Blow Your Competitions Away With SEO Link Building Techniques

Blow Your Competitions Away With SEO Link Building Techniques

With the latest Google update, it is extremely clear that proper SEO link building or white hat SEO is one of the few ways to really rank well on search engine result pages (SERPs).

What do you really know about SEO link building?

As I had written about the effect of the latest Google update, building links pointing deep into your root directory will not only save you from any future Google updates but also provide healthy website authority in the eyes of search engines. This is deemed one of the best search engine optimization techniques post Google Penguin update.

Even this post on Famous Bloggers written by Adam highlighted the many ways to build some quality backlinks (and of course, one of the methods are below).

SEO Link Building? What?

I have a whole different perception when it comes to SEO link building. With today’s competition, building links the normal way is not enough if you want to compete with the big boy. I received this comment which I think it is rather interesting (and mind blowing).

What is the best SEO technique nowadays?
Thank you Louis for the comment! It got me thinking the whole night!

Many people talk about SEO or search engine optimization. However, how many people actually practice the right search engine optimization techniques? I wrote several articles including the currently popular, Best SEO Tool For Website Optimization. I had stated (numerous times) that in the current world now, you need to think out of the box to do SEO.

So, how can you do SEO? Here’s what I did:

  1. Understand how search engine optimization really works (reading)
  2. Get a free copy of this SEO report to know what you are lacking (detailed SEO analysis)
  3. Practice SEO link building not to your main domain but to deep root or in other words, linking specific articles
  4. Use different anchor text and make a variety of them to link back to your website, articles and pages
  5. Commenting on other blogs of the same genre and niche (recommended comment plugin to boost link building)
  6. Practice Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 link building (I will create a different topic for this)
  7. Using the right SEO tools to optimize content (reading)

*p/s Some of them would have links which you can easily click on and check on the articles or SEO tools which I recommend.

As you can see above, it only took 7 steps to properly optimized my website and it boosted my website in many ways (both traffic and SEO wise). This isn’t any BS talk as I have facts to show.

I know you love seeing images and photos instead of just wall of text right? I posted my results in my article, How Website Optimization Can Save You From Google Panda/Penguin Update?

Most of the above requires some reading but I am sure those will help you when it comes to doing SEO analysis or choosing the right SEO techniques for your website.

Today, let’s talk about SEO techniques #3 and #4 only. I could go for all but I am afraid you will consider this article as a bedtime story instead! Go figure!

Create SEO link building starting from your deep links outwards

Website SEO ranking will increase with the number of deep links.
Creating low quality backlink will increase the chances of being penalized by Google

The rule of thumb for SEO link building technique is to create links pointing back to articles and pages instead of the root domain.

When I talk about SEO link building, I am talking about deep, deep links. Google and other search engines loves deep link building.

This means that building link not pointing to your main website but to specific articles. The more you use this SEO technique, the better chance you are going to create good search engine optimization ranking for your website. Period!

I used to build links in the past pointing to my root domain only but that is so wrong. What you need to do is instead of sharing your root domain, share your article or page links instead. This is to ensure that you are giving a good impression to other search engines that you are not trying to create low quality backlinks.

Always remember that 10 quality backlinks worth more than 100 low quality backlinks.

It’s a no brainer that search engines love backlinks. Because of this, take the opportunity to build even better quality backlinks. Anyone can create quality backlinks and therefore, do you want to be normal or be able to stand out from the crowd?

Bet you want to stand out of the crowd right? Then start building backlinks using deep article link building technique. The deeper it is, the better chance it will rank!

If you are looking for free Google resources to help you with some search engine optimization, maybe this would help.

Less means more in smart SEO link building techniques

Good SEO link building worth more than low quality backlinks
What do you understand about backlinks from this image? Make any sense to you?

What the hell am I talking about? Anchor text of course for Christ’s sake!

What is anchor text?

The anchor text, link label, link text, or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines – Wikipedia

Okay so anchor text is something search engines care for. Great! What’s next?

Using the right anchor text is another SEO link building technique. You want search engine to index your page or article and therefore, giving a good description is indeed, more than a great choice.

