance of social engagement compared to plain SEO techniques.

      I know many bloggers who still believe that writing good articles (solely) can increase their traffic and SEO ranking. Just a simply hope that this article will share the light of the other side.

      I totally agree that SEO is always a learning and growing process. What worked yesterday might not work today!

      Anyway, I love it when people like you give me feedback for me to grow etc! It’s 6pm here and I nearly choked on my coffee when I read your comment though. Haha.

      Totally, agree with it and thank you for your time!


      • How’s your coffee? 🙂 Reginald, the truth is that after I wrote the comment, I read it once again, I said that is too long and then I removed some text. For anyone but me it’s hard to read the missing lines 🙂

        Let me try to summarize the missing text… I’m sure I can’t do it… It will be again a long story LOL

        If you write a blog post (action A) and share it on social networks (action B), you can measure the results NOW (and the next days). Your 2 actions are social media marketing but they may be considered SEO too. In such case, can you compare SEO and smm? You can’t. Your 2 actions are both smm and seo.

        Another case… you’re doing some SEO activities other than actions A & B above. You may not see the results today or tomorrow. If you insist on measuring the results tomorrow, what are you measuring? You may see something but that is just a piece of reality (see my real example below). If your conclusion (such as social media results are better than SEO results) is based on what you’ve seen these 2 days (today & tomorrow), that’s a wrong conclusion.

        I mean… things are not that simple… x days, y cases, then the conclusion. That looks like a wrong approach method especially when you’re analyzing something that produces results on the spot and another thing that sometimes produces results during a period of time longer than the one you analyze.

        I remember my site “x” which is not a blog but a static website that is a free online guide about solo ads. I didn’t update almost anything after I finished the last lesson. Well… during the last 3-4 years I got lots of traffic from search engines. These days I still get traffic. No further work but still getting traffic. And money. Isn’t that nice? And guess what? I’m far from being an SEO expert. Anyway, now that you know the final result (it’s not really the final result)… if you measure that site’s results from the first 7 days, can you see how wrong and useless is your measurement?

        What’s the point of my comments? What do I want to prove? This… SEO is not better than SMM and SMM is not better than SEO. And sometimes SMM & SEO are the same thing, how can you compare them? OK, I’ll stop it, I promise 🙂 You have the last word now… 🙂

        • Hello mate,

          Okay one thing we have in common (I think) is that we both read back and adjusted our comments. Yeah I just did mine and couldn’t do earlier as I was on the road.

          Now, I understand (again) what you mean and I totally (YES!) understand it. SEO couldn’t be done in just one day or one week. I know some who take months to do so especially when it comes to niche marketing etc. Reality is … we can’t deny how important SEO is. However, is there anything else that might affect our rather simple and thin SEO ranking? Yes and that’s comes social shares.

          Talking about measurements, I’m pretty sure that we can’t measure how effective SEO technique A with B and so on. Maybe by Page Rank and link building but, I don’t believe there is any exact answer for this. And yes, I got to admit that my case study results does sound a little confusing when you think about SEO. I bet it does right? My apologies for that!

          SMM and SEO? Same thing or not the same thing … well, I would say it’s a self perception 😀

          Now mate, thank you for making my evening really good. I mean, it’s been sometime since I had such a great discussion with another fellow blogger. And I couldn’t thank you enough for this. Really!

          As for the record, my coffee was good. Nescafe + milk + honey = heaven on earth.

          So Adrian, do take care and I certainly, hope to connect and discuss with you more in the future.


  2. A great case study and I am not surprised by your findings. I do too try and optimize for search (long tail), but write for humans. I am more concerned about building a tribe/community with my blog. Yes, thanking people for comments goes a long way, unfortunately, some don’t do it.

    • Hi Adam.

      Thank you for your comment. Have I seen you somewhere? You looks very familiar. Maybe came across on social media.

      Sometime we just can’t help ourselves but write for SEO bots. I mean we all do that doesn’t we? 🙂 Now, I’m taking a whole different approach where I focus more on relationship building and lesser on posting. Need to devote and balance my time properly. Haha!

      Hmm, does a simple thank you means a lot for other bloggers?

      Oh well, that’s just my take and hey, glad to talk to you mate!


  3. thanks for the reference you have given for the Google Webmasters.
    The algorithm for better SEO keep on changing by various of the updates announced by Google.
    However, if our website have a content that pleases the readers, than it is all what you want!

    • Hi Yogesh,

      Thanks for the reply!

      Well, I would say there are many ways to be better at SEO and Google totally understands that. As long as our websites has a balanced optimization between SEO and readers, then we should be doing A-okay. However, be reminded on the word ‘should be’.

      Who knows? The next algorithm from Google might turn the tide 🙂

      Just my 2 cents though!


  4. Thanks for the insightful article and the good read! I don’t want to pick on anyone but it’s like some writers don’t write for the reader… Yes they have good information but they make it a chore to read their post… This post is great Reginald! You have great info about how to blog but you broke your article up into chunks with good headers, you have good pictures, and the text isn’t in HUGE blocks like a brick wall. White Space People! LOL! 😀

    Personally I think that if you write an article it has to have social interaction in order for it to be competitive on the search engines. Not only that but if you have solid and entertaining content then you won’t really need to be on the first page of Google because people will share and interact with your post.

    Great stuff Reginald!

    -Eric Out-

    • Hi Eric!

      Wall of text huh? I write really a lot and I got to admit. At times, they really look like a wall of text! Maybe a brick wall haha 🙂 Thank God for images etc.

