Organic SEO is a good SEO technique after Google Penguin Update

Master These Organic SEO Strategies And SEO Tools To Dominate SERPs

If you thought that Google Hummingbird was the only surprise for us, you are terribly wrong. In just a short period of time, Google had released two huge updates (with Google Penguin 2.1 as the latest) which had basically shaken the whole blogging industry.

I cursed and swear at Google as I was hit not once but twice which affected me dearly. Both my affiliate revenue and traffic plunged down the ravine and it certainly felt like it’s the end of the world. Of course, I tried my best and kept the anger under wraps with this post.

Here’s a quick recap of what I think about both the updates:

Google Hummingbird – focused on small sites that are ranking rather well even though they are new

Google Penguin 2.1 – focused on longer and more specific search queries

So, how did Google updates affected my blog?

I lost 50% of my keywords ranking, 75% daily impression count and my earnings was affected so badly.

Yup, it sucks to be me right? Haha!

What do we know about Google Hummingbird?

What is the effect of Google Hummingbird towards bloggers?

Google Hummingbird was released from the cage for that one main reason only; Penalizing and slapping hard on sites which are relatively new but are ranking very well.

Most websites that are affected are mainly:

  • Less than 1 year old
  • Ranking a lot of keywords
  • Moderate to low traffic

The above really smells like Google is doing some ‘cleaning up’ on micro niche sites. Frankly, a huge number of micro niche sites experienced between 30 – 70% traffic drop thanks to the Google Hummingbird update.

Why did micro niche sites get affected so badly?

The answer is easy. It is a known fact that most of these sites are ranking well thanks to focusing on keywords only and not facts. Even though no black hat tools are involved, certainly this is definitely not one of those SEO techniques recommended by Google.

Consider this as affecting the balance and ecosystem of search queries.

And it didn’t stop there! Google releases a new update called shortly after.

Read more about Google Hummingbird:

The wrath of Google Penguin 2.1

Google Penguin 2.1 update was more than just filtering out web spam

Personally, I call Google Penguin 2.1 as ‘the perfect storm’.

For those who missed out what Matt Cutts tweeted on that day, here’s the snippet of it:

I read this when I was having my lunch and … I nearly choked on my food.

Google and Matt Cutts said that it was focused on improving search queries and ensure that Google is returning more quality search results. Okay, that part is correct.

However, does it has a hidden agenda behind those words?

Yes, think hard my friend.

When Hummingbird was released, do you remember seeing people’s tweet and Facebook status updates that they are not seeing much traffic lost even though they are running niche sites?

And guess what happened after Google Penguin 2.1 was released. Traffic was scaling down and so does the earning.

More read:

The secret organic SEO strategies to use after Google Penguin 2.1

Organic SEO strategies will help increase website ranking on search engines
Do you REALLY want to know what are the organic SEO techniques after Google Penguin update?

I hate Google a lot and this not because of their frequent updates. It is because every time an update take place, I am off to my secret room down the basement and start planning my next SEO blueprint.

I realized that there are probably hundreds of do’s and dont’s on the best SEO techniques after Google Penguin and you are free to follow any of those that deem fit. However, remember that what I am sharing with you below are mostly organic SEO strategies which could have a very positive impact on your blog.

Here are simple list of my recommended organic SEO strategies to counter attack Google Penguin 2.1 and possibly, any other future updates too (if lucky).

If you are still wondering what is organic SEO, I have explained it using the video below:

1. Goodbye PageRank, Page Rank or PR

PageRank is one of the most discussed topic when it comes to SEO. Seriously speaking, we are all thinking too much about it! Yes, even I do too!

Deny all you want people but trust me, PageRank is going down soon.

Currently, PageRank isn’t dead and it is still functional because there are too many algorithms counting on it. Google updates each website’s PageRank on a daily basis (backend) but the information is not shared out to the public.

Sharing this info out will possibly bring millions of dollars in revenue to SEO agencies around the world and indirectly, messing up the whole SEO ecosystem.

Here’s my take: Google will soon remove PageRank and in return, substituting PR with Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). Plus, I am expecting this to happen somewhere in 2014 or 2015 latest.

What do you think?

Adesanmi Adedotun wrote an interesting write up and discussion on this and you can check it out here.

2. Hello Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

Both of these have long been in this industry and still, it is very surprising that not many people who actually know about them.

