What Are The Best SEO Techniques After Google Penguin Update?

What Are The Best SEO Techniques After Google Penguin Update?

The latest Google Penguin Update has taken the SEO world by storm. This message from Google couldn’t be any more clearer especially when Google are searching for bad SEO techniques that websites and blogs are practicing. This made many SEO experts and even SEO enthusiast like me keep wondering what are the best search engine optimization techniques one should practice.

Of course, for those who have no idea what Google Penguin Update was and or how will (and probably could had affected) your websites, this video from Matt Cutts explained them all.

Movie time!

Should you change your SEO techniques?

It doesn’t matter if you are doing white hat SEO or black hat SEO. The bottom line is that you need to make sure you are doing it correctly.

When I say correctly, it simply means that all your SEO techniques must not be spammy. Even if you are building backlinks from Web 2.0 or Wiki’s, you must make sure you need to pay extra attention to those small and petty things such as anchor text.

If you are interested to understand how anchor text is going to change the face of search engine optimization techniques, then you can head over to this eBook on SEO link building or this one written by the famous Rand Fishkin from Moz.

I even received some private message on Facebook asking if it is still worth using SEO tools in terms of website optimization. Of course, I am not talking about those free SEO tools but I am talking about those famous, search engine optimization tools such as link building tool and content optimization program.

Now let me be very honest with you on this matter. I dare to say that premium SEO tools are still worthy and important in terms of search engine optimization.

You see, there are probably tons of SEO tools out there to choose from regardless if they are free or paid. Either way, it depends back to the end user in terms of using them! I know many bloggers who fail to use Ultimate Demon link building tool to correctly and they were slapped pretty bad with the latest Google Update.

What are the best SEO techniques right now?

Disclaimer: These methods does not guarantee you 100% success in your search engine optimization strategies. However, use these methods as guidelines and modify them according to your website’s need.

  1. Understand the basic of search engine optimization (eBook version)
  2. Increase interaction and engagement on various blogs and websites of the same niche
  3. Creating deep links between websites and blogs (reading)
  4. The effect of guest posting (eBook version)
  5. Improve your website SEO ranking with this free SEO analysis and report

The first part is rather clear. All these Google updates are done because (and I highly believe) Google wanted no one to misuse the SEO for their own advantage. This was what Adam from BloggingWizard said during one of our conversations:

SEO techniques that uses bad link building will have negative impact on website
This is just one part of our conversation but you get the point

As you can see now, it seems pretty obvious that there are many SEO techniques which are (sadly) misused by many. I know I am going a little off topic here but just giving my opinion.

Assuming that’s the case, it is best that we need to understand how this search engine optimization really works and you have two choices. You can either read this eBook which would cost you like less than $10 or follow this blog closesly for more SEO tips. Of course, you can also contact me if you have any issues as well!

The reader’s engagement rule

Readers engagement is one of the best SEO techniques for bloggers
Welcome your readers and thank them for visiting your website

In this article, I want to stress the importance of the reader’s engagement when it comes to SEO best practices. Now, ask your self a few quick questions first before we go in any deeper into the topic.

  • What do you know about reader’s engagement?
  • How can you practice SEO when you communicate with your readers?

Reader’s engagement rule is huge. It consist not only other blogs and websites but it also involves social media. The rule of engagement for this types of SEO techniques are very simple indeed.

You want to build good search engine ranking or quality backlinks. Now, the more people talk about your article, blog or website, the chances of you getting traffic is better. Don’t forget that big daddy, Google is more than happy to give higher SEO ranking to websites who are constantly and actively in the discussion.

Have you noticed how websites such as ProBlogger, kikolani and probloggingsuccess are doing very well in search engine ranking page results? Have you ever why they always top the chart whenever you search for any related terms?

The answer is easy. Look at the number of comments they have. We are not talking about 5 or 10. We are talking hundreds of comments, for Christ’s sake!

Doesn’t this prove that reader’s engagement is one of the best SEO practices of all time? Yup, you got it right!

Of course, there is a little bonus for those using WordPress platform. If you want to drive traffic to your website, I would highly recommend you to use CommentLuv Premium. This is the best comment plugin for WordPress when it comes to link building and search engine optimization methods.

Hint: Some websites (including this website) are offering free follow backs or DoFollow link back when the reader had contributed a certain number of comments.

The effect of guest posting in terms of search engine optimization

Increase SEO ranking using guest post
Guest post can easily create a healthy backlink to your website

Are you interested to build quality backlinks for your website? I bet you are right and that’s why you are here right now. Guest posting was deem valuable in the past and now, it is worth more than gold.

So, how does guest posting actually helps in terms of SEO?

Every time a guest post is made, the writer is going to link the article back to his or her own website. Good for you since you are able to get 1 point for backlink right?

Wait! There’s more!