      I like the part where you say about sharing and Google SERP. Interesting but hey, it’s logic!

      Hope you liked the article and thanks for the comment mate!


  5. I am very new to all of this and I find your information to be very helpful. Thank you for all the work you did on this one. I am learning something new every day.

    Missy Bell

  6. Very informative! Everyone would probably get something from your post. And I did learn something from this. I find this useful too. Thank you for keeping this together for us.

    • Hi Cassie,

      Glad you find this useful! It’s my pleasure to help as much as I can 🙂

      Do sign up for my newsletter if you like ya!

      Take care and see you around.


  7. Hi Reginald

    I have started looking more at long-tailed keywords when it comes to SEO but I avoid trying to add them in if they just don’t work.

    I’m more about having a conversation with my readers, creating a community and engaging with people.

    I definitely agree making comments on other people’s blogs helps too, along with services such as Triberr.

    I now get traffic from Google, directly and from social media sites doing just what you’ve discussed in your post.

    The one thing that often means I get less traffic is it I don’t comment so much and share on social media. The search engine traffic isn’t quite so volatile so it’s important to try and keep up with this stuff!

    • Hi Tin,

      Long tail keyword is good but it takes some hard work to find them. You know, the ones that will score you points. Nowadays, I am more towards talking with others, social shares etc than chillin’ on my site (except when I’m doing changes).

      Well, your techniques looks good and I might try it out soon.

      Thanks for sharing the above and appreciate it.

      Have a great weekend mate!


    • Hi Michael,

      First of all, damn you have a great domain name! Haha. Well, it’s not too late to start over! We learn from our mistakes and successes which makes us all special. So, don’t stop learning.

      Look up and think positive mate! Drop me a line if you need help. Will see what I can do 🙂


      • Haha I had other awesome domain names, they were all taken – somehow cravingtech came up and no one took it yet 🙂

        Still struggling to get back in traffic thanks to Google Penguin (I have done almost 0 thing to build my backlinks) but I guess it’s everyone’s problem

        • Hi Michael,

          One of my site was hit pretty bad by Google Penguin and I absolutely know how it feels like. Thankfully not this site 🙂 Don’t worry as I’m sure you will get back on track in no time!


  8. Hi Reginald!

    You seem to be the “king” of social media engagement. I’m really impressed with the speed at which you answer any twitter comments. Your case study is very revealing and show that the human touch is very important in Internet Marketing. Once again, congratulations on a great article!

    • Hi Nicole,

      No I’m not the king of social media engagement. However, I learned much from my mistakes. Imagine 8 years of blogging with not a single successful blog? Yes, it took me so darn long to realized my mistake.

      I just hate it so much when people are waiting for my reply. You know … I came from customer service background so waiting, is a no-no for me 🙂

      Thank you for your compliments!


  9. Great article Reginald, I really like the comparison case study. Do you have a typical ‘day to day’ strategy you follow for building your blog? I am impressed with how many comments and all the engagement you have on your site considering it’s only 2 months old!

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the kind words. Honestly, I don’t really have a day to day strategy. I live with two strategies which is write for readers and create a healthy discussion. I feel discussion is always great because it gives me an insight of what my readers are thinking and at the same time improving what’s good and bad.

  10. Another great post, Reginald! Yes, I see a lot of bloggers not thanking/replying back to comments. I do not get a ton of comments, but when I do, I am thankful and acknowledge them. Look at Neil Patel (who you mentioned), he generates 150-200 comments per post and responds to just about all of them. If he can find the time, just about anyone can.

    Also, I do not generate a ton of comments (3-5 per post), but am experimenting with sending a thank you video (through email) to each person that comments on my site. Just a little personal touch that I think will go a long way.

    • Hi Adam,

      Oh wow! Video thank you? That’s cool mate. Great idea indeed!

      I always hate quiet places so, good engagement boost up the ambiance 🙂 Oh yes, you are absolutely right. Neil reply back to nearly all the comments he received. I really “wow-ed’ by that.

      Thanks for commenting and do come back for more ya 🙂

      Have a great weekend Adam.

  11. Hi Reginald,

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Social engagement is the way to go! If you can write great content that is keyword driven and at the same time engaging article that is meant for human, why not?

    Three Ways
    ‘¢ social engagement
    ‘¢ killer content
    ‘¢ keyword driven

    They said, “Three cords are better than two.” Most ropes are braided in 3-accord. But if it’s only consisted in 2-accords, it’s easier to break loose. So this is like a triangle.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing us you case study. As usual, you always write an excellent article!!



  12. Nice article Reginald. One question, you said you use CommentLuv but I am using Disqus now. What happened to CommentLuv? I know that my ranking dropped like a rock when I turned off GPlus Comments so I quickly had to turn it back on.

    • Hi Randy,

      I used CommentLuv for sometime until I get tons of spam daily. Too many and even Akismet + WordFence + anti spam plugin couldn’t handle them.

      Because of that, Disqus become my main usage and I start to love it. The UI and module seems better compared to stock WordPress plugin and it comes with related posts too! So, a big plus point there.

      As for your Google+, no doubt in that. Pretty good but I ended up not using it because it was really creating a slow loading time for my site due to the API.

      Nonetheless, if that works for you — keep it up! Don’t repair what’s not broken 🙂

      On the side, I think I need to try on G+ comments real soon. Hehe!

  13. social engagement is more important than if you are sharing any post on facebook, twitter, Instagram, If your post content is good, your engagement will be good, If your post creative is attractive, you can take good engagement. I want to say thank you for sharing wonderful information.

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