Domain Authority is your root domain score and it is calculated based on the number of links pointing towards it. The higher the authority of that link, the more ‘points’ added to the Domain Authority.

Page Authority on the other hand is the score of your article. The score is calculated exactly like Domain Authority.

Now, do you know that both Domain Authority and Page Authority are inter-related to one another?

For example, having a higher DA score could possibly increase your PA score and vise versa.

Does this makes any sense to you?


3. Old school link building technique

Backlink or link building isn’t dead yet. Forget about what other SEO experts are saying.

The more links you are building for your website, the better it would be. However, there’s something seriously important when you are thinking of building links.

You need to focus on two very important factors which are:

  1. Linking to your domain page (example – [also known as Domain Authority or DA]
  2. Linking to your article page (example – [also known as Page Authority or PA]

Okay, by now your mind should be telling that you NEED to start commenting the hell out of every CommentLuv website you can ever find to get backlink.

Think again guys.

Personally, I comment on every site that I like and enjoy. It doesn’t matter if they are using Disqus, Livefyre or Google+ comment system.

Leaving good comment doesn’t only increase the chance of traffic but as well as getting a indirect link back to your article.

For those who are thinking of using CommentLuv comment plugin, this article will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of CommentLuv plugin.

Relevant guides:

4. Confession of a guest blogger

How many of you publish a guest posting just for backlinks? Come on guys, put up your hands.

The truth is, guest posting is a great way to build backlinks. The bigger truth is you aren’t getting a backlink on your guest posting if your writing sucks.

Okay, I am know I might sound bold and straight forward here but hear me out. What’s the point of submitting for a guest posting if you know that you are NOT going to get approved?

You are not only going to waste your time but as well as the editors too.

Now, back to the topic. Guest posting is a good way to build trust and yes, backlinks if you are doing it correctly. The right way for guest posting is to ensure that you are constantly writing quality write ups and be very specific with your anchor texts.

Don’t just focus everything on ‘blogging tips’ or ‘SEO strategies’ for example. Instead, ensure that your links are given a variety of anchor texts.

Secret stash: Important checklists when it comes to guest posting.

5. Could social signal be the next new SEO?

Do you know your articles get ranked better if there are more social shares and engagements?

Reality is that I don’t have the enough data to prove that but through my short experiments done recently, I noticed those articles of mine who receive 100 or 200 social shares get ranked better on search engines compared to the rest.

There are probably tons of websites talking about social signal and the importance of social share as we speak. Personally, I don’t think this is something you should ignore.

So, how do you REALLY get more social shares?

In order to get more social shares, you need to:

  • Be more active on social media
  • Share more articles of other bloggers or writers
  • Build more relationship with others
  • This is important … please write something that is worth sharing

When it comes to social media, you do not need to spend all your time on all the social media platforms. Instead, focus on those who gives you the best ROI (return of investment).

Here are a few articles to help you get started:

6. Bill Gates said that “content is king”

You probably hear this saying in nearly every blogging site you came across. The truth is very real and content is more important than ever.

Do you think that you can get better ranks, backlinks and social shares with low quality articles?

Obviously not! In today’s blogging world, you need more than just good content. You need GREAT contents and accompanied by proven facts and data. That is one of the reasons why I have a rather strict guest post requirements.

Just have a look at any of CopyBlogger’s articles. They are sardine packed with facts and proven test results. Well, it is a great tactic since humans are easily attracted to images and stats compared to the plain ol’ wall-of-text.

Writing content is an art and usually, it is called content writing. To be a good blogger, you need to know:

  • What your readers are looking for
  • The topics and information that could turn heads
  • And probably, a killer title too

Anyone can become a great content writer. All you need are a dying passion and burning flame of enthusiasm.

Great resource: Content & Search Engine Success Factors

To recap, this is what organic SEO is all about … in slides!

Popular weapons to build more organic SEO strategies

If your blog is hit or affected by Google Penguin 2.1, it is time that you need to take your SEO to the next level. You may use Yoast SEO for your WordPress but personally, that could only help you that far.

I am talking about precise SEO … SEO tools that are easy to use and possibly, beating most competitors out there.

1. Scribe – Content Optimization Software for Online Marketing

Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time

Scribe offers out of the box content optimization that works within seconds. Basically, Scribe SEO (as what it is called) analyzes your keywords, full written article and the whole website itself.