See below for the examples for good anchor text examples for

  • Search engine optimization
  • Link building techniques
  • SEO link building
  • Best SEO tools
  • Search engine optimization techniques
  • Create backlink

Using 6 different anchor texts for my website will ‘inform’ search engines that the site isn’t only about search engine optimization, but also consist of several different topics but are linked closely to the main topic (in this case, search engine optimization).

Make any sense?

Having more anchor words doesn’t confuse search engines IF you are using them correctly. Instead, it will provide deeper and better chances of optimizing your website in terms of keywords.

A great tip when it comes to anchor text is always make sure you are using the right words to describe your links. A badly written example could easily reduce SEO ‘points’ for your website.

So, what have you learned today about search engine optimization?

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to build links to your website, practice the best SEO techniques or even doing a simple SEO analysis. Creating links and much more importantly, quality backlinks is the only and safest way to go after this Google Penguin update.

This Google Penguin update not only brought search engine optimization a whole new level, it also make many SEO tools look bad. Of course, a few great SEO tools like this one for content optimization still able to perform well due to quality and performance. Of course, you can find the full list of my favorite SEO tools by clicking here as well.

Are you building links correctly for your websites or blogs? Tell me if the last Google Update affected yours and how did you overcome that?

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9 thoughts on “Blow Your Competitions Away With SEO Link Building Techniques”

  1. Good writeup that has some good links. Truthfully I think that the direction the industry is trending in is and has to be more along the lines of creating quality content than merely badgering people for links. No matter how smart Google is, people do things like buy links, try and sabotage their competitors with negative links and reviews, and paid companies services to buy more social credibility. I think that algorithms change over time and what works today might not work tomorrow, but a firm focus on creating great content that people love and want to tell their friends about is the long-term strategy that will work in any and every era. Create quality content that people value, whether it’s posting great pictures, interesting news, insider information, controversial opinions, or anything else that people value and you’ll find success in the long term.

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for sharing. Can’t agree more with your opinion. People always think and believe that they could achieve something by using money (paid services etc). What they don’t know is that they are most of the time lack of patience. Talking about link building and SEO, it takes time to grow. I myself made the same mistake too and thanks to several bloggers, I realized it.

      The truth is, I always believe that the right SEO technique (white hate SEO) will always triumph and is the only one that you do not need to look back at your shoulders in case of backfire.

      Hey, thanks for reading and hope to see you around.


  2. I think link building should take a backseat and instead, social engagement is a more appropriate strategy. Connecting to people instead of leaving links makes sense because the engagement is more long term.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your comment. Excellent point and I couldn’t agree more. With the latest update and the ever changing SEO world, it seems like everything is pretty crazy nowadays. Social engagement, Internet marketing and social shares are becoming huge factors now. But yes, you are definitely correct.

      You can also check on several Internet marketing topic I wrote (more to come) if you have the time.

      I am definitely interested to hear your side of the story and many thanks for your time 🙂


  3. Hi Reginald,

    Correct using of anchor text is also one of the most important factors, people used to thought that anchor text like click here or read this are useless and only using one anchor text for all there backlinks which includes their keywords, well those days are gone, now you have to use different anchor text for your backlinks and now it’s worthy sometime to use click here or read this in stead of using the same text again and again.
    Thanks for sharing your tips on how to build quality backlinks.

    • Hi Qasim,

      Thanks for your feedback. Indeed you are right. Nowadays, anchor text can be as simple as your name, general categories etc and that, might rank better by Google. Google algo is tough to define right? 😉

      You are most welcome and have a great week ahead!


  4. What I like best about this list is that, while it offers specific tactics for implementing strategies, there’s lots of room for creative application and the way you phrased the descriptions allows for creative thinking. I note this because as I expanded the second half of suggested methods, I got out a notepad and generated some new practical ideas’¦ And that’s a sign that the verbiage is stimulating thought and action, rather than pushing rote, prescriptive, imitative ideas.
    Good stuff, thank you.

    • Hi Jitendra,

      Thanks for dropping by. Wow you got it really deep there mate! Glad it made you ‘think out of the box’.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by and talk to you soon mate.

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