Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTail

Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTail

Nowadays, ranking for certain keywords on search engine is much tougher than previously. Years back, I could easily rank a two-words keyword within weeks but nowadays, it seems like forever.

Search engine optimization had not changed but it had just got harder.

I am a huge fan of organic search engine optimization techniques and recently, I came across a tool which is said to be (and possibly) one of the best keyword research tool out there.

Being an avid user of Long Tail Pro, I was really skeptical on the idea of using this tool but I thought, I would give it a go either way.

The below are my experience and of course, tell me what you think using the comment form below.

Improving search results using HitTail

HitTail does only one job (literally speaking) and that is providing you long tail keywords to further increase your blog traffic.

HitTail keyword suggestions
HitTail will provide long tail keyword suggestions to help you rank better

You can easily practise organic search engine optimization techniques in just 3 steps using HitTail. Yes, only 3 simple steps and you are probably having a good chance to rank better on SERPs.

1. Integrating HitTail code into WordPress blogs

Probably the easiest part of all. Upon registering (get your trial HitTail account here) for an account, a code will automatically be created for you.

The code looks something like this:

<!– HitTail Code –>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
(function(){ var ht = document.createElement(‘script’);ht.async = true;
ht.type=’text/javascript’;ht.src = ‘//’;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ht, s);})();

Copy the code and place it before the closing of </body> tag or wp_footer(). For those who are not using Genesis theme, you would probably need to find the related tag to place the code which wouldn’t take you much time.

Have a look what Geensis theme has to offer: Check out Genesis Framework & child themes.

Once that is done, you would need to wait for around 30 minutes or so (remember to clear cache for faster response) before HitTail would be able to detect the code and installation is complete.

2. Allowing HitTail to crawl and providing results

After your tracking code is verified, you will not be getting an immediate response or results you are looking for. It is best to wait for a few days before coming back to check on the results.

Basically, HitTail will record the source of your traffic and it will focus only on search engine traffic. As I had said above, HitTail helps to boost organic search engine optimization and it uses organic search results to provide you with the most relevant data.

HitTail provides several result options which are:

  • Search hits
  • Keywords
  • My HitTail
  • Suggestions

Search hits – This is where it gives you an exact information for the source of your traffic

Keywords – Keywords that visitors were searching which lands them on your site

My HitTail – Give you an outlook of the top 10 keywords of your search traffic and the number of long tail keywords that contributes to your traffic

Suggestions – HitTail takes a the list of long tail keywords (refer above) and provide you suggestions on future blog posts topics.

3. Searching for the best keywords for blogging

HitTail helps to promote organic search engine optimization
This is what it looks like on HitTail’s dashboard

With the above, HitTail basically does all the keyword research you ever need to do and give you (in return) a pot of gold. Now, the last step is to choose the right keywords from the Suggestions tab and start blogging!

Let’s assume that you are doing a niche blog and you are looking for a great writer to do it for you. Well, HitTail team thought of that too!

You can use the ‘Order an Article” button on HitTail and get a complete article for the price of $19. And if you think that it is some sort of low quality blog post, you are absolutely wrong.

These are written by professional and you are guaranteed a high quality post that is according to your requirements.

So, is HitTail worth it?

For me, HitTail is really an excellent tool for bloggers. If you are looking to invest time and effort into organic search engine optimization techniques, HitTail got to be in your goto keyword tools.

HitTail cost from $19.95 per month and it comes with a 21 days free trial. Register for HitTail for free!

Are you using HitTail already? Tell me what you think and your experience using the comment form below. Don’t be shy!

16 thoughts on “Boost Organic Search Engine Optimization Using HitTail”

  1. Hi, Reginald,
    A very nice review indeed.
    I feel HitTail is good tool for bloggers and webmasters who want to research on SEO.
    Thank You for giving a nice review. 🙂
    Have a great week. 🙂

  2. Reginald,

    I’ve two concerns regarding this post.