It will then generate a Page Score and Site Score which you can use to further optimize or improve the article.

Scribe SEO doesn’t only analyze your article but the whole website itself. Besides that, Scribe SEO also offers:

  • Keyword research (competition and chances of ranking)
  • Link building between articles
  • Content optimizer to enrich your article by providing relevant suggestions on your post

Scribe SEO is focused to ensure that your articles and websites get a better rank on search engines and dominate the search results. And because of this, Scribe SEO comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $97 per month.

Have a look at what Scribe can do for you (plus a demo video too) or read my write up on ‘The most efficient SEO tool for website optimization‘.

2. SEOPressor – The Best SEO Plugin

Master These Organic SEO Strategies And SEO Tools To Dominate SERPs 1

I would always consider SEOPressor as a cheaper alternative for Scribe SEO. SEOPressor works in a pretty similar way compared to Scribe SEO and it really makes content optimization easier.

SEOPressor makes content optimization easier thanks to easier and straight forward user interface.

It offers:

  • Keyword suggestion
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword decoration (using bold, italic and H1 to H3 tags)
  • Over optimization warning

SEOPressor is a great choice for bloggers especially if you are looking for a SEO tool that has all-in-one package when it comes to optimization.

With the one time payment of $97, SEOPressor makes it easier for you to plan your organic SEO strategies without hassle and with the one-click function, it makes novice bloggers look great when it comes to SEO.

Check out SEOPressor here and sign up for the 14-days free trial.

Share with me your thoughts

I know how much Google Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 had affected all of you. The biggest question is, what did you do to improve your website ranking? Did you have any organic SEO strategies that you would like to share with us all?

40 thoughts on “Master These Organic SEO Strategies And SEO Tools To Dominate SERPs”

  1. Hey Reginald,

    It all makes sense to me.

    My problem with Google is that they give no warning about what these future updates consist of. When asked basically it been “High Quality Content” for good rankings and very little mentioned on what will negatively affect ones site.

    Whenever anything is done in a way that will affect peoples way of life then I have a problem with it. If someone’s site is not coming across spammy, has malware etc then hitting them by taking away up to 70% of their traffic isn’t cool.

    Enough ranting… : )

    Social signals will play a HUGE part of SEO but how much is the question?

    A lot of Shares, Retweets etc doesn’t necessarily mean you have great content. It could mean, I know how to make a catchy Headline to pull you in. Plenty of times I have been pulled in by the headline but the site and content was of poor quality. This makes me think that all the retweets were from the headlines sounding interesting not the quality of the content.

    As you mentioned, its hard to accurately analyze results. Social media is to much a part of life now a days to not play some factor in search results. When more news is shared and talked about on Twitter than an actual online news outlet, you can see how much social media is relied on whether it be business or personal.

    Good informative post!

    Take care man!

    • Hi Steven,

      Thanks for commenting.

      About the social share, yes totally agree. For me, it is a two part job. One, you need a killer title to attract readers. Second, you need great content to pull readers. So, it has to be two ways always.

      Personally, I can’t confirm about the social signal but recently, one of the search engine authority sites had published an article about it. A team of well known peeps including Neil Patel contributed in it. Articles with the most Facebook likes, Twitter reshare and Google+ +1 got the best ranking along side with link building techniques.

      For me, social media is definitely the next SEO. Why Google wouldn’t want to admit it? Simply because admitting it will create another PageRank problem; people start selling PageRank juice etc.

      Opps, I guess I said too much 😀

      Have a great day ahead mate.

  2. Funnily enough, two of my most recent blogs have been affected by the latest Google Updates, even though my intent was and still is to turn them into authority sites. But when the Google update came, they were low on articles and even lower on links and they were killed. They didn’t get much traffic anyway, but for several days now all we get is ZERO. It will make a nice case study to see how to bring them back on track or see if Google has killed them for good 🙂

    • Hi Lucian,

      Thanks for dropping by buddy. Wow, you are fast! 🙂

      I was hit pretty bad too. About 50 articles but with some nice number of keywords ranking top position, Google was in for the killer. My traffic dropped 50% overnight and it continues until now. Though I was able to pull back some, didn’t have enough PageRank to completely deter them.

      Let’s see how it goes around in the coming months. Now, the biggest hype would be, where has PageRank gone to 😀

      Have a great day buddy!