Whenever you are doing a guest post, you are not only selling your article but as well as selling your website and brand. Yes, you are telling people that you are alive and kickin’.

The websites that you are going to publish your articles should be:

  • Well recognized
  • Having good traffic
  • A good Page Rank
  • And highly related to your niche

When it comes to SEO techniques, Google and other search engines doesn’t really matter how you generate such backlinks (until certain extend of course). Let’s imagine this:

One guest post consist of one links to root domain (author box), two deep links pointing to specific articles on your website. There goes three superb good link building points!

Sounds good? Oh yes, it certainly does.

If you want to venture into guest posting or simply making guest posting one of your SEO techniques, these are what you need to prepare:

  1. Quality articles of about 600 to 1,500 words (depending on websites and requirements)
  2. Do some bloody research. I mean…do some serious research before hand
  3. Write once but recheck it more than twice
  4. Find the best link building website to publish the article (okay I am joking about the link building website as any good page rank websites would do)

Back to you

What do you think of this article? With the latest Google Penguin update, are you going to change your SEO techniques? Do you have any other search engine optimization methods to share aloud? I am sure you have some under your sleeves and therefore, feel free to reply using the comment form below.

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16 thoughts on “What Are The Best SEO Techniques After Google Penguin Update?”

  1. YEAH! Guest blogging is one of the top most strategies to build targeted links these days and after the Google’s penguin algo, we should be careful about link placements and diversifying it instead of targeting the same keywords on multiple sites.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for the comment again. I think now the game shifted to pretty much anchor text game and some logic behind it. Am doing several more research with other sites and if that really works, will write it up here again!.

      Take care mate.


    • Hi Nathan,

      Yes, in fact you are absolutely right! Relevancy is pretty much important and it doesn’t matter if it was last time or now. PR is important as well. Since the last Google update, bet many people need to change how they ‘operate’ in terms of SEO. If not, they will not be able to cope up with the changes.

      I am still finding more ways on that and hope you do come back for more. Will share those info as soon as I finish my experiment 🙂


    • Hi Gordan,

      It really depends. If you are using disavow to ‘unlink’ links that are bad due to black hat SEO, then probably Google would know it. If you disavow links due to they are on purpose linking to you (and they are bad links), then yes, Google will consider to remove them for you if you submit them correctly.

      Hope this answers your question.


  2. Hi Reginald,
    I personally have started to focus more on on page SEO. I write longer and more in dept articles, I try to use natural titles while incorporating my keywords in them, I am building fewer links focusing on quality rather than quantity etc.

    You just have to adopt if you want to survive. Thanks.

  3. Reginald – Love this post and the graphics are awesome. Already pinned one 🙂 I’ve been doing more guest posting this year and have seen more visitors to the site but I’ve also noticed many bloggers falling off the bandwagon. I went through my post with the most comments and some of them haven’t blogged since the beginning of the year.
    I try to do posts now that have at least 500 words and some over 1000. I haven’t seen much difference in traffic between the amounts of words on a post. It’s more about the content itself.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked it. When it comes to guest posting, I only did that recently. Wish had done that years ago. Oh well, not too late to start right? There are many pros and cons on that especially when it comes to traffic. Even Kikolani said this yesterday on the effect of guest posting.

      When it comes to article length, I got to agree that it doesn’t really matters. If you have lots to say plus the facts, then you can hit 5,000 words. But, just make sure your readers are eager to read until finish.

      Just my 2 cents.


  4. Hey Reginald, good advice here :). I find if you write with your readers in mind you cannot go too wrong – they will engage, share and act upon your advice. When you start writing just to get at the top of the SE then your writing gets trashy and the value decreases rapidly.
    That applied to guest blogging, a valuable article will get traffic when readers click, the link is nice but a good strong article will be far more valuable to you in the long run.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 How have you been? Hope you are in good health.

      I can’t agree more with what you said. Basically, writing for search engines should not be practice anymore. Instead, focus writing for readers and you will see good traffic from it.

      Well said, well said Sarah. Thanks for the input too 😉

      Have a great weekend ahead!

      *p/s I love your website! So in love with the articles. Keep it up ya!

  5. Awesome article bro! I am in love with the new website layout. It’s so f**king beautiful. Just increased the load time a bit. But I know you will take care of that too. And yes I agree, I have seen that websites with less bounce rate and high on page times getting steady increase in traffic. My stats too are dwindling nowadays. It seems someone has been relaxing a lot 😛

    • Hey mate,

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Oh yes, load time. Gah~ If I have time, will do some CSS minification. We need some break … trust me on that. Google is always making us … crazy!

      Have a great weekend, old friend.

  6. No doubt you get the ranking by top quality backlinks, but it is really a risky task. It can harm you if you go for irrelevant cheap websites with good traffic. Keep up the good work, your content is really worth reading.

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