    First, there are many plugins available to collect the search terms that hits your blog, such as SEO Search Terms and I also think JetPack has that feature too. Why would you want a paid tool to do the same thing?

    Second, installing a plugin and allowing it to crawl your pages, will it be secure enough? Can’t there be any problems in future? Do’t you think your blog is too open for them?

    • Hi Suresh,

      Totally understand your concern. Here’s my take.

      1. It is not a plugin. All you need is to place a tracking code on your site and that’s site.
      2. For me, I don’t even consider using plugins to check on my exact terms due to several reasons. I usually uses tool like SEMrush etc 🙂 I would love to put it that I had very less ‘confidence’ in standard plugins like JetPack. But! It is handy though.

      It depends on how you see it especially in this case. For example, HitTail does long tail keyword research automatically which is good and save a lot of time. of course, you can use Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai for that but if there’s a tool which can do it for you, why not right?

      Also, I think I misused the term crawl. LOL! Hope this helps mate and thanks for commenting!

      *p/s Worth it or not? It’s up to you to consider. Heh~

  3. Hi boss,

    I have never really thought of such tools, I simply make use of Google analytics, and then flow with the trend.

    But, my boss is talking and recomending this tool; I will need to get it; probably first week in january..busy preparing for coming Xmas.

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day..

    • Hey James,

      Well, Google Analytics and a dozen more tools help in keyword research and that’s for sure. However, HitTail is a pretty cool tool that you should consider using. Give it a try for 21 days and see how it work out for you.

      Of course, don’t expect it to give you the ‘answer’. Take time to learn it and you should be absolutely fine.

      Thanks for reading mate.

  4. Hi Reginald,
    I used to use HitTail a while ago- any tool that can save my time is worth the $$.
    However, ever since Google changed their search privacy settings and most of the incoming traffic keywords turned into (not provided), the tool became pretty much worthless to me.
    So yes, I do recommend getting the free trial and see how it works for you, maybe you have incoming traffic from Bing, Yahoo or Google users that don’t have privacy settings, but otherwise, for most traffic there just isn’t enough data to make it worthwhile.

    Best of luck,

    • Hi mate,

      How are you? Yes you are right! Anything is worth the $$ (and free) could be a good deal and how can I even think of leaving it out right? Haha!

      I am still trying to test it out but honestly speaking, it does help but don’t expect sudden surge of traffic overnight.

      At least, that’s what i think. Heh~

      Talk to you soon!

  5. Hi Reginald
    I certainly have heard some good things about Hit Tail and I might try it out in 2014. Lots to do, and so little time.
    I also want to try out a bunch of new plugins, so I am not sure what to do first :>
    have a great break over xmas if you get some time off over there?
    thanks for connecting in 2013, it has been great

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for connecting with me in 2013. An honor indeed! Let’s continue this in years to come!

      I too got lots of plans and even many plugins to try out. What you have in mind? I am a plugin freak if you ask me!

      I am going out for Christmas eve celebration shortly (+8 GMT) and yes, I do need some break. Been working real hard recently. Haha!

      Any plans on your end? Talk to you soon and thanks for dropping by mate.

  6. Oh really
    Such type of plugin is also available in the market. Amazed to see. As I have just heard about longtailpro. let me give a try to this one too .
    thank you

  7. Hi Reginald,

    It seems that Long Tail Pro finds another competitor.
    I use Google keyword planner for keyword research.
    I have seen your video in the YouTube on Google keyword planner and it is really good.

    Thanks for everything..

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the kind words. Haha HitTail is okay but both has pros and cons. They both work in different ways BUT it could be very useful especially when it comes to building traffic from Google.

      Definitely something that is worth trying (if you ask me).

    • Hey mate,

      Sorry for the late reply. It is pretty impressive tool to be honest. I don’t really use it a lot but it does help a lot on niche sites. On general blog sites, it is rather ‘hard’ to be honest 😀

      Hope you enjoyed it!

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