  3. Hey Reginald,

    With all the recent updates that Google has been doing I also read that they never release everything they’re doing. Mainly because they don’t want everyone to know how they’re ranking or rating things because people will do their best to find ways around that.

    Now I know that backlinking will never die just like SEO. The one thing that people have to remember is what Google has always wanted from the very beginning. Quality quality quality! Content sure isn’t going to be king if it sucks.

    One of my mastermind gals wrote a post last week that she was going to do some commenting tests to see if she could drive more traffic to her blog. She was going to comment on 15 posts a day and she used a certain site to find them. She spent an hour looking at 20 different blogs and their content was horrible.

    People are throwing things up and expecting great results. I hate to be so blunt but that’s probably why they aren’t doing so well. It’s got to be really really good.

    Sorry you got hit but you had confessed to us early on that when you started this blogging journey you were like a lot of others and jumped into doing things quickly. Well the lesson is learned now right!

    I’m not going to obsess over what Google’s got coming still. I’ll just keep going the direction I’m going and hope for the best.

    Thanks for sharing this Reginald, great information. Have a good week too okay!


    • Hey Adrienne,

      Thanks for commenting. In fact, you are absolutely right my friend. I think Google want us to be happy with … you know … blogging. However, I got to admin, at times, our greed takes over all of us.

      After so many hits and updates, I was kind of demotivated and now, I am still trying to climb back in. Okay, this might take forever but hey, at least, we try right?

      Personally, I think SEO is not dead and will never be. However, we just got to put it on moderation and focus on more important us which is our readers 🙂

      I am absolutely sure that matters most!

      Take care!

  4. Great article Reginald!

    I don’t know about any one else, but I am getting SO tired of dancing with G. It’s been good over the years, I can’t really complain, but far too often the traffic is taken away over night. And then the sales go, it’s quite discouraging. Or I am just getting jaded.

    Also, what about eCommerce sites, when there is no real “content” to speak of? Seems social is more important? And it’s not always something that is likely to be shared. Just thinking out loud.

    I am personally working to build more reliable sources of traffic. Just tired of the fight, even when you try to play by the rules 🙂

    • Hi Ron,

      Thanks for dropping by. How are you?

      Just like you, I am getting a little tired of what big Google is doing but again, I consider it as a challenge. Who knows what it will brings us tomorrow but most importantly, always avoid black hat 🙂

      Take care.

  5. Hey Reginald,

    This was a nice write up on what’s going on with the hummingbird and penguin situation. It seems like every month I’m affected by these updates, and although I don’t have a lot of time to put in a lot of effort into my blog, I can only imagine what it would be like for a newbie or for those who just have niche sites.

    Although I don’t like the fact that traffic is decreases, this is a great sign for me to step it up a bit. I have been using the SEOpressor, but for me, that’s not going to be sufficient.

    I can see that Google is wanting us to focus more and more on engaging, relative content versus using all the tricks of the trade to get all the traffic you want. But this is how is all should’ve been. So far backlinking, promotion and engage has help me tread water and even gave me traffic boosts, but I definitely want to be well prepared for the next updates!

    • Hey Sherman,

      Thanks for dropping by. Personally, I uses SEOPressor on my secondary sites (testing purposes) and Scribe on this site. They help in giving basic information of what you should do but it doesn’t go any further than that. The proper way for SEO is when you really do keyword research and focus on that one keyword per article and stuffs like that.

      On top of everything, engagement is important. In fact, I think that’s the new SEO but who knows right? Let’s hope this is a good thing for us all. This update been tough for many and even for me. However, I noticed some of my articles hit #1 and that is definitely good news. Sadly, they aren’t my money making article so let’s hope that I can redirect the juice to some other serious topics 🙂

      Take care my friend.

  6. Google updates always catch blogger attention because many people have joyed the benefits from organic traffics. I don’t heavily focused on organic traffic even though my biggest share of traffic comes from Google.

    The only thing I understand about the recent updates is that we need to diversify our source of traffic. We can’t count on just organic traffic to sustain website we need more than just that.

    SEO is all about evolving methods. No matter what white-hat methods webmaster find to master Google, the search engine giant will find another new move left everything behind.

    Great post Reginald

    • Hi Okto,

      Thanks for the input. Hey, your input about the traffic diversity is really great buddy! And I can’t agree more with the evolving methods.

      I always advise bloggers DON’T use methods other bloggers felt useful. Why? What works for them might not work for us! The best is always to create and try an error thingy.

      Hope you enjoyed the post my dear friend and take care.

  7. Hey Reggy.
    Very nice post, as i told you in the your last post, google update effect on some of my favorite blog, i think that can be considered a good thing to show audiences which the good one, and the best will be the last stand. I see you mentioned PR will be down soon, is that effect on website reputation? i wonder about that/
    Thanks for your sharing


    • Hi Stephan,

      Personally, PageRank has always been a huge part of our SEO community. Bloggers concept of high PageRank means that the website is good etc. However, it is not really the case for me. I uses Moz more and a better PA / DA means more to me.

      End of the day, both works pretty alike but the way I see it, PA and DA have better analytics compared to plain PageRank which calculates on link juice. That’s me and don’t take all my word for it though 🙂 I know tons of bloggers who think that I am crapping all the way LOL.

      To answer your question, PageRank will affect a blog’s reputation but when it comes to the higher end community (those experts), they are focusing more on what Moz can offer and thus, I am with them since our thinking are rather alike.

      Hope this helps 😀

  8. Hi Reginald,

    Great tips, especially using SEOPressor for a WordPress site! Post Hummingbird, most businesses will have to find ways to interact with their clients over all social media platforms to generate traffic and eventually business.

    Human interaction will play the key factor here!


    • Hi Piyush,

      Thanks for dropping by and appreciate the kind comment.

      Yes, SEOPressor is rather okay for blogging but don’t expect a miracle. In fact, there’s no tool that gives you such! These SEO tools are great to point you to the right path and nothing more 🙂

      Human touch? Absolutely!

      Have a great day ahead and do come back for more.

  9. Hi Reginald,

    Great article! You hit the nail on the head with all these points. G is making a strong push for greater integration with social and giving less importance to single keywords esp. now with the Hummingbird update. As you rightly mentioned, post quality content, comment on blogs that you enjoy and guest-post with quality content and you will always be in fashion and never really have to worry about G’s never-ending updates.

    • Hey Gazalla,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. G+ is an absolutely great too for SEO. I love it and looks pretty cool indeed. SEO nowadays are very much different from last time. You need more quality than keywords to do the job.

      Love to see how SEO goes around in the next few years. Haha!

      Take care and hope to see you around!

  10. Hi Reginald,
    You are absolutely correct as we should stick to the old school SEO techniques like guest blogging more and focus on social media as well.
    PR is not going to happen anytime as soon, which was even confirmed by Matt Cutts on Twitter, so the focus has now shifted towards increasing DA of a blog.
    BTW, you wrote another awesome post 🙂

    • Hello Arbaz,

      Glad to see you here buddy!

      DA has always been a huge part of the SEO community. Just that we had more newbies than experienced bloggers (so to say) and thus, their words ‘covered’ ours 🙂

      And hey, I am happy you liked the article mate. Time is really consuming me inside out and I don’t think I can publish new one until next week. Gah~

      Take care!

  11. Hello Reginald,

    I really inspired by your article.You have given me some new tips to take my blog to next level. I am not fan of SEO plugins. I always optimize my posts manually. I always do keyword research before writing my posts… And last but not the least, thanks for telling me about the Guest posts pros and cons…

    • Hey Himanshu,

      Thanks for commenting and glad you find my writing useful mate. Plugins only help us ‘that’ far. The rest is really up to us all. Seriously speaking 🙂

      See you around and have a great weekend ahead.

  12. Hey Reginald,

    Thanks for the clarification on Domain Authority vs. Page Authority. Lots of good reading here.

    Gaining quality links and understanding how to leverage links is still at the heart of good ranking, of course lots and lots of quality, consistent content is in the equation as well.

    However the down side to all of this is that for each niche there are only a handful of sites that meet those qualifications and they’re the same sites that come up over and over again. For example, anything medical means you’ll always get the same 5-10 sites come up for everything. I get a little frustrated with that.

    One thing Google’s trained me to do is automatically go to page 10 of my search results so I bypass the usual suspects.

    Do you find that’s the case too?


    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for dropping by! In fact, yes those are very annoying. Google (just like all of us) noticed on that and they decided to change everything. Of course, they know that this could probably hurt us (good bloggers) but since it is the best for everyone, Penguin 2.1 had to go down. Of course, if you are really white hat, you would probably bounce back right up after a few weeks.

      I usually skim through the first few sites on SERPs and with Moz bar installed, I could easily see if those are worth clicking. Imagine being #1 on search engines with just 50 links? 🙂

      Hey, the page 10 is epic! That far? I usually give up by page 5!

  13. What happened was serious but it is good to see that you are now standing again and pushing on. We must go hand in hand with Google and play the game in the right way to avoid such circumstances. I had not seen that update from Matt and now I see the importance of subscribing to him so as to be getting such news. Thanks for the update on what Google is up to and sharing your experience with us. ~ Anetta

    • Hi Anetta,

      Matt is always updating us but with very general information. Honestly speaking, I think most of them are food for thoughts but they are always great for some ‘thinking’ right?

      I hope you enjoy the write up and if you have any question, hit me up and will see what I can do 🙂

      Have a great evening.

  14. Hey Reginald,

    It’s been a while since Hummingbird was announced and I remember you telling me on Twitter about your traffic drops.

    How is your traffic now? Have you managed to build it back to where it was?

    By the way, loving the new look!

    • Hi Adam,

      How have you been my dear ol’ friend? Oh yes, Penguin 2.1 hit me again (pretty epic but as expected ~hunch).

      Well, traffic didn’t really picked up back but yes, I am improving and reaching there soon 🙂

      I am now more focused back to things I love; analytics + SEO. That’s where the theme comes in. And hey, with the theme, I dare to say that I am converting this blog into a full-fledged business site.

      Pretty cool huh?

      Have a great weekend, Adam and thanks for dropping by.

      • All good thanks my friend, what about you?

        Ah yes, Penguin 2.1 – have you run your site through Panguin Tool to find which pages were hit?

        As always, there is a chance that you weren’t hit, but others benefited from the update which forced your rankings down, rather than you being negatively affected.

        I have an important question – do you always use optimized anchor text when it comes to your internal links? I know a few people that have all been hit by penguin 2.1 and they all went crazy with optimized anchors for internal links.

        Full fledged business site – that’s what it’s about!

        No problem, you too!

        • Hi Adam,

          Not yet used it though. I some sort gave up trying to figure out what went wrong and try to enjoy the whole process 😀

          I don’t optimize my anchor text. I just use those which I think is related and believe it or not, I seldom think about optimizing and stuffs. Haha!

  15. Hi Reginald,
    I thoroughly enjoyed this article on Google’s algorithms on Humming bird and penguin updates.I noticed more curiosity as i was scrolling down and i am looking forward to use plugin like seo processor along with Yoast.
    Thanks Reginald for this informative article.

    • Hey Abhishek,

      Thanks for dropping by! Glad you find this useful. Too many changes from time to time and that is really making everyone (including me) puzzled. Nonetheless, always try to practise moderate SEO and you should be just fine.

      Hope to see you around mate.

  16. I didn’t really understand hummingbird. I have a 5- month old site and I have very little rankings. Why is that??!? I post as much content as I can. I also try to make them interesting . Can anyone take a look maybe? Anything will be appreciated.

    If not, can you tell me how long it was till you got, say, around 50 visitors a day?

    • Hi Kurt,

      When it comes to ranking, you should ALWAYS focus on quality and not quantity. Gone were the days where quantity plays a role.

      As for your question, 50 visitors a day? I would say it is easily done with social media platforms.

      Good luck!

  17. Great write-up on Penguin 2.1 I definitely agree with what you say on guest posting that writing huge content is key. The fact of the matter is most people can’t write that well, so guest posting gets mixed reviews.

    Also I do agree with you that social signals are probably going to become very important in the future when it comes to your search engine rankings. As of now I don’t think it has a lot of value, other than possibly helping you to earn natural links when people share, but in the future I can see Google figuring out how to implement social signals into their algorithm.

    Great blog by the way, glad I found it 🙂

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for commenting! Guest posting is definitely a good way but play it with a pinch of salt. Dangerous game if you ask me.

      Have a good SEO planning before anything else. Then, you should be just fine.

      Glad you liked it and see you around.

  18. that is the awesome post i have ever seen. thanks for this post it help me alot…really that is nice post. it include everything that i have to need it. and also thanks for Free copy of SEO and marketing tips…You guys rockxxxx

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